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Christian Brams-Miller
Alias Puilajuk Inutok
Gender Male
Age 22 (16?)
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Mutation Aquatic Portals
Birth February 7, 2030
Height 5'11"
Hair White
Eyes Blue
Markings Temple Scars (Improperly Removed Annihulus Implants), Ribcage Scar (Annihulus Monster-Bug), Left Thigh Scar (Woolly Mammoth), Left Bicep Scar (Stab Wound), Left Shoulder Scar (Caribou), Right Side Scar (Arrow Wound), Right Shin Scar (Direwolf), Scar on Thumb (Dragon)
Skin Fair
Affiliation Open Hands
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Son of a recently apprehended member of al-Sahra, Christian is Ciel's half-brother. At 16, he was kidnapped with members of X-Factor and brought to the Annihilation AU. Separated from them, he became lost in the Ice Age Alternate Universe.


By stimulating the molecules in the air around him, Christian is able to create temporary portals to the Ruzizi River in East Africa. Only capable of being open one at a time, these portals allow matter to pass seamlessly through.

Although his portals are two-way, due to the high velocity of the water that pours through from the African side it is nearly impossible for Christian or anyone on his side of the portal to enter it. Anyone or anything on the African side of the portal can easily get sucked in against their will. If opened under water from Christian's side, pending that water's own current, it is possible to pass through larger portals into the Ruzizi. Upon Christian passing through one of his own portals, they close immediately.

Christian's portals are capable of ranging between a small coin-sized portal with the force of a power washer with 9-18 foot attack range to 8 ft. in diameter portal with the force of a water cannon and an attack range of 75-100 feet. Once opened, a portal is stationary and cannot be re-aimed.

He is able to create and operate small portals within quick succession of one another. The level of difficulty and effort required on his part increases with the frequency, size, and duration of each power use. While he can only maintain his largest portals for about ten minutes, his smaller portals are capable of being held open for longer periods of time. Larger portals require interim between use, during which Christian's power must recharge. These intermissions can range from a few minutes to a few hours with a stacking effect that relies on how excessively he's already used his abilities in any given timeframe.

GM Notes

Christian still requires hand mobility to operate his portals. He is also required to concentrate in order to keep any portal active, which leaves him open to attacks of opportunity.


With a skill set akin to that of a barbarian, Christian is a seasoned warrior, hunter, and survivalist. He is particularly adept at thriving in otherwise unforgiving arctic conditions.


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Having been away from the rest of the group at the time of the 2027 standoff with X-Force, Damien Kane avoided being taken into custody with the rest of al-Sahra. In the months that followed, he snaked his way across rural Africa before coming to Burundi. Under an assumed identity, he found a village there that was off the beaten path to settle, lick his wounds, and let the heat die down. During this time, he was overcome with grief, guilt, and anger over having abandoned his comrades, wife, and daughter Ciel. He sank into a dark depression. Years went by and he found himself entering into what was a generally very casual relationship with a young woman. Meek and plain, she bore absolutely no resemblance to his wife, Jeanne-Marie. This woman would be Christian’s mother, an American working alongside a U.S. missionary group helping orphans. It was during this time that Christian was conceived. Christian’s mother was deeply spiritual and wanted to keep the child.

Damien reinvented himself as a loving, caring father. He did manual labor for the mission under the guise of caring about the less fortunate. When Christian was born with stark-white hair, a sure sign of mutation, Damien feigned the stages of acceptance. In doing so, he cemented his own reputation as a gentle, forgiving spirit in the eyes of the local community by accepting such a child.

They remained in Africa until 2046, when Damien’s fantasy life would come to an abrupt end. Happy and complacent, Damien grew sloppy. Although the two had been together and unwed for over a decade, he decided to marry Christian’s mother.

It was this act that would secure his inevitable demise. Unbeknownst to him, his wife filed for a marriage license with the U.S. embassy. She was ignorant of his past and had no idea that his fake credentials (not to mention his photograph) would alert authorities to their blaring inconsistencies, which lead to his subsequent arrest.

Christian and his father were on a long walk together along a path that overlooked the Ruzizi River when Damien was beaten and arrested in front of his son.

Christian and his mother were taken into custody and interrogated as well. They spend nearly 72 hours separated and confined while being questioned before they were let go. It was during these interrogations that Christian began to piece together his father’s past and where he first heard the name, ‘Damien Kane.’

The small family relocated to New York where Damien had been extradited. With the majority of their assets frozen, mounting debts, and her name essentially ruined over the scandal, Christian's mother set out in an attempt to pick up the pieces of their shattered life.

When Christian finally began to manifest, it was in his sleep in the form of night terrors. Three, sometimes four times week Christian would find himself reliving the day his father was torn away from him by heavily armed strangers, causing him to open portals in his sleep that always lead to the same place: the Ruzizi River.


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Following the events of the Annihilation AU, Christian found himself alone in a vast, flat, treeless Arctic. Alistair had deposited the boy in the Ice Age AU.

In the first few days in this new world, Christian sought sanctuary in a nearby system of caves. Using what tech he still had on him, he was able to build a fire. It kept him alive but attracted the attention of the locals. As unsavory as they might have appeared at the time, they adopted Christian into their fold.

With no other mutant guidance, Christian continued to hone his own superhuman abilities. For six years, he roamed the tundra alongside these snow walkers. No longer a boy, he learned to hunt, fight, and survive.

Five hundred years after the initial magnetic shift, there came a repeat in the Ice Age AU's history. With the great northern lights visible from all directions, the planet's natural magnetic fields bent in such a way as to perfectly disrupt the specific electromagnetic waves associated with controlling mutant abilities.

On this day, Christian was thrown through the surface of a great ice lake during a ritual hunt. Submerged in the subzero temperatures, he could not find his way back to the hole he'd broken through. Desperate to avoid drowning, he opened a portal large enough to accept his body. When he reemerged on the other side, he found himself on the warm and sunny banks of the Ruzizi River in East Africa as it existed in his memories. It was 2046. Christian was 22 and home.


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