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Channel Aliases


This command will allow you to set an alias for a channel. Please note that you can only use the channel if you have permission to be on it and the channel is turned on. This is useful for setting aliases without +.

The existing channel system handles aliases that use + and is unrelated to the addcom command. It is suggested your aliases are at least two letters long. Please be aware that any aliases that conflict with other commands will cause problems.

IMPORTANT: You must type @set me=!no_command to use the aliases.

Syntax: +addcom <alias>=<Channel>

You can now type:

<alias> Hi!

You will see:

[Channel] <You> says, "Hi!"

(Keep in mind that when using an alias like this, however, you will not be able to use semicolons on the channel (such as in emoticons), due to the way @force works.)


This command will allow you to remove an alias you have set.

Syntax: +delcom <alias>


This command will list what aliases you have set.

Syntax: +comlist.

Private Channels

X-Factor has a softcoded system to allow players to have up to 50 private channels with other players. Private channels are only visible and joinable by channel members; any member of a channel can add new members.

If you'd like a public channel created for a particular topic, please page staff or submit a +request.

  +channel/create <channel> - Creates a new channel, visible only to you.
  +channel/add <channel>=<name> - Adds someone else to a channel. 

Players added to a channel can then add others to the channel as well. If the player is online, they will receive a message notifying them. Players must subsequently @channel/on <channel name> to join the channel.

See +help +channel for the on-game helpfile.

Public Channels

The following channels are public and open for anyone to join. To join, @channel/on <channel name>.

If you would like to request a new public channel on a certain topic, just ask a Staff member or send in a +request!


  • Newbies: Newbie help and questions
  • GroupFun: Chatter about party scenes
  • Public: General chatter
  • RolePlay: RP requests with no other spam
  • Wiki: Wiki help, discussion, etc.

Factions & Former Factions


  • 100: Discussion of The 100.
  • AvengersAcademy: Discussion of the Avengers Academy game.
  • CivilWar: Discussion of Captain America: Civil War.
  • CK2: Crusader Kings 2. Because making a channel for it is the only way people won't murder Tez.
  • Comics: Discussion of comic books
  • CriticalRole: Chatter about the web series
  • Daredevil: Spoilery discussion of the Daredevil Netflix show
  • Fallout: Discussion of Fallout 4 post-release.
  • GameOfThrones: Spoilerific Game of Thrones discussion. Watch out on Sundays!
  • Hamilton: Discussion of the musical Hamilton to save Roz's sanity.
  • JessicaJones: Spoilery discussion of the Netflix Jessica Jones show.
  • MoviesOfComics: Discussion of comic book -- movies!
  • StarWars: Everything Star Wars related
  • StevenUniverse: Steven Universe chatter. Spoilers!
  • VideoGames: Video game chatter


  • Writing - For chatter about writing.


  • IndecisionForever: Left-leaning politics talk.

Other M*s

  • XMM: For former XMM players. Reminiscing about the days of old.
  • AlphaOmega: For former AO players.