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Adelle Moody24Female5'8"X-Factor SolutionsXavier's SchoolTeleport, TimeTravelAdelle Moody is a street-smart, talented musician and DJ who lives in Mutant Town and has a knack for finding trouble.
Alexandra Brady25Female5'5"X-Factor SolutionsElectrokineticAlexandra, commonly known as Lexie, is a private investigator in New York City and a contractor with X-Factor Solutions.
Alistair Fraser-Urquhart43Male6'3"MI-6AU SlidingAlistair is a snarky Scot who is hanging around Mutant Town for reasons known best to himself.
Armando Aguilar22Male5'5"Xavier's SchoolFlight/Enhanced VisionArmando is a winged barista at Oddball Coffee and occasionally bartends at the Sloppy Pony.
Christian Brams-MillerMale5'11"Open HandsAquatic PortalsSon of a recently apprehended member of al-Sahra, Christian is Ciel's half-brother. At 16, he was kidnapped with members of X-Factor and brought to the Annihilation AU. Separated from them, he became lost in the Ice Age Alternate Universe.
Ciel Kane31Female5'8"X-Factor SolutionsX-Force
Garuda Mercenaries
Flight, PortalsCiel is a former X-Force member, a former mercenary, a current PI, and the daughter of a couple of terrorists. She likes partying hard and working hard. Also flying.
Daniel Yeung23Male6'0"Gravity ManipulationDanny is a (semi) closeted mutant who spends his days as an NYU student and nights as an 'artist' for a forger and fence in Chinatown. He sells fake IDs in Mutant Town often and can hook you up.
Diego Andrade de Prado-Teller29Male6'1"X-Factor SolutionsX-ForceSpeed/AgilityDiego Andrade de Prado-Teller is a charming speedster and former X-Force agent. He is also a bullfighter of significant renown who spent the last few years in Madrid with his wife Micaela Teller.
Dominika Volkov23Female5'2"BratvaHuman CannonballWIP
Eleanor Rutledge37Female5'7"X-Factor SolutionsAstral WalkerEleanor Rutledge is a doctor with an astral mutation that enables her to slip into minds by the back door.
Huruma41Female6'5"X-Factor SolutionsSouth African National Defence Force
Garuda Mercenaries
EmpathyHuruma is an empath of ambiguous and morally questionable intent. An independent contractor of various means, she somehow manages to find herself a niche wherever she lands.
Ian Eller25Male5'10"Hospital
ABC Clinic
Ian Eller is a charge nurse at a New York Hospital and a known Mutant. He operates an after-hours clinic in Mutant Town.
Irene Atwell36Female5'7"X-Factor SolutionsUnited States Army
Mutant Affairs
InvulnerabilityIrene is a former Detective of the Mutant Affairs division of the NYPD. You've probably seen her and her partner around Mutant Town.
Jay Banks23Male5'10"Magnetic Field ControlJay H. Banks is a camera enthusiast, both for photography and video. He's also an avid conspiracy theorist and is heavy into the paranormal. But one most likely knows him as a Chinese food delivery guy!
Jeremy Wallace41Male6'1"X-Factor SolutionsX-Men
Xavier's School
Telekinetic ExplosionsJeremy Wallace is a former X-Man, a graduate of Xavier's School and New York University, and is planning on opening a creative little operation out of Mutant Town.
Kade Caruthers39Male5'10"X-Factor SolutionsX-Force
Xavier's School
Heat GenerationKade Caruthers spent more than a decade as an X-Force agent. With that imploded (both figuratively and literally), he's trying to figure out what his life is now. With limited success.
Kazimir Tsoi31Male5'10"TelepathKazik is the friendliest criminal on the block.
Knox Ezzo24Male6'3"Power RegulationKnox is a student of NYU's Courant school studying Computer Science and Ian and Natalie's nerdy cousin.
Lea Baumann24Female5'4"X-Factor Solutions
Open Hands
Annilhilation AU ResistancePhasingLea is a small town girl turned theatre major turned member of the resistance on an apocalyptic Earth in the Annihilation AU. Coming to a different universe is kind of messing with her head.
Leona Wilks42Female5'8"Anger EmpowermentLeona is a woman known in the past for violence and crime but has since begun to reform herself after being arrested in 2028 and having her children taken from her.
Lillith Everhard24Female5'5"PyrokineticLillith is a darkly dressed, darkly humored, and darkly spoken rockstar with a tendency to light things on fire.
Lucita Arroyo26Female5'6X-Factor SolutionsXavier's School
Open Hands
Inorganic DisintegrationLucita is a second-generation Puerto Rican, born in Detroit but raised on the streets, who is entirely too close to Will Hunt.
Maxim Ulyanov27Male6'9"X-Factor SolutionsBratvaStrength, damage resistMaxim is a Russian cage fighter and former criminal trying to keep himself afloat in NYC.
Micaela Teller27Female5'9"X-Factor SolutionsX-ForceAero/Pyrokinetic FlightMicaela is a fiery flier and former X-Force agent. She has spent the last five years being a minor celebrity in Spain, in part due to marrying Diego.
Natalie Eller22Female5'1"Animal Empath/InfluenceNatalie is a bright eyed, optimistic, and sometimes naive newcomer to New York. Come all the way from New Haven CT, she's meant to be attending school... you know, soon. With her penchant for mishaps, however, it's hard to say if this will happen.
Orianne Dembele19Female5'3"X-Factor SolutionsPuppetmasterOrianne is the younger sister of Carole Dembele, a generally cheerful and creative transplant from the Cote d'Ivoire.
Rebecca Reed27Female6'2"X-Factor SolutionsFour Arms, OmnidexterousBonus arms, a long leather coat, and red dreadlocks.
Reya Torres31Female5'9"X-Factor SolutionsPower Negation FieldReya is a former paramedic and (semi-) reformed troubled youth who has apparently given up on her-- apparently blossoming-- career in order to join X-Factor and help her cousin, Santos, run his little corner bodega in Mutant Town.
Richard Rider33Male6'1"X-Factor SolutionsX-ForceSupersonic FlightRichard Rider was once an X-Force agent who fell into an AU rift. He came out twenty-eight years later and caused its disbandment. He's kind of depressed about it.
Riley Carter26female5'7"X-Factor SolutionsXavier's School
a+ vision, light bendingRiley Carter is a cheerfully enthusiastic former XS student and X-Force agent with a decently good head on her shoulders despite her tendency toward overt friendliness. Has a decent work ethic, and is expressively inclined via sparkles and baked goods
Rohan Ainsworth39MaleX-Factor Solutions
Open Hands
Garuda MercenariesMemory ManipulationRohan is a recent arrival in New York, possessed of a bright smile and a Yorkshire accent that some find at odds with his appearance.
Rosalie Wentworth32Female5'0"X-Factor SolutionsWeather ManipulationRosalie is a weather manipulator with issues. Don't startle her.
Samad Gonzalez37Male5'8"Open HandsX-ForcePain InducementFormerly an X-Force agent, Samad is a video game developer for a prominent gaming company. He recently relocated to New York from Beijing with his husband. He also volunteers his time in an administrative capacity at Open Hands.
Santos Torres28Male5'10"X-Factor SolutionsPower MimicrySantos is the owner-operator of a corner bodega on the edge of Mutant Town known for its convenience, coffee, and taking on an occasional job with XFS.
Serena Svetlosti20Female6'0"ObtshakHealingSerena is a bratva princess who fled Russia in order to start anew under an assumed identity. She is the illegitimate daughter of a St. Petersburg crime boss and long-lost niece of the infamous Luka Zdravkovic.
Solomon Hayes35Male6'4X-Factor SolutionsNYPD
United States Marshalls
Marksmanship Solomon is a former cop turned Marshall. He's lived, lost, and if you buy him a drink he might tell you how he got his scars, physical or otherwise.
Sumit Nehru28Male6'0"X-Factor SolutionsGaruda MercenariesAtmospheric Adaptation / Time DilationSumit Nehru was born and grew up on the sub-continent. The son of a fisherman and until recently an active member of the Garuda Mercenaries before turning up unannounced in New York.
Talya Rasputin28Female5'10"X-Factor SolutionsXavier's SchoolIllusions and New RusTalya is an illusionist and teleporter who can't teleport. She has a hint of fey old world about her, but hides it under snark.
Tiffany Newetner26Female5'6"X-Factor SolutionsXavier's SchoolPsionic TravelTiffany is an impoverished poet living in New York who has spent most of her adult life being a notorious screw-up. She is largely reliant on her middle-class parents and only slightly more successful older sister, a therapist who works in Mutant Town.
Valerie Hudson26Female5'4"Picture WalkingValerie is a barista at Oddball Coffee by day and a thief by night, a job made easier by her ability to slip in and out of photographs.
Vega Zhang29Female5'5"X-Factor SolutionsNYPD
Mutant Affairs
TechnopathyVega Zhang is a former Mutant Affairs Detective with ten years of experience in the NYPD. Most recently, she has joined up with X-Factor. Her technopathic abilities are not widely known, especially among the mutant community, due to her former position. While with the force, she was often seen with her ex-partner and also former MA Dectective, Irene Atwell.
Will Hunt27Male5'11"X-Factor SolutionsXavier's SchoolLight-based IllusionsWill works at a couple bars and has been seen around 18th Street and X-Factor Solutions. Irregular work here and there, he's much like any other person trying to keep his head down and make it in Mutant Town.

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