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X-Factor takes place in the near-future of the universe laid out in the early X-Men movies. Only the events from the first movie (X1) are considered canon for the game.

In 2046, mutants are widely known and the mood toward them is generally suspicious, if not outrightly fearful.

This attitude is the result of not only the increase in the number of mutants - now 1% of the population - and the subsequent rise in mutant crime and violence, but also by public events such as the rise of new mutant terrorist group Revelation and the destruction of Staten Island by the government's mutant spy force, X-Force.

The fear of mutants has led to a number of laws. It has long been illegal to use a mutant power - even benign or helpful ones - on someone else without their express consent. New York was the last hold-out against a series of laws intended to force mutants to register their identities and powers with the government.

It is difficult for known mutants to get jobs. While it remains illegal to fire or refuse to hire a mutant simply based on their possession of an X-Factor, it is legal to refuse to employ a mutant with a mutation considered 'dangerous' in their position. In practice, nearly every mutation is considered dangerous, and being open about mutation is in many jobs an impossibility. In certain types of jobs, it is routine to require a genetic 'mutant test' before promotion above a certain rank. The same laws that allow this testing have been applied to institutes of higher education, and how colleges and universities treat mutants - and whether they accept them at all - varies widely.

Many cities, including New York, have ghettoized mutants and businesses that cater to them. In many areas, this coincides with high crime and low income. In New York, Mutant Town has also developed its own culture of mutant pride, and some parts of it are even considered (somewhat dangerous) tourist traps.

The rest of the world has varied positions on mutants, but they have been most widely accepted and utilized in China, which has become a world economic and cultural power. Chinese movies, fashions, language, and trends now carry the world-wide weight that American culture once did.

In 2044, famous mutant philanthropist Charles Xavier died. Shortly after, New York's registration law was passed, his school was taken under government control, and the vigilante X-Men were disbanded.

A number of former X-Men moved to New York City looking for new opportunities. They founded X-Factor Solutions, a company that sells mutant talents to anyone who can pay. No job too big or too small.

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