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Plot NameBeginDateEndDatePlotSummaryTeamLead
Nip-Tuck7 December 201619 December 2016Renowned not just amongst the housewives of the Upper East Side but also nationally for her numerous charitable works with injured military veterans, the cosmetic surgeon, author, and mutant sympathizer Dr. Lisa Pett has become the face of a recent ad campaign offering surgical solutions for those in the New York area suffering from unwanted physical mutation. With transformation photos and testimonials to back it up, ‘The Homo Superior - Homo Perfectus Project’ promises subsidized payment plans and personalized care throughout the transition process.
Necrogenesis11 November 201628 November 2016After several Xavier's students are abducted through a portal, government agents go in to rescue them.
Intellectual Property27 September 20167 October 2016Software developer Sparkzant recently fired one of its employees and stole his computer and software. The program they wanted can remove most traces of a person from the internet, through accounts, articles and searches. It could be the perfect program for someone who wants to clean up their image...or disappear entirely.

X-Factor has been hired to get it back...hopefully before it gets into the wrong hands.
The Tougher Guide to Fantasyland15 August 20161 September 2016A warrior from a different universe comes to New York through a portal and asked for help.
Annihilation Anew7 June 20161 July 2016Something is knocking on the door between dimensions. X-Factor answers it - whether they want to or not.
X-Force Revenge25 April 20164 May 2016A villain from X-Force's past returns.
Plant Pot15 April 201617 April 2016Odd things are happening at an old estate in Upstate New York. X-Factor is called in to potentially assist.
Hot Stuff23 March 20167 April 2016Anti-mutant sentiment blazes up around a youth shelter in Mutant Town.
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