Carole Dembele

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Carole Dembele
Alias Chaos Theory
Gender Female
Age 21
Mutation Precog, Probability
Birth June 10, 2024
Height 5'5"
Hair Black
Eyes Brown
Skin Brown
Previous Affiliation X-Men

Carole Dembele is a precog and probability manipulator, a former Xavier Student and X-Man, and current X-Factor contractor with dreams of music stardom. Ah well, she's got her day job.

Public Information

  • Xavier's School - High School Diploma
  • Has a video channel called The Musical Adventures of Jules and Arthur (100 followers!)



  • Entirely passive.
  • Comes in three forms: impulses, visions, and "spidey sense".
  • Impulses are very vague inclinations ("Maybe we should get off at this stop today!" or "I want to go left!") that can lead Carole into trouble as well as into favorable encounters. Color save at GM discretion.
  • Visions are detailed, but often contextless snippets of potential futures spurring from an event (often in threes). Never show more than a day in advance. Could be anyone's futures. Color save at GM discretion.
  • "Spidey sense" gives Carole a lead time of about a second in high-intensity / high-speed situations. Yes, this means she is awesome at reflex-based games and dodging falling flower pots. In a practical sense, she has a slight advantage to dodging and combat skills (her current combat skills reflect a +2 for precog).


  • Mostly active.
  • "Luck" - the one passive application: Carole actually has lucky and unlucky days, although the positive and negative effects are negligible, the difference between "I found a quarter!" and "some jerk shoved past me on the sidewalk." Mostly serves to make her a bit superstitious. Like, don't follow precognitive impulses on "bad" days.
  • Mach 1 (Just a coincidence!): Extremely minor probability shifts ("I found a dollar in a casino!" "That can of refried beans fell over!"). Can be used to set up Rube Goldbergian situations in combat, or make someone slip if they're already probably gonna, but mostly a utility power. Low to no risk of failure.
  • Mach 2 (Harry Potter on a luck potion): Bad guy's aim is off, bad guy stands up and immediately slips. In combat, often a series of buffs and debuffs. I need my friend to drive better and my enemy to drive worse. Risk of failure; her botches are worse than normal people's botches.
  • Mach 3 (Wild mage): Major probability shifts. Gun breaks, sword breaks, Pyro suddenly doesn't have the juice to flame on, a shot to the gut turns into a shot to arm before it quite lands, a person who can barely drive can briefly perform spectacularly. These are unlikely events made true. Risk of failure is quite high; even successes can turn unpredictable at GM discretion. Carole can only do this once per scene.
  • Mach 4 (Playing dice with God): Fall from 1000 feet, collapse a perfectly stable large building. Someone who lives in England and has no reason to be in New York shows up at your door the next day. Very low chance of success; unpredictable catastrophe a given, win or lose. If Carole even attempts this, loses all power (precog and probability) for a week.


Playful, creative, cheerful, shalalala live-for-today, impulsive and peaceful at the same time. Sort of gal who never plans, but readily accepts where the river takes her.


If it hadn't been for that train crash, Carole'd still be in Abidjan.

If it hadn't been for . . . buckle up. This is a long story.

In 2022, an entity known as Jamie Madrox, a hive mind/duplicator/personification of a squabble was on a mission for X-Force in Abidjan. The details are unimportant, save that the mission turned violent, save that a duplicate was catastrophically injured. On his own request (he asserts), he was left behind, left to recuperate in a local hospital.

He recuperated to a point. His creche funded the prosthetic for the lower half of his left leg, funded the reattachment of a finger, the healing of broken bones, the pinning of worse broken bones, the reconstruction of his jaw. He made do with a glass eye.

Fortunately, he had a friend. One of X-Force's contacts, activist and telepath Adwoa Dembele. He got out of the hospital, took on a new name (Abel Albarino), they ended up married, somehow.

And then came Carole.

It was a stupid train crash. Bad luck. That was probably Carole's fault. Some days, she carries bad luck with her like a dangle off her ponytail. They were going to replace the old train and the old tracks with a hover train or something. The old stuff was already mostly replaced. There was just, like, fifty miles left of track and Carole and her parents and her little brother were a few of the passengers invited for the Last Ride.

Fifty miles. Just a stupid commemorative thing. Carole was 14. She knew she was a mutant, and not just because her parents were (far as her dad counted; is being some guy's clone even a power?), but her only experience was a handful of visions that came through, an ability to make coin flips always work out in her favor. Something went wrong with the train. It derailed, barreling skiwompusly toward the skyscrapers and everyone was going to die.

Crash was bad. Worse than it should've been. Far as injuries, far as deaths. But Carole and her family, miraculously unharmed. Dad's prosthetic wasn't even dented. People in the seats behind them, next to them, ahead of them. Didn't get off so lucky.

Week after that, she was on the plane to New York City. To Xavier's school.

Carole was in the X-Men all of six months before it disbanded. Hope you don't mind a bit of a hop ahead, there. Six months. Largely a support role. Skulk around, set up favorable environments with the careful application of just a little probability, provide some light buffs to accuracy, make a couple of bad guys slip. You know.

Dad'd disapproved pretty hard of her being in the X-Men at all. But he was always like that. While Mom thought Carole still had a lot to learn about controlling herself and her powers; if in a combat situation, so be it.

In New York City? Being a mutant was getting worse. She did get a rush out of being part of the X-Men. It made her feel important. The training made her feel strong. She was pretty great at Judo and a decent shot (not that she'd ever actually shot anyone, just-in-casing in the ranges, but she'd been around gunfire, sure). She'd figured out how to synch her in-the-moment precog impressions with an actual fighting style. She was pretty cool. And she still had time for her own stuff: her guitar and her songs.

She was a bit at a loss when the X-Men had to disband. Felt vulnerable. Going home felt like quitting, so X-Factor was the only natural next step. Seemed like a less controlled environment, though, and the less controlled the environment, the less controlled she'd be.

Worth the chance.