Canon Tidbits

From X-Factor

This is a place to document the random tidbits that we've made canon through play. No one is going to yell at you if you get something on this page wrong, but if you want to refer back to it, it's here!


  • Marijuana is nationally legal for those 21 and over.


  • Identification is both physical and virtual, with the physical copies generally kept at home for Real Documentation in Case of Emergency. Most casual use of IDs is virtual.
  • Registered mutants are marked as such on their IDs, but the ID does not indicate the nature of their mutation.


  • Mutants are unable to travel via airline.
  • There exists a small but very fast cross-country train network, which mutants can use to travel.
  • On entering the US, those arriving are required to declare their mutational status and show ID. It is difficult for mutants to legally enter the US (although easy for them to leave), and there is therefore a thriving business in fake paperwork and smuggling. Other countries vary.