Armando Aguilar

From X-Factor

Armando Aguilar
Gender Male
Age 22
Mutation Flight/Enhanced Vision
Birth 4/18/2024
Height 5'5"
Hair Black
Eyes Gold
Markings Wings, feathers, tattoos
Skin Copper
Previous Affiliation Xavier's School
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Armando is a winged barista at Oddball Coffee and occasionally bartends at the Sloppy Pony.

Public Information

  • 2036–2041 — Attended Xavier's School
  • 2046, May 1 — Was involved in an incident at Oddball Coffee. He brought medical help when a woman was attacked.


Friendly barista at Oddball coffee who's probably too patient with the tourists, if not with troublemakers. He'll make you a mean cup of a coffee. Or a nice one. Whatever you want.



A unique physiology allows Armando to fly, mostly because of the brown and black feathered wings on his back. He is built more for endurance than speed, able to fly around easily for hours, or even a few days, if gliding on thermals. His idle gliding speed is typically about 20mph with an active flight speed capping out at 60mph, though he can reach a speed of 140mph when diving. In flight, he can carry up to 150 pounds for a few minutes or less weight for longer.

Enhanced Vision

As he has wings like a bird, so too does he have bird-like eyesight. His long-range visual acuity is several times better than a human's, so he can see clearly for a few miles without distortions. Also, he can also resolve both rapid and very slow movement better than a human, able to both perceive the flickers of lights and the movement of the sun and the constellations across the sky. A visual pigment in the cones of his retinas allows him to see the ultraviolet portion of the spectrum.


Effortlessly friendly, he's optimistic and loves life despite some of the things life has dealt him. He gets passionate about anything he considers art. He's not the brightest bulb in the box, but he's got a nice warm glow.


No one would consider the beginning of Armando's life particularly auspicious. Abandoned by his mother, the place she should have occupied in his life was quickly filled by his grandparents, who took him into their home and hearts. They raised him as their own, giving him a comfortable childhood spent in a cozy suburb of Houston, Texas. They gave him the best life they could, helping him when he struggled with school and making sure he attended all his football games. He had family, friends and a comfortable life.

It wasn't until partway through middle school that things drastically changed in his life. At first, it seemed a miracle. His vision had improved so much that he no longer needed glasses to see. In fact, he swore he could see better now than he ever had before, to the point that sometimes it was overwhelming.

Then feathers began to sprout from his skin and wings began to grow out of his back.

They were small at first, covered in downy brown feathers and easy to hide under clothing and backpacks. He quit the sports team and stopped hanging out with his friends as much, worrying everyone with his sudden changes in behavior. But the wings just kept growing, until they were too difficult to hide forever. His grandparents had differing opinions on what this meant. While his abuela thought it was a sign from God and grew more affectionate towards him, his grandfather struggled with the changes in his grandson and grew more strict. They did they best they could, but when the situation became too much for them, his grandparents reached out to Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters.

In 2036, Armando moved far away from the only home he'd ever known to New York. Homesickness initially made if difficult for him to concentrate on schoolwork or making friends. He was also shy about his mutation, even though it was obvious what it was. As time went on he grew more comfortable with this new chapter in his life and began to actually enjoy it and learn.

It was a time of growing confidence and new perspectives. He let himself be enveloped by this strange new community of classmates. Now he had opportunities, met people, and learned things he never would have before. Flying both came naturally and was filled with a lot of mistakes, but he learned from the others gifted with flight at the school. Without remarkable grades and a penchant for expressing himself artistically on any available surface, he was never one of the star students, but he had a natural warmth that endeared him to some people anyway.

He graduated in 2041, packed his bags, and moved to New York City. But the city wasn't as warm in its embrace as school was. He took Xavier's teachings to heart, although the way he applied them sometimes leaves much to be desired. Armando has kicked up a fuss at rallies before and has painted or pasted more than a few pro-mutant messages on the walls of buildings (much to the frustration of some building owners). He has spent the last five years as one of Oddball's baristas in Mutant Town, but in the last year he's been bartending some as well.


Armando acquired a small bit of fame when there was an attack at Oddball Coffee and he flew in some medical help from the ABC clinic. He also made finger-guns more popular.


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