Annihilation Anew

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Annihilation Anew
Begin Date 2016/06/07
End Date 2016/07/01
Location Annihilation Alternate Universe
GM Tat, Tez
Participants Kade, Talya, Ciel, Rohan, Tiffany, Moody, Maxim, Christian, Rosalie, Orianne, Kaylee, Jeremy, Richard, Alexandra, Eleanor, Sumit, Vega, Valerie, Alistair, Irene, Diego, Micaela, Arturo, Zoe, Reya, Samad, Huruma, Carol, Solomon
Important NPCs Robert Rider, Gamora, Ravenous, Annihilus

Something is knocking on the door between dimensions. X-Factor answers it - whether they want to or not.


  • June 9 - Richard (and Christian) are kidnapped by Ravenous and taken to an alternate universe.
  • June 10 - An emergency meeting is called at X-Factor HQ. Gamora crashes it, enlists XFS to help rescue Richard, and transports them into an alternate space.
  • June 11 - Some members of X-Factor are captured back on Earth and taken to the AU against their will, where they are locked up as hostages. Meanwhile, Richard escapes his captor and the rest of X-Factor finds out about those who were captured.
  • June 12 - X-Factor performs a successful jailbreak to get their captured co-workers out. But the portal device that got most of them to the AU is broken in the process, trapping everyone in space.
  • June 14 - Another meeting is called, this time by Gamora. With the portal device broken, X-Factor is tasked with finding another by way of finding Annihilus' ship. The best place to find that information is on this universe's Earth. X-Factor members are set to training for conflict and given the option to augment their mutations.
  • June 20 - X-Factor lands on alternate Earth, where they are almost immediately tracked by Hounds. Before the Hounds arrive, they are picked up by a local resistance group and taken a secret bunker.
  • June 26 - X-Factor deploys three teams to the primary Seeker base on Staten Island. One sneaks into the command center to gain intel on the location of Annihilus's ship, the second steals a spaceship from the nearby spaceport, and the third holds a rendezvous location again swarms of bugs.
    • Team One injuries: None!
    • Team Two injuries: Kade (broken left arm), Jeremy (lacerations & bruising to abdomen), Kaylee (concussion & bruising), Vega (broken leg)
    • Team Three injuries: Eleanor (light psychic trauma??), Tiffany (non-light psychic trauma), Christian (gash on ribcage), Micaela (concussion & gash on right leg)
  • July 1 - X-Factor launches a final attack on Annihilus's fleet and base on Xandar. In the end, Annihilus and several of his queens are destroyed, which brings a total breakdown of his swarms. Almost immediately, Ravenous sues for peace, and the start of the rebuilding process begins.
    • Space Team injuries:
    • Xandar Team injuries:


Annihilus is defeated by X-Factor, and his armies fall with him. With the Cosmic Control Rod in hand, the teleporter technology is able to be restored to open rifts back to X-Factor's Earth for them to return to.


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