Akihiro Howlett

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Akihiro Howlett
Alias Daken
Gender Male
Age 100
Mutation Adamantium-sheathed bone claws, healing factor
Birth September 03, 1945
Height 5'10
Hair Black
Eyes Amber
Markings Many, many tattoos.
Previous Affiliation X-Men, Xavier's School, Weapon X, X-Factor Solutions
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Akihiro has been around the block a few times. He's survived suicide missions, had many lovers, made a few enemies, and even survived subbing at Xavier's for forty years.

Public Information

While not a whole lot is known about Akihiro's past, it's well known among Xavier's kids that he's Wolverine's son, and pretty old.


He can be stubborn and blunt, but he's a good friend to have.


He has an extreme healing factor, all but the most serious wounds close themselves up in moments, foreign objects work their way out, and he's impervious to all forms of intoxication or poisoning. He doesn't age and his stamina and strength are at Olympic lifter levels. After his skeleton was bonded with Adamantium it's become impossible to break his bones, and the six total claws he has can cut through anything, with enough force.

GM Notes

He has a very powerful healing factor, which would negate a lot of the damage received in combat or in a scene, if not all of it. His claws are also capable of cutting through anything except vibranium.


Cooking, driving, eating, listening, and killing.


Ruskie Business12 November 2015There are some new Russians in town. They want to make a name for themselves.