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Theme & Setting

X-Factor is set in near-future New York City.

It's 2046, and the world has changed. Advancing technology has given us aircars, interactive holodisplays, and medigel. Across the world, crime rates have risen as the economic divide widens.

And mutants are a fact of life. There are over 200,000 mutants in New York City alone.

In New York City, most mutant-friendly businesses and apartments have been forced into Alphabet City, now more commonly known as Mutant Town. The NYPD's Mutant Affairs is in constant conflict with mutants turned to crime. The political landscape seems to have shifted against mutants with surprising swiftness in the past few years. New York mutants now must register with the government in order to obtain an ID or driver's license.

The government's attempt at a mutant spy force went up in flames six years ago after a disaster that destroyed most of Staten Island. Following the recent death of Charles Xavier, the vigilantes known as the X-Men have agreed to disband in order to keep Xavier's School - now run by the state - an open haven for adolescent mutants.

The situation has left many mutants at loose ends. Some, angry, have joined Revelation, the mutant terrorist group that's embraced violence beyond anything the Brotherhood ever caused.

Others have moved into the city to form X-Factor Solutions, a company that offers their most marketable skills - their mutations - to those who need them.


The main story of X-Factor revolves around X-Factor Solutions, and we strongly encourage players to have at least one character working for X-Factor or with close ties to the group. There’s plenty of room to tell other stories in New York City, though, and players can create a wide variety of character types.

We are a cooperative, roleplay-heavy game. Our focus is on telling great stories together. Though we have basic stats using Faraday's FS3 system, they function as story-telling aids, and it is perfectly possible to have combat scenes and plots which do not use stats or combat code at all. We rely on player cooperation and GM decisions to make interesting play, and do not presently support PvP. We have an emphasis on story, with an arcing plot run by Storytellers and a number of other plots run by players. We encourage players to become GMs and to tell the stories they're interested in. The game is rated R for in-scene language and adult situations.

Check out our application guidelines or log on and chat with us for more info.