2047-04-01 What If Xavier Dayz

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What If! Xavier Dayz
Date Posted 2017/04/01
Location Xavier's School - Westchester
Participants Irene, Kade, Vega
Summary What If Week Nonsense! What if...Vega and Kade (Kareem) and Irene were all the same age (somehow) and students at Xavier's School for Gifted Mutants, back in a happier time when Professor X was still alive?
Xavier's Institute for Higher Learning and School for Gifted Youngsters is located in rambling West Chester County of New York. The place has the look of an Oxfordian mansion with a sprawling green, quiet lake, and solid stone structure which wings out in the habit of the manors of English gentry. A wrought iron gate bars its front drive, but it is by far the most plebeian of the buildings defenses. Not in the least of them its students.

At any time they might be reading or playing on the rolling lawns, some taking to the air on rainbow wings, while others telekinetically flip through their homework assignments. With the school's rather questionably ethical PE program, each are combat trained to be accurate and capable with their genetic gifts. A portion of that PE program has made it out of the 'Danger Room' and into the back gardens - where it certainly won't be missed on this sunny day - for 'improvements.'

Well, that's what Vega would call them. Projectiles that one can /aim/ are arguably far more fun than those with a singular trajectory. The petite asian teen's long hair hangs down her back, awkwardly streaked with manic panic pink highlights and an oversized hoodie hangs over her shoulders. It is her legs that catch the eye, black metal and chrome inner workings gleaming in the sunlight as she idly flexes a 'foot' to the tune on her earbuds.

One of the mutant students spending his teenager years at Xavier's is a light-eyed California boy by the name of Kareem O'Roarke. While it'd be inaccurate to call him shy (VERY inaccurate), he's still fairly hesitant to play too much with his gifts in front of the other students. And prone to finding a tree to lounge under in the back gardens, when he has time to lounge. He doesn't exactly have this time now, waiting to meet a handful of other students as he is. But he's doing his best lounging impression. "Yo, Vega." He flashes her a smile he deems charming. Eyes flick to her legs, but he had enough politeness slapped into him by his mother that he doesn't stare.

Some students arrive at Xavier's very early and some come...a little later. Irene Siong missed out on the earlier years of bonding between her classmates, leaving her a bit outside of many of the cliques that had already formed. So when she walks out onto the lawn with the intent to find someplace to work, she does so alone. Her hair swings freely a bit above her shoulders, books and paper held against her torso as she goes, dressed in leggy gym shorts and a Xavier's t-shirt. As soon as she gets close enough to see Vega--or more accurate what Vega has in hand--her expression falls into something mildly worried and woebegone. What did you do /now/?

Plucking a bud out of her ear, Vega tilts her head back to meet that smile with a crooked one of her own. A scattering of freckles dance over her nose as she does, dark eyes sharp and playful. There is the soft hum of rap music as it dangles around her neck, her toe continuing to follow the beat. "'Sup Kareem," she bids cheerfully. "Nice cat impression." There is a smudge of grease on her cheek that compliments her freckles. At seeing Irene arrive, she lifts a hand to wave with a wrench in it. "Irene!" Because you never forget your Xavier's tour guide.

There's a beat of hesitation before Kareem flashes that smile to Irene as well. That smile comes easy, on like a light, though his eyes regard her with more curiosity. "Cat?" He's mock-wounded, and he stands up. "Maybe, like, a lion. Or a tiger. Anyway, what's up? What're we doing with that?" A gesture toward the equipment Vega comes bearing. He does not, it's safe to say, have the best grasp of the tech-y classes. But he's enthusiastic.

So many days of regret for being that tour guide. "Please tell me that is not what it looks like," Irene says to Vega instead of hello. Please please please. When her gaze swivels over to Kareem, it's not with a smile, but with an expression that clearly expect him to fix the problem here, if there is a problem here. Which is probably betting on the wrong horse. Or cat. "Why are you talking about cats?"

"Cat. You know, Mao," Vega says, following the word in Mandarin, drawing the line of a cat with her wrench. "All insouciant and shit in posture. Proper contrapposto." Her baby ivy-league education shows it's edges along with her New York kid, peppered with expletives. That doesn't clarify if it is a compliment or not. Beaming up at Irene, she offers, "Okay. I won't." She'll tell Kareem though. "We? are making this more fun. Currently it just sort of fires at random - but HOW COOL would it be if we could aim it and use it for mutational target practice. I mean - not for me - for the people who actually do things. Wanna try?" Pretty please? Kareem is regarded with a million watt smile, complete with pretty dark eyes fluttering at him.

"Lion. Like, //roar//." Kareem actually tries to do the theatrical Lion King-style singing growl, and pivot-twirl on his heel. He hits the notes and moves. He was meant for the stage (but will probably never be allowed there, mutant and all). He smiles big, with more enthusiasm than one probably should have for phrases like 'mutational target practice' when you're sixteen. "Yeah! Cool! What do you need? Like, fireballs?" He tries to still sound enthused, but there's a trace of apprehension.

Irene blinks at Vega. She understood...some of that. What the hell is contrapposto? Her eyes go wide as Kareem actually /roars/ in his best impression of a lion and she clutches her books tighter to her chest. The staring lasts as long as it takes for Vega to finish explaining her 'plan'. NO. "It's /supposed/ to fire at random. That's how it /works/. You are changing things without permission!" Again. "Someone could get hurt."

"Oooh." There is enthusiastic applause for Kareem's theatrical roar. "Nice! Have you seen it on stage? It's totes amazing." The Lion King. Worth it! Her dark eyes gleam at her (now) cohort's enthusiasm. "However you like, really, although that'd be /wicked/ cool. It's not like these aren't that hard you can't punch and kick through them." Lifting one of the projectiles, she taekwondo punches through it in demonstration. Then she rolls her eyes at Irene. "Come on, Jiejie. It'll be fun! Besides - I'll leave a sticky note on it for the professors? or maybe just leave it in Doctor Beast's office."

Kareem right //beams// at Irene. So proud of his roaring. He arches his chin some, as if seeking her approval of his little act. WERE YOU NOT ENTERTAINED, RANDOM GIRL? A ready nod to Vega. "Oh, hell yeah. A few times. My mom was a dancer in the touring production for a couple years. Until she settled back in L.A." He looks a little more nervy when actually asked to do mutant tricks. He gives his hands a little jazz-hand wave. Like he's summoning up his power from the air (which he probably doesn't need to do, really). At first nothing happens but, eventually, they start to glimmer cherry red. Heat.

Irene sort of half smiles at Kareem, both obviously uncertain and a little nervous. Y...ay? She is completely oblivious to all of this Lion King talk (she does not even know that is the subject at hand) and plainly looks it. Uhm. "Hey. That's not funny," she pouts at Vega. Yes, actually pouts a little. Then she glances around the lawn like there aren't telepaths on campus who don't /need/ to be within sight to totally bust people. "Just...don't put it back without telling /someone/." That said, she leans a little away from the nervous-looking and hand-waving Kareem. What now?

Brows lifting a little as Kade's fingers start to glow, Vega levels the device so it isn't directly pointed at him. She aims it upwards so he can fireball safely - regardless of how they do under the instructor's tutelage - before shifting the focus. Winking at Irene's complaints, she laughs. "Then don't be one! This will be fun!" She's sure of it. "Ready Kareem?"

"So, uh, what's your thing?" Kareem asks Irene with another smile. Though this one flickers shyly. "I'm a pyro. Like, obviously." He manages a fireball! Sort of. Ish. It's more of a brief puff of flame that flickers and then evaporates in the air. But he does not take anyone's eyebrows off! Minor victory. It's even fired vaguely in the correct direction of Vega's device. If anything, he's paranoid about keeping it small, rather than letting it fly.

"Uhm. I'm, uh, tough," Irene answers, hefting her books up so she can /almost/ hide her face behind them. "Like...really tough," she adds like that clears it up, shuffling her sneakers against the grass nervously. No one loses any eyebrows and it's a modest bit of flame aimed at the projectile, so at least some of her nerves about /that/ ease off for a moment. Whew. "That...worked."

"Like invulnerable!" Vega supplies chipperly, flashing her shy friend a smile as she aims her jury-rigged cannon. "That was awesome!" She says enthusiastically, grinning at the pair warmly. "I can aim it higher if you really wanna show off," she offers to - the pair, really.

"Do you know how tough?" Kareem asks Irene. "I'm pretty much //totally// fire-proof. We figured that out. But I still need to, like, breathe. So I can walk through fires, but not for very long." He sounds a touch disappointed, at this limit to his power. Grin turning boyish at Irene. "I want to see what she can do. I mean. If you want." Like she's going to rock-fist the cannon or something? He doesn't know. He's eager, though.

Irene winces as Vega so chipperly supplies that bit of information, but she doesn't deny it. "Uhm, well, they...did run me through some testing," she explains with a mix of nerves and shyness. "...but even this place gets a little nervous about aiming rockets and things at kids." She finishes speaking sounding a little muffled, mouth partially hidden by her books now. "I don't really /do/ things," she protests softly. "Not...not like /that/. With the fire."

"Even I wouldn't aim a rocket at you," Vega promises solemnly, flexing her metallic legs with a rueful wince. "These are pretty mild though? do you want to give a go, 'Rene?" Her friend's name is said at a softer peep in offer, far less intense than Kareem's suggestion. It really is a suggestion, complete with a beseeching lean that doesn't exactly take into account she's sort of holding a firearm. One of the targets goes zipping towards Irene - regardless of her agreement. SORRY! She regards the other girl with wide eyes, unable to stop its trajectory.

"I mean, you don't want to if you don't have to..." Kareem says, a little awkward, to Irene. Abashed shrug, like he's sorry for asking...and then stuff is flying through the air. "Whoafuck!" All he can do is hastily shout that and scramble backwards, to fall on his ass on the ground. Because he is very, very far away from being an action hero. At least he doesn't try to get in the way. Because he is //not// invulnerable, even in another life.

"It's just not that exci-" Irene's eyes go wide like OH SHIT when the projectile flies at her. She squeaks and holds her books up in front of her face like she needs /those/ to protect her. The projectile smashes half against the book and half against her hand--and the latter fares better than the former, although at least it's just a small dent in the book. The projectile itself cracks apart where it impacts her and falls to the ground. She peers over the edge of her books at Vega. And then Kareem. Uh. Hi.

"{Oh with all that is holy,}" Vega chirps in a bird-like rush of Chinese, barely remembering to switch off the device before she is smoothly off the ground and onto her legs. She practically skims the ground, moving more like a gazelle than a girl as she races towards Irene, frantically brushing off bits of projectile from her hair. "{I am sososo sorry. I didn't mean to! The relay misfired and apparently swung in that direction, which it shouldn't have! At all. I mean - look at you, you're amazing! But. I really didn't mean it.}" Big, dark eyes are leveled at Irene. Please forgive her?

Kareem gives Irene with most awkward little wave, from where he's sprawled on the grass. Uh. Hi. "Hot. //Damn//." That is all he has to say as he stares at the cracked projectile on the ground. Then, another shy grin.

That's okay, Irene's wave back is equally awkward, since she doesn't drop her book so she just...wiggles her fingers against it. "It hit the books..." She finally lowers them as Vega comes bounding towards her so suddenly. At least this time when the Manic Panic Pixie rattles off a lot of words, she follows easily. ""{It's okay,}" she reassures, before looking at her book and sighing a touch at the small dent. Oh well. Wasn't a new book anyhow. "{I just...was not ready for that.}"

"{I can fix that!}" Vega offers, eying the small dent in the book. She looks properly woebegone at accidentally firing on Irene. "{Probably, at least.}"

"That was cool!" Kareem says, getting to his feet, brushing the grass off his jeans and generally trying to look cooler. He succeeds spottily. "You want to join the X-Men after you're out of here?" The question seems aimed at Irene and Vega both. "I do. Kind of. I mean, I'd also kind of like to go back to Cali and do, like, normal person stuff. Maybe." He has no idea what he wants to do. "I mean, I want to make a difference, it's just weird to figure out how, you know?"

"{People have broken worse.}" A beat and Irene admits to Vega, "{/I've/ broken worse. It's okay.}" God forbid she break any more /entire pencil sets/ just trying to get through a stressful test. She takes a deep breath and sighs. Whew. "You have to warn me before you do something like that..." She wrinkles her nose at Kareem, which almost makes her look like she's smiling, in a weird way. "If hiding behind books is cool." Sure. She scuffs a toe against the grass. "I guess," she doesn't sound hyped for the idea of being an X-man, unlike some. "Not sure how much normal is out there...for me..."

"That doesn't matter," Vega argues with a quicksilver frown, brows dropping low beneath her blunt cut bangs. "...I really didn't mean to." She brushes one more piece out of her friend's hair before stepping back and supportively at her side. Smiling crookedly, she shrugs. "You'd both be way cooler as X-Men than I would be? I wanted to stay and be a cop, but Professor X said that was a bad idea. Here I'm not much among you much cooler guys." She nudges Irene in indication of her /cool factor/.

Kareem shrugs. "I thought about being a firefighter, after I learn to control my stuff, but they won't let mutants do that usually. Which is stupid. Like, I'm not burnable, right? I'd be //way// better than some flammable normal dude. I bet you'd be a better cop, too. And you could do, like, a ton of bad-ass stuff." That to Irene. To Vega, "You do stuff with tech stuff, right?" So scientific, Kareem.

"Okay, okay," Irene says, clapping Vega on the back just a smidge hard. Sorry. "A cop?" She looks genuinely perplexed at the idea. Or maybe just because she's being indicated to have any 'cool factor'. She looks between wannabe-cop Vega and wannabe-firefighter Kareem. "Wow." She sounds impressed, then looks a bit shy again. "I-I just wanted to get out of my neighborhood..." She looks around. "This was...not the way I imagined it."

Vega has to take a step forward with the clap of Irene's hand on her back, but she flashes her friend a grin. "Yeah!" She bounces on her gazelle modelled legs of a moment as if she is going to continue excitedly, then looks down at her feet as if reminded they are there. Suddenly shy, she hides her dark eyes under the fringe of her bangs. "We could use more cops who want to do? right by everyone." Not just humans, her voice implies. Blinking up at Kade's question, she tilts her head and nods. "Kind of. I sense it and just? I dunno know it. I guess."

Kareem shrugs, a little uncomfortably. "I mean, we //could//, yeah. But cops don't seem to want to do right by mutants. What'd be cool is if there were, like, mutant cops. A whole team of them. Like the X-Men only...official, I guess." he looks down at Vega's legs, but his eyes only linger there for a beat, before they're up on hers again. "Anyway, I don't really know what I want to do yet. I wish there was more stuff at this school. I miss, like, clubs. I was thinking of maybe getting a band together? Or talking to the teachers about creating a football team or something?" Because those two things have anything in common? Is he good at music, or football, at all?

Irene doesn't really have a lot to say on the politics of mutants and cops, or she keeps silent on them anyway, shifting her weight on her feet uncomfortably. She watches Kareem's gaze, looking ready to go on the defensive over Vega's legs, but doesn't. "A band? Are there even instruments here?" She can't even imagine /buying/ one. "People throw a football around on the lawn. It's not really a /team/, but...everyone cheats anyway."

"//That's// why they need us," Vega says with a tilt of her chin, eyes dark with a certainty that makes her seem far older than she did minutes ago. "To teach them how as the Buddha says, "I do not dispute with the world; rather it is the world that disputes with me." She shifts a little as Kareem's gaze lingers on her legs, edging by Irene. "I think there are some dusty instruments in the attic." Because of course she's been exploring. "I'd play football? I'd have to learn. But I'd play."

"It's not cheating. It's cool!" Kade insists. "And I have a guitar." Because //of course// he does. He does not say he //plays// guitar. Just that he has one. "Let's try and get a band together. It'll be //tight//." Well, it'll be something.

Irene looks at Vega as if she's impressed, but it turns into skepticism. "I don't think the world much gives a shit either way, but okay." She shrugs, not really up for an argument about it. "It's cheating when everyone just ignores the rules of the game," she insists with a roll of her eyes. You know, like she's not one of the more brutal players when she has the mind to be. "I...don't play anything." Time to learn the triangle? Cowbell? Yeah, it will be something.

"Well, yeah. That's the point." She's taking her scriptures a little fast and loose there but the point stands. Vega chuckles at the mention of powers-driven football. "I play piano," she volunteers with a shrug. "Maybe sometime? I should get this back? before they miss it."

"Cool. I'll get my guitar!" Kareem says, running off. He's found a team!

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