2047-01-09 Not an Ad

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2047-01-09 Not an Ad
Date Posted 2017/01/09
Location Mercer Apartments
Participants Vega, Knox
Summary Vega and Knox run into each other in the Mercer hallways. Thankfully not literally.
Though technically not a part of NYU, most of Mercer Apartment's residents are students who take advantage of the building's close proximity to campus. A deal with campus officials has made possible the extension of the Atrium, a 20th story walkway that extends over Mercer Avenue to connect the apartments to the towering sleekness of NYU's new Talhurst Hall. The Atrium is lined with shops that cater to the college crowd, from pubs to boutiques to cheap fast food. Near the center, a small, glassed-in lounge filled with plants and easily-cleaned couches looks out over NYU's campus, and on the opposite side, a balcony offers constant access to airtaxis. The apartments themselves are far less grand. They're largely studios, with the occasional two or three bedrooms thrown in, cheaply decorated with cabinets that can easily be torn out and replaced and standard, boring bathroom fixtures. The building is large, making it easy to get lost in the crowd of its residents. It generally has a don't-ask-don't-tell policy regarding mutations, but rumors fly fast and furious about particular apartments that are occupied by mutants. Any unusual sights, sounds, or smells tend to be chalked up to mutant residents.

The beauty of living in the Mercer apartments, other than the college level convenience, is the Atrium. Vega has made use of it tonight, striding out of the elevator on her floor with a gym bag slung over one shoulder and a bowl of noodles in her hand. Noodles she slurps noisily with chopsticks as she steps out of the elevator, pink hair falling long down the back of her leather jacket.

The ugly of living in the Mercer apartments that it's full of college /students/--and all which that entails: Loud parties, weird smells, on and off cleanliness, and hit or miss consideration for one's neighbors--or even one's own roommates. At the moment, one of the (presumable) residents of the building is camped out in the hallway, wrapped up in a Yale hoodie and with legs too long to stretch out across the width of the hallway without having to bend them a little. He's got a tablet in his lap and a holoprojector next to him half taken apart, but he gestures rapidly in the air as if he's using his Eyes as well.

Roommates - thankfully- are a problem that Vega has grown out of with her small economy style apartment. There is no avoiding the college students, the debris of larger parties, or their overflow into the hall thought. Finishing a bite of noodles, she regards the Yale-wearing ginger with a thoughtful frown and pauses next to him for a moment, seemingly waiting for a response.

There isn't an immediate response from Knox on the floor, absorbed in whatever he's doing. It takes a moment than is longer than polite for him to look past whatever is on his Eyes and see that there is someone standing there. "Sorry," he murmurs, pulling his legs close and tucking them under him so he isn't taking up the whole hallway anymore.

Staring down at him, Vega lifts her eyebrows and resists the urge to slurp her noodles while waiting. Her head tips a little to noisily glance at the holo-projector out of curiosity. Nodding shortly, she shrugs, "Not a big deal. Night." His legs are carefully stepped around so she doesn't accidentally kick him as she makes her way across the hall to her apartment.

The holoprojector seems like it would probably work fine, if it weren't in careful pieces. Knox frowns as Vega leans more prominently into his vision and he makes a gestures as if trying to swipe her away...except she's real and /not/ an ad for some Japanese online gaming. So that's embarrassing. "Oh! Uh." Nothing to see here. "Uhm. Night."

One of Vega's brows arches juuuust a little higher as Knox gestures like he is trying to swipe away an ad. Yo? She takes in the neat orientation of his parts and nods again, leaving the man to his work. His responding goodnight is met with a wave of her free hand before she makes her way into her apartment. Night.

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