2046-12-23-Everything Will Always Be Alright When We Go Shopping

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2046-12-23-Everything Will Always Be Alright When We Go Shopping
Date Posted 2017/01/02
Location Rohan and Sumit's Apartment - Avenue B Apartments
Participants Rohan, Valerie
Summary Aftermath. Sort of.
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{Rohan} Hey.

{Valerie} Hey you

{Rohan} Just moved all my stuff back home.

{Rohan} The whole thing's over, I guess. It's complicated. Echo's dead.

{Valerie} so youre not at oh anymore?

{Valerie} that's good. yeah?

{Rohan} Stayed last night to make sure the kids were okay, but that's about as I can take right now. I'll be there on Christmas to make sure they have a good day, but right now I'm worn out and can't take any more.

{Rohan} Well. Seems now we have a shadowy org that steals and sells mutant powers or something like that, but they've flew the coop for now.

{Valerie} told you you shouldn't have stayed there so much!

{Valerie} wait

{Valerie} sorry, back up. wtf?

{Rohan} I was Echo-focused so I might have parts wrong, but.

{Valerie} how the fuck do you steal and sell mutant powers

{Rohan} It was Homo Perfectus. That's what they were up to. Taking parts from mutants that worked with their powers so they could sell them.

{Rohan} That's why they took Will's arm and eye.

{Valerie} there's no way that even fucking works

{Valerie} is there?

{Rohan} I don't know

{Rohan} It must do /something/, or else they're running a con

{Valerie} con seems more fucking likely

{Rohan} Seems overkill to murder and mutilate mutants for a con

{Rohan} Are you free? Can you come over?

{Rohan} I could use your company right now

{Rohan} And some greasy junk food. But definitely you most of all

{Valerie} don't kid yourself

{Valerie} people will murder and mutilate mutants for no fucking reason at all

{Rohan} usually they don't need this much of a setup

{Valerie} you think it's legit then?

{Rohan} Not sure what's scarier

{Rohan} it being legit or it being not

{Valerie} legit

{Valerie} fucking easy

{Rohan} I saw Will's memories. The doctor who did this to him was pretty damn convincing.

{Rohan} Talking about taking mutant parts to use as grafts or implants or tools...

{Valerie} you're not making me feel better about this, r

{Rohan} I don't think anyone should feel good about this

{Valerie} god, youre cheery

{Rohan} come here? please?

{Valerie} are you going to keep telling me stories about people cutting out eyes and shit?

{Rohan} i want to forget about those stories

{Valerie} u sure? because you keep fucking talking about them

{Rohan} i'm stuck in my head again

{Valerie} and u want me to get you out of it?

{Rohan} y. please.

{Valerie} lucky i like you so much, rr.

Rohan doesn't usually smoke in the apartment, except sometimes in his room, after sex, but today the apartment smells of cigarette smoke, heavy and stale. He answers the door dressed in disreputable old sweats, his hair rumpled, but his face brightens as he sees Valerie. "I _am_ lucky you like me so much," he tells her.

Valerie takes Rohan in with an up-down sweep of her eyes and a wrinkle of her nose. Unlike him, she's dressed /well/, in a well-fitted dress that's honestly too short for the weather and hair swept up off her neck in a riot of curls. "Oh, shit, R," she says. "We are definitely not doing this. Shower. Now."

"I took one..." begins Rohan, and does not seem able to finish the sentence as, apparently, he's forgotten whenever he did last take a shower. He shuts his mouth, taking a step back into his apartment and closing the door behind her. "All right," he concedes. "As you wish, gorgeous."

"And then some decent clothes!" Valerie adds as she steps inside. Her gaze rakes his apartment, and her nose wrinkles up as she informs him, "We're going out. Pack a bag."

"How decent?" asks Rohan as he steps into the bathroom. "Are we talking going out on the motorbike decent? Nice dinner decent? Job interview decent? Fancy decent?" His voice is tired, but there is clear relief in it, to be talking about something else.

"Pick one, and I'll surprise you," Valerie tells him, letting her gaze slide after him into the bathroom with a quick flash of a smile before she abandons him for his bedroom.

The sounds of showering arise from the bathroom; water running, the sound of the fan, the whirr of the razor and the clatter of drawers open. Several minutes later, Rohan re-emerges, smelling richly of a woodsy-scented soap, hair damp, wearing only his towel. He's completely shaved off the beard that grew a bit unruly this week. Facial hair suits his face, but being clean-shaven makes him look younger. "Better?" he asks the empty living room, and then wanders toward his bedroom to ask, "Better?"

Valerie has spent the time Rohan was in the shower digging through his closet, as well as-- well. It looks like maybe she's tidied, just a little. At present, she's pulling out a button-up shirt to eye it critically, and she pauses in this process to flick her eyes up at Rohan. Her smile spreads slow and pleased, and she lowers the shirt as she takes him in. "/Much/," she says, and crooks a finger at him.

Rohan possesses one suit, not expensive but tailored to him, and a few button-up shirts and ties to go with it. Other than that, his wardrobe runs heavily to worn t-shirts and even more worn jeans. He steps toward Valerie, an eyebrow quirked. "What?" he asks. "Are you going to put clothes /on/ me for a change?"

"Now that's tempting," Valerie says, her smile spreading wider still. "If I do that, I'm getting you new ones, though. Is that what you're in the mood for, sexy? Shopping?"

"Shop-ping?" echoes Rohan, echoing out the word as if it was a foreign concept. He looks at his closet. "Well, usually I just go to the thrift store when something wears out," he says. A pause, and then he smiles, sudden, bright. "Sure," he says. "Let's go shopping."

Valerie looks briefly surprised, but it's quickly followed by a flash of pleasure as she extends the shirt toward him. "Better put on something decent then, sugar," she says. "We're getting the hell out of Mutant Town."

Rohan watches her for a moment, and his smile widens. "Thank goodness," he murmurs. "I need a break from Mutant Town." He takes the shirt from her, and puts it on, pairing it with his best pair of jeans. "All right, lollipop. Dress me up."

Valerie springs for a cab, which makes their ride uptown far more comfortable than either of them is particularly used to. She's closed mouthed about their destination, and she spends much of the ride studying Rohan with a critical eye that suggests she's making plans. When they finally spill out onto a busy street, it's in front of a men's boutique that looks-- expensive.

"Er," says Rohan, with a glance at the boutique that is more than a little uneasy. "This sort of place isn't normally within my budget. You sure?" He rubs the back of his neck.

"Merry Christmas," Valerie murmurs, and tucks her arm through Rohan's to lead him into the boutique with a firmness that would be difficult to escape. "Chin up, Rocky Road. Act like you shop at these places every damn day, or they'll try to fleece me."

Rohan's uncertainty lingers for a moment, and he glances at her for a moment before his lips twitch in a smile. "Well, it is _Christmas_..." he murmurs. He adds, in a more normal tone of voice as they enter, "Look at those sweaters, darling. I think the colours might have been better at that little place in Paris."

Valerie snorts in answer, flicking her eyes up at him. She doesn't /quite/ roll them, but there's a sense of it in her expression. "I didn't realize you liked the Paris shops," she returns, amusement tucked tight in her voice. She nudges her elbow into his side and murmurs, "So. What strikes your fancy?"

"Well, I thought they were rather pretentious," replies Rohan, a trace of amusement lingering in his. "You know. The French. But the colours were nice." He stifles a snort at the elbow to his side. "Hrm. Something so I can take you out to dinner and not feel hopelessly outshone by you?" he murmurs. "There are some nice...shirts over there."

"Well you'll never manage /that/," says Valerie with a quick laugh of amusement. Despite her comment, she takes her task seriously. She releases Rohan to distract the shopkeepers honing in on them so that she can rifle through racks with a quick, judgemental eye, pulling out shirts and slacks and draping a select few over her arm for further consideration.

Rohan glances around the shop, looking a little confused at the selection--and the prices. Still, he tries. When the shopkeepers converge on him, he starts on a long discussion of how he wants an outfit that sets off his skin and also matches his prize stallion. His accent's gone rather English, but far more posh than usual.

Valerie sends the occasional amused glance at Rohan for his performance before eventually dragging him to the fitting rooms, where she plies him with item after item. She regards each with a critical eye, and the final tally of what actually ends up in the bag when they leave remains a mystery - to Rohan, at least. So does the bill. As they leave, she turns a glance up to him with brows quirked to wonder, "What are you doing on New Year's?"

"New Year's?" echoes Rohan, with a glance to the bag and then to Valerie. "Guess that comes after Christmas." He watches her for a moment, and then grins. "I've no plans. Haven't heard if X-Factor's doing anything. Why, did you have something in mind?"

"You said you wanted a bed," Valerie returns lightly. She steps to the edge of the curb, lifting a hand to flag down a cab. "I might have one in mind."

"Oh?" replies Rohan, with a lift of his brows. His grin turns downright wicked. "I'm intrigued, Miss Valerie," he murmurs.

"I'll pencil you in, then," Valerie answers, meeting his wicked gaze with a pointedly prim smile as a cab pulls to the curb. Her next stop is a restaurant, far less pricey than the boutique, and it seems likely that sometime, eventually, they make their way back to Rohan's bed.

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