2046-12-19 Location is Everything

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2046-12-19 Location is Everything
Date Posted 2016/12/20
Location New York City
Participants Irene, Vega
Summary Irene catches Vega up on the latest in this chapter of 'Cursing the Bodysnatchers'.
Plot Nip-Tuck
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{Irene} Vega

{Irene} Vega

{Irene} Vega

{Irene} I am just going to keep messaging you until you reply

{Irene} Even if it is just to tell me to fuck off because you're at work

{Vega} Fuck. What?

{Irene} But then you better text me when you're off

{Vega} I have a minute now.

{Vega} What's up? And you better respond promptly otherwise I assume it's terrible and I'm calling you.

{Irene} Well it's not good.

{Irene} I took a second look at that video.

{Irene} Are you sure you want to hear about this now?

{Vega} Yeah.

{Vega} What'd you see, Rene?

{Irene} Whatever is exactly going on, it's big.

{Irene} Some of that information in the video is locations. Canada Mexico Japan UK US

{Irene} One is Mutant Town. As far as I can tell, the center of it.

{Vega} Wait… so whatever is going on. It's not just here?

{Vega} Shit. That is big.

{Irene} No. It's international.

{Irene} This is not just a couple people in town.

{Irene} I don't have a lot else that's really solid. I talked to some people and did some digging.

{Irene} No noticeable patterns in bodies showing up missing pieces.

{Irene} What you saw seems to be the first time they didn't clean up after themselves. At least in the last few months.

{Vega} That's far more than I've been able to turn up.

{Vega} They didn't clean up after themselves… or they just didn't get to the rest of the parts.

{Vega} The two we found seemed scared. Scattered.

{Vega} There could be a lot more.

{Irene} If there are more, they haven't come forward.

{Irene} Or it wasn't reported that they did. I asked.

{Vega} No… I meant.

{Vega} Other deaths. Other mutants taken. If you're that good.. That surgical…

{Irene} You know how it is. Mutants go missing, not everyone is that interested in looking for them.

{Irene} Feds are just after Echo, from what I hear. Mutant on mutant crime is the view.

{Vega} The Feds are sloppy. This is murder if not more.

{Vega} Mutant on… fuck.

{Irene} Murder? Did someone die?

{Vega} I'm sure. We just haven't found the bodies yet.

{Irene} Really hard to prove murder without a body.

{Vega} We both know that doesn't mean it didn't happen. There just isn't enough evidence to make it concrete for a court.

{Irene} We also know no one gives a shit if there isn't hard evidence.

{Irene} Not that I want you to find a dead body next.

{Vega} As long as it's not mine. Right?

{Vega} Maybe we need to hand the Feds a smoking gun…

{Irene} Not funny Vega

{Irene} We're talking about an international auction targeting mutants

{Irene} You might never be found at all

{Vega} [typing]

{Vega} …

{Vega} I'll send you the GPS code later.

{Irene} Ok?

{Irene} Anyway, the feds may be more interested if they know how big this is

{Irene} Appeal to their sense of getting a promotion

{Vega} Yeah. That's true.

{Vega} Thanks for letting me know, Irene.

{Irene} Should I be watching the GPS?

{Irene} Sure.

{Irene} Kidnappers have a black van. I couldn't narrow that down much to be helpful. Sorry. 237 vehicles is too many to sort through without resources. Or more info.

{Irene} Just be aware

{Vega} Maybe if you don't hear from me for a suspiciously long time.

{Vega} I will. I'll let you know if I hear anything else.

{Vega} NYC. 237 possible kidnapping vans.

{Vega} Sounds about right.

{Irene} Fuck

{Irene} This is a new step in our relationship

{Irene} I'm not sure how to feel about it

{Irene} I thought 237 seemed a little low, but it is just black vans

{Vega} Well, you know ⅔ of all kidnapping vans are white.

{Vega} That stereotype comes from somewhere.

{Irene} Some of them are gray

{Irene} Often mistaken for white

{Vega} People with no sense of color, constantly fucking up police reports.

{Vega} I've got to head back to work.

{Vega} Thanks again.

{Irene} Stay safe

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