2046-12-17 Take A Break

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2046-12-17 Take A Break
Date Posted 2016/12/18
Location Rohan and Sumit's Apartment - Avenue B Apartments
Participants Rohan, Valerie
Summary Valerie helps Rohan relax.
Plot Nip-Tuck
Rorohan.jpg Valquiet.jpg
Some sexual content.
{Rohan} Hey, Lollipop. Hope I'm not waking you.

{Valerie} Good God at this hour?

{Valerie} What's up, sweet stuff?

{Rohan} You never know. You might have just started a new job with 5am shifts.

{Valerie} Ug. The job I have is bad enough.

{Rohan} What are you doing now?

{Valerie} retail. it's stupid. don't ask.

{Rohan} Retail equals stupid.

{Rohan} Just got in. It's cold here. Don't feel like sleeping. Wanted to make sure you're all right.

{Valerie} peachy

{Valerie} why wouldn't i be?

{Rohan} It's dangerous out there.

{Valerie} that's why I keep an escape route in my pocket, rr

{Rohan} I don't want you to worry

{Valerie} this sounds like the beginning of an announcement about why i should wory

{Rohan} well if I don't tell you someone else will

{Valerie} fuck

{Rohan} Will and Misty are back. We found them on the street.

{Rohan} _Alive_. Just got back from the hospital.

{Valerie} that sounds like good news?

{Rohan} Will's not in great shape. He--well, I don't know how to say this other than just saying it. He lost an arm and an eye.

{Valerie} what, like left them in the bathroom at some skeezy bar?

{Rohan} Taken. Someone cut his arm off and took out his eye.

{Valerie} i like my version better

{Rohan} Echo was involved. I could see her in his mind. He's lost--she erased all his recent memories.

{Valerie} fucking hell rohan

{Rohan} I can recover them for him, but I didn't want to put him through that when he was in that state. I'm trying to give him a little time to recover some strength, but I can't wait too long.

{Valerie} shit

{Rohan} yes

{Rohan} shit

{Valerie} so... what. the creepy mind control girl kidnapped him, cut things out, and then wiped his memories?

{Rohan} When she controls minds, her victims don't remember after, so...that's not unexpected. Except for me.

{Rohan} But. Well. Someone kidnapped him and cut bits off, and Echo was part of it.

{Valerie} okay. well. awesome. thanks.

{Rohan} When they kidnapped Will, I heard the leader say he liked his eyes.

{Rohan} Fuck

{Valerie} whoa hey

{Valerie} this is not your fucking fault

{Valerie} you know that

{Rohan} i should have protected him. i should have killed Echo. i knew she was dangerous.

{Valerie} fuck that

{Valerie} stop it right now

{Rohan} I could have stopped all this

{Rohan} fuck

{Rohan} i wish you were here right now

{Valerie} where are you

{Rohan} at Open Hands. It's quiet. All the kids in bed.

{Valerie} fuck that. go home.

{Rohan} they need me

{Rohan} I could probably take a break

{Valerie} you're turning into a crazy person

{Valerie} it doesn't look good on you, rr.

{Rohan} I don't think ignoring it would make me any less crazy

{Valerie} if i drag myself out in the cold can you at least promise to channel crazy into hot?

{Rohan} promise

{Valerie} go home.

{Rohan} I'm going home. I'm letting the others here know I'm taking a sanity break and will be back in the morning--but I'm leaving right now.

{Valerie} i'll be there.

{Rohan} On my way.

Valerie is true to her word. By the time Rohan arrives, she's already there, and naked, and tucked under the blankets in his bed. It seems likely that she did a bit of hurrying to manage this, but she /looks/ quite serene as she waits.

Rohan arrives not long after his last comm. The colour is high in his cheeks, his eyes shadowed with weariness, and snow is melting in the dark waves of his hair. His face brightens to see her, however, like a sudden leap of light on a dark morning, and he's already pulling his sweater over his head as he moves to the bed. "Sometimes," he murmurs, "I think you naked is the most fucking gorgeous thing I've ever seen in my life."

"Mmm," Valerie answers with a slow, calculatingly sexy smile. She stretches beneath the blankets, a move that suggests without revealing. "Talk like that is why I crawled out of my warm bed for yours." She crooks a finger at him, head tilted. "C'mere, sexy.'

"As you wish," Rohan tells her with a slowly dawning smile, still tired, but losing some of his weariness with every degree. He tosses his sweater over his shoulder, and murmurs, half-teasing, half in earnest, "Goddess," as he reaches the side of the bed, and reaches for the covers.

Valerie reaches up for him as he reaches down, latching a hand at his hip for a tug into the bed. "You're cold," she says, sliding her fingers across bare skin.

Rohan is wasting no time; he sheds the rest of his clothes as he wiggles into the covers, his skin winter-chilled against hers. "And you," he murmurs, leaning down to drop a teasing kiss on her forehead, and then on her nose. "Are so _hot_." He leans forward, bristled cheek brushing against hers as he whispers into her ear, "Warm me."

Valerie curves her fingers at the back of Rohan's neck, directing him, pulling him into the warmth of her kiss. Her legs slide against his beneath the warmth of the blankets. "That's right," she murmurs against his lips, cocky and sure. "Nothing but me."

Rohan exhales softly, and the tense set of his shoulders relaxes, his body melting against hers. He loses himself in the kiss, lips hungry and insistent against her, losing all his worry and fear in the touch of her skin against his. "Just you," he whispers, pinning her beneath him. "God. When everything's back to normal, I want just you and a bed for a week."

"A better bed, if we're doing /that/," Valerie answers with a grin and a calculated wiggle. Her hands skim down his ribs, tracing the shape of him with firm touch. She leans up to nip at the curve of his ear. "What about tonight?" she murmurs hotly. "What do you want tonight?"

"Hrm," murmurs Rohan, momentarily thoughtful, "I might be able to swing a better bed for a couple of days at least. Later." He sighs at the touch of her teeth, a half-choked breath lost in the still air of the room. "One of these nights I'm going to kiss you all over and make you come a dozen times," he murmurs. "But tonight--I want you. All you, only you. Make it hard and fast, make it hurt, until I can barely breathe and forget anything but you exists."

"Rwar," Valerie answers on a breath, and when next she sets her teeth against his skin, it's with purpose. Her fingers curl hard at his hips, nails pressing as she arches up into him. "Fuck me, then. Make me scream."

"RWAR," replies Rohan, following this with a low growl into his ear. There's a breath of amusement in his voice, then, but it does not linger long. The touch of her teeth, of her fingers, draw small gasps from him, and he shifts, pinning her beneath him. One hand tangles in her hair, blonde strands caught around his fingers. There is no mercy, no softness to him tonight; it's all roughness and demanding and naked want, a need to /forget/. His teeth fasten on her skin in return, on the curve of her vulnerable neck and at her ear lobe; his nails tease her skin, and fasten here and there, and hard on her nipple; his hand rests heavy on her throat for a moment as he drives his way into her.

Valerie writhes under him, bucking encouragement and drawing long strokes down his back with her nails. She's still under him, pinned by the twist of his hand in her hair or the press of his hand against his throat. She meets each moment with something hot in her eyes and a constant stream of filthy, encouraging words that eventually melts into unselfconscious incoherence.

The bed--the bed that Valerie deemed not worthy of a week's occupation--squeaks and squeals at Rohan's movements, louder as his thrusts become shorter and more powerful. He returns her words with his own, filthy and possessive, fading out until they become nothing but explosive outbursts of hot breath, poised over her, muscles tense, poised on the edge. His fingers tighten in her hair, painfully tight, as her name escapes his lips in a ragged moan.

Valerie arches her head against the grip of his hand, easing the pull of her hair by a fraction so she can lift her hips into him on the gasp of his name that ends in a low growl.

Rohan lets out a long breath, dark eyes fixed on hers, and then collapses into a heap of sweat-slicked limbs, rolling to the side to give her space. All the tension and worry of earlier have fled; he's relaxed and limp with his pleasure, his face bright. "Oh, sweetheart," he murmurs, fingers releasing their grip on her hair. "Oh, my sexy gorgeous Valerie."

Valerie turns into him, sliding her arm across the slope of Rohan's hip. She presses a kiss against his shoulder, lazy and warm. "This is better," she murmurs against his skin.

"One of the things I..." Rohan speaks slowly, words heavy, and it seems to take time between words to decide on the next. "...really appreciate about you is that you understand that sex is...wonderful in a lot of different ways, depending on what you want, and none of it is shameful or odd. Sometimes hard and fast. Sometimes slow and gentle. Sometimes painful. Sometimes in bed, sometimes up against a wall. Sometimes quick and dirty, sometimes to be savoured. Sometimes with ties and blindfolds, and sometimes simple." His fingers brush her hair against her face. "I wasn't joking earlier. I'd really like--maybe not a week, but maybe a few days with us, and a nice bed, and room service? Not having to sneak out, not because my bike breaks down, but because we planned it. Maybe later?" He's uncertain now, speaking in small gasps.

"God," Valerie answers, the word a laugh against his shoulder before she lifts her head just enough to look down at him. "You must have fucked some seriously terrible girls." She's grinning at the brush of his fingers, her expression bright and wild and not serious in the least. She leans down to answer him with a kiss, lazy and thorough in a way earlier kisses most certainly were not. "I'll see what quality of bed I can rustle up," she murmurs in answer, still grinning. "I hope you plan to spend it being very, very creative."

"Not terrible," says Rohan, with a quirk of a smile. "But many who didn't stick around to...display their range as it were. Others with--hang-ups." His fingers are entwined in her hair again, but gently this time. "Mm. I'll work on my creativity." He glances at her, his eyes bright, and adds, in a murmur, "I'm horrible and love it when I leave my mark on your skin. It's like you're carrying around a reminder of our fucking until it fades."

"I think of you every time I move and wince a little," Valerie answers him, her grin stretching quick and wild again. She slides closer, letting her fingers drag along the line of his shoulder. "I think about fucking you hard enough that you wince a little, every time you move."

Rohan laughs, a short breathless laugh. "Oh, do you?" he murmurs. "I'll probably be sore tomorrow. It'll be a lovely little distraction." He lets his fingers trace the mark of his mouth on her neck, and trail over her shoulder. "My own reminder the world's not all dark and despair."

"Good," Valerie answers, cocky and pleased. She lifts her shoulder against his touch, then grins and says, "I'm gonna get us a drink. Don't move, sexy. I'm not done with you tonight." She's gone before he can protest, unabashedly naked on her way to the kitchen.

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