2046-12-16 The Why

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2046-12-16 The Why
Date Posted 2016/12/17
Location Hospital - New York City
Participants Vega, Kade
Summary After seeing Misty and Will to the hospital, Vega and Kade wonder why.
Plot Nip-Tuck
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Kade drove, with Vega, to the nearby hospital where the ambulance took Will and Misty. They've had time to check in on them and get as much information as they can about their condition. That done, Kade's gravitated back out to the lobby. Where he's presently considering the contents of a vending machine, without much enthusiasm.

The blood on Vega's coat has long since sunk in, leaving darker spots where it is slung over her narrow shoulders. Her brow is furrowed and her mouth pressed into a thin line as she stares off into space, fingers flicking over the air as she comm-messages someone. Even tired, a soft breath that might be a laugh escapes her shortly before she glances at Kade. "There is never anything good in those."

Kade has taken off his jacket, which is looped over his arm. It got the worst of the blood, though his jeans are spotted with it in places. He gives Vega a slight, tired smile and shrug. "Just getting some candy, so I won't get the worst of vending machine dinner. Just want to up my sugar level some before I drive home." He punches in some numbers and gets himself a pack of M&Ms. He looks tired as well, the little smile and laugh lines around his eyes and mouth deeper. As they tend to be, after nights like this.

There is no hiding the blood on her, except by the grace of her dark clothing. Vega tips her head, pink hair cascading loosely down her her shoulder as she leans back against the wall and watches him. "You okay?" She asks after a long moment. Exhaustion leaves her features looking drawn and narrow, but her eyes seem dark and make her look older than her actual age.

Kade gets a second pack of candies. Offering them to Vega. "I'm fine. I didn't work too hard, but some sugar is nice after power-expenditure. Helps me recharge. I just wish we'd found Will and Misty before...whatever the fuck was done to them." His tone gets lower, a shudder in the back of it that he doesn't quite let out in full. "You?"

Eying the candy for a moment, Vega accepts it with the slight crook of a smile. "Not a thing I get. Really." The power expenditure thing. Thanks, she seems to say with the tip of her head. "Surgical amputation. It was clean," she observes lowly, almost clinically. The bag is torn neatly as she pours some into her hand with a moment to consider the colours. "I'm fine. Fucked up as that is."

"If that's clean, I'd hate to see what dirty looks like. Fuck." Kade lets out a long breath, allowing his head to hang. He opens his candy and pours a few pieces into his hands, then pops them into his mouth. "Lots of fucked up going around. Do you think the doctors will be able much can they do for him? With prosthetics, for his arm, and his eye?"

Blinking over at him, Vega simply opines, "Yes. You would." Glancing down at her hand, she flips a piece of candy into her mouth and chews thoughtfully. Her normally dark and focused gaze goes distant, fixed on something that Kade can't see or reach. Shaking her head, she eats another piece of candy. "If they fit him for the surgical implements for prosthetics... a lot can be done. Even if not by them." That said, she pops the rest of her handful of candy in her mouth.

Kade regards Vega, even as her own gaze grows distant. He nods. "I hope so. He's a good guy, from what little I've worked with him. Was a good dude to have at your back on the last run X-Factor went on." He pops some more candies into his mouth. Softer he asks, half to Veg and half to himself, "Why the fuck would anyone do that?"

"I don't know him," Vega admits as she refocuses. Looking towards Kade, she nods seriously at the idea that he was solid on that last run. "I'm glad... things turned out alright with that. I heard what happened." Her words are soft and low, pitched only for his ears even in the quiet halls of the hospital. Tipping her head back so she's staring up at the ceiling, she sighs and taps out another flurry of messages. "I don't know." Shifting, her boot squeaks against the ground. "Irene asked me... what does he do? Will - that is - that someone would want his arm?"

"What did you hear?" Kade asks, tilting his head at Vega. "I'm not sure 'all right' is the word I'd use. But we got...we got all the kids back OK. That's what matters." He waits until she's gotten through her flurry of Eye-checking before answering. Munching on candy in the interim. "Illusions. He can obscure things with light, or use it to make something look like something else. And I don't know. I need my hands, to do what I do. Whether I could learn to do it another way or not, it's just always how I've focused. I didn't think his powers flowed that way, when I saw him in action, but I don't know enough about the details of his thing to say."

"You got the kids back. I'll count that as good - as far I know." Her shoulder tilts in a shrug, sliding lopsided. "Just the rough sketch of things. Something about - some weird-ass mirror versions?" Vega is very eloquent on the subject of AU's. Frowning at the description of Will's powers, she taps her fingers against the curve of her thigh. "That might explain the eye... maybe if they thought it worked like a magician. But. Fuck."

"Nina wasn't hurt physically, thank God," Kade says. "She's still dealing with the rest of it, but we're getting through it." He ponders the multi-colored sweets in his palm, before raising his eyes back to Vega. He simply agrees with the "Fuck" as to Will. "Maybe it was just anti-mutant sadists. Who the fuck knows, these days? And I guess that's one way to put it. Mirror versions. Same faces, very different connotations. There was one there who looked like me. That was a head-fuck, I must confess."

Vega offers a little smile at that. "I am glad to hear it." Fingers sliding over the edge of her bag of sweets, she folds it before sliding it into her pocket. Biting down on her lip, she shakes her head at the suggestion of sadists. "Why do it so clean then? Torture is usually far less... precise. At least than I have seen in cases where they don't care if the recipient dies... only that they remember." She keeps her voice low as to not be overheard or disturb the others. "That would be," is all she says of the headfuck. "Heard I was there too."

"That was not me. And it wasn't you." Kade says this firmly. "There was someone with your face and mine. And Atwell's, and Jeremy's and Lexie's. And even fucking Zdravkovic. But they had zero relationship to whatever we are. The way I heard it was, in that world...Magneto won. And then 'we all lost.' Mutant warlords took over. But then there was some kind of plague. Manufactured to stop them, I think. That targeted X-genes. They'd come up with a way to stop it, but I guess it wasn't much use for for those already there. That's why they kidnapped those kids. They needed new mutants, to repopulate." The words twist, angry and disgusted in his mouth. "Anyway, they were murderers and slavers and kidnappers. Whatever we are, we are not that."

Sliding the candy into her pocket, Vega watches Kade with a silent kind of focus that shifts a little as she winces at Zdravkovic's name. It's an expression that could be described as 'of fucking course.' "Fuck. That's a mess." Those words don't do that all justice. Not even remotely. "No. We are not. Not even remotely..." Falling quiet again, she looks towards the sides that point towards surgery and the elevator up to patient rooms. "Those Feds will want to hear about this."

"Yeah, I suppose they will," Kade says wry. "I figure they'll descend on this place pretty soon. Was half-expecting them when we showed up. At least Will and Misty get a night's sleep before they have to deal with them." He nods, the smallest dip of his chin, at Vega's 'oh fucking course' expression. That is about right. "As for me, I think I'll do that sleep thing tonight myself. I'll give you a ride home, if you want. I kind of like driving in this city at night. Wandering the neon and such."

"With all their bullshit and authority in tow," Vega notes with a roll of her eyes, unimpressed as ever by the FEDS. "They may not even realize this was Echo related until someone points it out to them - Mutant Affairs'll get called in in due time." Scuffing a foot against the ground, she pushes off the wall with her shoulders and nods at Kade's offer. "I'll take you up on that. If you wanna drop me off in Mutant Town, I can make the rest of the way home too. Save me some travel regardless... I need to shower before anything else tonight." Lifting a hand, she briefly fires off another flurry of messages.

"I'll just take you the whole way," Kade says. "I need to clear my head out anyhow, after tonight. The drive will do that as well as anything." He eats the rest of his candy, tossing the wrapper in a convenient waste bin as he heads out to where he's parked.

"You'll be a little disappointed there. It's not far," Vega offers, following him out with her hands in her pockets.

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