2046-12-16 Lost Parts

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2046-12-16 Lost Parts
Date Posted 2016/12/16
Location Mutant Town - New York City
Participants Irene, Vega
Summary Vega gives Irene a comm after Misty and Will are found.
Plot Nip-Tuck
IrIrene.jpg VeVega.jpg
Mention of body parts & blood.
{Vega} Urgh.

{Vega} I mean hi. But tonight has been a night.

{Vega} I need alcohol.

{Irene} Hi to you too.

{Vega} It's vinegar that gets blood out right? Or was that dish soap?

{Vega} Shit. I should I have preceeded that with an explanation. Did you hear about the missing pair from Oddball?

{Irene} Just use a stain remover stick.

{Irene} If you don't have one you should get one anyway.

{Irene} It will get out all the oil you get on things.

{Irene} Anyway. Sort of. No one really explained that.

{Vega} Good to know. Thanks, ayi.

{Vega} I guess they were... kidnapped or something. Definitely something... fuck.

{Vega} We found them tonight on the street. They'd been mutilated, Irene. Alive but... missing pieces.

{Irene} Wish I could say that's a new one.

{Vega} It's... been awhile.

{Irene} Yeah, well. You know you to call about it.

{Vega} Other than you?

{Vega} Caruthers already called in the ambulance while... I held the poor guy down. Lost an arm. An eye. I'm sure there will be more questioning at the hospital.

{Vega} But fuck.

{Irene} Yeah, Vega. You know. I can't do anything about this.

{Irene} Sorry, though.

{Vega} Ainsworth said Echo wiped their memories.

{Vega} Or that it felt like her. Whatever the fuck it is psionics do.

{Vega} What use would anyone have for mutant body parts?

{Irene} Maybe that's for the best.

{Irene} But you know there may be other evidence.

{Irene} Witnesses are unreliable in the best of situations, anyway.

{Irene} And this sounds anything but.

{Vega} It didn't qualify.

{Vega} No.

{Irene} Who says anyone needed to use the bosy parts?

{Irene} +body

{Irene} *body

{Irene} Thanks for nothing, autocorrect

{Irene} It's getting sassy with me

{Vega} It looked clean. Surgical. If you were just torturing someone... why do good work?

{Vega} hah.

{Vega} It knows you're bossy.

{Irene} Shut up

{Vega} monkey emoji

{Irene} Maybe it's just what you do. But who would want an arm?

{Irene} Was it just a regular arm?

{Vega} Well... grafters maybe. Most of the tech shit I've seen has been implanting not bio-implants.

{Vega} I guess he's a mutant. And so is the kid. That little bat girl from Oddball.

{Irene} ?

{Vega} There's... a bit of a fetish for adding on cybernetic parts in certain groups of people.

{Irene} So he's...what? Super strong?

{Vega} I don't know what he does. Actually. I've never met him before tonight.

{Irene} But these aren't cybernetics?

{Vega} Not as far as I know.

{Vega} I don't like this.

{Irene} Seems like you'd be less upset if someone stole a robot arm.

{Vega} First I found a weird dark auction thing at that plasitc surgery place. Now this.

{Vega} ...some things are easier to replace.

{Irene} What?

{Vega} Tech is just tech.

{Irene} What the hell is going on down there?

{Irene} I feel like I ask this way too often.

{Vega} Look... I.

{Vega} I took one of my kids from OH to that Homo Perfectus Project because they wanted a consultation.

{Vega} Ended up accidentally poking around on their computer trying to watch their video again.

{Vega} Actually, I was just trying to make the fish tank go away

{Vega} And I found this.

{Vega} <Link to images/video taken>

{Irene} Uh...huh

{Vega} I think it's some kind of code for an auction. I've been doing a little digging. But no dice so far.

{Irene} Again, this seems like the sort of thing someone else should be seeing.

{Irene} I can't even be sure what I'm looking at.

{Vega} I asked around a little. None of my contacts have heard of any weird auctions.

{Vega} My gut says it's illegal. And concerning it's operating out of interest in a surgeon's office for mutants though.

{Irene} I am a little concerned you have contacts you think might have heared of that.

{Vega} Vice sees some shit. Illegeal auctions are tied to drugs and otherwise.

{Irene} Well, it doesn't look legal.

{Irene} I generally saw the after effects of those auctions, not the sales.

{Irene} Be glad they didn't take inner organs.

{Irene} As far as we know.

{Vega} As far as we know.

{Vega} And hope.

{Vega} I'll probably visit them when they're cleared for it... but

{Vega} I don't know.

{Vega} Thanks.

{Irene} If they are, they've done a better job of covering that up than...the rest of it.

{Vega} Yeah.

{Irene} Just give all that evidence to people who can actually do anything about it.

{Irene} You know this kind of thing touches a lot of departments.

{Irene} And don't get yourself kidnapped.

{Vega} I will. I just... don't even know if that auction stuff is evidence.

{Vega} Keep your ears out.

{Vega} Hah. Who'd want me?

{Irene} Someone might, though.

{Irene} Vega.

{Irene} I'll keep my ears out, but I don't hear things anymore.

{Vega} That's true.

{Irene} Hell, I hear less than when I was a cop and no one wanted to talk to me

{Vega} What?

{Irene} Don't 'what' me

{Vega} Well, we know that wasn't because of your charming personality

{Vega} Sure thing, ayi.

{Irene} I was going to invite you over for a drink

{Irene} Now I am reconsidering

{Vega} I should go home and shower first.

{Vega} You want me to bring some bourbon?

{Irene} I'm stocked.

{Vega} A drink sounds good.

{Irene} Probably a sad state of affairs, but.

{Irene} There's egg nog too.

{Vega} It's the holidays

{Vega} Mhmm. See you soon.

{Irene} Not for some people.

{Irene} k

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