2046-12-16 Bodies Found

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2046-12-16 Bodies Found
Date Posted 2016/12/16
Location Alleyway - Mutant Town
Participants Rohan, Vega, Kade, Will
NPCs Misty the Bat Girl
Summary The missing mutants return.
Plot Nip-Tuck
Scene GM Scarletwitchy
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Some mention of missing body parts.
Snow contrasts against the darkening Mutant Town sky. It doesn't stick, but begins to accumulate in a freezing, thickened sludge in the cracks and nooks of the mutant ghetto's paved walkways and drives. Most of those on the streets are walking briskly, usually from one door right into another to avoid the inclement weather.

Rohan isn't leaving Open Hands much these days. However, someone probably pushed him out the door for a coffee run, for he carries a tray of Oddball coffees and a bag of pastries as he hurries back in the direction of the shelter, breath clouding in the cold air, collar turned up against the cold. He looks exhausted, his eyes shadowed and haunted.

Kade has been in and out of Open Hands in the evening after day work hours, but mostly on the periphery. Doing XFS security shifts and patrols and the like. He's outside at the moment, under and awning. Armed with a Stinger and in a denim jacket that's lighter than the weather really calls for. He looks comfortable enough, though, and close inspection would note low waves of heat coming off his hands. He is his own space heater in this season.

Two of those on the street are neither walking, nor avoiding inclement weather, tucked up against the corner of a building amidst some garbage cans. They're unmoving, the bat-like mutant Misty hidden beneath Will's unmoving form, his shirt darkened and discolored on his left side, a marked absence where an arm should otherwise be. Snow has fallen on the pair, but so far only sticks to the Will's legs, what flickering warmth that remains in his body just enough to keep the young physical mutant from the worst of the cold as he lies exposed.

Pink hair glossy with snow that melts as it lands, Vega moves quietly across the broken and icy sidewalks. Her steps hardly making a sound as she turns the corner towards Open Hands. She's been checking in on things, if not patrolling as directly as others in the past few days. There are other things she can do. Tonight her gaze trails cautiously over the garbage cans and dark corners, not quite trusting what she'll see in the low light. A pair of legs is definitely not among her expectations, gasping audibly, her feet crunch against the ground as she moves more quickly. "Hey!" She calls.

"Hey?" echoes Rohan, recognizing Vega's voice. He steps a little quicker. "I think there might be a drink here for you," he says, squinting at his cardboard tray of drinks, "And--" He stops short, seeing the legs, and rushes toward them, slipping a little in the ice. He forgets about the drinks.

Kade notes Vega and Rohan noting...something. His hands cool down some and he draws his Stinger, moving to follow Rohan in that direction. He's quiet for the moment, approaching the Something with as much unobtrusively as he can. He exchanges a look with the others. Very much 'What is it?'

Will is still unconscious, his breathing shallow, but his position as protective as a dying man's can be of another person. Closer inspection would reveal that darkness to be blood, a wound torn from movement, rather than completely untreated, as it is his arm that is missing. If he were to be turn over, there would be heavy bruising around his left eye, the eyelid closed tight but... shallow. Unnatural.

Vega's call is not intended for Rohan or anyone else in the street, but the bodies laying beside the trash. Speeding over the ground, she skids to a floating stop over the pair of them. There is no attention paid to the others for a moment as she drops to her knees, reaching for a pulse or any other sign of life. "Hey!" She repeats urgently, brow narrow. "{Gods in heaven,}" she swears, the rain of Mandarin taking the shape of a curse. "We need an ambulance... his arm. His..." She stops, pressing her tongue against her teeth as she pulls her hand back to shrug out of her coat.

Rohan's curse is in Hindi, but it's a curse all the same. He sets the drinks down on a convenient trash bin, and hurries to the pair on the ground. "Misty," he whispers, only belatedly seeing the bat-girl beside Will. He's undoing his coat already. "Sorry, mate," he adds to Will in a whisper, as he quickly slips into his unconscious mind, looking for recent memories.

Kade's Eyes blink on at Vega's 'We need an ambulance!' call. "Oh, fuck." He just sticks to English for his cursing as he kneels near the pair. His coat stays on, but he puts his Stinger away. The heat his hands are giving up radiating toward them. He keeps it reasonably low, warming rather than true fire. When the operator picks up he gives their location, and as much as he tell of Will and Misty's condition at first glance. Looking to Vega tensely as she examines them.

Will's mind is a flat surface of water, expanding from end to end. A reflecting pool so fine that Rohan might see his own mind and memories in its surface. A single droplet from somewhere above falls. Perhaps, a snow flurry. It lands on the forefront of Will's mind, creating gentle ripples.

Time to go.

Time to wake up.

Get as far away...

"I should have been a doctor," Vega whispers harshly to herself as she looks over the pair with wide, unfocused eyes. Her mind does not fix directly on their injuries for a moment as it rushes to fill what is lost with what can be replaced. Grimacing, she shuts her eyes tightly for a moment as she takes a shuddering breath. Her jacket is laid over Will's shivering form. "Little one?" She asks of Misty, trying to get a better look at her. "Are you okay?"

Droplets. Rohan twitches, his face turning a shade paler. He draws an unsteady breath, freezing for a moment, where he kneels. Then, with a burst of determination, he lays his coat over Misty, and dips a metaphorical toe in the reflecting pool of Will's mind.

Will slowly returns to consciousness, but it is a return accompanied by a scream. Pain. Agony. A burning sensation where his arm /should/ be and completely unable to see. He starts trying to move, struggling to stand. To run. To save himself and Misty. Rohan will feel the absolute terror of immobility and intense pain. Fear that blinds, but this pool is not shallow and it is only the surface so far that reveals these raging emotions.

"Will? You're going to be OK, buddy." Kade tries to say that with confidence. Even if it's confidence he does not entirely feel. "The ambulance is on its way. Just sit tight. You're safe now." He hopes. He keeps radiating, in the cold, and keeps the line on his Eyes open with the 9-1-1 operator.

Hands settle gently, but firmly on his shoulders above the bleeding as Vega presses down against his struggling. "That his name?" She asks, glancing at Kade for confirmation. "Will. Hey. You are going to be okay... I know you're scared. Your arm is missing." Swallowing, she takes a short breath. "It will be okay. You're going to get through this. I promise."

Water. So much water in Will's mind. Rohan fights it, fights that terror that kicks up at him at the very thought of it. He hesitates for a moment, lost in that pool, and glances at the others, eyes wide. "His recent memory's gone," he says. "I could push past, maybe..." Maybe. Maybe it's not the best thing for an one-armed man bleeding in the street.

Will's scream stops, but mostly because he's too tired to continue, forcing his right eye open as he stares in confusion at Vega. "My arm is wha--" He grunts, and his shirt darkens a shade as the movement reopens the cut that had taken his arm, "Who?" He tries to reach out with an arm that is no longer present, a panicked ripple in the waters of his mind.

Kade nods short to Vega. "Will. Yeah." It's not so much confirmation as an excuse for repetition, in the hopes that the sound of his own name will be vaguely calming. He looks to Vega again, but does not encourage Rohan pushing at Will's mind. "Might do to put in a call to Doctor Rutledge once we get them settled somewhere safe. She...well. We know she can deal with Echo's handiwork well as anyone."

Vega scowls visibly at Rohan's confirmation that part of his memory is gone. "Fucking psionics," she says, voice low and angry. Her hands hold at Will as he reaches out, looking down at him with empathy and sadness in her dark gaze. "We don't know exactly. We'll find who did this to you." She nods at Kade's suggestion of Rutledge. "Hospital first."

"Thanks," Rohan says a little dryly toward Vega. He raises an eyebrow, and says, flatly, to Kade, "No. You don't understand. He's not under Echo's _active_ control. She's slipped away. I just--heard her as she did. That's what Ellie did for me, fight Echo off. But _normally_ people under Echo's control lose their memories of the event, and that's what's happened to me. That's my field."

Will struggles to speak, familiar voices at least bringing him somewhat closer to coherent thought, "Kade? Rohan?" He takes a slow, deep breath, "The last thing I remember... the cafe. Rohan?" His memories still seem muddled, "Thirsty? No... why?"

Kade just nods to Rohan. It's not a matter he's going to argue about. There's a shudder in his tone as he repeats, "Slipped away?" He swallows, looking to Will and giving him a tight smile that doesn't quite reach his eyes. "We don't know why yet, Will, but we're going to try and figure it out."

Gaze flicking towards Rohan briefly, Vega shrugs at his dryness in a way that /may/ exclude present company. She is quiet for a moment as the other two speak, unsmiling and steady.

Rohan twitches at the mention of 'thirsty?' He touches Will's shoulder--the one still with an arm--gently. "Hey, mate," he says, voice soft. "I'll help you remember what happened since then--but not right now, all right? Let's get you somewhere warm and safe and I'll recover those for you when you're a bit stronger. Can't wait too long, I'm afraid, because they're important. But when you're better able to handle them."

Will struggles with himself, eyes falling to Misty with yet further confusions, "It hurts," he whispers. Whether his arm or what his memories hold isn't completely clear, but he seems to have calmed slightly, at least enough to understand what Kade and Rohan are saying to him. He nods slowly, "I don't... why did this happen? And," he pauses, fear heavy in his voice, "my eye. Is it just... is it..." The question hangs on the air, Will unable to finish asking it.

Mouth thinning, Vega gives Will's uninjured shoulder a squeeze. She doesn't manage to smile as she looks down at him. "They'll... be able to tell at the hospital," she says softly. "If it is... there are things that can be done."

Kade's eyes go to Vega. Words catching in his throat, as he takes in Will's tortured form. "We'll get you to a doctor, Will. They'll get you fixed up." As much as they can. He keeps what warmth he can on Will and Misty, shoulders hunching against the night air.

"We'll figure it out," murmurs Rohan. "We'll make it right." There's a firm conviction in his voice. A desperate one, almost. He cannot afford to think otherwise.

Will looks to Vega, as best he can, and nods slowly. There's understanding there, of an answer he hoped not to hear. "I understand." And he does, but it's a hard thing to say, no memories, no arm and no eye. "Thank you." That, at least, is sincere.

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