2046-12-15 The Innocent Flower

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The Innocent Flower
Date Posted 2016/12/15
Location Ye Olde Mutant Town Flower Shoppe - Mutant Town
Participants Kade, Serena
Summary Kade picks up a surprise for his girl.
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It is a winter night. The weather is freezing and fair.

An bronze cow bell hangs above the door, ringing any time someone new enters.

A broad reception counter faces the main door, where most of the bouquet wrapping takes place right in front of the customer. There's an old timey cash register there for aesthetic, even though everyone pays with their Eyes.

The rest of Ye Olde Mutant Town Flower Shoppe consists of a single, large rectangular room filled with bin after bin after bin of flowers. There is a table laid out with various potted plants and houseplants as well as shelves utilized to display outdoor gardening supplies and window-box making kits.

Holiday music plays over the speaker system.

The bell chimes as Kade strides into the shop. He looks recently loosed from an office of some kind, still dressed in business casual, and it's about that hour of the afternoon-bordering-on-evening. He starts to wind his way around the room, looking at the flowers upon flowers in the bins. He eventually winds up at the table and looks the potted plants over with a narrow, considering eye.

Serena, in this universe, dyes her long hair dark-blonde. Today, it's pulled up out of her face into a floppy bun.

Despite not necessarily being dressed to impress, she wears cateye eyeliner and smokey eyeshadow. She wears a v-neck tee in the color of evergreen. It's cotton fabric stretches to accommodate her breast implants, which probably could have gone without the addition of a pushup-bra. It's just quite possible that this universe... she's *too* powerful. They keep it chilly in here for the flowers so over the t-shirt, she wears a men's flannel shirt. It hangs open off of her shoulders and hides much of her tattoos.

As she sways her way out of the back with a bouquet in-arm, her goldenrod colored peasant skirt swirls around at her feet. "Hi there," Serena chimes. Her accent is immediately thick. "Are you finding everything?" She continues on towards the counter, cradling the half-done bouquet as if it were a baby.

"At the moment, I am immersed in browsing," Kade replies, not immediately looking up from the plants. He's about to say something more, as he looks up at the speaker. But something about Serena makes him pause, and double-take. He stares some. Not /too/ long, and at her face rather than her other attributes, but it's likely noticeable.

Serena peeks over in an air of innocence. She's used to men staring at her. "Well, my name is Serena. Please let me know if you become lost," she coos pleasantly. From her vantage point, she can see the entire labyrinth of flower containers. "I will come over and guide."

"Hmmhmm, Hmmmm," Serena hums along to the Christmas carol as she begins cutting the steps of the flowers she's handling and arranging them.

Kade is happy enough that his staring goes unremarked upon. Whatever original impression she made in his brain, he gets past it after a moment, and his chuckle at her comment about getting lost sounds normal enough. "I can think of far worse places to be lost in. Actually, though, I would appreciate some advice. I'm browsing for my girl, and I want to get her something special."

"Well," Serena smiles closed-mouth at first. Looking down, she situates the flowers that she is currently working on in such a way as to abandon them for just a moment. "What do you know about her?" She smiles more, walking over with her fang-like canines in full display. "Does she have favorite color?" The young woman wrings her hands in the flannel shirt, "Perhaps even ehm, eye color?"

"Green," Kade replies, with a smile that crosses the border of sappy when he talks about his lady's eyes. "Sometimes with some blue in them, if the light hits them just right. Maybe a mix, or something with kind of both tones going on? I think she'd be into that." He strolls around the potted plant table to meet Serena. "What do I know about her? A decent amount, I'd like to think. We've been friends for a long time, and are coming up on a year together. Almost exactly a year, depending on how you count it." His smile levels out to something more pensive.

Serena can't help but smile with him, as if she's feeling what he's feeling. "Ehm." She brings one of her long fake nails to tap on her nose in thought. She picks up a two flowers as if idly. Two columbines with long blue and white petals and bright yellow centers. A single daffodil soon joins them. "How does she, how do you say this? What is /style/?" She does a little curved sashay, whisping up the fabric of her long skirt to make it move. "She is wild? She is pretty girl, you know? She is serious?"

"Generally very practical. In her work and most things about her life. But she seems really into the romantic stuff, when I pull it off." Kade sounds a touch surprised, but it's the pleasant sort. "I get the feeling she'd probably like something that was heavier on the beautiful than practical from me, even if she wouldn't admit it." The columbines in particular hold his eye.

"We will pull this off," Serena assures him, nodding a few times as she continues to prowl through the maze of flowers. She adds a cluster of tiny, star-shaped periwinkle-flowers and a few lush green fern leaves which immediately frame the flowers in a bed of green. Just when the bouquet is looking just a bit too bridal, she adds a fat mango-colored tiger lily. Her hand hovers above the roses. "You think you could love this woman, maybe?" She asks, peeking over at him, "Or is just the sex?" As if expecting him to lie, she pouts and her eyes go wide with hurt. "...and do not lie to meee." Being lied to /hurts/ her, Kade!

Kade puts his hands, crossed, over his heart, in dramatic fashion. "I swear on all that is good in this world, my dear florist, that I shall not tell you any untruths." He chuckles, though it stops to "Oh!" at the star-shaped flowers. "Those, I think she'd be //really// into. She's a flyer, among other things. Loves to go up at night, especially in places you can actually see the stars." The tiger lily also gets a firm nod. He is liking this. As for the question, he answers minus any theatrics. "I know I love her. Maybe that's why I'm kind of...hey. Can I get your opinion? Like, as an outside perspective."

"Sure," she chimes. The florist almost seems sincerely apprehensive, like asking her opinion on something real might be /too far/. Serena occupies herself with the flowers, picking up three rosa villosa. The open roses have bright yellow centers that accompany the columbines. Their petals start off as white-yellow but bleed into a tuscan shade of pink.

Kade is now apprehensive about asking, too, but he's committed now. "OK. So. Like. Say you were with somebody for a year. And you kind of..." He pauses and looks at something other than Serena. Whatever enhancements surgery has given her, she is /young/ compared to him. "...hooked up before you officially got together. When would you want your significant other to, like, start counting that from?"

Serena isn't watching Kade. She hunts down a few unopened buds and a few more filler-greens, hiding them throughout the bouquet as surprises. "I would want him to... start counting from the moment when he knew," her voice rises a few octaves at the end sweetly. Making her way back over, she bends her arms slightly to show him the bouquet for his approval.

Kade considers that reply. It brings the soft smile back to his face. "I was a bit of an idiot about that part for awhile. Might take me into January. But she could always use more flowers. So. These'll be perfect for what right now is." He reaches out to touch one of the columbines, gently, with a fingertip. Just a brush. And entirely without fire. "These are very beautiful. I will take it. What's the bill?"

"Mm, mm, mm." Serena holds up a finger, wagging it back and forth three times. The fake nails really make this satisfying thing for her to do. "We aren't quite done." She gestures around them, "I go to prepare these," her hand gently spreads to hover above the flowers without touching them, "While you pick out the final perfect touch."

Raising her eyebrows, Serena nudges her chin at him, "Go on. Trust me."

Kade arches his brows at Serena. "I am afraid I'm going to ruin your work of art up in here." Still, he takes the nudge, and goes on back to the bins. Pausing on a calla lily, with a brilliant red center and white around the edges. He considers the colors, brow fretting about the possible contrast, but it holds his eye and does not let it go.

"In January," Serena says as she begins cutting the stems to stagger the flowers arrangement, "You do something special and you tell her this is reason why." She tilts her head, stepping around to the other side of the counter to get a different view of them before continuing. "You've picked it out?" She asks.

"I think so," Kade says, pointing a finger at the Calla Lily "I think it'd go with the tiger. Put another burst of bright in with the blue and green. And...I don't know. I feel like she'll like it, though I can't exactly put my finger on why."

Serena reaches out for the flower. Smiling, she dips her head to take in its scent. "It is perfect. I am in love with it." She admires for time before effortlessly tucking it into place in the center of the bouquet. "I think, for sure, she will go to that one first." She legitimately says that to every single poor sap that she does this for.

While the puts the finishing touches on wrapping it, the Eye prompt appears for Kade to pay his bill. It isn't too bad. This IS Mutant Town.

Whether Kade completely believes Serena's praise of his flower choices, he /acts/ like he believes it. He can appreciate deployment of theatrics in one's job. Also, he hopes his girlfriend will like this. "We shall see. Thanks for putting this together. She seems to like the dozen roses thing just fine, but I wanted something unique this time." His Eyes blink on as he accesses his account to pay. Blink. Bill settled. He also reaches into his analog wallet, for a couple cash bills for Serena. It's not a huge tip. This IS Mutant Town. But it's easily twenty percent.

"Thank you," Serena doesn't make a big deal about being tipped. That'd be improper. "She will appreciate the gesture, I am sure." She smiles, wiggling her nose cutely before returning to the to-order bouquet she'd been working on original. "Enjoy rest of day."

"I suspect the rest of it'll be a little less pleasant than this. I contract with X-Factor and we're doing some security work for a local place. They're tense right now. But this was a very lovely interlude." Kade turns to go, but does another double-take at Serena face, before he makes it out. He shrugs, half-apologetic. "Sorry. I don't mean to...have you been in Mutant Town long? You look a little like...somebody I met somewhere //very// far away."

"I am sorry to hear this," Serena isn't so adept at manipulation that her reaction is very concealed. When he suggests that he might recognize her, it hits just the wrong button for the girl. She looks up with a glint of horror before, shaking her head, she slides that very same expression into a pout. "Uhmm..." Can't help you, Kade! "Me?" A flustered blush creeps up her neck and across her cleavage. She doesn't know how to respond. This is weird. She looks like there's a red alert going on in her head and alarms are blaring somewhere only she can hear.

It /is/ weird, but Kade looks more apologetic than anything else. He holds up one hand. "I think it's my imagination. I didn't mean anything by it. Thank you for making me something lovely. I'll leave you to it." With that, he heads out of the flower shop before he freaks her out more.

Serena stares at the door after it closes behind him, lowering her eyes to the chopped pieces of green flower stem on the counter before her. Stern-faced, she scoops them up into her palm and drops them into the organic waste bin only a step away.

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