2046-11-13 Licking Wounds

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Licking Wounds
Date Posted 2016/11/14
Location Camp - Necro-Utah
Participants Rohan, Kade, Serena
NPCs Luka
Summary Some of the group reconvenes by the campfire after the fighting.
Plot Necrogenesis
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The small camp is tucked into the shadow of Utah's mountains about 20 miles north of the ruins of Wendover, with the seemingly endless expanse of its salt flats stretching out in the distance to the east. It's a different sort of desolate from the abandoned green wilderness of more fertile states. Here, everything feels dead and barren: truly the end of the world. Or /a/ world, at least. The weather here is moderate during the day dipping toward freezing at night. The camp is largely a series of tents clustered around a central campfire, with Dr. Essex's looming RV positioned to block the entrance to their careful huddle.

The team from the hotel - which was reduced to fiery wreckage - dragged themselves back to camp when the dust settled. Their prisoner situated, the man who calls himself Blaze is sitting by one of the fires. He's managed to get some of his wounds bandaged, but he still looks pretty torn up. And //almost// introspective, and he watches the far less threatening flames. He's acquired a flask from somewhere, which he takes a pull on.

"Sit here," Czarina sits her uncle down by the fire, speaking to him in a commanding but maternal tone. She grunts as she bends her neck against her hand as if to crack it. No such crack comes. How unsatisfying. She looks dirty. Her eyelids are heavy. Exhausted, perhaps. But not shot. Not injured. The holes in her clothing where she'd been hit or grazed show through to unpunctured flesh. For his part, Luka sags forward so that his chin hits his chest. Czarina grips him by the hair and holds his head up right for a moment until it stays that way. Then, she eases herself into a place on the ground beside him

Kade still looks punctured, bandages on his now-bare chest and stomach covering bullet wounds in his chest and abdomen. From his seat, he spots Serena. Eyes narrowing with confusion at her decidedly not shot appearance. He watches her, and her uncle, for a moment. Then, with a grunt, hoists himself to his feet and approaches them. "Looks like you got out of that place in one piece." He sounds a little envious. "What's with him?" Chin jerked at Luka.

"Mind your fucking business," Czarina raises both eyebrows high into her forehead. Her eyes manage some life, if only to stare crazedly across the fire at Kade. Easing back, she relaxes after the warning is given. She's too tired. Far too tired. "You make it out fine, I see this." She nudges her chin in his direction. See? She's nice.

Rohan staggers in and seeps into a lawn chair, closing his eyes. He's a mess of bandages and blood, scarlet-stained bandages caressing his neck, slapped carelessly across his abs. "Fuck," he says, to one in particular, and falls silent, breathing hoarse.

"I made it out," Blaze replies low. He meets her crazed gaze for a beat, before looking elsewhere. Stretching. Which makes him wince. His head turns at the sound of Rohan's 'Fuck.' The other man is offered an inclination of his head. "That, right there, was a hell of a thing. You all get what you needed from that lab?" He's been too busy with his injuries to piece together much of what the other team went through.

Czarina reiterates Kade's question without speaking it. She watches Rohan with expectation for his response, stroking Luka's hair as he watches the man sit as well.

Although he faces the ground, Luka's filled-in black eyes fix on the memory-manipulator. He licks his lips.

Rohan does not answer at first. He fumbles in his pocket, finding a packet of cigarettes that made an unattractive bulge in his snug leather pants. "One to play with," he says finally. "All else dead. Still here. Better than I expected."

"Does he need help?" Kade asks, looking down at Luka's not exactly concern. Curiosity, maybe. To Rohan, he nods. "Same. I'm not sure how useful the one we nabbed will be. She's just a girl. Ten or eleven or something." He mostly succeeds at sounding untroubled by this. Mostly. "I think the rest are dead." Pause, and he takes another pull on his flask. "That woman who ran with us. Jumpy." Lucita. It's likely he never learned a name for her other than that code one. "She didn't make it back. Got gunned down by one of those damn sentries."

"What is matter? Don't understand English?" Czarina purrs before suddenly snapping, "I SAY MIND BUSINESS." She ignores the fact that the man beside her gives a shudder at her sudden squawk. Stroking his head intimately, she soothes him back into his high complacency. "Is shame. Rest in peace, Jumpy." The dark haired teen rolls her eyes, bringing her metal hand to rest atop her stomach. This time, she doesn't stop glaring over at Kade. "All men sent out with me come back alive." But she's not making any comparisons.

"Poor girl," murmurs Rohana, voice hoarse. He fumbles in his pockets again, finding his lighter, and manages to light his cigarette. "All came back," he adds, putting his cigarette to his lips.

Kade's back straightens at Czarina's snap. He looks skeptical the man in her care is just fine. But he doesn't ask again. "Yeah," he agrees simply with Rohan, about the girl. "At least it's done now." He eyes the cigarettes. "Don't suppose I can bum a smoke?"

Luka's head sags on his neck like a dislocated joint. He does his best to pull it alertly back up only to have it fall forward once again.

Reaching up to wipe away a dribble of mucus from her uncle's chin, Czarina doesn't hide her contempt for the exchange. Cigarettes make her wrinkle her nose.

Rohan doesn't say anything. He simply drops the packet of cigarettes on the ground, accessible, and leans back in the chair again.

Kade takes a cig, giving Rohan a nod of thanks. He lights it up but at least takes it away from Czarina. And whatever is going on with Luka. Wandering off into the darkness.

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