2046-10-31 Halloween Lights

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2046-10-31 Halloween Lights
Date Posted 2016/11/10
Location Irene's House
Participants Vega, Irene
NPCs Idris Atwell
Summary It's Halloween! Vega lights up! Idris wants to! Irene... probably wants to light up a cigarette.
VeVega.jpg IrIrene.jpg
{Irene} [Picture: Irene's house as the sun sets, strings of ghost shaped and orange lights hung a little unevenly off the roof. Monster eyes light up in the windows and there is a pumpkin on the steps.]

{Irene} [Picture: Close-up of the jack-o-lantern that now sits on the steps up to the front door, carved with an angry, fangy face.]

{Vega} Your self portrait came out great! [laugh emoji] [skeleton emoji]

{Irene} Ass.

{Irene} Happy Halloween! [ghost emoji] [pumpkin emoji]

{Vega} Happy Halloween!

{Vega} [Picture: Top half of a complex robot with a facemask similar to RoboCop, reveal the shape of her jaw and pink lipstick.]

{Vega} [Picture: Her legs outfitted to look even more robotic than normal.]

{Irene} RoboCop? That's a little on the nose, isn't it?

{Vega}: Look. I am working with what I've got here. I'm sure the kids will think it is awesome.

{Irene} I'm sure they will. Are you going to see many though?

{Vega} Well...

{Irene} [Picture: Idris dressed in a red hat and red jacket with colorful pins attached to it. Under one arm he's holding what looks like a small dragon and his trick-or-treat bag. The other arm he uses to hold out a pokeball at the camera.]

{Vega}: Idris looks great! What did you dress up as?

{Irene} I suppose 'exhausted mother' doesn't count as a costume.

{Irene} My t-shirt is festive?

{Vega} Irene. I don't think a t-shirt exists that is festive enough to make up for not being in a costume.

{Irene} No one cares if I'm dressed up here.

There is a pause as if Vega's is about to write something, the visual 2046 equivalent of '...' Then, there is a light tap of boots on the step and a sharp knock on the door. Trick or Treat? It's a little early yet for trick or treaters.

The figure at the door decidedly lacks a pumpkin shaped bucket or any kind of candy receptacle. Instead stands the figure from the photo at a level height to Irene, taller than Vega normally stands in a figure wrapped in chrome and dark metal composite. Shoulders broad and strong and strung silver, a helmet eclipsing her features except for the crescent of her lips and jaw. And that altogether too bright lipstick. She looks like something out of a movie. "Happy Halloween."

It's a little early for Trick or Treaters, but Irene is prepared for them anyway. When she answers her front door, it's with a pumpkin filled with candy under one arm. There is a short pause for seeing someone who is definitely /not/ a child on her front steps, then her expression shifts into familiar exasperation barely hiding a smile. "You're supposed to say 'Trick or Treat'," she points out, wiggling the candy filled pumpkin tauntingly. As promised, she's not dressed in costume, but her t-shirt features an illustration of a witch flying across a literally glowing moon above the script 'Witches Get Stuff Done'.

"I thought that was just if I wanted candy," Vega counters dryly, shifting back on one foot with a slow grin cresting her pink lips. "I prefer tricks," she teases, looking down at Irene's t-shirt with a sigh. "I suppose I can't fault you for that /not/ being Halloween-y… although I feel like you're wearing the PG version of that shirt." Somehow.

"You sure you prefer tricks?" Irene wonders with an arch of her brows. Seems like a dangerous road to go down, Vega. "I said I was wearing a festive shirt," she defends of her outfit, looking down at it briefly. "Well. I have a nine year old. I can't go around the neighborhood with a shirt that reads 'shit'."

Vega smiles. The pink curve of her mouth is swift and dangerous. "Just might," she says slowly, tilting her head and swiping a treat from the bucket anyways. Irene won't get tricked tonight. "Conformist," she teases, clearly not meaning it. "So where is he?"

"Mhm." Irene could stop Vega from swiping a piece of candy, but she doesn't bother to. "Nine year old," she repeats in answer to the tease of 'conformist'. "...he's heard enough bad language from me as is." It happens. "Getting ready. Probably making plans with his friends. Trying to sneak candy and failing."

It's a good piece. Vega unwraps it with a crinkle of paper and pops it in her mouth with a grin. It's a grin that falters abruptly. "Nine? When did he get to be nine?" That is unacceptable Irene. You should have been watching that. "Oh man. That is the age…"

A smile, slightly rueful, quirks at the corners of Irene's mouth. She reaches out a hand to clasp Vega's robotic shoulder seriously. "Vega," she begins, "He's about to be /ten/." The horrors. There is a real twinge of something like sadness, but not quite, in her eyes despite her teasing. He's growing up. "Yeah."

Vega's jaw drops slightly. It is the only part of her features that Irene can see clearly with the helmet on. "Irene. That isn't acceptable," she jokes lightly, shaking her head.

"I /know/," Irene agrees with some mild, parental anxiety. "I'd lock him in at this age, but I suspect that's the sort of behavior people would frown at."

"He's going to be too big to carry piggyback," Vega counters, focusing pointedly at the most ridiculous aspect of him getting older with a long suffering sigh. That's far too big. "Yeah. I mean, cages for children when out of vogue some time ago."

"We're not /quite/ there yet..," Irene protests, briefly pressing a hand to her heart. Of course, he'll /never/ be too big for her to lift, but there is a point where it will start looking strange. "Doesn't actually stop them from getting older, either, or I'd consider it."

Not every parent is gifted with Irene's particular strengths. Vega's lips curve into a smile as she rocks back on her heels. "That's something at least. I figured I'd stop by before I head out on the town. I visited the rest of my nieces and nephews earlier - so it only seemed fair." Otherwise she would get yelled out about not showing off her cool robot costume.

"Small mercies," Irene replies with a crook of a smile. "Ah, well...I suppose I'd better let you show off then." She steps aside, in case Vega wants to come in for a moment, but mostly she turns to call up the stairs. "Idris!"

"What?" Is the muffled response.

"Don't 'what' me, come down here," Irene replies, looking mildly exasperated. Really.

Taking the offer to enter, Vega steps inside with an awkward duck in regards to the doorframe - although she is in no danger of hitting it - unused to her adjusted height. She snickers at Idris's response. "Come say hi!" She calls after.

There is the almost immediate sound of feet bounding down the stairs as Vega calls up them. Idris nearly flies down them, skipping a few steps on his way. He's all dressed up in the jacket, hat and everything from the photo sent. "Whoa," he says with wide eyes, seeing Vega for the first time.

Irene just sighs and gestures with a hand, like 'Why do you do this'.

"Don't you look cool," Vega greets with a broad grin as Idris flies down the stairs, his hat askew from all the motion. Cocking a hip, she rests a hand on it and extends a palm - which lights up with a dramatic glow of neon blue. "Zap."

"Whoa," Idris says again, with a bright grin, before he plays getting zapped. This involves a very dramatic clasp of his hand to his chest and a slow, groaning stumble downwards until he's sprawled on the floor. "She got me..."

Vega laughs and walks over to where Idris lays, sprawled on the floor to stand over him. Grinning, she nudges him with a toe and extends a gloved hand downward. "Good thing it is just a stun beam," she observes, shifting to pull him back to his feet. "Else your mom would be way disappointed to miss Trick or Treating." Her mask shifts to look towards Irene. Isn't that right?

Idris groans again and wriggles as he is nudged with a toe. He opens an eye to squint at his mother, then at Vega. He takes her hand a moment and hops back up to his feet a lot faster than he fell down onto the ground.

"Maybe I'll borrow the stun beam when I need him to sit still," teases Irene.

Imperceptibly beneath her mask, Vega's brows rise upward. "Well, there's a good reason to behave if ever I've heard," she observes, giving Idris's shoulders squeeze.

"I behave!" Idris protests to both his mother and Vega, puffing out his chest. Irene does not argue with this. He is mostly good. "You look cool," he tells Vega, in awe. "Mine doesn't light up."

Laughing lowly, Vega tips her head downward at Idris and reaches out to ruffle his head. He is mostly good. "Well, next year if you figure out what you want to be early - maybe I can help you with that. I don't think the Pokedude does light up." She eyes Irene. Does the pokedude light up? Halp. She does not know.

Irene shakes her head at Vega. No, he does not light up. Not this one. "If you ask nicely for help," she says, reminding her son to be polite.

"Can you??" Idris is excited enough with the idea that he doesn't even protest the ruffling of his hat, which is even more askew now. "Alright!" He punches a fist into the air.

Vega sighs. It's so hard to keep track of all the stuff the kids are into. "As long as it's okay with your mom," she says with a laugh for Idris's enthusiasm. Reaching over, she adjusts his hat a bit once he's finished punching the air. "Although - for this year I have a feeling that I should let you guys get to it. Hate to miss out on candy."

"We'll talk about it next year, but lights seem okay," Irene says carefully, because Idris already looks wide-eyed thinking of the things he could be and is probably getting way ahead of himself. "Yeah, we should probably get to it. And I'm sure you have friends to meet up with."

"Just lights," Vega promises with a hand over her heart. She promises not to build anything /too/ fun, mom. "A few. I'm going to do the town up a bit tonight. I'll text you later." Bending down to meet Idris's eye, she smiles. "You have a good Halloween, kiddo."

Vega can build things that are entirely too fun to trust children with. Also they have some different ideas of what is acceptable or not. "Alright," Irene agrees with barely any grudingness over the 'cool lights'. "Good night."

"Happy Halloween!" Idris tells Vega with another bright grin that takes up most of his face.

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