2046-09-24 You Outta Be In Pictures

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You Outta Be In Pictures
Date Posted 2016/09/25
Location Micaela and Diego's Apartment - New York City
Participants Diego, Kade
Summary Diego has a new gig. Kade is happy for him. Really for real. HAPPY.
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"VILLAIN!" Diego shouts, throwing a handle of popcorn at the screen as a mustachioed man struts his way onto the holoprojector screen. "You see how he slinks. You would not know he is heels to be seen on screen." He gossips with a sly smile, dark eyes fixing on Kade with amusement. The two men are spawled out on the luxurious couches in Diego and Micaela's apartment with the lady of the house out for the evening. This means popcorn. Beers. And overwrought television. This one featuring Diego. At some point. So far the plot has involved a pair of secret twin sisters, the sly villain who is sleeping with both of them, and a step mother who seeks to steal their inheritance.

Fact about Kade Caruthers: He LOVES telenovelas. He subscribes to several not available on standard US feeds, even. So, of course, he was eager to watch with Diego. Though he is, maybe, a little weirded out by watching Diego /in/ a telenovella. But he's drinking a lot of beer, so that should help the weirdness. Maybe. "HA!" He laughs at the actor in heels maybe more than it strictly warrants. "They can do amazing things with camera angles, man. My dad used to direct these things. He knew a dozen tricks for making men look taller. Filmed a whole series with the guy playing the villain standing on boxes."

It's his premiere! Diego has multiple recordings that have already been sent off to family back in Spain for posterity as well as one watched his wife. Twice. Micaela can be a very tolerant woman in certain regards. Excited as he is to share it with Kade, it has left him somewhat unaware of any weirdness. He notices the beer drinking if largely to keep pace with Kade. "Si?" Dark eyes wide, he regards his friend with a grin. "This villain. He may need just that. Luisa - the woman he is trying to seduce is far taller than him in heels." And without.

Kade's drinking might outpace Diego tonight. Which is unusual. He's not really a heavy drinker. But, he is unwinding heavily right now. "Yeah. He worked down in Mexico for a few years when work dried up in the States. So how'd you get this acting gig, anyway?" Totally casual question.

"Mexico is nice. When you're not raiding anything... the beaches were great," Diego muses in memory. They were both on that mission for X-Force, even if it was awhile ago. After taking a drink, he offers, "My Agent. He was in New York for business and I think he started talking about opportunities here, mentioning that I am living here now." He smirks. "Apparently the man was a fan. They brought me in and I did some screen tests." Which he passed. Beautifully. "All very good, of course." No lack of ego, Diego.

"I mean, he wasn't entirely down there by choice, but he liked it OK," Kade says, getting up from the couch with a grunt. To dispose of his beer bottle. Which is empty. "You mind if I break into the liquor cabinet? I'm kind of in the mood to get my cocktail on. Can make you one, too, if you want." He grins at Diego. "Of course." He goes off to rummage around for harder alcohol. "So they weren't at all put off by the whole...mutant thing? And...formerly employed by a national disgrace...thing?"

Recycling is good. "Sometimes we go where the work is..." Leaning against the back of couch, Diego tracks Kade as he moves to dispose of his bottle and shrugs. "Certainly. It is next to the wine cooler." The fridge beneath the counter. On the left. Because their booze is fancy enough to have its own cabinet. "I will happily take one from your capable hands." That is a /little/ flirty, matched with a million dollar grin. Behave Diego. "They did not care so much in Spain and those who follow the art did not care so much either. It is part of why I am celebrated because I can do more than the average man." Gracefully, he rubs a finger against the large ring on his hand. "The other... it did not come up and I did not bring it up."

Kade smiles back at Diego. Even winks at him. And then goes to WORK on the liquor cabinet. He kind of starts to make a proper cocktail, and even fumbles around for some mixers. But, in the end, he just ends up dumping a lot of gin in a couple glasses. It's not particularly impressive, but it's very alcoholic. So there's that. Diego's ends up more watered-down than Kade's. Somehow. He hands it off to the Spaniard as he's flopping back onto the couch. "Huh," is the first thing he says of Diego's account. "I mean, that's awesome, man. Good for you. I am happy for you." So happy.

There is a lot of alcohol and perhaps not all the mixers he is looking for to make his planned cocktail. "Gracias," Diego says, accepting the drink with a gracious smile. He takes a sip with a lift of his brows. "Strong." That sounds like approval. Chuckling, he reclines back into the couch. "It will not be the excitement I am used to - but it is enjoyable to play the part. Ah! Here I come," he exclaims, pointing at the screen with a gesture of his drink. It's at a speed that it would spill for anyone else. His part, it seems, is to slink into a bar scene with a live band playing and buy one of the female leads a drink and dance her into the background. It's not great theater, but he brings the smolder and his natural grace. Then an actual lead screams because she's just found a body in the bathroom. DRAMA.

<FS3> Kade rolls Mixology: Failure. (3 5 4 6 4 5)

Kade did, indeed, dump a lot of booze into those drinks. It's more 'a lot of stuff' than a cocktail, but he drinks it anyhow. He drinks slower than Diego, but that's only because he lacks speed as a mutation. He's drinking pretty fast, for a normal-speeded person. He watches with what might be described as a critical eye, during Diego's scene. "I mean, it's pretty broad." Pause. "But, that's what these things call for. Salud!" He raises his glass to toast Diego.

"Broad? Si?" Diego wonders, tearing his gaze away from his own beautiful face (and the screaming) to properly regard Kade. "Salud!" He'll take that toast, clinking his class with his friend's. "They said perhaps they will ask me back. How goes your new pursuit, my friend?" He wonders, not wholly consumed by his own ego.

"It's good." Kade's less enthused to talk about his new job now than he was when he announced getting it. "I like the people. The pay's OK. Living in Mutant Town, and splitting the rent with J, has cut my rent /way/ down, so it goes a lot further, too. So, win all around. OH MAN!" He is eager to turn things back to Diego and his ego. "Is that the woman who played La Pasionaria in Tres Destinos? She is /fierce/. You all were lucky to get her for this."

"That is always a good thing, I think?" Diego has only properly worked one job where he had a lot of traditional coworkers. And X-Force was not in any shape traditional. "Those all sound like good things. Good for you. This life, it is meant to be enjoyed." His gaze slides back to the screen as his attention is drawn. It is not difficult to redirect his ego. "Si! They are. She still smoulders," he says with a sigh. "Even my Mia thought so."

"Yeah. It's going on OK," Kade says, though he sounds more reflective than anything else. He drinks some more. To help with the reflection. "Mutant Town's a head trip, man. I'll tell you what. You spent much time down there?" He continues to watch the screen. One line reading makes him wince.

"That one. He is a weasel," Diego points at a man behind the poor line reader with a scowl. He takes a sip of his drink as well. The alcohol stings at his tongue. "I have seen the news of late. I am down fairly regularly, it is nice... to be among more of our fellows. That is something I miss of Spain."

"But, hell, he's working, so good for him," Kade says, toasting the screen and drinking some more. "I mean. I wouldn't call it 'nice,' a lot of the time. I mean, it's a ghetto and there was a big-ass hate crime, which was not nice." Drink. He moves on. "But today was pretty cool, actually. Like, people came together. Helped each other out. Shut a real nasty piece of human garbage down. It was...I don't know. It was pretty fucking cool."

"No, no. I mean personally. He is a weasel, you can see it in his beady eyes," Diego judges with a frown. He takes a drink of his cocktail, listening as Kade speaks. That frown does not ebb. Dark eyes fix on the other man with concern, his finger drawing small circles along the glass. "There is power in shared enemies. It draws us together..." A slight smile sharpens his mouth. "That sounds cool."

"Yeah. It was a nice moment," Kade says. For a beat, he seems to want to share more about it. But, he doesn't. His attention turns back to the show. "So, when did you get interested in acting? I can't remember us talking about it before?"

"Sounds like it." There is silence as if Diego anticipates that words would come next, that he'd speak more. Kade's shifting attention causes him to stumble a little, a brief flit of confusion sliding over his features. "I..." Sliding his tongue along his full lower lip, he tries to gather his words. "It is... The corrida, the art, it is a performance, but it is a passion. I cannot do that here. There is not the call for it. My agent suggested this as an option."

"So you just kind of fell into it? Huh." Kade takes another drink. "I mean, that's awesome. Like, it's an awesome thing to land in. There are /definitely/ worse things you could end up doing. Sucks that you can't do what you're /really/ into here, but I guess bull-fighting is less of a thing in America." He tries to change the subject again, and whip-like speed. "How's Micaela doing? Last time I saw her, she was like - WHOA major painkillers."

"In a way, yes." Ruffling his fingers through his hair, Diego nods. "It is... enjoyable yes. You used to act, no? I may need pointers someday. Or at least more trips to the theater. Any skill must be honed and earned." His brow furrows with a little bit of determination. He will LEARN. "It is. They are not so fond of it here." This visibly baffles him. So much. Why not? Laughing at the mention of his wife, he shakes his head. "She is off and flying around again. It was a terror to keep er in bed, my friend."

"Kind of," Kade replies, to his own acting experience. "I mean, when I was a kid. In some stuff. Hardly worth mentioning." As for bull-fighting, he shrugs. "Hey, when I was a kid, hardly anyone watched soccer. Maybe it'll have a burst of fame." Or maybe not. Drink. "If you ever want tickets to something, call my boss's office. Maybe they can hook you up. You know, if a show's not selling well." Maybe.

Diego smiles at the thought of a younger Kade acting. "I think I would like to do see this, a younger you." So pure. He smiles at the suggestion that bullfighting might pick up, then takes a drink. "I will simply take my wife out for the night," he decides. Then he sits up in his seat, moving so fast it's as if he hasn't moved at all. "Kade!" Setting a hand on the other man's shoulder, he beams. "We should all go out. And soon! You and I and Ciel and Micaela. We have not done so since we returned."

So crystalline. Except not. Kade shrugs. "You can look up my old credits on IMBD, under my old name. If you're into archaelogical digging. It's nothing big enough to be worth anybody's time." He's a little more enthused at the idea of going out on a double-date. "Sure! Have your girl call my girl and we'll set it up. It'll be fun. You can talk more about your love of acting that you've just discovered." He settles in to watch the end of the telenovela episode.

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