2046-09-22 Sweet Nothings

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2046-09-22 Sweet Nothings
Date Posted 2016/09/22
Location Comm Network
Participants Rohan, Valerie
Summary Rohan thinks Valerie is a tease.
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{Rohan} Tease.

{Valerie} Since when?

{Rohan} Last night?

{Valerie} Pretty sure I always follow through.

{Rohan} Well, all right. Inconvenient interruptions then.

{Valerie} Better.

{Valerie} I do have a life, you know. Things to do, people to see.

{Rohan} Of course. You can't spend all your time getting me off.

{Valerie} No matter how delightful

{Rohan} It'd be nice. But unreasonable and unrealistic, alas.

{Valerie} Sorry, rocky road

{Rohan} I did get a nice talk last night about the nature of sex and foreplay.

{Valerie} yeah?

{Rohan} You comm'd while I was talking to a friend. I got very distracted. I tried to explain.

{Rohan} She's a doctor. And asexual. It was interesting.

{Valerie} You tried to explain me naked in a hayloft?

{Valerie} hot.

{Rohan} Well. Not in that level of detail.

{Rohan} I think I know the look she'd give me if I had.

{Valerie} did you give her a step by step explanation?

{Rohan} I tried to explain how sometimes being frustrated is sometimes incredibly hot.

{Valerie} you like being frustrated, r? i can help with that.

{Rohan} Only if I know I'll be unfrustrated eventually.

{Rohan} Spent a long time thinking about you last night. Naked. Sometimes in a hayloft.

{Valerie} sounds itchy ;)

{Valerie} did you stay frustrated, or do something about it?

{Rohan} First, I went for a long ride on my bike. Didn't help so much.

{Rohan} After that--

{Valerie} course not

{Valerie} not what you wanted to be riding, sugar

{Rohan} sometimes it helps me not to think. Not so much this time. Kept thinking of you.

{Valerie} naked in a hayloft. you mentioned.

{Rohan} Not just the hayloft!

{Valerie} but always naked?

{Rohan} Mostly naked. Sometimes strategically clothed.

{Valerie} damn, r. you really did spend a long time.

{Valerie} hope you managed the night okay

{Rohan} I managed to survive. Might have taken matters into my own hands.

{Valerie} there's a hot picture

{Valerie} sorry i couldn't help

{Rohan} There's something about you that drives me a little bit crazy. I like it.

{Valerie} i like you crazy

{Valerie} next time, send pics

{Rohan} Was a little too preoccupied this time. ;) Next time I'll try.

{Valerie} lame

{Rohan} mmm. maybe I'll come up with a pic for you soon. Maybe not.

{Valerie} now who's a tease

{Rohan} Interrupt me with hot comms when I least expect them and I'll get you pics.

{Valerie} careful what you ask for

{Rohan} Maybe not when I'm...doing something official.

{Valerie} not psychic, rocky road

{Valerie} that's you

{Rohan} psionic!

{Valerie} same shit

{Valerie} how close do you have to be to do that memory shit

{Rohan} about 100 metres. you're giving me ideas.

{Valerie} ug. too damn far

{Rohan} I'm sort of aware of all the minds in my range. Could keep an eye open for yours. If you're okay with that.

{Valerie} kind of creepy, r

{Rohan} that's why I asked. I know.

{Valerie} maybe sometime

{Valerie} we'll plan something

{Valerie} so i know it's

{Valerie} idk. less creepy

{Rohan} All right. We'll only play with it if you're okay with it.

{Valerie} ug. this went from mildly sexy to weird in like 30 seconds.

{Rohan} sorry, lollipop. i'll go back to the pics.

{Valerie} good

{Rohan} maybe you need another safe word, for when i'm wandering into weird baggage territory

{Valerie} maybe just don't wander into weird territory

{Valerie} stay in sexy territory.

{Valerie} you are a+ at sexy

{Rohan} so are you, gorgeous

{Valerie} mm, flattery ;)

{Rohan} it's almost ridiculous how much i want you

{Valerie} tell me

{Rohan} mm. the thought of you makes me hard. when I wander about the city, every place just reminds me of the places i'd like to fuck you.

{Valerie} tell me where

{Rohan} I want you in the elevator in my building. it breaks down all the time. i want you on the roof and in the laundry room. i want you on my desk in my office at work. i want you in the bushes in the park, and down every dark alley.

{Valerie} god, the things you say

{Valerie} get me so hot

{Rohan} i want you under tables and on tables and locked in bathrooms. hell, I want you on top of the bloody of the empire state building.

{Valerie} might get chilly ;)

{Valerie} now i'm thinking about sucking your cock under your desk until you can't stand it

{Rohan} winter's coming. might have to cut back on the outdoor--

{Rohan} damnit, v

{Valerie} til you go fucking crazy

{Valerie} til you have to be inside me

{Rohan} and i just throw you over my desk--

{Rohan} and fuck you until we both forget everything else

{Valerie} trying not to scream

{Valerie} or break your desk

{Rohan} it'll creak. creak and sigh like it might break beneath us

{Valerie} i'm imagining all the ways you can fuck me there

{Valerie} stretched out on top of it

{Valerie} bent over it

{Rohan} oh god the thought of you stretched over my desk naked

{Valerie} riding you in your chair with your hands on my ass

{Rohan} you stole my thought, v

{Valerie} shit. that was good.

{Rohan} i want you so much right now

{Valerie} sorry, r

{Valerie} soon

{Rohan} soon

{Valerie} attached file: img24912.jpg

{Valerie} night, rocky road

{Rohan} attached file: img1014.jpg

{Rohan} sweet dreams, lollipop

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