2046-09-15 Griffons and Portals and Dragons

From X-Factor

2046-09-15 Griffons and Portals and Dragons
Date Posted 2016/09/17
Location Comm Network
Participants Irene, Vega
Summary Irene and Vega have a lot to catch up on. Griffons and Portals and Dragons, Oh my!
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{Vega} Hey

{Vega} So, I have some wicked show & tell for you

{Vega} I am staring at these photos and still having a hard time believing it.

{Vega} [send: attachment of multiple photos from Viranthe. Unicorn included]

{Irene} I am afraid.

Once shared the pictures detail an array of fantastical imagery. A griffon, a man on the griffon, a dragon, a shirtless Christian practicing archery -- another of the griffon, a spectacular night sky unblemished by light pollution. The man with the griffon is popular subject as there is another of him looking fetching. With and without griffin. The rest are rather more intense, taken in the heat of action by the photographer. One where they appear to be falling out of the sky or running for their life. There's a picture of a dragon /from the back of a dragon/, a picture of a MURDERCORN lunging at them, there's a woman doing magic, another (this one a fierce warrior) looking fine as hell and totally badass, castle in the sky, another of the dragon roaring, a guy with a sword in armor lunging.

{Vega} Probably don't show your kid some of those.

{Irene} What the fuck and I looking at

{Irene} The what?

{Irene} Who is that?

{Irene} Is that /Christian/?

{Vega} That would be one of the ones I wouldn't show Idris.

{Irene} What the fuck /am/ I looking at?

{Vega} And yeah. I think so. I've seen him around Open Hands.

{Irene} Yeah, I am not explaining that to him.

{Vega} The takeaway from X-Factor's most recent jump in parallel dimension apparently

{Irene} I don't know that I could explain any of this.

{Vega} Seems the feds got wind of this one too. Orianne said they were sniffing around and crashed the anniversary party.

{Irene} There was /another/ parallel dimension??

{Vega} Idris. This is all an /illusion/.

{Irene} What?

{Irene} Shit.

{Vega} Yeah. Apparently one with some serious Lord of the Rings flare.

{Vega} Right?

{Irene} I'm more worried about the feds.

{Irene} I don't know what to say about...Lord of the Rings? Flare?

{Vega} Lieutenant Colonel Yusuf Sterling.

{Irene} Shit.

{Vega} Well - I don't know what else you'd call swords & sorcery

{Irene} Vega.

{Vega} Whatever went down on that side was rough. Between the nonsense with the dragon, Orianne was covered in lingering lictenberg patterns.

{Irene} Please make yourself scarce for a bit.

{Irene} Lingering what?

{Vega} Reminded me of that time Davis got zapped over on forth street

{Irene} Oh shit.

{Vega} The remnants of getting hit by lightning.

{Vega} Yeah

{Vega} I told her to go see a doctor.

{Irene} They never do that.

{Vega} Not sure if she listened. Although she's small enough I could potentially drag her there...

{Vega} Is it kidnapping if it is for medical attention?

{Irene} Maybe don't kidnapp--yes

{Irene} Yes it is

{Irene} You know this.

{Vega} What if I put her back?

{Vega} Moody might help me.

{Irene} Then I think it's just borrowing.

{Irene} Fuck, though. Are you sure they weren't just having you on?

{Vega} Positive. Moody tried to give me a gift of a ring that looked like it had a ruby in it the size of a marble.

{Vega} I guess they were given heroic swag for saving the day.

{Vega} I'd popped over there to drop off the piece I built for her.

{Irene} I need a moment to just

{Irene} I don't know

{Vega} The dragon photo is cool?

{Irene} You aren't worried about another portal opening within months of the last?

{Irene} I can't wrap my head around a dragon

{Vega} I am still processing 'chick on horseback came through to collect heroes', Irene.

{Vega} I... guess I should probably build something to monitor that

{Irene} It's a new one

{Irene} Even for us

{Vega} Fuck. I don't know what you'd even test for

{Vega} Yeah

{Irene} You are asking the wrong person

{Vega} I mean - normally when that would happen, it would just be an illusionist or someone with mind shifting powers.

{Vega} Do you ever find it fucking strange that somehow shit has gotten weirder?

{Irene} Yeah. Easier to deal with.

{Irene} You just have to hit them.

{Vega} God. Yes.

{Irene} I find it concerning, Vega

{Irene} Like when you look away from something for a moment and in doing so it gets worse

{Vega} I find it annoying. And short sighted. I mean, if we are seeing all this shit just imagine what the force is dealing with?

{Irene} Different shit

{Irene} No one ever told us shit on the force

{Vega} The Buddhist in me wants to ask: Does it get worse or have you simply forgotten the fear of looking at it before?

{Irene} Can you imagine what we'd get done /now/ if we still had any authority?

{Vega} Yeah.

{Irene} Depends on if you were the one making it better or not, Vega

{Vega} Well, I aim to try. Even now.

{Vega} Just wanted to catch you up on what was going on though. It has apparently been a rollercoaster while I have been working.

{Vega} Caruthers apparently got out of the security business though

{Vega} I went to grab a friend from the theater for dinner and saw him there. He's doing office management kind of stuff

{Vega} Man looks alright in a suit.

{Irene} I'm not sure if I feel caught up or just confused

{Irene} I'm not even there and this is overwhelming

{Irene} Just stay safe

{Irene} Seriously. Stay away from the feds

{Irene} Did he get out of it or did he get fired?

{Irene} Anyway, good for him, I guess?

{Vega} ...I think he said he got fired.

{Irene} We were gone awhile.

{Vega} Yeah

{Irene} I was almost fired.

{Vega} I am still trying to skirt that.

{Irene} Same.

{Irene} At least I was on vacation

{Irene} I just...didn't come back

{Vega} Fuck space.

{Vega} As much as those photos amuse me. I wouldn't want to run away to another world on the premise that we /might/ survive and might be heroes.

{Irene} No.

{Irene} I never want to be a hero

{Irene} People die

{Irene} Fuck space

{Vega} Fuck. Yeah.

{Vega} Are you at home? I could pick up some drinks.

{Irene} Yeah.

{Vega} See you 40?

{Irene} Exciting evening in at the Atwell house

{Vega} You know just what I like.

{Irene} Alright

{Irene} Weirdo

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