2046-09-09 Cohabitation

From X-Factor

Date Posted 2016/09/17
Location Danny's Apartment - Greenwich Village
Participants Knox, Danny
Summary The beginning of a beautiful friendship. Maybe?
A one-bedroom apartment shared by a variable number of NYU students at any given time (usually three). It's perpetually messy in that way college student apartments inevitably are.

It is a summer day. The weather is cool and raining.

There is nothing about an apartment full of college age boys that suggests things will be clean--especially when there is still a bit of unpacking being done as everyone shuffles around through the process of moving in and carving out space for themselves. Some boxes are still around, serving as storage containers with the lack of other space, and there's a fairly impressive amount of technology scattered and piled throughout the apartment considering the economic status of everyone residing within. The kitchen, at least, will be spotlessly clean...until the next person uses the microwave or something.

Tall and gangly, Knox is on a rubbermaid box, teetering dangerously, as he scrubs some stain off the ceiling. The windows are a little open in hopes the air will cool down the apartment.

Danny was sleeping on the couch. Until they nabbed Knox as a third roommate. He then moved his stuff into the single bedroom with the engineering student he'd arranged this living situation with. So you get the couch, Knox. Sorrynotsorry. He's coming out of that bedroom now, hair mussed and yawning, dressed in his boxers and a t-shirt with the logo of a popular VR game. He yawns, proceeds to the refrigerator, opens it, and stares at its contents. It's hard to tell if he's noticed Knox is there or not. Despite the not-morning hour, he's still waking up.

The 'couch' (because let's be real, it's a futon, no one is spending money on an actual couch) makes for the least bedroom-like bedroom. On the one hand, you don't have to share your room...on the other hand, yes you do, you have to share with everyone. Balanced as he is with feet on the edges of a rubbermaid container that is looking sorry for being used as a stepstool, it doesn't take much to make him wobble. Opening the fridge is enough. He wobbles and yelps and holds onto the ceiling like a very awkward Greek column and balances there. "Uh..." He squints at Danny. "...morning?" He hazards, having obviously been up longer because he's wearing pants.

"Is it still morning?" Danny's skeptical, despite the non-pants situation he's got going on. "Shit. What time is it?" He pokes his head out of the microwave to check the clock. Frowning, and running a hand through his hair. It's not really long, but it's cut in a way to fall past his ears and have kind of floppy bangs. Once he knows the time he relaxes some. If only some. "I'm supposed to work tonight." This is the first time he's mentioned having a job, outside his classes. "I wanted to log as many hours as I could this afternoon."

"N-noo..." Knox admits, one hand pressed to the ceiling. It is very much not morning. At least the microwave has the correct time on it. "Oh. Cool." He carefully extricates himself from his rather teetery position and steps off the rubbermaid, which sighs a little when the pressure is off of it. This makes him stop hovering over Danny. "Night job...must make it easier to work. Don't have to schedule around classes." He /has/ mentioned having a job. Or rather, an internship that he's trying very hard not to sound down about.

Danny just stands in front of the open refrigerator, even after he's gotten the pizza that's (inevitably) in there. He starts eating it cold, leaning against the open appliance door. "Is there coffee?" Hard to tell if he means 'existing in the apartment' or 'actually prepared.' He watches Knox come down from his teetery position with a smile. It /might/ be a little mocking, but it doesn't quite tip over the edge into it. Quite. "Yeah. I grew up in Chinatown, so I do stuff for this guy's shop I worked at in high school." Stuff. "You're interning...somewhere, right?" He does not remember where.

Knox stares for a long time at the open fridge door, but doesn't say anything. "Uhm," he eventually mumbles, taking his eyes off the fridge and looking at the little coffeemaker. ", but I could make some?" He apparently takes the question to mean 'as existing'. If he notices there is any mockery in Danny's smile, he doesn't say anything about that, either. At least the stain is off the ceiling? "Man. Must be a good job." He sounds, if anything, earnestly believing that. "Oh, know. It's an opportunity." That's the nicest way to say it's not great. "Sparkzant. It's like...apps and stuff."

"Oh? Could you. Cool." Danny is super OK with Knox making coffee for him. He finishes grazing on his pizza, gets another piece, and finally closes the refrigerator. His response to the statement about his job is a shrug. "It's OK. Oh, Sparkzant, right." He kind of tries to sound enthusiastic. But he doesn't try very hard, so it's not convincing. "I mean, anything to get on your resume, right? I was looking into internships this year, but I can make more money working nights." At his Stuff. "So I figure it can wait until next semester."

"Oh, right." Maybe Knox didn't actually expect to be making coffee, but there isn't a lot of hesitation in pouring grounds and water into the thing and pressing a button. It's not like it's hard. The machine does stir to life with the loud sound of boiling water very quickly, though. Vrrm vrrm. "Just okay? You could probably find something better. I mean, maybe not, like...night better. Money better. I mean, I don't know." Maybe he should stop there. He leans against the counter, scratching at the short curls at the back of his neck. "Yeah...It's an up and coming company, you know, one of the hot places to work...I'm very lucky to be there!" He insists.

"Maybe." Danny is vague about whether he thinks he could do better money-wise, but he sounds doubtful. "I do OK. You know. For a part-time thing." He leans against the counter and eats his cold pizza while he waits for his coffee. "What are you majoring in?" This was a question Knox was asked before moving in, but Danny's clearly forgotten.

Given the avalanche of words an uncertainty he just unloaded, Knox does not argue with Danny over whether he could do better or not. "Sure. you man." He is not cool. Long fingers drum quickly against the surface of the counter for a moment before stopping abruptly. "It's still computer science," he answers, just with a hint of passive-aggressiveness. Because anything else would be too close to actually aggressive. "And you're digital arts." Which he remembers and points out, which would also be a little passive-aggressive, expect he sounds excited about it.

Danny gets a cup out of cabinet, eyeing Knox and his passive-aggressiveness. "Computer science. Right." Maybe he'll remember if this time. Or maybe not. He actually does sound vaguely interested. "I was thinking of double-majoring in that, but it's taking me another year than I wanted to graduate as it is. So I don't want to pile on more credits." He smiles some, at the interest in his subject matter. "Digital arts. Right. I'm hoping to work in holo-creation or VR after I'm done with school. Those jobs are crazy competitive unless you want to work for nothing, though."

The coffee maker chimes that it's finished. Actually, it plays a little song. Which it definitely didn't use to do. "I also have a degree in electrical engineering." Which implies he already has one in computer science. This is not your resume, Knox. "I'm sure you'll have some crossover with digital arts. Pick up a minor instead, that's easier." That's...meant to be supportive. "Like...gaming VR or less commercial applications?" For the first time, he breaks into a grin, but there is just an edge of manicness to the expression. "That's what the internships are for, right?" Working for nothing.

"Gaming is what I'm most interested in. I do not want to be a starving artist my whole life." Danny turns to stare at the suddenly musical coffee machine. He gives this development some thought and, after a moment, seems to find it amuses him. He grins some. "Did you do that?" Point at the machine.

"You mean like...paintings?" Because apparently the Old Masters are what comes to mind when Danny says 'starving artist'. Knox turns to look at the coffee maker, then breaks into a slightly flushed smile. "Oh, yeah. I did. I was supposed to be studying last night and...needed a break."

Danny shrugs. "Most kinds of artists are starving. Unless they're a rich kid." He doesn't really come off as one of those, though he does have his share of electronic toys. He chuckles as the little tune winds down. "I love The Spins. Have you seen the holo-immersion of their new song? It's totally sweet."

"I guess that is a fair point." Knox does not come off as a rich kid either, at least, he's never suggested fixing problems by just throwing money at them and there is no waft of entitlement off of him...though he doesn't appear to have come from money troubles either. "Oh, no? Did they do a new one? I just thought it was cheerful. Ish. For the morning. My cousin's plays Uptown Funk." A beat. "Or it used to. But that's more of an oldie."

"Oh. Yeah. I kind of remember that one," Danny says. Without much interest. He is not an Uptown Funk guy. "But, yeah. That's cool." He points a finger at the coffee pot. And finally gets himself a cup. He sips it black. "So is that what you do for, like, fun? Make appliances sing?"

Knox looks a little horrified at the black cup of coffee. This is not a thing his face hides well. And by well, I mean at all. Yikes. "Nono, I mean, yes, sometimes. But sometimes the appliance just has a song in its heart and it needs to come out." He presses a hand to his chest and the flicks it outward with a wiggle of fingers. "Nono, I have a few consoles and a HoloStation in...." He peers out into the living room (his room). "...that box."

"Oh. Nice." Danny is enthusiastic about electronics in the living room. He notes the horror on Knox's face, and takes another swig. "It's not bad once you get used to it. I'm actually more of a tea guy, but our roomie got the groceries, so." He shrugs. He wasn't paying, so he'll take what he can get. "Maybe we can play sometime." Or he can play /with/ your stuff, might be what he means. At least he'll probably ask first. Probably. "I'm in some gaming groups online for the multi stuff, but I haven't been as into it lately as I was a year ago. Work and school and stuff."

That's good because this apartment seems likely to have more electronics in it than real furniture. "I don't think I could get used to that," Knox admits and does not sound very much like he's ever going to try to. "Right." Groceries. Those are important. "Oh, yeah! Sure. Nothing is set up yet, but that's not going to take very long. I don't think..." He seems blithely unaware that Danny may be the sort of person who doesn't ask first and is mostly interested in access to things he doesn't personally own. "I know. It's so hard to multi-task all of that. I was trying to study while tackling the Gilgamoor in Hellfire Castle, pffft, no. We wiped so many times. I had to stop peeking at my notes in between runs."

"Oh my God, the Hellfire Castle fucked my team over backward," Danny says with a laugh, warming some as they discuss mutual gaming adventures. "I was kind of sorry when we beat it, though. Like, the other labyrinth in that sim feel like a downer after you've done it. I haven't gone on a run in months. Maybe we can try something together when the new levels come out."

"Oh, was tough," Knox agrees with much, much less colorful language. "The later parts were just frustrating because I don't think they really optimized the color palette and it was easy to miss things. Like, standing in mage shadows Everything was all greys and blues and it got disorienting after awhile." Neeeeeeerd. "Yeah, yeah! Should be soon. I know they're dropping Q4 for the holidays."

Danny is all about nerding it up about color optimization. "The designers of those things are in love with gray and brown and bluish-gray. It's so boring. When I get into digital design, I'm going to do stuff with some personality." His grin widens. "A friend of mine is working on a racing sim I'm doing some backgrounds for. You want to play test it? We're a couple months from it being done enough for alpha. I mean, probably. She's taking an insane class schedule this semester and I've and stuff." Stuff.

"Not as much as the shooters are. Virtual reality chest-high grey walls as far as the eye can see," Knox says with a wave of his arm, as if gesturing into the distance. "Personality is good, if you can get anyone to agree to it. They added more color into the last Satanic game and everyone about lost their minds because it wasn't /dark/ enough. Like being able to pick out treasure from the background is a bad thing." He could go on and on, he does not just now. "Nice, nice! Sounds cool...yeah. I mean, I'd love to take a look." She shrugs his shoulders a little. "Oh yeah, work." And stuff. "I've got some things to do too." Stuff and things. "Class in half an hour...I should..that."

"Eh, people are boring," is Danny's determination, about the haters. "The Satanic games are about the only things with a vaguely new look. Later. I won't be back until the dead hours tonight, but maybe we can get some gaming in Sunday." And he lets Knox go.

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