2046-09-07 A Typical Wednesday Night at the Pony

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A Typical Wednesday Night at the Pony
Date Posted 2016/09/07
Location The Sloppy Pony - Mutant Town
Participants Diego, Armando, Kade
Summary Speedsters with giant blood rings. Bird-Of-Prey Vision. Flaming cocktails.
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There used to be glass in the heavy old frame of the door, but now several boards serve to keep the vermin out -- or, do they? You made it in.

An old hitching post greets patrons along the wall by the door, right next to a broken old jukebox that's just for show. The room itself is narrow and long, with mismatched chairs crowded around a couple (literally, two) small tables and a few crates dispersed elsewhere to sit on, but mostly it's all dancefloor, baby. The bar itself must be original, because despite it's dilapidated condition it's actually fairly well-kitted. There's a couple beers on tap, even. A sink, with shoddy plumbing, but it's a sink, coupled with a fridge whose light is always flickering, but keeps bottles icy cold. Thanks to the kid behind the bar, the collection of poisons to pick from is growing, too.

There's a dartboard at the back, with darts available from the bar staff upon request, and tacks to pin up your choice of photograph to toss at. Right next to it is the door leading upstairs to the proprietor's office/living quarters, pockmarcked by stray dart-holes. The peeling paint and mold seeping through the ceiling are barely even noticeable in the dim light from the hanging, singular string bulbs around the place. Less so after a drink or three, so bottoms up!

It is a summer night. The weather is hot and clear.

It's hard to say what a typical Wednesday Night is at the Pony, but it is a fair guess that it doesn't generally involve a speedster zipping around the bar looking for a lost piece of jewellery. Dressed with a red leather (space) jacket draped over his shoulders, one arm in a sling, and a pair of tight black jeans, he moves in a blur of motion. "Did you see it here?" He wonders to the very attractive bartender.

Armando boggles at the speedster from behind the bar, his mouth hanging open to catch flies for a moment. Yes, very attractive. "Uhhh....what did you say you were looking for again?" He asks, lightly Spanish accent on the words. Did Diego specify what he was looking for already? (Did he do it slow enough to be understood?) In cowboy plaid and jeans, the winged man glances around him with eyes that...well, see in high definition just how gross parts of the bar is. Ugh. But nothing unusual about that.

Kade has been working a few nights a week at the Pony. And this is one of those nights. He looks a bit less martyred and fake-smiley about the whole thing than he has generally, though. He's at the end of his shift now, and is counting out the tip jar before he hands this mess off to Armando. Diego's zipping makes him look up from his mini-accounting. "Hombre! What's with the fire? Metaphorical fire." /He/ is the only one present who brings the literal fire.

Diego pauses with a dramatic lean against the bar, his free hand pressed against the surface. His wedding ring is, at least, still in place. He did explain. But it was fast. And in spanish. And he will do it again, albeit with a sigh. "A ring. A beautiful ring," he insists with a gesture of his bandaged right fingers. "Like a small dragon clutching a bold red bloodstone. It is... one of a kind." He looks at Kade with woe in his dark eyes. "I got it in Virante." He assumes Kade has heard this story. "And now. I have lost it already."

"There has not been a fire here in weeks!" Armando protests before Kade can mention it's a /metaphor/. Oh. He gets it. He looks down at Diego's hand when he presses it to the bar, looks at the ring on that hand, and almost opens his mouth to point out the ring is there? But that is apparently the wrong ring. So many rings. " that in Italy?" That sounds Italian, right? Virante. "I will...look." Which he does, peering into the recesses of the Pony and wandering around a little as he does so.

"I think I've seen...something like it," Kade replies to Diego's description of the ring. "Lexie Brady brought Ciel back some booty from...Wherever the Fuck it is you all were." Fantasy land. "Virante. Yeah." He eye-shifts around the bar. Side-eyeing several patrons. "Please tell me you didn't leave it in the bathroom. It might be lost down some sort of cosmic void." He's only kind of joking.

"Virante. Viranthe. It was something like that," Diego offers easily with a smile to Armando. "Even farther." Fantasy land. "Did she? Good. There was much treasure once we had completed out task." His features draw into a wince as he admits. "I have never used the bathroom here" It's a little scary. He totally believes you about that void.

"That sounds...nice?" Armando puzzles over what could be farther and full of booty. "...Russia?" Everyone keeps disappearing for large amounts of time and then say very strange things when they return. "Got it!" He suddenly says, then leaps into the, flying all the way across the room to snatch something off the ground a moment before someone steps there. "Sorry!" He says to a startled patron, sweeping back around on wing toward the bar and landing again. He holds up the ring in the air. Taa-daa!

"Uh, something like that," Kade replies, when Armando suggests fantasy land is located in Russia. He eyes the direction of the bathroom. Like he's bracing himself. "I tried to clean it this weekend. I felt like I should do it wearing a full-body condom. It's a damn grim damn!" That exclaims at Armando's sudden burst of flight. He peers toward the reclaimed ring. To see if it's the one Diego described.

Brows drawing together, he follows Kade's glance towards the bathroom. "You are a brave man. And might need to double the rubber for that..." At that dramatic sweep and snatch, he pivots to watch Armando. "Maravilloso!" Diego exclaims as Armando flies back towards the bar on a wing, extending out his single arm in a gesture of VICTORY. It is a victory that is celebrated with a one-armed hug and a kiss on both cheeks. "Muchos gracias! I would have been quite at a loss. You have saved the day." The ring sparkles even in the dim light of the bar. It's huge red stone set in a gold fittings of a dragon wrapped around its base and cluthing the stone.

"Okay." Armando is not skeptical enough by nature to not take Kade at his word and ask more questions. They were near Russia. "Sorry," he says after he returns from a quick flight through the bar, tucking his wings tightly against his back. "It was very far away and I did not think anyone would see if even if I pointed it ou-" He breaks off abruptly as Diego celebrates with hugs and kisses. "...De nada," he replies after a moment, dazed. "It is...quite the ring."

"Sweet!" Kade gives Armando's search-and-rescue a clap. And looks relieved, since this all means he does not have to go into the bathroom. "So do you have, like, super-eyes? To go with the wings?" He finishes collecting his tips, putting the jar back in its appointed place on the bar. To Diego, "That thing is /huge/. Is that a ruby? Or...something else?" Fantasy stone? He doesn't know.

Diego looks very pleased as he retrieves his ring from Armando and slips it onto the middle finger of his wounded hand. The deep red stone gleams against his dark skin. "Si? That was very impressive," he lauds warmly. Glancing down at the ring, he flashes Kade a broadsmile. "They called it a bloodstone. Supposedly made from dragon's blood. I would believe it."

The real win here is that /no one/ has to go into the bathroom. "I do not know that I would call them super," Armando demures for like a second, blinking his golden eyes at Kade. "...but yes, they are very super." He grins wide for a moment, then looks at the floor. His face falls. "Somewhat unfortunately at times." Leaning a little closer, he whispers, "This bar is a mess." Like it's a secret. He looks at Diego's ring again. "...blood ring?"

"Bloodstone?" Kade lets out a quick, sharp whistle between his teeth. "I've heard stranger things. Some of them in the past two months. I'm sorry I missed this job of you alls. Micaela was showing me her crown when I looked in on her last night. The effect was kind of scary." He says it fondly. But...still. Micaela as a ruthless queen is scary. He nods to Armando, with no small amount of sympathy. "I would not want an upclose view of what's in some of these crevices. Still, must be useful as hell for other stuff. Far away from here."

"They seem it." Diego smiles warmly at Armando's 'super' eyes, clapping the other man on the back (between the wings) when his face falls. "That is all abilities, I think." They all come with a downside. Nodding at Kade, he shifts to lean a bit against the counter in a long sprawl of elegant limbs. "Si. She makes a good queen," he suggests warmly, placing his good hand over his heart. "The shield we brought back is also impressive. I was told that next time I need to use one." He rolls his eyes dramatically, shifting his injured arm against his chest.

Armando's expression twists into a comical grimace at Kade and he brushes his fingers along his mustache. "You need to invest in bleach," he says of the state of the Pony, stepping /around/ a bit of floor that appears to have nothing noticeable on it. He grins a bit stupidly when Diego claps him on the back. "Ah, si." Those super eyes of his blink blink, then his brows rise up at the mention of a shield. " time you loot Russia?"

"Blocking is sometimes not a bad idea," Kade says mildly, side-eyeing Diego's injured arm. This is probably not the first time he's said something resembling that to the man. His side-eyeing goes to that bit of floor Armando steps around. For some reason. He does not ask why. "Maybe I'll try cleaning the floors again this week. I landed a full-time day job that I'm supposed to start Monday, but Sierra seems cool with me picking up a few shifts here at night, so I've been thinking about staying on." God knows why. Masochism?

"No, no. The loot it was a /gift/ for a job well done," Diego promises Armando seriously, placing his good hand at his heart. "The next time I am in a sword fight..." He gestures at his very injured right arm in explanation and then sighs at Kade. "Si. But it is much more difficult when there are two." That is a lot of swords per limb, Kade. A low chuckle escapes him at Kade's comment of returning. "I am certain she is. Your relationship is strange, my friend." Masochism.

"Oh." Gifts do seem more respectable than looting. "Does that happen often?" Sword fights. Whatever else Armando may be thinking of asking is interrupted. "/Why/?" He asks, bluntly, looking at Kade the way people look at someone who just got hit in the head really hard. "I mean, any job is good in this economy..." Look at him backpedal. He waves his hands in the air in a flutter. "I mean! /Congratulations/ on a job, si!"

"Look, this place actually /does/ make money. People like to drink here. I'm not sure /why/, but..." Kade shrugs, gesturing around at the Pony, and the drinkers who populate it somewhat inexplicably. "The tips are nice. And at least /somebody's/ balancing the register a couple nights a week." And masochism. At Armando's congrats, he grins. "Thanks. It's just office stuff for one of the theaters in the Village, but I think I'm going to like it. Plus, a regular paycheck goes a little farther now that I'm living down here." He says this with a measure of ambivalence. But, the break on the rent is nice.

"Not as often as it used to." This to Diego is a great pity. He sighs. Sword fights. The revelation that Pony makes money is of somewhat of a shock to Diego. "Really? I suppose it is always busy." Does the Pony close? Really? Or do the drunks just fall asleep. "Theater! That will be great, my friend."

Armando answers 'why' by spreading his arms wide and grinning brilliantly and just slightly askew. It's a smile that encourages tips. He's teasing, though, ultimately, breaking into laughter. "The drinks are cheap, amigo--and the mutations are not a problem." There's your real answer. "The movie theater?" A beat. "Or the other one?" /The other one/. It's not obvious which one he likes more or anything.

"I mean, it's just secretary work, basically," Kade says, of his new gig. "Lots of taking messages and making sure conference rooms are ready. And fetching coffee, probably." Still, he sounds excited, beneath an attempt to down-play it. To Armando he replies, "The Cherry Lane. It's a non-profit place, so it's not /quite/ as hard to get a job there as the Broadway spots." He nods, about various reasons this dive stays in business. "It's got a surprising amount of regulars. Which is probably some kind of sad statement on a cycle of abuse. But, hell, I'll take whoever tips."

"The arts are where you were meant to be though." Look at that face. Diego grins excitedly for Kade. "We must have a drink to celebrate!" This includes Armando. Even if he is still working. This bar won't care. "Si."

"Oh, that is nice too," Armando says when Kade explains that the theater is some off-off-Broadway non-profit thing. He rallies like a champ, though. "I am sure you will be a very fantastic secretary." He nods his head and sounds very enthusiastic, which seems heartfelt enough despite his previous comment. He believes in yooooou.

"Uh, thanks." Kade takes the compliment from Armando, winding as it is. "I can do a drink. I'll even fix it, as my farewell tonight. I've been practising something." He sounds excited. This might not bode well. Kade's excitement occasionally ends in 'Cocktail'-style tricks that often break glasses.

"Very organized," Diego agrees with Armando's compliment, all smiles. The two of them are a duo-man cheer squad. GO KADE GO! "Oh? I would very much like to see this." Shifting his position onto the bar, he slips into a seat to watch the fireworks.

Armando leans his elbows on the bar and leans a little closer--which may not be wise if Kade is going to start doing 'tricks'. "Are you going to set them on fire?" That's a thing he has seen, but never actually done, on account of working at a bar that should absolutely not have butane torch.

Kade winks at Armando. "Check it." And he engages in some mixing. It involves some jazz-hands with the glasses, but no actual throwing. Maybe he's learned his lesson. Maybe. He ends up making a rum and Schanpps concoction. With a dash of cinnamon. "Hot damn!" And then, he lights it on fire, with a focused little flame-zap from a fingertip. It burns dramatically as he holds it toward Diego. Carefully /away/ from any surfaces. God knows what flammable fumes the bar in this place secretes. "Blow it like a candle before you drink. Obviously. Flames are not for inhaling unless you're a pyro."

Check it. Can he be real a second? Mix a drink a second? Show us how he does flames and makes us feel a second? (Forgive the Hamilton interlude.) Regardless, Diego looks very impressed as Kade lights the drink on fire and hands it to him. The fire flickers just below his face for a moment as he regards it with interest. "Ah. Hot damn, indeed. Then to your prosperity in business my friend?" Licking his lips, Diego slowly blows out the flame before knocking back the shot.

It's clear that Kade has at least learned that if he wants to be impressive, he can't drop glasses. It ruins the effect. As nothing gets broken, the effect turns out just fine. Flashy, even. "Ooh!" Armando says with a bit of fast clapping for the performance, then laughs and mimics Kade's fire zap by shooting the man a finger-gun. Nothing happens when he does it, except everyone is a little cooler. "I see how you are getting the tips now."

"Too hot, hot damn," Kade replies with a grin that's not terribly modest. This trick, at least, he's somewhat perfected. He flashes a finger-guns back at Armando. The tips of his fingertips glowing cherry red, with heat. "Not that I'm exactly raking in the mad money here, but I like the ambiance." Such as it is. He /almost/ sounded sincere about that. Maybe he's getting Stockholm Syndrome from this bar.

Modesty is an oversought trait. Polishing off the drink and sliding his tongue over his teeth chasing the flavor of cinnamon, Diego nods his head approvingly. "It is good. Dramatic." He approves of dramatic. His eyes narrow a little worryingly at Kade's statemnet about the bar.

"Very hot...just watch your hands with the bar." The booze has probably soaked into the wood and the whole thing will go up in flames. And people will probably still show up to drink like 'this is fine'. Armando shakes his head. " ...the sweaty dancers, molding ceiling, plywood windows and bloodstained drinkers?" /That/ ambiance?

Kade takes a step back from the bar and holds his hands a little up. Until they cool. He does not want to set the place on fire...again. Armando gets a little shrug. "Uh. Yeah. That ambiance." He looks around and sighs to himself. He does manage a grin for Diego. "I can do dramatic. Don't indulge in it as much nowadays, but I am occasionally moved."

"Drama can take us all. It is a noble pursuit," Diego says, toying with his drink on the counter. "But come, you both need drinks for yourselves. We must celebrate Kade's new job." He's buying.

The poor Pony. What tragic fate will befall it next? Speaking of drama. " never boring," Armando says of the Pony and it's ambiance with a shrug that includes his wings. He shuffles his feet against the floor, decked out in boots rather than sandals. "...I am supposed to be working."

"I'm off, technically, but I will make myself another flaming cocktail before I go." And Kade does this. With feeling. And as much care as he can manage not to torch the bar. It does not go up in flames. Tonight. While he cools, he says to Armando, "Speaking of, I was going over the books. Did you get paid last week?" He suspects not. "I can transfer your paycheck out of the account before I go. There's money in it tonight." FOR NOW.

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