2046-09-05 Fantasy Critiques

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Fantasy Critiques
Date Posted 2016/09/05
Location Micaela and Diego's Apartment - New York City
Participants Micaela, Kade
Summary Kade looks in on Micaela after her return from the Fantasy 'Verse, and gets the low-down on what happened there. Mostly about the kissing and dog-eating.
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Micaela hasn't been back in this universe very long. There was a small amount of recovery done on the other side of the portal and then a rather larger amount of partying. And then doctor visits, because fantasy medicine is nice and all, but it also sometimes too closely resembles witchcraft. Since she's been back, some people have gotten pictures send to them suddenly after weeks of silence with no preface and then no explanation following. Kade was one of those people, receiving and image of Micaela wearing a large amulet and throwing up horns while taking a selfie with what appears to be a griffon. It serves to say that she is back, apparently.

Back, however, means being largely stuck resting. So rather than being out and about, she's behaving (for her) by hanging out in her and Diego's apartment. It's just as clean and modern-fixtured as ever, with expensive furnishings and decorations that have a touch of the dramatic. She is killing time by flipping through what is on television, which is predictably nothing, even with hundreds of channels.

Kade is at least semi-aware people are starting to return from Wherever, with many faces popping back around XFS. Still, the selfie is a surprise. Not an unpleasant one. Even if the griffon does prompt a, "What the fuck...?" as he opens that image. It's replied to with a message of literal 'Wtf?' And, eventually, he arranges to swing by her place and look in on her. Knock, knock.

It takes a minute before the door is answered, because Micaela has to carefully leverage herself off the couch and kind of forgets that at first and has to pause while cussing. She is much more cheerful when she swings the door open. She is on nice painkillers. "Ember!" She greets, throwing an arm around his shoulders. HI! Her clothing is simply some comfortable leggings and a loose t-shirt, which is at odds with the delicate crown that sits just a little askew on her head. The circlet appears to be made of dragons twisting around it that are holding gemstones that appear to glow like they contain some inner fire. It goes with the new shield hung on the apartment's wall. Never let it be said that she doesn't make an impression.

"Hey, Rocketeer." Kade takes in her painkiller'd and leveraged state, and the arm he throws around her is as much support as a hug. He's careful about not squeezing too hard, and tries to help her back to the couch. While side-eyeing the crown. And the shield on the wall. "OK. So. Seriously. What the fuck?" It's probably still at least partially in reference to the griffon selfie.

It's not a state he hasn't seen her in...many times before, let's be real. The crown is new though. Among other things. For once, Micaela doesn't much protest a little help back to the couch, even if she also pretends like she doesn't need it. Down is at least a little easier than up. She gives Kade a grin once she's seated again, smug for someone who is on bedrest (again). "Diego brought it back," she says of the shield. "We're dragon slayers, mage defeaters and castle conquerors now."

Kade sits down on the couch next to Micaela. Side-eyeing her smug grin. "Dragon slayers." He just repeats it. There's no skepticism. They /did/ save a space universe not much over a month ago. But there /is/ a lot of puzzlement. "I think I'm going to require a story." Pause. "You didn't kidnap some poor giant bird creature to keep in your apartment, did you?" There is, perhaps, skepticism on Micaela's ability to keep a pet. Griffon or otherwise.

"Yeah, she tried to set me on fire." Micaela's grin gets a little wider, but this time the amusement is meant to be shared--trying to set a fire starter on fire, am I right? "Flew up and shot her in the head." Her finger-gun is in mime of an /actual/ gun. "Diego was on the other side with a sword." She stretches out a leg. "A debrief, boss?" She teases. "Oh, you want a drink? I'm not supposed to drink on these-" She waves idly at a pill bottle. "-But there's still beer in the fridge. And...water. Some smoothies." It's fair skepticism, but she only laughs. "Ha, no! I wouldn't want to pull Gorgeous away from her rider. I don't think Orianne or anyone managed to smuggle one back either."

Kade gets a nasty chuckle out of the idea of trying to set Micaela on fire. He holds up a palm. For a sedate high-five. "I'll get a water in a bit. Thanks. So...this place was like straight up Lord of the Rings shit? With dragons and swords? I guess I shouldn't be surprised. If space ships exist behind one curtain, that shit's not actually /weirder/. But hot damn..." He takes a beat for this to sink in. "Did everybody make it back OK?"

Micaela joins Kade for a moment in that chuckling and gives him a hi-5 that is slightly less enthusiastic than it would be normally, because wounds. "Go for it, fridge is yours. I don't know, someone said mages and wizards weren't the same thing or whatever." She rolls her eyes. /Nerds/. "But yeah...mermaids and dragons and magic. And swords. Diego brought his own sword, though." Because of course he did. "Yeah--more or less. I got the worst of it. And Diego got hit. And...Orianne got lightninged. But no one, like, /died/."

"Orianne got injured?" Kade grimaces. "She's recovering, I take it? I get the impression Diego's not doing worse than you are." So wounded, Micaela. "Everything I learned about wizards was in the movies. And both Gandalf and Harry Potter were wizards, so." His nerdity does not really extend beyond that. "You want a smoothie?" Asked while he's getting up to see about that water.

"Everyone got injured. Except Huruma, I think. That woman's a beast." By the way Micaela says it, it's clearly a compliment. "I haven't seen her since we left, but probably. You'd have to ask Christmas." The comment about Diego draws a sigh. "He's even worse at sitting still than I am. But no, not technically. He got slashed on the arm a couple of times, but nothing like a gutshot with an arrow to kill some of the fun." Like it's just an inconvenience and not close to being mortal. "They called them 'mages' over there. That's like, Merlin, right? Or was he a wizard too?" She does not know. "Yes, the strawberry." The smoothies are all the pre-bottled sort for the lazy.

"She is hard-core," Kade agrees, about Huruma. Also a compliment. "Christmas?" Blink. Kade is confused. "Is that some, like, Narnia creature you all met?" He nods, about Diego. There's probably some lingering concern, but he's seen the punishment the Spaniard can take. He'll check on the dude later. For now, he just gets Micaela her smoothie. Taking it back to the couch. He settles back there himself, once he's handed it off.

Well, Kade would be less confused if Micaela were using the correct name. She struggles for a moment to remember. "...fuck. Christ...ian. That one." Not significant at all or anything. "Anyway, he and Orianne are like...a thing," she explains (gossips) not at all presumptuously or anything. "Thanks," she says (hey, it happens sometimes) taking the smoothie and shaking it before cracking it open and drinking. "How's things in this universe?"

"Christian." It has the note of both clarification and correction from Kade. And it's said with that touch of concern again. "He didn't get too banged up did he...?" Pause. Trail off, at that bit she says about Orianne. "Seriously?" A grin pulls at his face. "Good for him. Here? It's been OK. Kid's back in school now. Got a line on a job at a theater in the Village, I think. It's just office stuff, but I like the vibe there, and I think I'd be decent at it."

"Practically the same thing." Sort of. Not really. Micaela shrugs carefully. "Not unless it was the fun way," she says offhandedly, with a laugh. That is also not at all presumptuous. "He's a fucking weirdo, though. He wanted to eat /dogs/, Kade. People's pets. That's how serial killers begin, you know." A beat. "Or is it cannibals? Anyway. Good for you. Boss those would-be thespians around." That is...probably not the job.

"That's not really the job." Kade opens his mouth, perhaps to provide more exciting details about office managementat a non-profit theater. But, with a look at Micaela, he just closes it again. "He's had a strange time of it these past couple months. Well, years for him. Christian, I mean. You spend half a decade in an alternate universe, some weird's to be expected. Anyway, there are countries in /this/ universe that eat dog. Had some offered to me one time in South Korea. I felt weird about taking it, but dude who was cooking it wasn't a cannibal or anything."

Micaela looks disappointed that that's not really the job. Ah well. "There's weird and there's weird. Eating someone's pet is fucked up, whatever country you're in."

"Was it, like, somebody's actual 'pet' or just like a random dog that know what, never mind." Kade steers away from the subject of eating fantasy dogs. Hopefully far away. "I'm glad he's back. I'm glad you /all/ are back. I didn't know what the hell to make of that text we all got about...a sword maiden in the park or something?" Even in context, it seems strange. "I was working the Pony that night. I knew you all would handle it but...felt strange not to just jump off about it."

"Well we were /in/ a village." A dragon burnt village and probably no one was going to claim Fido and Friends, but you NEVER KNOW. "Besides, that the sort of shit where people end up cursed for bad deeds." Oh did you say never mind? Well, fine. "Oh, yeah, that probably seemed like complete nonsense, huh?" Just a bit, Micaela. "Someone should've sent a picture. 'Another universe in danger, BBS'." She tosses Kade a wink. "We sure handled it." It is a miracle no died in their party.

It is, indeed, a miracle. Kade returns the wink with a thumbs-up, and an "Mmmm" rather than a proper verbal response. "A little bit of nonsense. Not that I could've skipped off, anyway. I already abandoned the kid once this year. I was lucky we only lost a month." Pause. "Most of us." Poor Christmas.

Micaela flashes Kade a quick grin and falls briefly quiet drinking her smoothie. "X-Factor does seem to deal in a lot of nonsense, doesn't it?" She observes after a moment of thought. "Two universes in as many months. Anyway, we all made it back. " She shakes her head. "Ah, yeah. Mr. Responsible." It's a tease, sure, but a light one. "I guess no one with responsibilities went." Also, almost no one traditionally referred to as 'responsible'. It is, indeed, a miracle.

"Two in as many months..." Kade murmurs. Half to himself. Thoughtful. He snorts at the 'Mr. Responsible' line. "I can't tell whether that's a dig or not. Anyway, you want to watch those Lord of the Rings movies? I've got them all in my cloud library." He is not a proper nerd, but he does have a weakness for grand epics. "You can critique Gandalf's realism for me."

"You don't think that's significant, do you?" Micaela was decidedly not in the analysis department. She did not figure out where X-Force needed to go. She just took care of business where she was sent. "It's not a dig. You're old. It's fine." She pats Kade's arm in a conciliatory way. "Yeah, sure," she agrees, picking up the thin tablet from the table. He can connect to his library and then throw it to the holo-projector from there. "I'm going to critique /everything/ though."

"Maybe." Kade wasn't really in the analysis department, either, but he says it like it's not the first time he's thought about this. He does not go down that conversational road with Micaela, though. Not right now, anyhow. He takes the tablet, and fiddles with it until he's logged into his own library. Her last comment gets a laugh. "I am sure you are." He'll enjoy her mockery of Fellowship of the Ring. And he will /not/ try to put on any of The Hobbit movies. Because he's not a monster.

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