2046-08-05 Underwear Invaders

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2046-08-05 Underwear Invaders
Date Posted 2016/08/05
Location Rohan and Sumit's Apartment - Avenue B Apartments
Participants Moody, Rohan, Tiffany
Summary Rohan's domain is invaded. His kittens are pressed into service, ack.
Moomoody.jpg Rorohan.jpg Tiftiffany.jpg
This apartment sits in a corner and that is perhaps why it seems a touch larger than the average Mutant Town apartment of its ilk. Some of that extra space appears to have gone to making a kitchen that is larger than the norm for the area and which might, indeed, be almost functional to cook in. It's possible, also, that some of the feeling of (slightly) greater airiness comes from the fact the place is very bare, as if it is occupied by people who do not particularly care about decor, or, for that matter, furniture.

Otherwise than the size, it is an unremarkable apartment. The walls are painted a dreary shade of grey-yellow, there are two bedrooms of roughly equal size, and a narrow bathroom. A L-shaped common area around the kitchen serves as living room/dining room. The distinction between the two would probably be clearer if the occupants believed in furniture.

At certain times of day, light spills through the windows and illuminates the whole apartment. It just makes it all the more obvious how shabby and bare it is.

t's not a shriek. It's a yelp, cut off abruptly as Moody and Tiffany appear in Rohan's living room -- nearish the front door, where there's not likely to be furniture or much in the way of foot traffic. Moody, at least, is breathing hard, eyes wide, and clutching to Tiffany -- while wearing nothing more than her underwear, stockings, and one earring. Her eyes are wide and she covers her eyes with her free hand, blurting, "I'msorryforbarginginbutit'sanemergency."

Tiffany's squeal teeters the fine line between terror and delight as she prances on the balls of her feet. She, too, clings to her roommate. Having just come from home from the bar to their sweltering apartment, she only got as far as shedding her pants before ...The Creature appeared. Her sleeveless black tee is cut just beneath her breasts and reads: Satan's School for Girls. In a rather abrupt turnabout, her panties are actually really cute. They're like pink with a Superman emblem right on the... well, y'know. "EEEEEEEEEE!"

Rohan is on the couch, a Holly in his lap. There is also a Donna (ginger kitten) spread over his feet, and a Jack (tuxedo kitten) sitting on the back of the couch, cautiously and curiously batting at his thick hair. He appears to be watching some sort of history documentary that involves a sonorous voiceover in posh tones, beer in hand. He startles at the sudden appearance, his beer sloshing up over the edge of the bottle. Donna squeaks and bounces up to her paws; the other cats just blink. "Er," says Rohan. "Moody. Do we need to have a talk about teleportation boundaries?"

"I'm sorry! I wouldn't have come in, but we don't have --" Moody gestures, to the whole 'no pants' thing, and she looks up at the ceiling. Just in case Rohan might be, say, chilling around the apartment naked. Like the girls apparently do because they don't have air conditioning. "Sorry. I mean. There are mice! Like, a dozen mice! All over our apartment! It's an INVASION."

Tiffany grabs at Moody's arms with a series of shrill, disgusted squeaks as if the other girl's gestures might /attract/ /more/ /mice/. "Oh, god! I only saw two!" Are there more? Is it possible that Moody saw more?! "We need a cat! We need your cats!" She shivers, wriggling her body against Moody's as her dark eyes wander over to Rohan- just in case he is naked.

Rohan is not naked. Well, not quite. He's pretty much just wearing a pair of battered cut-off jeans and nothing else because it's hot, and it's even hotter when cats keep trying to drape themselves all over you. Said cats stare at the girls, judging in the way only cats can. "Let me get this straight," he says. "You helped overthrow an evil space overlord and you're afraid of _mice_?"

"Evil space overlords don't CRAWL OVER YOUR NAKED BODY WHEN YOU AREN'T EXPECTING IT." Moody insists. Her voice is still pretty trashed, for whatever that's worth, but it's more in the realm of throaty and raspy at this point. Maybe it's adrenalin that made her louder than the rough whisper she's been managing most of the time for the last few weeks. "Can your cats catch mice and can we borrow one or two for a couple of hours? Please? We don't have enough food to have mice eat it all and also, oh god, it's so creepy. I can't sleep up there."

"Oh my god, they're crawling all over our skin!" Tiffany shivers more, making creepy-crawly tickles up Moody's torso as she continues to hop from foot to foot. "We're probably covered in their germs!" Bringing both clawed hands to her t-shirt, she grips it tightly. This unintentionally (or totally intentionally, considering who we're talking about) exposes just that much more skin. Bringing both knees inward to knock against one another, she pouts over at Rohan. " you have another beer?" Oh, now you're calm, Tiff?

"Are you sure they don't?" wonders Rohan. "I'm pretty sure evil space overlords can do whatever they like." His gaze does stray to expose skin for a moment. He's male, after all. He looks away politely, and raises an eyebrow. "You want my cats _and_ my beer?"

"If you won't help, it's fine," Moody takes a shaky breath and swats at Tiffany's hands. She's not faking her distress, at least not obviously, "Can I borrow a broom or something? I just, ughhhh," and she shudders. Not all fears are rational.

Tiffany shivers in disgust again, too. Evidently not wearing quite as many undergarments as her flatmate, her breasts jiggle beneath the cotton material of her shirt. "One of them ran right towards me," she explains to Rohan in the calmest tone that she can manage. She raises both bold eyebrows high into her hairline. "It came right at me. It wasn't even afraid- you saw it!" She gestures towards Moody for corroboration.

"I'm pretty sure my cats have never moused in their lives." Holly licks her lily white paws as if to underscore this point. Rohan's eyes only stray to jiggling breasts for approximately 1.2 seconds. "Still, there's something to be said for instinct. Er." He pauses. "You know they'll kill the mice, right?"

"The deader the better," Moody hisses vigorously. Her eyes drift over to Tiffany's jiggle too, momentarily distracted from her rodent-induced terror-fury.

"Give us the big one," Tiffany demands coolly, using her momentary rise in power (Thanks, boobs!) to point directly towards the obvious favorite. "She looks bloodthirsty," she adds for good measure as her monotone begins to return.

Holly continues to clean her dainty forepaws. Such bloodthirstiness. Such ferocity. "How do I know this isn't some scheme to steal my cats?" wonders Rohan.

"Because you could come up and take her back and make us remember going to school naked or something in retaliation?" Moody grits. "You know, friends help each other out, Rohan. We aren't asking for a ride home at four AM -- we just need to borrow a cat to murder some mice."

"Puh-lease?" Tiffany grips both hands together, pressing her balled fists between her legs and giving them a good, tight squeeze. "We will do anything." And then, she lowers her head darkly. That's when things take a turn. "And if you don't help us, so help me God..."

"I'm just leery of tossing cats at naked women," says Rohan lightly. "They have claws." He straightens up, and tucks Holly under one arm. For good measure, he tucks Donna under the other. She's there. "Lead on, Macduff."

Moody bites her lip and looks at the door, then squares her shoulders and nods, heading for the hallway to lead the way upstairs. Evidently, she's not keen on the idea of just teleporting back up there to be surrounded by an evil mouse army. "Lay on." Did she just correct an Englishman on Shakespeare?

Walking in stride with Moody, Tiffany gives another involuntary shudder of disgust. "Lay on." What do you want? She was a Lit major. In route, the psionic tries to grip the other girl's arm to get her private attention, widening both eyes as she motions with her pupils in Rohan's general direction. He look good. Acknowledge?

"I read history," replies Rohan. "Would you like a lecture on all the historical inaccuracies in said play?" Donna mews. She's not used to being out of the apartment. Holly seems more sanguine. She gets to go for walks. She's the favourite. (Or, rather, the one that isn't here temporarily.)

"I was always disappointed that the trees didn't really move," Moody answers, frowning at Tiffany for a second before looking back and then giving a quick moue of 'yes but' which is instantly familiar to school girls everywhere. "Professor Xavier liked the Scottish play better than Romeo & Juliet."

Frowning briefly, Tiffany nudges her chin in quiet agreement. In that moment, she flicks the switch of being attracted to Rohan to neutering him in her mind's eye. "Wait, but, like..." Tiffany slows, crossing her arms tightly over her chest, "Can you go in first with the cats?" She grits her teeth. This debate is all well and good, but need she remind them that they are in battle?

"I ain't afraid of no mice," says Rohan very grammatically. He hoists said cats dramatically. They look unappreciative of said hoisting. "Used to deal with them getting into the grain on grandad's farm."

"Great," Moody grits and opens the door carefully, staying way to the side and going up on tiptoe lest something run out in the meantime. She shudders again, a little, peeking inside before darting in carefully and climbing at once up onto the coffee table, "I hate them, I hate them so much. I got bitten by rats so bad when I was little that my grandma had to take me to the hospital."

Tiffany can't help but let out a peep as the door is opened. She enters but only on the balls of her feet and only after Rohan. Not quite as equipped as Moody to do any climbing (vertigo), Tiffany crawls up onto a chair and sits up on her knees. "How long does it usually take for them to kill? I mean, cats. I know yours haven't. But like, on the farm."

Rohan charges forward into battle. Valiantly, clad only in his cut off jeans and brandishing two annoying cats. He places them on the floor. Holly flops down, and stretches out. Donna immediately hides under the couch. Brave, valiant, gallant mouse warriors. "Depends," he says. "On how tricky the mice are. On how much fun the cats are having."

"Can you tell if they're still here?" Moody leans over and snags a throw from the pillow, wrapping it around herself like a sarong, "The demon mice?"

"Do you have any weed?" Tiffany asks Rohan. ...what?

"In my experience," says Rohan, "vermin don't usually move on without a reason. Tempted otherwise, starved, killed." Holly rolls over, regains her paws, and sniffs the air thoughtfully. Rohan blinks at Tiffany. "Er. I'm not much of a weed smoker."

"It's probably the open windows -- but we roast with them closed. Ugh. Maybe I'll sleep on the roof." Moody shivers again and says to Tiffany, "We can talk to the building manager about them in the morning, if the cats can't find them?"

"Can't Orianne? I feel like we've done a lot already to try and solve this problem." Quite frankly, they've gone above and beyond. There is evidence all around the kitchen of the great struggle that took place before they frantically teleported into Rohan's apartment. Many inanimate objects were sacrificed as ranged weapons against the mouse hoard. As the cats settle in for their naps, Tiffany remains huddled up on her chair.

"I could leave them here overnight," offers Rohan. Reluctantly. But look at how self-sacrificing he is.

"We can close the windows so they won't get loose," Moody offers at once, eyes big. "Could we -- I mean. Could we stay at your place? For a little while? I mean. With clothes. If that helps."

"I could bring up Jack, too," says Rohan with a sigh. "I only had arms enough for two." Another sigh. "I suppose you can. There's room enough in the living room, but you'll have to toss for the couch. But, er. Put some clothes on. Don't want to torment poor Nehru."

"Generally, he doesn't mind it when I'm nearly naked," Moody observes in a wry whisper. "But point taken. You can have the couch, Tiff. I'll bring my sleeping bag."

As a shadow darts out and back into hiding once more, Tiffany screams. It's all the prompting she needs. Prancing off of the chair, she squeals as she makes a beeline for the door. She grabs neither pants nor a sleeping bag.

"I'll go grab Jack," offers Rohan, heading after Tiffany. "We have spare blankets, but take whatever you need to make yourself comfortable. Er." He pauses. "Is Orianne coming, too?"

"She's visiting Carole for the weekend," Moody blips into her room and emerges after a moment in an oversize t-shirt and a pair of soft cotton shorts. She ditched the stockings and grabbed a pillow. Possibly she can teleport out of her clothes because she did that really quickly.

Rohan has disappeared in the meantime, to nip out to fetch the last cat. He returns before Moody leaves, burdened with one wiggling tuxedo kitten, as well as food and water bowls and the litter box. "If they're to be here overnight, they need supplies," he explains, letting Jack go, and setting up the various kitty supplies.

"It'll be good practice for Jack and Donna getting used to their forever homes?" Moody ventures, practically tapdancing across the floor lest a furry invader strike. She sees a shadow and blips instantly behind Rohan. "Thank you. For helping."

"It's what neighbours do," replies Rohan, setting down the water bowl. "I might even make you breakfast, if you're nice, and don't snore. Or Sumit might."

"That might be a little awkward." Moody stays within arm's reach of Rohan, watching the floor. "But I definitely don't snore. I am a delicate lady." "Anyway," says Rohan, moving away from said subject smoothly. "Let's leave the kitties to their work, all right?"

"Sounds good to me -- want a ride, or want to take the stairs?" Moody asks, bouncing on her toes in her enthusiasm to escape.

"I'll take the stairs," says Rohan, turning toward the door. "Er. I mean, thank you for the offer, but the kittens are probably a bit wary as it is. I don't want to disturb them by blipping out."

"Suit yourself," Moody answers, and scoots out the door behind him, shutting it before blipping down to the apartment. So as not, you see, to disturb the cats.

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