2046-06-13 C'mon and Slam, and Welcome to the Jam

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C'mon and Slam, and Welcome to the Jam
Date Posted 2016/06/13
Location Barracks - Knowhere
Participants Moody, Tiffany, Sumit
Summary Two sirens lounge about on the rocks. An unsuspecting sailor approaches.
Plot Annihilation Anew
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There's stars and shit.

The barracks that's serving as the (temporary?) home of X-Factor is currently in the relative lull of later afternoon; past 'lunch', but before the end of evening shifts for people who work on Knowhere doing whatever it is that rebellions in a besieged universe do.

Mostly it seems to involve buttons and looking sad.

Moody was brought back to the barracks in the wee hours of the morning and installed in one of the bunks with a few bottles of something sugary liquid designed to help her fight the absolutely blistering dehydration/mutant power overexertion hangover that is currently causing her to roll over and deliver her first words since arrving back: "Urgh."

Tiffany turns at the sound, regarding Moody with a sultry, over-the-shoulder look. With both hands on one knee, the young woman sits in a coquettish little pose on the next bunk. "Urgh-glrgh," she nods in agreement and sounds-off in a brutish, caveman grumble of her own.

Sumit has spent the morning attempting to make sense of the crazy mess they've landed in. He's still not entirely sure he's got it straight in his head, but then this is his first ever trip outside of their usual dimension/universe/timestream/whatever. Once lunch is complete he's largely just kicking his heels and trying not to get in the way of people doing important things, which means he's within earshot of Moody when she 'speaks'. "Hey," he replies, pushing himself to his feet and padding over. "So, I got your message..." he grins faintly, "thanks for saving my arse."

"No problem," Moody answers. Her voice is pretty rough, and her hand wobbles a little as it cracks open a bottle of whatever space gatorade they've given her. She inches up in bed until she's sitting up and sips at it carefully, rubbing her eyes. "How long was I out? Did everyone make it back okay?"

Tiffany snakes apart her legs, letting them dangle over the edge of her bed. The shift of position causes her a momentary dizzy-spell which might account for her lack of answer. She presses to fingers to her temples and closes her eyes, "Mmf."

"It's a little after lunch," Sumit replies, checking his watch on the off chance that Knowhere is in the same timezone as New York, "so a good few hours, but less than a day." Dropping down to sit on the next bunk along he turns to eye Tiffany for a moment before offering a quiet, "you okay in her direction?" It's fair to say though that Moody has the most of his attention, "you need anything? Well, anything I might be able to scout out."

Moody fumbles for one of the extra bottles of sugar water and waves it in Tiffany's direction as an offer, though she actually ends up giving Sumit a look for help. She's not getting up to deliver it, apparently. "That's not so bad. I feel pretty okay for getting shot yesterday, though holy shit is my head sore. And I don't even want to think about what my hair looks like." She crinkles her nose and tilts her head, asking, "So on a scale of 'wow' to 'holy brain explosion', how are you guys holding up with this whole space thing?"

"Oh, it looks crazy," Tiffany assures Moody in a hushed but over-all optimistic tone. She stretches out her arm to reach for the space-orade, giving a lazy swipe. So far! Sumit, help! "What's /after/ holy brain explosion?" Tiff asks dryly, inching forward on the bed in case Sumit /doesn't even care/ and reaching out for the drink a second time.

Sumit is perfectly happy to act as sugar water transporter, taking the bottle from Moody to Tiff and then returning to his seat. "I'm mostly trying not to think about it too hard, as when I do this strange burning smell materialises. What happened with you guys? I mean, I just turned up to my shift at the office, met two weird ladies and ended up wherever the hell that was. How did you get here? And, while I think on it, where is here, and who are we with? Who was -I- with?" Those questions go to both, "please though, try not to make my brain explode with your answers."

"I'd better start from the beginning. Just, I don't know, sit on me if I go too fast. All I can smell right now is blood and weird fruit drink." Moody leans back on the pillow again. "Burning brain would be totally beyond me. Anyway. So you know Richard, right? Apparently he spent a bunch of time here and has some kind of super computer in his brain, and this whole galaxy is under siege by this super evil guy who has minions and scary as hell bugs under his control. Anyway, Richard got away from here with the supercomputer to protect it, I guess, and then somehow the barrier between our world and this one is really thin now, and the bad guy sent minions over to get him. That's when they took Richard and Christian. When Jeremy got a rescue mission together, this woman from over here -- Gamora, she's /amazing/ -- she came and got us to help them rescue Richard and stuff. Only then we found out the bad guy's minions had kidnapped lots of you, so we mounted a fullscale rescue. With pretty good results, if we got everyone out and I'm the only one that got hurt. Those were some crazy odds." She smiles quickly, though it fades a little. "I'm not sure, though -- Gamora used a portal device like the one that brought us here to get us back to the ship. Only it was damaged. Things are a little fuzzy for me after that part, I'll be honest. I guess we got back okay, though."

Tiffany is a hummingbird and requires sugar water to live. At the mention of Richard and his super computer, the psionic falls silent. Although she experiences an inward thrill, it is masked with a practiced stoicism. "You shouldn't talk so much if you're hurt," she purrs, coming off of the sugar-water with a smack of the lips, "Don't get all worked up." It's said whether or not Moody was actually getting 'worked up.' "Are we all staying and helping? Even though, we have everyone back?" Look at Tiffany saying things like 'we.'

Sumit leans back on the bunk he's squatting on and makes himself comfortable as he listens. It's a lot to think about, and he certainly has some questions for Richard, but he nods his understanding at the explanation given. Then, a thought occurs to him and he asks, "is this anything to do with that weird lad in Colorado? And if so, does Revelation have a stake in this, what would you call it, war?" Thats something he doesn't like the idea of, but can comprehend well enough, unlike a galactic war. "But if the two who turned up in New York are bad guys, does... Gamora, want pictures from my eyes of them do you thing?" Glancing back to Tiffany he considers her question for a moment then asks, somewhat quietly, "if the portal device is broken, -can- we go home?"

"I don't think we can. I thought I heard them talking about it, later, that it was the only one." Moody tugs her blanket up with her uninjured arm, curling beneath it. "I mean. I don't think we can right away, until we find another one or something. Kade'd probably know best, he was there when it was broken."

"I don't suppose anyone has that kind of range on their powers," Tiffany murmurs, bringing the mysterious drink between her knees. "You're right. I hadn't thought of that. Revelation." She pouts her lips, looking between Sumit and Moody expectantly, "This is all so beyond my level of comprehension... I don't even know what to prepare for, anymore."

"I hope the neighbours are okay to feed the cats for a while," Sumit rues, "English will kill me if anything happens to them." He shrugs to Tiff though and notes, "I'm just speculating, it might be just that they were after whatever it was they were transporting, so their interest might merely have been tangential." He can hope right. "My gift is personal though," he notes, "it acts on me." Then, he glances side ways to Moody, as if a thought has occurred to him and he adds, "well, sort of, but I'll save that conversation for when you're feeling more yourself."

Moody gives Sumit a puzzled look but nods, then, slowly, and admits with a crooked smile, "I'm at maybe twenty percent right now. I've never teleported that much before. Didn't even know I could, but a face full of shrieking bugs and Kade's fireball is pretty motivational. Did they at least get you maps of Knowhere and the communicators and stuff? They work like translators, so if you explore you won't be totally out of contact." She bites her lip. "You could go out. I'm just going to lay here being boring until morning, I think."

"Do we know yet if our psionic abilities can affect these ...beings?" Tiffany asks, only revealing mild interest. Bringing back up the drink to sip, she scans the exits with her large eyes. She's more inclined to explore by utilizing a less traditional means. Surely, her roommate can sympathize with this at least a little.

"They did," Sumit confirms, "but I haven't felt like stretching my legs yet, just been trying to get my head round things without it exploding." He offers a faint grin at that, although now Moody is awake and talking again he might actually go for an explore. As for Tiff's question he can only shrug, "I know the tw lovely ladies who came to New York said something about their powers not working properly in our world, but I have no idea if that's the same for yours in theirs or not."

"I'm not sure about the details, but none of the others mentioned that they were having problems, so probably?" Moody answers, blinking sleepily at Tiffany. "I mean. There are lots of species here, so who knows how well you'll be able to do your thing. I guess there's only one way to find out."

Tiffany sets her drink down out of the way as she slides onto her side. She rests her head on her arm in a lounging, catlike pose on her bunk. "I guess there is only one way," she agrees.

"I might go for that explore," Sumit notes to the pair, although he's looking more at Moody, "want me to see if I can swipe any more of that drink while I'm out there?" Pushing himself to his feet he then implores the pair of them, "take care of yourselves while I'm gone will you? No epic dance offs or whatever until at least morning."

"Aye aye, captain." Moody manages a wink and then curls up and goes back to sleep, boringly. She doesn't even invade anyone's brain while she does it.

"Bring more drink," Tiffany coos, already letting her eyelids draw closed. She'll probably ride along with Sumit. Y'know, until she gets bored of him.

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