2046-06-07 Knock Knock

From X-Factor

Knock Knock
Date Posted 2016/06/06
Location Comm Network
Participants Richard
NPCs Robert Rider
Summary Robert messages his brother with some important news.
Plot Annihilation Anew
Scene GM Tez
{Robbie} Hey, Rich

{Robbie} Richard

{Robbie} Richie

{Robbie} Dick

{Richard} don't call me that

{Robbie} It worked, didn't it

{Richard} that's not the point man

{Robbie} Okay so you remember that thing you dropped off

{Richard} you mean the thing i don't know what it does?

{Robbie} Right, that thing

{Richard} yeah, i remember it

{Richard} did you lose it already

{Robbie} Wow

{Robbie} You know I'm taking a risk here

{Robbie} So we still don't know what it does, exactly. This one guy in my group has a theory but I'm pretty sure he's just high

{Robbie} But it's doing something

{Richard} how do you not know what it does

{Richard} isn't that your job

{Robbie} I said we didn't know EXACTLY

{Robbie} We're working on it!!

{Robbie} My job is to figure it out!!

{Richard} who made it??

{Robbie} Not the interesting part

{Robbie} Here's the interesting part

{Robbie} You know how when you play music too loud, the windows rattle

{Richard} sure

{Robbie} It's rattling

{Richard} o -- kay

{Richard} what does that mean?

{Robbie} No idea

{Richard} uhhh

{Richard} is that your

{Richard} professional scientific opinion

{Robbie} I'm going to kick your ass

{Robbie} Give me a sec here

{Richard} i'm telling dad you said that

{Robbie} I'm not gonna kick your ass THAT hard

{Robbie} So this asshole in my group thinks it's our fault, wants to cut off research and contain it

{Robbie} Like it's gonna blow up or something

{Robbie} Power incompatibility

{Robbie} I'm pretty sure it's not us tho

{Richard} oh my god your mouth has gotten filthy in your old age

{Richard} wait, is it a /bomb/?

{Robbie} No

{Robbie} I don't think so

{Robbie} Anyway we're putting in a lot of hours on this okay, if you think I'm bad, you should hear the rest of my group

{Robbie} But I don't think it's our fault

{Robbie} And if it is resonating to something, I don't think it's anything over here

{Robbie} If you get my meaning

{Richard} are you trying to say something's

{Richard} like

{Robbie} I think someone's knocking on the wall

{Richard} knocking?

{Robbie} Yeah

{Richard} dammit

{Robbie} Yeah

{Richard} do you know

{Richard} you don't know where it's coming from do you

{Richard} which place

{Richard} you don't know if it's where i was

{Robbie} I'm trying to get approval to do some tests on that, see if we can get a stronger signal, triangulate anything

{Robbie} But paperwork, clearances, et cetera, et cetera

{Robbie} And ASSHOLE -- sorry -- has more pull than I do around here

{Richard} robbie, you

{Richard} you have to tell me if you find something

{Richard} if it's where i was

{Robbie} I'm, uh

{Robbie} I'm gonna get a couple of the others at the lab and see if i can just sneak it over to a different part of the lab tonight

{Robbie} so if i don't get back to you in a few hours find me a good lawyer

{Richard} i don't even know any lawyers

{Robbie} I thought New York was full of lawyers

{Richard} i mean, i guess there's this giant firm i'm running these papers for all the time, but i don't think either of us can afford them

{Robbie} Okay, one of my other group members is here. She's ready to go so we're gonna do this now

{Robbie} Rich

{Robbie} I hope it's just a bomb

{Richard} you said it wasn't a bomb

{Robbie} Shut up. okay talk to you soon i hope.

{Richard} if you give me a bit i could get there--

Three hours pass. Robbie doesn't reply.

{Richard} robbie?

{Richard} robbie i really can't afford these lawyers

{Richard} robbie

{Richard} be okay

{Robbie} Hey

{Richard} blue blazes finally

{Robbie} It's coming from New York

{Richard} what do you mean it's coming from new york?

{Richard} is something

{Robbie} Did I stutter

{Richard} is something knocking on the staten island rift?

{Robbie} That's my guess

{Robbie} Rich, you okay

{Richard} no

{Robbie} Yeah

{Robbie} Look, I'll try and get things moving on my end but

{Robbie} Be careful

{Richard} i don't know what to be right now

{Robbie} Be smart

{Robbie} Try

{Robbie} Try to be smart

{Richard} robbie

{Richard} you know who it might be

{Robbie} Oh

{Robbie} You think

{Richard} i don't know

{Richard} i don't know what to think

{Richard} i know what i hope

{Richard} and i know the option that i'd be terrified of

{Robbie} Hope sounds better

{Robbie} I mean maybe take precautions, but hope sounds pretty good

{Robbie} How do you take precautions

{Richard} i have no idea

{Robbie} Thanks

{Robbie} You know you're the expert

{Richard} i mean, there are people i can warn

{Robbie} Yeah

{Robbie} Do that

{Richard} people who were on the ground last time

{Richard} but there's no x-force

{Richard} and i can't just

{Richard} call the military

{Robbie} Some of the people in my lab can, don't worry about that

{Robbie} Not like the president's on speed dial or anything but

{Richard} robbie if it's the wrong person on the other side there's nothing i'll be able to do

{Richard} not really

{Robbie} Then let's hope

{Richard} yeah

{Richard} okay

{Robbie} I'll let you know if anything changes

{Richard} okay

{Richard} thanks, robbie

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