2046-05-22 Drifting

From X-Factor

Date Posted 2016/05/22
Location Campground - New York
Participants Kade, Tiffany
Summary Kade & Tiff watch the sunrise.
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Despite the plethora of alcohol, Kade didn't do much drinking on his first night in the woods. He also didn't sleep particularly restfully. So he's up early, puttering around the firepit while the sky is still a mix of purples and pinks of sunrise. He's dressed in his jeans from yesterday and a battered old 'Republic of California' t-shirt. One of those in the style of the CA flag, with a bear on the front.

Unlike in the city, sunrise out in the forest means birdsong instead of the song of honking commuters. There are a lot of people that would consider the tweeting and chirping to be lovely, but there are also the moments where they just get really /loud/. The cacophony of sound, not really consistent or rhymed enough to be a true song, fills the air. It quiets down a little--/finally/--when Kade gets up and moving.

Tiffany's own sleep difficulties tend to lean the other way, but it just so happens that she's awake. Perhaps it's because, in her observant astral state, she was made unintentionally aware of the man's activity. Perhaps, it was the sound of nature.

Unzipping the flap of her little dome-shaped tent, the dark haired young woman steps out into the dewy morning air. She wears a pair of trendy, high-waisted denim shorts and a black crop-top that reads, 'Everything Happens For No Reason' in thin-stitched chicken scratch handwriting. She covers her mouth as she yawns, stretching her arm high over her head. Is that a sliver of underboob? Unlike Kade, she did a fair share of drinking last night -- the sunglasses stay on.

The bird chorus is novel enough for a city boy like Kade that he seems like he's enjoying it. Eyes flitting about, to try and locate the chirping birds in the trees around their camp. Most of his attention is on the fire, though. He's gathered some kindling and put on some fresh wood, and he's coaxing it alive. Slowly. Edging his fingers into it at warming the little bits of kindling deep within it afire. "Yo," he says, without looking up at the sound of another human knocking around. "You want coffee? Because I am making coffee." There is, indeed, one of those metal camping coffee pots set up to hang over the pit.

Tiffany lets out an orgasmic cry as she brings up her other arm, wrapping it over her head and bending to the right in an attempt stretch out her side, "God, yes! Please." She smacks her lips, lazily making her way over to the firepit area. "You didn't sleep well," she comments impassively, sliding carefully into her chair. She fishes around for her cigarettes.

"Not used to sleeping on the ground. I did not spring for the pillow-top sleeping bag," Kade mutters, more into the firepit than at Tiffany. That is probably not the only reason he slept poorly, but it's what he's going with. There's a glow of red from his hands as he intensifies the heat he's working with, and the wood crackles as it properly comes to a flame. He grins. Finally looking up at Tiffany proper. "Hope I didn't wake you up."

"Got a light?" Tiffany asks, eyebrows slowly lifting above the frame of her aviators. She lifts up a cigarette, letting his mutterings go without comment. "I'm usually awake, one way or another," she explains and also, doesn't explain. There's a familiar morning crackle to her voice.

"One way or another? What does that mean?" Kade is curious enough at what's behind the non-explanation to ask. "It part of that...ghosting thing you do?" His hands come out of the fire, once he gets it going, and he extends a finger-tip toward Tiffany's cigarette. It's got a little flame burning in the air off the tip of it, and makes a serviceable match.

Tiffany leans in, breathing in on the other end of the cigarette. The little bit of fire leans into the unlit end. She waits until it glows orangey-red before sitting back again and blowing out a cool stream of smoke. "Part of it," the poetess crosses her legs and shifts in her seat to get comfortable, "One could say I sleep pretty well. I have reason to believe that my moments of physical lucidity will become farther and fewer in between as time progresses." Her explanation is spoken with the same nonchalance that everything she says is. "Did you guys bring enough pillows from home? That helps." She flicks some ash to the side.

"Physical lucidity?" Kade has to take a moment to process that in his brain. It may have been more of an answer than he expected from her. He's rigged up a wire to hold the coffee can in place on the spit over the fire. He fiddles with it, lowering the can further into the flames so it'll boil faster. "So. Like. It'll get harder for you to stay in your body? And not just...drift around." That's the best description he can manage of what Tiffany does.

"I mean, I go where I want," Tiffany watches a little butterfly rather skeptically as it flits into the campsite, "Drifting makes me sound so helpless." Just as she says this, the butterfly struggles against a faint breeze that brings it dangerously close to the flames. She takes another drag.

Kade winces as he watches the butterfly blown toward the flames. Holding up a now-cooled hand, as if to shoo it away. "What can you do, when you're...going where you want?" he asks. Like these are questions he's wanted to ask her for awhile. "Like, can you make people do stuff, or just watch what they're doing?" A pause and he asks, like this has /really/ been on his mind for awhile, "Can you read people's text messages? Like in their Eyes and stuff?"

Tiffany just watches the Darwinistic struggle without intervening, "Well, I've never been able to control anyone so far." She switches her crossed legs as she gives the question more thought than it's worth. She parts her lips as if preparing for what will surely be a long winded explanation of her abilities. "Yes."

" very useful," Kade says, about Tiffany's powers. He waits the more long-winded explanation but, when it doesn't come, he doesn't press anymore. "You're an Xavier's girl, right? So was I, back in the day. Long, long time before your time, I suspect."

"Yeah," Tiffany confirms, "I graduated in like, '38. My sister graduated in '35." The psionic leans her elbow on the armrest of her folding chair and props up her chin in her hand. "You have a daughter that goes there right now." That could be a question, or it could not, "Must have changed a lot, though."

"Yeah. It'll be her junior year of high school in September." Kade says it with a note of mild disbelief. "She's been there for going on five years now. Wasn't so different from the place I went to when she enrolled. The Professor was still alive. Now..." He frowns, and goes quiet for a moment to mess around with the coffee pot. It's boiled long enough and he takes it off the fire. Setting it down next to him while he preps some disposable cups. "...the state's fucked it up pretty good. I was thinking this week what might've happened if it had still been like it was..." He does not specify /what/ this might have changed. "...but it's not. So. Not point in dwelling I suppose."

"Not even the Professor could save everyone," Tiffany flicks some ash to the side, "But I don't think dwelling on what might have been is very constructive. My sister, Jacque, told me that you were trying to help that guy. ...this whole month has been really fucked up." She glances after the butterfly, which prances in the air in front of someone else's tent.

"Trying. Not succeeding," is Kade's reply to that. "Yeah. Well. You're right. Not constructive." Not that Kade sounds like he's stopped dwelling, but at least he keeps it to himself after that. "It has been fucked up." He pours some coffee, taking a sip, before pouring a second and offering it to Tiffany. It's cowboy-style coffee, so there are some grounds in it. But he has some experience making it this way, and it's not too chewy. His own eyes flick after the butterfly, tracking it as it flutters, now a safe distance from the flames.

Tiffany takes the disposable cup in both hands, all the while still balancing the cigarette between two fingers, "Thanks." She lets the wildlife around them fill the silence, watching as the colorful sunrise settles into a comfortable, pollution-free blue. Eventually, her chair creaks as she stands. She brushes away the lines that the cheap folding chair leaves in the back of her thighs, "This needs some Amaretto." That's all she says, shuffling back to her tent to dig some out from her arsenal of tiny, mini-bar bottles.

Kade arches his brows, but he doesn't object to the idea of a little day-drinking. Not on this trip, at least. He downs his coffee, wincing at drinking it unsweetened. But he did not bring along any cream and sugar and he needs the caffeine to wake up. So he will take it.

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