2046-03-14 Pi Day

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Pi Day
Date Posted 2016/03/14
Location The Sloppy Pony - Mutant Town
Participants Richard, Jeremy, Rosalie, Rohan, Kade, Huruma, Tiffany, Ciel, Vega, Irene
Summary It's Pi Day! And also Jeremy's birthday.
There used to be glass in the heavy old frame of the door, but now several boards serve to keep the vermin out -- or, do they? You made it in.

An old hitching post greets patrons along the wall by the door, right next to a broken old jukebox that's just for show. The room itself is narrow and long, with mismatched chairs crowded around a couple (literally, two) small tables and a few crates dispersed elsewhere to sit on, but mostly it's all dancefloor, baby. The bar itself must be original, because despite it's dilapidated condition it's actually fairly well-kitted. There's a couple beers on tap, even. A sink, with shoddy plumbing, but it's a sink, coupled with a fridge whose light is always flickering, but keeps bottles icy cold. Thanks to the kid behind the bar, the collection of poisons to pick from is growing, too.

There's a dartboard at the back, with darts available from the bar staff upon request, and tacks to pin up your choice of photograph to toss at. Right next to it is the door leading upstairs to the proprietor's office/living quarters, pockmarcked by stray dart-holes. The peeling paint and mold seeping through the ceiling are barely even noticeable in the dim light from the hanging, singular string bulbs around the place. Less so after a drink or three, so bottoms up!

It is a winter night. The weather is freezing and overcast.

It is Pi Day. That's probably the thrust of the casual invite Jeremy shared with folks, anyways. It's Richard at the Pony that actually starts sharing that it is, in fact, Jeremy's birthday, a fact which he probably found out by accident or something. Richard doesn't actually have a pie, because he doesn't really bake, but he's staked out what few tables the Pony has to offer, and he has an amber-hued drink. So there's that. Jeremy is not here. Because he fails at his birthday.

Rosalie brings a pie. It's a nice pie. It's a nice, beautifully baked cherry pie--in a nice, beautiful bakery box. Yeah, she doesn't bake either. She sets it down on whatever space has been set aside for the pies, and bites her lower lip, looking around her anxiously, hands folded tightly in front of her, the set of her shoulders tense. It is, in fact, the first time she's ever been to any sort of XFS gathering.

Rohan brings /two/ pies, each in a plastic container. One is an apple, a hint of golden syrup leaking through the edges of the crust, carrying with it the warm aroma of cinnamon. The other--well, it smells of meat. "That's if you get tired of the sweet," Rohan says with an easy smirk, heading toward Richard.

"Hello mathematical party people!" Kade shouts as he makes his way into the Pony. He's also not carrying a pie, though he's brought a brown paper bag that probably contains /something/. Probably not booze. He assures the bartender it isn't booze when he stops at the bar to order a beer, at least. Once he's gotten that, he heads back to join Richard & Company.

To catch Huruma baking anything for anyone would be a stretch; she does bring a pie with her, however, sweeping in on the breeze with a pudding pie that smells like banana and coconut, homemade in that haphazardly charming way of someone who really does not do it that often. She even gives Rohan and his pies an arch of her brow as she lets down her own confection to take off her coat; underneath is a simple shift of black to her knees, belted in the middle. "You know-- looking at those, I feel better that I even tried." They are so lovely, aren't they.

Jeremy is late to his own party, it's true. He comes carrying a foil-covered glass pie dish and there's a can of whipped cream sticking out of the pocket of his giant puffy coat. He's still talking animatedly on the phone as he walks in, to the tune of: "--man, you pay me enough money and I will find a way for us to do children's parties. You think I'm kidding, but I've got all kinds of talent here. Somebody may even know how to do balloon animals. Look, I've gotta go, but I'll get you the details before midnight if that's when-- yeah. Yeah--"

"Steak and kidney," Rohan tells Huruma with a smirk, waving a hand over his second pie, letting the savoury smell waft in her direction. "Come on. You know you love it."

"Man, I didn't even try," Richard says, looking impressed and then guilty at the array of pie people have ended up bringing. And then /Jeremy/. He looks a little stricken by the time he spots the birthday boy striding towards the door and then looks to the others, helpless. "I don't -- know how to make pie. I didn't bring a pie. Why didn't I /buy/ a pie?" What kind of not-boyfriend is he!

Vega does not bring pie, but she does bring a stacked pastry box with a shiny red ribbon on it. There are Mooncakes inside - unhelpfully labled in Madarin with 'Five Kernal Nuts', 'Melon', and 'Strawberry.' She carries the cakes over and sets them on the table, opening up the boxes to reveal the tiny embellished pastries one by one. "Hey Speedy," she greets Richard. "I don't know. Lack of foresight?"

"J-BOMB!" Kade yells at Jeremy, when he spots the man. Striding over to meet him, and handing him that paper bag he's carrying. "I could not quite manage pie, but I figured this might go with if there was an after-party. If I'd known it was your birthday, you'd have gotten it wrapped all nice. Use it in good health."

Tiffany got real high today and baked Jeremy a pie. With a lattice-design crust, its pear and bright red cranberry filling shows through. What it lacks in taste, it might just make up for in presentation. "I used to be a Disney princess for a party rental company for like a month," she says in unenthused monotone. Making her way past and between, she makes to set her pie down with the others. Her eyes shift seductively to Rosalie as she bends forward to carefully set her dessert down. Because it's not warm enough in here.

Rohan settles into a chair, the wood creaking beneath him. "I have two pies," he says to Richard, one hand held to the side of his mouth in a manner that does not quite conceal his stage whisper. "You can pretend one is yours."

Rosalie's gaze follows the track of Tiffany's...pie. She clears her throat, her cheeks turning faintly pink. "Which Disney princess?" she wonders of Tiffany, a little awkwardly. The air is a little warm, but it's an enclosed space, with lots of bodies.

Jeremy glances at the bag, and gives Kade a thumbs up as he says, "Pleasure doing business with you. Later," and then cuts the call. "Who ratted me out?" he says, taking the bag. He peeks inside it and grins widely as he closes up the paper again. "Ha ha," he says. "It's pi day, happy pi day. Thanks, Kade." he adds, and puts his glass pie dish on the table. Peeling off the foil, the silky fluffy chocolate is revealed. He sprays it with the whipped cream, so clearly somebody left some shit until the last minute. He then takes a small tupperware out of his other pocket, stuffs the paper bag into it instead, and starts peeling off the lid so that he can shake out chocolate shavings over the top of the pie he made. "Sorry, my first one burnt and I was running late dealing with the butcher shop guy."

Richard looks to Rohan with an expression of deep, abiding gratitude. "You," he says, "are a true friend." He watches Jeremy with a kind of helpless expression as he /sprays whipped cream/ and /shakes chocolate shavings/ and what even. "It definitely wasn't me," he says on the question of who revealed the second holiday.

Ciel sweeps in just as Jeremy is shaking chocolate onto his pie, looking a little harried and a lot windswept. The former only increases as she pulls up next to the group, her gaze sweeping around. "Shit," she says. "We were supposed to bring pie?" She tugs off her jacket, draping it over one arm as she lifts the other hand to scrape her fingers through the tangles of her hair.

In the 'lack of foresight' camp is Irene--or maybe it's lack of interest--who is decidedly mooching off Vega's purchases. You don't really get credit when someone else buys the thing and you slip them money for part of it later when you know what's going on, but here we are. "I am too nice to bring a pie I made to a situation where people might try to eat it." You are welcome, everyone. She raises her brows at Kade, then over to Jeremy. "Well, Happy Birthday."

Huruma kneads her browline at Rohan in a tease of warning. She will literally take that entire pie from you, don't even. She gives a slight wave of her own hand before abandoning the table in favor of fetching a drink from the bar. It doesn't take long before she comes roaming back-- she's easy to mix something for. "Oh, a birthday? Imagine that." Huruma hums, drink in hand, putting on a fake curious look as she coils into a seat.

"You can have the apple one," Rohan tells Richard generously. "Leave the meat one to the weird Englishman. And it was totally always yours. I just baked it for you." He pats Richard on the shoulder, and adds, "It's the least I can do," and for all his lightness, there's an earnest note in there.

"Happy Birthday, Jeremy," Vega bids with a grin. Once the boxes are open, she slides Irene a melon mooncake. She knows what you want. "That's actually true," she says of Irene's baking capabilities, nodding at Kade in greeting. It's extended on to a few of ther other x-fers that she knows.

"I feel like there is plenty of pie. I don't feel like we are suffering from a lack of pie." Jeremy smiles as he scratches at the line of his jaw, claiming a chair and flopping down into it with a kind of flung enthusiasm. He buzzes with a cheery weariness that Huruma probably finds quite familiar. "Pi day is way more exciting than my birthday," he says, unzipping his coat and shrugging out of it. Beneath, he is wearing sport jacket, tie and button down, at slight odds with the slightly shabby jeans he's wearing. "But thanks, everybody. Uh, I didn't bring anything to cut this pie with, it occurs to me as I sit here."

Kade flashes Jeremy a big grin, before finding himself a chair some place. Settling in with his beer and eyeing the available selection of pies. That expression curves at Ciel, as she sweeps in. A more general nod is offered around the room,to all and sundry. The chocolate and whipped cream get a long look. "Don't think I've ever celebrated this as, like, a holiday before. I like the looks of it so far."

"Kylo Ren," Tiffany answers Rosalie nonchalantly, chest heaving as she sighs and looks away towards everyone else. She clears her throat, bringing a hand to touch it. So dry. So parched. "Happy birthday," she offers to Jeremy in her usual monotone, leaning her weight onto one hip, "Older men are super hot."

"/And/ birthday," Ciel remarks, her smile rueful but warm as she tosses her jacket over a nearby chair and tells Jeremy, "I dunno, the combination seems pretty great. Happy birthday!" She circles round to Kade in an automatic sort of orbit, though she does not stretch in for a kiss or anything more than a quick smile. "This spread is kind of ridiculous."

"I got you a pie," Richard informs Jeremy, pushing the apple pie over. Then, because he's Richard, he admits, "Rohan made it," thereby ruining all that effort of sneaking it in. "I mean, you ratted /me/ out, so." He glances at Tiffany with a bit of an odd expression for her comment.

"Weirdly enough, I have always celebrated it as a holiday," Jeremy says with a particularly crooked grin. He slouches comfortably back into the chair he has annexed. He grins a little wider as he looks up at Richard, and laughs. "Thanks, Rich. Thanks, Rohan," he says. Running his hand back through his hair, he says, "And thanks, kiddo. I think. I'm not that old, I'm forty-two. Which is, incidentally, a special year because it's also the answer, so." (Nerd.)

"Don't look at me. I barely managed pudding-- I have nothing like a pie cutter on me." Huruma turns her hand out, tipping a sip of her drink down with the other, brows up. "Though I do have a knife." Where? Um. She gives a small snort at the exchange between Tiffany and Jeremy, then, moreso at the latter.

Rosalie blinks at Tiffany, apparently not quite sure how to take that one. "You'd make a good Kylo Ren," she decides. A pause. "I mean, except in the fact you don't look like him at all."

"Not necessarily true," Irene tells Jeremy, "Some people don't like pie." So a birthday would be more exciting. Optimism! Somewhat terribly, she is eating a mooncake she sort-of-concributed to the purchase of, because Vega is shamelessly enabling. "Thanks."

"Oh. I probably have something on me..." Vega goes to check to see if in fact she does have a knife and then stops and shakes her head at Jeremy. Her fingers tap against her thigh. "Actually, no. That is probably not the cleanest." Pointing at Huruma, she nods. "If not the bar probably has one." This is said a little dubiously, like they cut fruit. Sometimes. Right?

"There might be one behind the bar," Kade says, looking over his shoulder toward it. "This seems like the kind of place where people get stabbed on the regular. If nothing else, I bet they've got forks we could all just kind of...dig our pieces out with."

"To life, the universe, and everything," Rohan calls out at Jeremy's remark. "Happy birthday, mate. And I did the pie for Rich because he doesn't bake." That's...sort of the truth. He gives the newer arrivals a quick nod, glancing at Ciel briefly, before he looks back to the pies. "I have a pocket knife. That's not much help."

"Don't use a knife someone has been stabbed by to cut the pie," Irene says seriously. Look, this really is the kind of place people get stabbed on regular, that's a real concern.

Tiffany isn't very shaken by odd looks. She's used to them. She just flicks her eyebrows up suggestively to Jeremy and leaves it at that. "Well, with the other princesses you're supposed to smile and have tea parties. As Kylo, you just lightsaber fight a bunch of little kids and let them kill you." ... "It's super cute." Scoffing, Tiffany motions towards the pies. All this talk of not having a knife. "I should have brought my lightsaber."

"Oh my God," Richard says at Jeremy's words, lifting a hand to half hide his mouth behind. He looks to Kade looking towards the bar. "I mean, at least wash it off really well."

"I will make sure to use the blacklight," Vega calls over her shoulder at Irene. She might be serious. She does go chat with the bartender, who doesn't look particularly unnerved at the request for two beers and a knife.

Ciel meets Rohan's gaze with a quick smile, only a tiny bit forced, before she seconds Irene, "At least not unless we're /sure/ it's been bleached." She grins at Vega's assurance and shoots her a thumbs up, then slides into a chair and leans forward into the table. "Is it too much," she wonders, "to try every single pie?"

"Please do," Irene tells Vega. She /is/ serious. She knows you have a blacklight on you. Just...don't use it to look at the rest of the bar. "I'm not sure this place has ever seen bleach..."

Huruma lifts one leg over the other, hiking up one side of her dress as she leans back. She does have a knife. It's not a knife someone has been stabbed with-- yet. It's buckled up around her thigh, the holster slim and the knife she pulls free more akin to a proper blade. "Here." She offers the handle out with a flick of the wrist.

"I'm getting some forks!" Kade announces, standing and striding bar-wards to get some flatware. He will let Vega negotiate about the Pony's knives. He returns shortly with enough forks for all, and some little cocktail napkins. "Hey, it's not /that/ bad," he marginally defends the bar to Irene. "The health department hasn't shut it down yet. Has to count for something."

Jeremy beams at Rohan. "Yes," he says. "Wow. That's a -- cool knife," he says after a beat's pause in which he kind of boggles. He puts his whipped cream on the table and then slouches back again, biting at the edge of his smile. "Calories consumed on pi day don't count, by the way. As long as they're in a pie."

Richard watches Huruma's display with brows that start to creep and then spring upwards. It's the face of a man who's not sure if he's terrified or aroused. He snaps his mouth shut before it turns into a gape.

It doesn't take much negotiation, just a tip. There is a flicker of blue light from the bar that might catch some eyes as Vega really /does/ check the knife with a blacklight she has hooked on a keychain. She returns with a beer in each hand and the knife handle against her palm, pointed downward (safety!). "The knife is fine. No one drink the single malt," she says dryly, passing Irene a beer and shaking her head in warning at Ciel. Really.

"I didn't realize you were _that_ eager to get at my steak and kidney pie," murmurs Rohan dryly toward Huruma.

Irene eyes Huruma's knife a little skeptically, but just shakes her head instead of saying anything. "The Health Department doesn't even want to /come/ here, Caruthers." You can't stop her from throwing shade at the Pony. "...I am not going to ask," she says as Vega reappears and hands her a beer.

"The health department doesn't give two fucks about Mutant Town," Ciel reminds Kade, half a beat before she gives Vega a grimace for her head shake.

"Wait, are you inviting Huruma to cut your kidneys out, because that seems ill-advised," Jeremy says, lifting a finger in the air for an advisory.

"Never again," Rohan sighs at Jeremy. "Never again."

As Hu appears to offer up the handle of her knife, Tiffany cruises forward and gently holds out a palm as if testing whether or not she's allowed to accept it. "I don't mind starting," she regards Huruma with heavy-lidded eyes. No but seriously, she'll cut slices for everyone. Trust her with a knife.

Kade looks on point of continuing his uncharacteristic defense of the Pony (maybe it's different when /other/ people say it's a dumpster fire). But a glance at the patch of mold on the ceiling that ins't /quite/ covered by paint silences him.

"Maybe just the kidneys." The dark woman answers Rohan first; Huruma's senses are not ignorant of those near her, and she responds to the exchange with a smooth sliver of a smile at Jeremy, and it turns into a small laugh. "He learned his lesson already, so to speak." When Tiffany angles for the knife handle, of course she allows her to take it. It's got a slight weight to it. It's not made for cutting pie.

"I vote that this knife and the kidney one do not cut the same pies," Vega says, offering the knife to Jeremy for his pie. Slice as you will? She chuckles at the health department commentary.

"I'm leaning more and more toward this 'everyone gets a fork' thing," Ciel puts in with a snort, leaning back in her chair as she watches Tiffany.

"Please don't -- cut out anyone's kidneys," Richard requests to Huruma. Politely. In case that makes a difference. He eyes Tiffany, this time a bit nervously.

Tiffany starts with Rosalie's pie, sliding the slightly heavier blade right into to the unsuspecting dessert. She makes a satisfied little chirp as a little bit of its filling gets on her finger, which she of course pops between her lips in a totally natural sexy way just like she would do at home without an audience. "Mm." Yummy. She smiles faintly to Rosalie.

"Thanks. Uh, this is going to get chocolate all over everything, fair warning," Jeremy says, taking Vega's knife and brandishing it theatrically towards the French silk he is responsible for. He does not molest Vega's knife or his fingers in any way while cutting into it.

It's a Sloppy Pony knife. It probably appreciates Jeremy's delicacy. It's lived a hard life. "You say that like it's not delicious," Vega points out, taking a sip of her beer and swiping a strawberry mooncake for herself. They're serving size and don't require cutting.

"I bought it," explains Rosalie hastily, as if terribly concerned anyone would give her mistaken credit for making pies. She appears to make an effort to look away from Tiffany and her filling antics, but fails as her eyes go right back to her. It might be a little bit warmer in here.

"Do not worry, Richard, I do not do party tricks." The edges of Huruma's eyes crease when she smirks, her voice filtered through a short laugh. The sound rests in her throat when she watches the two different approaches to cutting the pie. It's certainly entertaining.

"I feel," says Rohan consideringly, "as if there is not proper appreciation for savoury pies on this side of the ocean."

Kade has left the forks where everyone can grab one at their leisure. He's taken one for himself, and is playing with it while everyone sorts out who gets to do the cutting. "I think I'll start with a chocolate-cherry combo," he says. And he /will/ get a piece of each, once people are acquiring slices of pie. Rosalie gets a nod, when she owns that particular pie. "It looks good. It /all/ looks good."

"Well. I gotta admit, now I kind of want you to do a party trick." Richard's smile is slight and wry on Huruma. He looks back to Rohan, sympathetic. "Hey, I like savory pies. I'll take some."

Ciel's brows drift slowly upward as she follows Tiffany's gaze over toward Rosalie, then back again. Her lips twitch into an amused smile, then she leans in in an effort to claim a fork. The crowd is thick, though, and after a squinting moment, she cheats her way to cutlery with a quickly-flashing portal.

"The savory isn't the issue so much as, like, the offal," Jeremy tells Rohan with a laugh on his breath. "Unless you mean that everyone but you all assumed dessert, which, fair. I do an amazing chicken pot pie, though. Rich, did I make you that or just regale you with it? I forget."

The use of a portal catches Vega's eyes, brows lifting under pink bangs as Ciel cheats her way to the forks. She salutes the action with a tip of her beer, before shifting back from the immediate dessert table to one of the surrounding and dropping down in a chair. Her heels hit the floor with a thunk.

"I was just reflecting that Pie Day back home'd probably look different," says Rohan, making no immediate move toward the pie himself. "Used to know a pub that did a Pie Night. Amazing pies. Chicken, steak, mushroom, rabbit..."

Huruma is seated, and has a prime place for snatching up a fork, et al. "I wouldn't know what trick to show you. I do know a few--" Presumably not good for parties? Hence. "I might be convinced for a birthday. Rohan-- you know what I want." It's almost a threat, if she weren't still smirking just so, and her voice a playful, purring tune.

After she takes care of Rosalie's, Tiffany cuts into her own. "Well, promise you'll be kind when you try mine. It's my first time making one." She makes quick work of cutting enough slices before moving on to whatever other fruit pie might still need it.

"I--" Richard's gaze flits around, and he looks just mildly self-conscious. "Yeah, you did. It was really good. Pot pie's great." He is profoundly eloquent. To Huruma, he says, "It's Jeremy's birthday." That's a birthday!

Rohan leans further back in his chair, putting his arms behind his head. "I know you want me, Hu," he says, with a long dramatic sigh. "But, as I said, back on that twilit night in Delhi, it just wasn't meant to be, love." He puts his head back, looking up at the ceiling. "Although I suppose you could just have my meat instead."

"Oh my god," says Ciel, and sits back hard in her seat.

"Hey, I will give all props to anyone who tries to bake," Kade says to Tiffany. "It was better than I could manage." He returns to his chair once he's wrangled some pie. Eating alternating bites of cherry and chocolate. Finally just stirring them together with his fork, in a tasty mash. Rohan and Huruma's exchange gets a chuckle.

"Pretty sure he's got little enough to do with it," Vega suggests in an undertone to Ciel. She will be here, drinking her beer.

"That's not what you said in Calcutta." Huruma shakes her head once, tutting. "I'll take what I can get."

Oh, was he not supposed to acknowledge cooking for Richard in front of other people? Oops. Jeremy reacts with a little shruggy slouch, sinking deeper into the back of his chair once he has finished slicing into his French silk pie. "Uhh, yeah, okay," he says. His eyebrows go up with the slant of his gaze across Huruma and Rohan, but he doesn't apparently have anything to add.

Ciel shoots Vega a glance that's all agreement before she distracts herself with another portal, short-cutting to the pie involving the most chocolate. She's a bite in before she notices Kade's mash, and she gives him a sidelong, disapproving glance and intones, "Gross, Emb."

The portal usage continues to be watched with interest as Vega's sweet reveals itself to be very pink on the insides. Licking a messy finger, she shakes her head at Kade's mash. "That was mean to those perfectly accpetable pies."

Nodding graciously to Kade, Tiffany can't help but throwing Richard a disappointedly little pout. She uses a napkin clean off Huruma's knife and returns it to the woman from across the table in the same way it was handed to her. See? She even gave it back, everyone.

"Pretty sure I was drunk in Calcutta," says Rohan with a laugh. "It's the only way to explain Calcutta." He reaches out to nudge his steak and kidney pie closer to Huruma. He glances at Ciel at her exclamation with a faint frown, and then looks away, his determined merriment dissolving for the moment.

Irene keeps a lot of comments to herself while she finishes her mooncake and then starts working on her beer. Just. Nope. "Convenient," she murmurs of Ciel's portal usage, then turns her head to eye Kade's pie mash. "I guess you're not one of those people who can't let their food touch," she remarks, dryly.

"I think by 'gross' what you mean is 'awesome'," Kade declares. Before devouring some chocolate/cherry mix. "Should try it. It'll change your /life/." Well, maybe not, but it's a quick way to ingest a bunch of sugar at once. He might shift a glance between Ciel and Rohan. Just might. But mainly he eats pie and sips on his beer. "I am in need of another drink pretty soon. Anybody else want something when I head back to the bar?"

Ciel is avoiding glances, not so much out of spite as out of a general attempt to keep things pleasant. So far as things go. She slides her fork into her pie and gives Kade a very firm shake of her head as she says, "Absolutely /not/," and then in almost the same breath, "Yes, please!"

When she draws the savory pie nearer to her, Huruma passes Jeremy a somewhat sheepish smile and accompanying puff of a laugh. She helps herself to a slightly larger piece before Tiffany cleans her knife and passes it back. "Thank you." Huruma takes it in hand, gives it a cursory inspection, and finding nothing lacking, slips her skirt back up to sheath it, eyes coasting over Tiffany.

"No. I feel like she was right the first time," Vega says with a calculating look at that sad pie. It ruined all of the pretty. She takes a sip of her, still rather full, beer and shakes her head at Kade. No thanks. "How's the chocolate?" She wonders to Ciel.

Richard can't help the twinge of guilt in his glance when he Jeremy reacts to him; he sinks a little down in his seat, too. He looks back at Rohan. "Are we gonna cross-contaminate sweet and savory if I try to get a slice of that?" he wonders.

"There is no way that life change would be for the better," Irene says, deeply skeptical of Kade's Pie Mash.

"It's good," Ciel answers Vega. After a beat, she flips a portal open between the two of them and stretches her plate over, offering, "Want to try a bite?" Her smile flashes quick and agreeing at Irene.

"You can do what you like, mate," Rohan assures Richard. "There are no pie rules. None that I've made, at least." He unfolds himself from his chair. "I think I need a drink."

The sudden appearance of a portal in front of her causes Vega's brows to lift at the glow. She flashes Ciel a slow smile. "Yeah. Thanks." Her purloined fork from earlier comes in hand as she snags a bite. A satisfied note escapes her as she pops it in her mouth. "That /is/ good. You might want to try the mooncakes," she suggests, holding up the golden shelled sweet. "Far right is strawberry, middle is melon, and left is nutty. Kind of similar to a pecan pie but more nuts."

Tiffany meets Huruma's gaze and appears to continue watching the woman's face even as she replaces the knife. So, when Huruma looks back to her, Tiffany is still ready to make eye contact. She only breaks it to step over to get herself a utensil and plate, content to drift around in the background for a moment.

"Huh," Irene says and then advises Ciel, "I definitely recommend the melon."

Kade orders another beer for himself once he's at the bar. And one for Ciel, since she asked. It's not terribly long before those are delivered. It's a weeknight and the Pi Birthday has kind of taken over the Pony. Nobody's getting stabbed yet, so this probably isn't going to cause any complaints from the staff. The drinks are taken back in the general vicinity of the group table, though he just kind of waggles the beer at Ciel without delivering it. Maybe he's trying to tempt her to portal-grab it.

"Melon it is," Ciel says, grabbing at one before she blinks her portal out and gives Irene a quick smile. She follows it with a lift of her brows at Kade, all 'seriously?' as she jabs her fork into pie.

Jeremy has gathered himself up a sizeable helping of various pie offerings and slouched back into the seat again with his fork as he complacently eats his way through several bites with democratic ease. He says, "I feel like there must be a perfect drink to match with pie but I don't know what it is."

"You like anything melon flavored," Vega notes to Irene with a curve of a smile. She polishes off the last of her strawberry cake, licking one of her fingers and looking like a little kid for a moment. "Would you have to base it off the pie?" Is her suggestion at Jeremy's query.

Huruma can stare with the best of them, even multi-tasking during. "Cross-contaminate away." She slides the lone meat pie back into reaching distance, content for now to take some bites of her own once she and Tiffany break eye contact. "I think that depends on the pie." A democratic answer for Jeremy's democratic taste testing.

Richard reaches over to tug the meat pie closer and take whichever knife is available. (He does do his best to wipe it off. We don't need cherry-flavored meat pie.) "I don't know that a drink exists that goes with /all/ of them at once."

"Good point." Jeremy scoops up some apple and eats it. Omnomnom. "Maybe I should have brought more whipped cream..."

Irene smiles briefly back at Ciel, then defends herself in light of Vega's comment. "That is not true. Not /anything/."

Rohan lingers at the bar for a moment, quiet, and then with a few bright smiles tossed at a random pretty passer-by, before he brings himself to return, with a large beer. "I have to admit," he says, "I'm really not hungry."

"I've got to work tomorrow, so I am mostly complimenting with beer tonight," Kade says, in general reply to Jeremy's query about what matches with pie. He continues to waggle one of those beer bottles vaguely in Ciel's direction. Without actually bringing it to her. A kind of insufferable grin coming to his face. Yes, seriously.

Tiffany gets herself a slice of pie and sits down. She makes a weird but still really funny remark.

Ciel answers Kade's insufferableness with a roll of her eyes and a backward lean into her chair, where she focuses pointedly on her melon moon pie. Because she does not /portal/ on /demand/. Or something. She ignores waggling beer bottles to ask Jeremy, "So is this the big celebration, or are you doing something else sometime?"

Huruma manages half the slice before he takes a drink, pointedly looking over at Rohan when he returns because let's face it-- she likes his cooking. It's not a secret. "Four stars, Ainsworth." It's a pretty good compliment. Especially for just a pie. Could be she is starving, though.

Jeremy laughs a little, and raises a forkful of pie as in salute before putting it in his mouth. "How much pie do you think one man can eat?" he asks Ciel with his mouth full.

"Wasn't talking about pie," Ciel says, her eyes all wide and innocent even as her gaze flicks toward Richard.

Rohan assumes an easy smile. "High praise from you, Hu. Since I am now done to two jobs instead of three, I'll spend all my extra time in the kitchen, in pursuit of that elusive fifth star."

Richard, God help him, actually blushes. He finishes his drink.

Kade isn't sitting too far from Ciel, so he /has/ to come within beer-passing distance of her if he wants to rejoin his pie-mash. Which, he does. "Fine, fine, fine," he finally breaks down, and offers it to her before sitting again. He asks /nothing/ about Jeremy's possible post-pie plans. Clearing his throat, and then eating some more.

"Oh, sorry, was that /my/ beer?" Ciel says, giving Kade a somewhat inscrutable look that, after a beat, drifts down to his disgusting pie mash.

Jeremy opens a hand away from his fork. "Pie is pretty much how I celebrate pi day," he says. He carries on in aggressively deliberate innocence, leaving poor Richard to suffer his blushes unaccompanied. "Even when I was a kid birthday cake was mostly pie, so."

Huruma, on the other hand, is never one to let blushing go it alone. She closes her smile around a forkful of pie when poor Richard suffers it, and when he looks her way she just offers a lighting quick wink of one eye. Don't miss it.

"Good job," Irene approves of Ciel not giving in to Kade's insufferableness. "...Pie is nice." That is all she is contributing to /that/ portion of the conversation.

"If it meets with your exacting specifications," Kade replies to Ciel. He tries to match her inscrutable look. But he doesn't really do inscrutable. So he finally just sighs and admits, "You win." Whatever impromptu contest this was, in his brain. To Jeremy he says, "Your name doesn't have some, like, secret math pun hidden in it somewhere, does it? I'm not sure my parents could've resisted if I'd been a Pi Day baby." If anyone is blushing, he does not seem to notice. Or pretends not to.

Ciel starts to look smug. That is to say, she looks smug for about half a second before she's distracted by something behind her eyes, and she mutters a short "Shit," before she stands and shoves her pie in Kade's direction. "Rain check?" she says, leaning in over his shoulder to plant a kiss on his cheek even as he quizzes Jeremy. "I've got a lead. Catch you all later." And that fast, she vanishes.

"In Jeremy Wallace?" Richard says to Kade, looking blank. Then his brow furrows as he tries to figure on out. He asks Jeremy, "What's your middle name?"

"No, I was premature and caught them by surprise," Jeremy says with prompt and easy humor. "It's Theodore. After the president. My momma loved a Roosevelt for some reason."

"Or the chipmunk." Huruma observes while between bites.

"Later," Kade offers to Ciel, smile lingering after her. He will happily drink the beer he procured for her. And eat her abandoned pie. His brow furrows as he tries to find some kind of math joke in 'Theodore,' but he fails. At least he has many drinks and desserts to comfort himself.

"Theodore," Richard echoes, looking thoughtful. Huh. He will just have to ask about that not in this scene because too many people are sleepy now. He will drink and eat pie instead. And take Jeremy home later.

Glancing over at the dessert table, Vega stands to go grab a slice of Jeremy's chocolate pie. And proceeds to snap several pictures of it to obnoxiously send to her nerdier siblings. Then more pie will be eaten. Yay pie.

"Or teddy bears," murmurs Rohan, adding to Theodore reasons.

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