2046-02-29 Proportional

From X-Factor

Date Posted 2016/02/29
Location Avenue B Apartments
Participants Alexandra, Tiffany
Summary Tiffany is moving into Orianne & Moody's. Lexie stops by to invite her to have a threesome. Just another day in the life!
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Like most apartments in Mutant Town, the rent here is far cheaper than similar properties in other sections of Manhattan. This particular building is one of the nicest in the Town, with a number of apartments that look out over the green of Tompkins Square Park. The result is a building with as many non-mutants as mutants occupying the one and two bedroom apartments. The elevator has an unfortunate habit of breaking down, making those apartments on the 7th floor noticeably cheaper than those on the first three; hiking down to the first-floor laundry is distinctly unpleasant in the summer months, when the lack of climate control in the halls and stairwells make the place sweltering, and in the winter months, when the same makes them frigid.

It is a winter evening. The weather is cold and fair.

"We've got to go. I have a client coming over at 7. Can you handle the rest on your own?"

"Do I have a choice?" Tiffany's cool, unenthusiastic voice carries down the length of the hallway as she says her goodbyes to her sister and brother-in-law. With her dark hair up in a small ponytail, the young woman has shed much of the cold-weather layers she'd started her move in. In tight, high-waisted black jeans, a cropped band t-shirt, and no bra, Tiffany wipes at the fresh sheen of sweat that has accumulated over her brow.

After they've gone, she allows herself a moment to recover. Tiredly, she plops down on the last pile of boxes. Her knees buckle inward, knocking against each other. Puckering her lips, Tiffany blows out a slow, steady stream of air.

Clunk clunk. Oftentimes Lexie's journey up and down the stairs is sprightly and energetic, but sometimes she's been out all day doing god knows what for work, and she's exhausted and heavy-footed and CLUNK CLUNK. She drag up to the top floor of the building -- /her/ floor, and fuck the stupid temperamental elevator. Her dark waves are pulled up in a messy twist of a bun on top of her head, and she's tugging at the buttons of her coat to get it open. Seeing Tiffany at the end of her journey is clearly a surprise, by the way she stops and stands there kind of stupidly. "Oh," she says. "Hi."

Tiffany throws back her head on her neck, chest heaving as she breathes out a second time. As she’s greeted, she brings a hand up to fan at her neck. “Oh.” Neither her expression, nor her tone shows any sign of surprise. “Hey.” Her eyes crease only very slightly. Maybe in a smiley way. It’s subtle.

It's possibly Lexie's gaze dips to that ~heaving bosom~ for the briefest of moments. A hand flutters up to her hair, smoothing at the mess with a faint sense of self-consciousness. "You got a nice box fort going on here," she says, lips curving in a tease as she crests the final step.

“Oh, yeah,” Tiffany blinks, looking around at her boxes with mild interest. “Sorry.” She doesn’t sound sorry. “I forgot… there’s like, a tollllll-” with a narrowing of her eyes, Tiffany bites down on her bottom lip, “-nowwww. To get through this hallway.” Her hand flits slowly around to indicate the general hallway area, “It’s basically all controlled by the fort. So.”

"A /toll/," Lexie echoes with a hint of laughter warming her voice. "Gosh. That sounds inconvenient." She sets her hands on her hips, considering the fort and her apartment door beyond. "I /do/ need to get by, you see."

Tiffany brings up both of her hands in a slow, overly embellished shrug. "I don't know what to tell you," she lets her hands fall back lazily to her sides, where they grip the sides of the box she's perched on. "This is an impossible situation." She stretches back her shoulders, letting out a little sound of effort, "Mn."

"I mean, I'm pretty sure I could take you, but I also wouldn't want to hurt that pretty face." Lexie's smile curves a little wider. "What's the toll?"

“I know krav maga,” Tiffany deadpans. She crosses one leg over the other, rolling her little foot around on her ankle, “But since you called me pretty.” Tiffany looks off to the horizon dramatically, “I’ll make this one exception.” Her ponytail bounces around as she snaps her head back around to stare wide-eyed at Lexie, “Don’t tell anyone about this, though. I have a rep to protect.” She pops her lips together audibly on the word ‘rep.’

"Really?" Lexie's brows sweep upwards with surprise and perhaps a touch of disappointment. "Man, I would have milked that for a lot more. Now you'll never know what you could have gotten."

“Fine,” Tiffany coos. Lazily, she unfolds her leg and extends it until the toe of one of her flats presses against the opposite wall. The barrier is not so much to keep Lexie from passing so much as… showcasing Tiffany’s legs. “Whatchu you got?” She nudges her chin at Lexie’s coat, “That looks like it has a lot of pockets.”

Alexandra considers. She tips her head and thinks about what possessions of worth she has on her person. Then she smirks. She pulls up something on her Eye, invisible to Tiffany until she tosses an image her way over their connection. It's a picture of Maxim. Shirtless. The photo looks candid, Maxim glancing away and caught in profile, but it's got a great view of his bare, cut torso and muscled arms. Nothing below the belt, but she can't pull out all the stops to start.

Receiving the photo, Tiffany lets her foot slide back down the wall and thump to the floor. “Hey.” She brings up a hand, spreading her finger and thumb as she zooms in, “I know him?”

"Sure, weren't you on that road trip job to Colorado?" Lexie sidles closer, grin hooking as Tiffany zooms in.

Stretching her arms again, Tiff brings both hands behind her head to re-do her ponytail. "I... was. Actually." Her eyes widen in mild concern at Lexie knowing things about her, but it passes, "You hear about what happened, then?" She moves to make room on the boxes, but doesn't exactly pat the space next to her or anything like that.

"Right, so you met Max, and you're aware of how superhot he is and how amazing a toll I'm giving you by offering to share him." Lexie waggles her brows. It's not the sexiest proposition. She looks a little off-balance with Tiffany following the Colorado thread of conversation rather than the clear threesome highway Lexie's trying to pave.

Tiffany eyes widen, again. This time, they stay that way. She just stares up at Lexie, unblinking. "Wait, to like... move these boxes?" Her voice goes up in pitch.




"I mean, he /could/, and he probably would, because he's like sickeningly helpful and moving boxes it's as easy for him as, like -- brushing his teeth or whatever." Lexie flaps a hand. There's a thread of panic, barely detectable, as Tiffany starts to react. "But I was -- you know. Offering. Other things." Casually. Super casually. Oh no abort abort.

"Yeah, I've used him to deflect boulders before," Tiffany croaks, offering another example of Max's helpfulness. She lets Lexie hang there for a moment as she tilts her head and watches the other woman. "I was actually wondering. Is his dick like big as the rest of him?" Tiffany's hands snake down between her legs and she pulls her thighs closed tightly. Shields up! She gives a closed-mouth smile tinged with an amused sort of fear. "I guess I could just look for myself, but I just got a really exhausting lecture about that specifically."

"Oh, yeah, I'd imagine he'd be good at that," Lexie says airily. A laugh escapes her, all sudden and barked and nervous at Tiffany's question. "Oh my God." Pink actually touches her cheeks. "Listen, it's--" She considers her words. "--proportional. It's sized correctly. You know. I'd show you pics, but I'm pretty sure I've already overpaid this toll." She narrows her eyes on Tiffany. "Hey, no cheating."

Tiffany pants out a breathy laugh to coincide with Lexi's. "Proportional?" She blurts in disbelief, making herself blush a little as well. Laughing again, this time it's a bit more of a flirtatious giggle, "I'm allowed to do whatever I want." With a Cheshire cat grin, Tiffany leans back against the wall. She watches Lexie, still smiling wickedly even while still considering. "I can't tell if you're serious or joking," she finally admits, looking away /almost/ bashfully. She brings her balled hand up to partially cover her mouth.

"What, the whole thing with me asking if you want to join me and my pretty hair and my hot boyfriend in our bed?" Lexie replies innocently, emboldened a little by Tiffany's wicked smiles and almost bashfulness. "That one's serious. Or, well, I'm not the most serious person, but it's an /honest/ offer."

Letting her hand fall just a little bit away, Tiffany presses the tip of her finger to her lip. She taps it in thought. After a pregnant pause, she snakes up onto her feet. “Maybe,” she arches one eyebrow. Everything about her says yes, except that ‘Maybe.’

"Well, you can think about it," Lexie says, all smooth and assured in her offering now that she's sure Tiffany is not, at least, horrified at it. "I won't hold it against you if you say no. Promise." She winks. She actually winks. It's awful.

Tiffany tries not to laugh at the wink but does. ...she wasn't trying that hard. "Uhuh," she saunters away a few steps, hefting up an admittedly very light box of clothes, "You're so smooth, this is going to be so hard to resist."

"I /know/, right?" Lexie agrees with a laugh. "I'm super smooth. Like -- the smoothest. Also I'm fun and hot, so." What she isn't is generous with other people's moving boxes: she watches Tiffany heft hers and makes no move to help.

To be fair, Tiffany would do the same thing if their situations were reversed. ... ...their moving box situations not their... ehem. "Yeah," she looks back over her box to Lexie, pausing in Moody and Orianne's doorway to give the other woman a seductive, /actually/ smooth once-over, "The fun and hot part, I knew."

Lexie's cheeks color pleasantly at Tiffany's once over. "Yeah, well. You're pretty hot yourself." Oh no. She is running out of game quickly.

“/I’m/ gross right now,” Tiffany laughs, “Stop distracting me from moving. Go into your apartment. You paid the stupid toll.” She uh- well, she just walks away. Continuing further into Moody and Orianne’s apartment, she winds her way back to her own bedroom before setting down the box. One down. How many more to go?

"Grossly /hot/," Lexie says, all solemn and dedicated to her chosen course. She hooks a grin at Tiffany's back and then lets herself into her apartment. Doot doot. Dooooooot. Bye.

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