2046-02-24 Unlucky Idealism

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Unlucky Idealism
Date Posted 2016/02/24
Location X Factor Lounge
Participants Raquel, Mikhail
Summary Raquel and Mikhail have very different opinions regarding Idealism vs Realism.
Raquel, having tossed her name in the proverbial X-Factor hat, has been hanging around the offices in the hope of getting a bit of this 'interesting' work she's heard so much about from others associated with X-Factor.

To that end, Raquel sits in the Lounge on one of the couches as she explores what channels the holoprojector has available. She's rather interested in the offering of UK channels- the current program sitting on some kind of a panel show offering up 'interesting' bits of information as told by various celebrities from the UK. Her focus seems pretty locked on despite her leaning back and just enjoying the comfortable surroundings.

Mikhail enters with a gust of cold air that clings through him even through the reception area. Snowflakes are still settled on his dark jacket and the red of his scarf; they're just now considering the possibility of melting. He's carrying a large pizza balanced on one hand and tugging his hat off with the other, leaving his hair a shaggy sort of hat-hair mess, which is probably why he's well into the room, squinting at the holoprojector, before he realizes he doesn't know the person on the couch. He blinks at her, startled, and looks instantly a little skittish. "Oh," he says. "Hi."

Raquel smiles brightly, shifting to face Mikhail with that brightness lighting up her face. "Ola!" she offers in her native tongue. "I'm Raquel," she begins. "I'm new here. Though.. I imagine this may be obvious." Raquel's accent is pure Brazil- although not so thick as to make it difficult to understand.

Mikhail hovers for a moment, snow melting on his coat, pizza cooling rapidly in its box. He gives Raquel an uncertain look, then works out a smile as he finally turns toward the small table in the back to deposit his pizza box. "Da," he agrees, and his own voice is thick with a Russian accent that grows deeper when he's nervous. Which is often. "Hello. You are working for Jeremy?"

"Yes, I only recently signed up, though. I also work at the Sloppy Pony as a bartender." Raquel offers, that smile still not fading. "What's your name?" she asks next, as she watches Mikhail with quiet curiosity. "You work here, too?" she wonders next. "I'm hoping to meet most of the others who work here- if only to get a circle of friends in the neighborhood."

"Mikhail," the boy supplies, busying himself with unwinding his long scarf with several loops. He glances over at Raquel for a moment, taking her in with a quick study. "Da, although. I have not done much. Mostly, I use the holoprojector." He tilts his head toward the thing in indication as his fingers work deftly at the buttons down his coat.

"A pleasure to meet you, Mikhail!" Raquel offers brightly, as she nods towards the holoprojector. "There is something you wanted to watch? I'm really just playing the vegetable and hanging out." she explains, before continuing. "Oh, yes, me neither- I only just moved into Mutant Town in the last few weeks. It is important for us to stick together."

Mikhail shakes his head, mute for a moment as he shrugs his jacket off and drapes it over a chair, and then pries the pizza box open. The pie inside is piled with a variety of vegetables and meats that is very likely overkill, but Mikhail looks enthusiastic as he drops into a chair, folding his long legs beneath the table, and scoops up a piece. "Us?" he says, slanting a glance at Raquel with a furrowed brow.

Raquel nods, "Yeah, mutants. We need to stand together." she says with a youthful idealism obvious with a beaming smile. "We must be unified, together we can make a difference! We can prove to everyone that we're just like any other human being with a little extra. We can make a difference for the better! But, first, *First* we need to stick together." Raquel has a certain pride to her- shoulders straightening as she sits up straight. "Was there something on the projector you wanted to watch?" She asks again.

Mikhail shakes his head again, and behind his first bite of pizza, his eyes have gone wide with disbelief. He swallows, staring across at Raquel, and he's silent for a beat before he says, "But that is not true."

"What's not true?" Raquel asks, looking over to Mikhail now with her own curiosity. "We can do it if we try. I'm sure of it." She seems confused by the statement- looking carefully to Mikhail now.

"We are not just like any other human being," Mikhail says, and his brow draws down as he says it, his gaze darkening slowly. "And we should not all stick together. Some of us are very bad people."

"We are inside. We have the same hopes and dreams and desire for comfort." Raquel replies. "We are different physically, yes." she continues, "And every group has its bad people. The good people need to step up and show everyone that they're good- no?"

"You say 'inside' as if that is all that exists, or all that matters," Mikhail says, and his gaze jerks away from Raquel to focus on his pizza. "It is not. It is not all that matters. It is not even what is most important."

"So.." Raquel says, a bit of a frown darkening her face. "What is the most important, in your opinion?" she asks quietly, studying Mikhail closely now. Curious.

"A normal person," Mikhail says, looking up to Raquel again. "They do not like you. They wish you to die. So they buy a gun, or poison, or a knife, and you can protect against these things. There are laws. There is risk, in being caught, no? But a mutant who wants you to die. They go inside your mind and walk you off a bridge, maybe. They shoot lightening at you from the sky. They hit you and your heart, it explodes inside your chest. They appear inside your room without opening a door." He tilts his head, pausing briefly. "They want it badly enough that a car swerves on the street to avoid a bicycle and hits you on the sidewalk."

Its very clear that Raquel never considered any of that. "You can't be serious. That's *awful*! Why would anyone want that for anyone else? This is why people are scared of us." she replies, a knee-jerk reaction from a young woman who's been painfully sheltered from the real world. "I have to believe that most of us would never do anything like that. That we are better than they say we are- we have to be. We *have* to be."

"We do not have to be," Mikhail says, very, very firm, and in the saying, he wants Raquel to believe it. And Mikhail's wanting is very difficult to resist, threaded through as it is with tendrils of luck that seek any small hole, any opening of doubt, to sink firmly into. "We are not. You must keep your eyes closed to think so."

"I am." Raquel states simply, firmly. "And I refuse to believe otherwise." she says, as she stands up- shaking her head. Anger in her movements, behind those eyes as that once bright smile falls to clear upset. "We have to show people we're better, otherwise they're right. And I don't want to live in a world where I'm dangerous, just because of some genetic lottery! I want a world that's fair to everyone." Perhaps Mikhail hit a chink in the girl's idealism- touching on an unspoken fear. "I can't believe that, I refuse to think that!" her fists balled, her shoulders rising and falling- her face, red.

"The world you want to live in," Mikhail says, abruptly bitter. The emotion rises swiftly to anger, cutting so deep that he does not even reach for a second piece of pizza. Raquel does not know him, and so she does not recognize just how significant this is. But it's definitely significant. "The world you want to live in," he says again, louder, finding his feet, "has nothing to do with the world you /do/ live in."

"It has *everything* to do with the world I live in!" Raquel replies with a shout. "The world I want to live in is a better world than the one we're in now, Mikhail. I want that world to be real, I want to make it real. And.. maybe.. Maybe I can't do it- but if I don't try? If I just *accept* the hand I'm dealt? I can't accept it. I won't. I refuse! I will fight to make the world I live in more like the world I want to live in... and maybe I'll fuck it up, and fail. But, at least I'll be able to say I tried. At least I can say this thing." Her accent grows thicker as she grows more upset.

"You can say whatever you want," Mikhail says, slamming the pizza box closed. "It does not make it true." On goes his jacket, with quick, violent movements. He does not bother to do up the buttons before jerking his scarf into place around his neck.

"No. I am the one who makes it true." Raquel replies simply, as she watches him stand, crossing arms over her chest as she just stares at Mikhail with quiet dislike. "I will make the world better for mutants. You will see." she states, voice cracking a bit as if she's not fully certain of that 'fact'. Mikhail says nothing in answer to this, but his jaw has gone very hard, and that desire that snakes out to find holes in the world to bend to its whim goes vindictive. Conscious or not, the universe is conspiring to make Raquel trip and fall flat on her face as Mikhail scoops up his pizza and stalks out.

Raquel turns away from Mikhail, setting to return to her seat on the sofa. She makes a hop, as if to jump onto the sofa and fall into place. However, her foot catches against her own leg and that hop becomes a tumble that has Raquel hitting the floor with a loud, yelp of pain- her forehead striking the edge of the sofa- its sure to leave a nasty bruise. What comes next is a long string of profanity in Portuguese.

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