2046-02-24 Stakeout

From X-Factor

Date Posted 2016/02/24
Location Comm Network
Participants Ciel, Kade
Summary Ciel tries to give Kade a heart attack.
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{From Ciel to Kade} Just had a beer with your ex.

{From Kade to Ciel} Hey baby

{From Kade to Ciel} what?

{From Ciel to Kade} Beer. Sierra.

{From Kade to Ciel} oh

{From Kade to Ciel} that sounds

{From Kade to Ciel} fun

{From Ciel to Kade} Super fun

{From Kade to Ciel} oh god

{From Kade to Ciel} what happened did anyone die?

{From Kade to Ciel} (maybelol)

{From Ciel to Kade} y

{From Ciel to Kade} I'm dead

{From Ciel to Kade} Ghost of Ciel

{From Ciel to Kade} Comms from the beyond.

{From Kade to Ciel} It's sweet of you to text me from beyond the grave

{From Ciel to Kade} do my best to be sweet, bb

{From Ciel to Kade} no it was fine

{From Ciel to Kade} sorry couldn't resist freaking you out a little

{From Kade to Ciel} i wasn't freaked out!

{From Ciel to Kade} she was civil. i was civil. she comp'd my beer

{From Ciel to Kade} really?

{From Ciel to Kade} damn. I'll try harder next time

{From Kade to Ciel} Of course not!

{From Kade to Ciel} well, maybe a little

{From Ciel to Kade} are you telling me you don't think i'd start swinging in your defense?

{From Ciel to Kade} oh good

{From Kade to Ciel} You could take her, baby

{From Kade to Ciel} If that happens, though, call me before it goes down

{From Kade to Ciel} I might want to watch, is what I'm saying

{From Ciel to Kade} i walked right into that one.

{From Kade to Ciel} hahaha

{From Ciel to Kade} now i'm sitting on a fire escape waiting for some asshole to stick his dick in a girl he's not married to so i can get the shot and go home.

{From Ciel to Kade} makes me miss you

{From Kade to Ciel} idk whether that's sweet or not

{From Kade to Ciel} I miss you too, tho. you should come over when he's done

{From Ciel to Kade} it's really cold

{From Kade to Ciel} you know

{From Ciel to Kade} so not that sweet

{From Kade to Ciel} have i told you

{From Kade to Ciel} I'm very warm

{From Ciel to Kade} you don't say

{From Ciel to Kade} too damn bad you're not on this fire escape

{From Kade to Ciel} hopefully he's the type who finishes fast

{From Ciel to Kade} don't need him to finish, just need him to fucking start

{From Ciel to Kade} fucking

{From Kade to Ciel} fingers crossed

{From Ciel to Kade} they're eating pizza

{From Ciel to Kade} who does that

{From Ciel to Kade} booty call your mistress, order pizza

{From Kade to Ciel} They do it in porn sometimes, but I thought that was just so it seemed like there was a plot

{From Ciel to Kade} it doesn't even look like GOOD pizza

{From Ciel to Kade} i think the box is ginos

{From Kade to Ciel} Well, this guy's obviously a heel

{From Kade to Ciel} Can't expect the good stuff

{From Ciel to Kade} and yet she sticks around

{From Ciel to Kade} must be insane in the sack or something

{From Kade to Ciel} you think she knows about the wife?

{From Ciel to Kade} no idea. probably?

{From Ciel to Kade} he took the ring off, but they're eating pizza in a hotel.

{From Ciel to Kade} you think she gets off on it?

{From Kade to Ciel} maybe she doesn't know, thinks he travels on business or something

{From Ciel to Kade} maybe

{From Ciel to Kade} in which case he really /must/ be great in bed

{From Ciel to Kade} or maybe not, they're still eating pizza

{From Kade to Ciel} come on, dude!

{From Ciel to Kade} oh my god they just put a movie on

{From Ciel to Kade} i think they're /snuggling/

{From Kade to Ciel} ugh

{From Kade to Ciel} maybe it's porn?

{From Ciel to Kade} img234.jpg

{From Ciel to Kade} romcom

{From Ciel to Kade} they're snuggling and eating pizza and watching a romcom

{From Kade to Ciel} this is not what adultery looks like in the movies

{From Ciel to Kade} or in the photographs that get his wife the alimony she wants in the divorce

{From Kade to Ciel} He paid for the room. He's not going to spend the whole night snuggling

{From Ciel to Kade} just the next hour

{From Kade to Ciel} He IS a guy

{From Ciel to Kade} shit. two hours and twenty minutes.

{From Kade to Ciel} oy

{From Ciel to Kade} how fucking long does it take to meet cute, fuck, break up, and then reunite?

{From Kade to Ciel} you have to leave time for the contrived misunderstandings

{From Kade to Ciel} And at least one best friend subplot

{From Ciel to Kade} my ass is going numb

{From Kade to Ciel} oh baby

{From Kade to Ciel} I'm just going to imagine that's sexy even tho it's probably not

{From Ciel to Kade} your idea of sexy

{From Ciel to Kade} is worrying me a little right now

{From Kade to Ciel} I'm getting over my fear of the image of you and my ex wife

{From Kade to Ciel} seriously what'd she say about me none of it's true

{From Kade to Ciel} I mean, some of it's debateable

{From Ciel to Kade} she said the same thing

{From Ciel to Kade} also that you'd mentioned we were dating

{From Kade to Ciel} Actually, my kid narc'd on me to her

{From Kade to Ciel} but I confirmed

{From Ciel to Kade} you know it was sweeter before that correction

{From Kade to Ciel} oh

{From Kade to Ciel} oops

{From Ciel to Kade} no no, keep goign

{From Ciel to Kade} i will keep myself warm with your almost sweet nothings while this asshole /strokes her hair/.

{From Kade to Ciel} roses are red

{From Kade to Ciel} violets are blue

{From Kade to Ciel} dammit

{From Kade to Ciel} I'm not actually a poet

{From Ciel to Kade} i was breatless with anticipation

{From Ciel to Kade} and you only got two lines in

{From Ciel to Kade} you are on a roll

{From Kade to Ciel} my ex wife will tell you, I occasionally disappoint

{From Ciel to Kade} she did not in fact tell me

{From Kade to Ciel} huh

{From Ciel to Kade} which i admit kind of surprised me

{From Kade to Ciel} Maybe you caught her on a good day.

{From Ciel to Kade} idk what i expected

{From Ciel to Kade} maybe

{From Kade to Ciel} I think she's nicer to other people than she is to me

{From Kade to Ciel} which is probably mutual

{From Ciel to Kade} well

{From Ciel to Kade} exes

{From Kade to Ciel} that is the truth right there

{From Ciel to Kade} now there's a backrub

{From Ciel to Kade} that's probably foreplay, right?

{From Kade to Ciel} god I hope so. I'm getting lonely

{From Ciel to Kade} i can send this guy to your place when he's done

{From Ciel to Kade} apparently he's good at this

{From Ciel to Kade} she looks very happy

{From Ciel to Kade} and fully clothed

{From Kade to Ciel} I suspect he's not my type.

{From Kade to Ciel} I never much liked romcoms

{From Ciel to Kade} so if i bring over pizza and snuggles

{From Ciel to Kade} you won't watch this terrible movie with me?

{From Kade to Ciel} lol you really want to watch it?

{From Ciel to Kade} it's either terrible or wonderful i can't tell

{From Kade to Ciel} I'm kind of tempted now

{From Kade to Ciel} I got the title off your pic. I can download a rental stream

{From Ciel to Kade} seriously?

{From Ciel to Kade} YES. HE IS KISSING HER NECK.

{From Kade to Ciel} GO BOY GO

{From Ciel to Kade} I SEE BRA.

{From Ciel to Kade} order pizza. i'll pick it up on the way.

{From Ciel to Kade} if they take more than fifteen to get naked

{From Ciel to Kade} i will go in there myself.

{From Kade to Ciel} ok, movie's downloaded. this intro poster has some seriously bad Fake New York in the background

{From Ciel to Kade} if you are going to pick on it i'm not going to watch it with you!

{From Kade to Ciel} You damn well better. I am not watching this by myself and I've paid for it now

{From Kade to Ciel} We're committed

{From Ciel to Kade} no nitpicking!

{From Ciel to Kade} and no mocking sweet moments

{From Ciel to Kade} and no making weird noises when kissing starts

{From Kade to Ciel} Can I at least maybe get to second base before the end credits?

{From Kade to Ciel} third, maybe, it's a long movie

{From Ciel to Kade} we'll see how good you are

{From Ciel to Kade} BOOM. Naked.

{From Kade to Ciel} BOOM

{From Ciel to Kade} be there in ten.

{From Kade to Ciel} Sure you want pizza after watching this guy's action? I could do chinese or thai instead

{From Ciel to Kade} i want pizza so bad i can practically taste it.

{From Ciel to Kade} order me amazing pizza and i will promise third base

{From Kade to Ciel} done!!!

{From Ciel to Kade} you're so hot baby

{From Ciel to Kade} on my way.

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