2046-02-22 Hooking Is So Passe

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Hooking Is So Passe
Date Posted 2016/02/22
Location Offices - X-Factor Solutions
Participants Tiffany, Moody
Summary Fortune cookies, Richard's dick, and roommate invitations.
It's not unusual for X-Factor types to hang out in the office lounge, since it's got a nice(ish) holo system that can occasionally be used for things like sporting events or movie marathons. The doors to the lounge are open and there's noise from inside, some kind of ad playing over a stream, and Moody pops out -- by walking, oddly -- when she thinks she hears the door open, holding a red patent leather coin purse and the hopeful expression of someone waiting for a delivery.

"Hello," Tiffany says abruptly, widening her eyes and turning her face to the side at her welcome party. She slows to a stop not a foot inside the door, "Are you ...stopping me from coming in?" The question comes to mind gradually, before she gets a little defensive, "Am I fired just because I saw Richard's dick?" Tiffany throws up both of her hands very indignantly, "This is bullshit."

"Wait, what?" Moody blinks rapidly. "Uh. I thought you were my kung pao chicken, actually. You saw Richard's dick?" She squints a little. "That seems...oddly out of character for what I know of him. Unless there was some kind of wardrobe malfunction, but still, I don't think they'd fire you for that..."

Tiffany relaxes, crossing her arms over her chest, "Oh." ... She lets the revelation of her immediate maybe-job security sink in and as it does, a tiny smirk presses against her lips. "Do you wanna like, hear about it?"

"That seems like an invasion of privacy, actually, so -- not really? But you can tell me alllll about your mission, because Sumit told me you guys fought Revelation and that is /messed up/. Also -- oh, there's my dinner," Moody bounces over to the door and pays the delivery kid in an assortment of rumbled small bills, counting out each one (and a tip) carefully.

"Lame, true," Tiffany ughs, rolling her eyes. She side-steps out of Moody's way as the other woman bounds after her food. "Yeah, we did. It was kindof scary, actually," she says, likely over Moody's counting.

"I respect consent and privacy, because I'm a teleporter and otherwise I could go through people's stuff all the time without asking." Moody winks at the delivery boy as he leaves and then cradles her dinner like it was made of gold. "Also because people always suspect that I'm going through their stuff without asking otherwise and that makes everything harder. Anyway, I'd hate it if someone perved on me naked." She pauses, tilting her head, "Well, if I didn't agree to it first. So what was it like? J said Rogue wasn't there, but still, god. That had to be freaky as hell."

"I just wanted to warn him about something and I didn't want to make two trips," Tiffany explains dryly. She's -just- LAZY.

"Well, they have a teleporter," Tiffany starts, "They were actually really polite. Or would have been if they weren't so misogynistic. Teleported Rosalie and I out of the fight like what, we can't fight?" ... "I mean and the terrorist thing sucks, too."

"Ugh. I'm offended on a professional level, but." Moody bites her lip. "I mean, aside from the terrorist thing, I kind of get why they're mad. We get treated pretty badly. But you know what the Professor always said, about methods and the right thing to do." It was a lot of 'don't be evil', mostly. "It's weird that they'd be misogynistic, since all of their leaders are women. Maybe they got you guys out of the way first because they were more scared of you than the guys."

"To be fair, my first order of business was to scream at the top of my lungs," Tiffany admits, narrowing her eyes, "I don't think they wanted to fight us at all. ...One of them sent Jeremy into pretty bad coughing fit." And then, she points. "A /woman/."

"Jeez." Moody clutches her takeout boxes. "I mean, I don't mind a little risk -- but going up against terrorists? That's kind of outside the usual delivery or bounty job." She takes the fortune cookie out of the delivery bag and eats it first, cracking it open to draw out the paper first. "So what did you need to talk to Richard about? Lord, he's cute. If he and J weren't /totally/ adorable, I would flirt with him constantly."

Tiffany combs a hand through her hair, "When we delivered the package... it was to this really secure goverment building. They even locked us in like, a suite /in the building/ so that we couldn't look around." Blink. "So, I left obviously and looked around. And all these scientists were talking about him like they wanted to put him on a microscope slide and see what's up. Talking about alien shit."

Moody's eyes widen, "Whoa. That is some seriously heavy shit. Did they actually threaten anything, or -- I mean, Richard is super nice, even aside from the whole /you shouldn't experiment on people/ thing."

Tiffany frowns, shaking her head, "His brother stopped them. But he didn't seem surprised to hear about it. At all." Wetting her lips, she follows along with Moody into the lounge to let the other woman eat, "Would've freaked me out." Tiffany crosses her arms, "HEY-do you know what time dilation is?"

Moody crunches her fortune cookie, not looking at the slip of paper, "Well, I mean -- time dilation usually means that time's running more slowly, or differently, than it normally would. Sometimes people use that word when they're talking about the distortions of time in the gravity of a black hole. But I don't know what that'd have to do with Richard or Revelation?"

"Well, Richard is from like... the past," Tiffany hesitates, if only to wrap her mind around it, "Are you seriously not going to read your fortune?" She reaches for the little paper, "Like the 80's? Right?" She shifts her eyes, feeling the need to clarify, "The 1980's."

"Yeah, it's a whole thing. I've been super good and haven't run over to say hi to him back in the past," Moody hands over the paper, "I never read them. I don't believe in fortunes -- the future's completely unsettled and changes constantly. And I'm amazing in bed, so. What else is there to learn?"

"Well, good. He gets really huffy about unexpected visitors," Tiff pants out a little breath of amusement, "Fair enough." She brandishes the fortune in the air, "May /I/?"

"Fine," Moody rolls her eyes a bit, but she smiles when she does it. "Maybe he just gets huffy about visitors who perv on his undoubtedly attractive junk."

"It was foggy, anyway." Tiffany prowls around the lounge. When she's given permission to read Moody's future, she gives a little hop-skip. "Hmm, MMM," Tiff mumbles thoughtfully, "Yeah." She looks over to Moody, as if weighing the validity of her fortune. "Yeah, definitely," she nods.

Moody looks bemused, "I'm super glad that the mass produced paper prediction is that interesting -- but I'm not going to ask." She tilts her head, "So, you still staying with your sister?"

"Good, I'm not going to tell you. It's totally true, too. /Written in stone/," Tiff holds the fortune out of reach, "Yeah. I'm thinking about burning the house down or something. It's the most boring, terrible place on Earth. I think there's some kind of time dilation."

"There are way worst things than boring -- smelly, for one. Loud upstairs neighbors who regularly tapdance and then have noisy sex on the floor." Moody says cheerily. "If you get tired of it, you can always come stay with me and Orianne. Our apartment used to be a two bedroom, but someone subdivided it into four tiny ones instead. Rent's cheap and we can almost always use another roommate."

"You think that, but spend a few months with my Yankee-candle obsessed sister," Tiffany purses her lips, "At least she has a ton of shoes."

"Wait. Whut. Really? That'd be awesome." Tiffany narrows her eyes, "Is this a ploy to learn your fortune? ... Because it was that you enjoy Chinese food."

"That is true, I do love Chinese food," Moody chirps. "Honestly, it's to help split the rent a little more. I hustle with the best of them but until I can get my time traveling under control, my income is variable at best."

"I know what you mean. I'm really starting to consider using my powers for Evil," Tiffany jokes dryly, "Maybe blackmailing some billionaires." Monotone: "I'm excited. I'm gonna go- leave a note for Jer apologizing about the dick thing, but I'll be right back down."

Tiffany motions over her shoulder, smiling just a little before turning on her heel to slip up the stairs towards the offices.

"Probably better than what I came up with. Hooking is so passe," Moody answers, starting to unpack her dinner in the meantime.

"You'd be so cute in fishnets and stilettos!" Tiffany screams across their work place. Her proclamation echoes up and down the stairs. What? It's true.

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