2046-02-22 Hey Gorgeous

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2046-02-22 Hey Gorgeous
Date Posted 2016/02/22
Location Rohan and Sumit's Apartment - Avenue B Apartments
Participants Rohan, Sumit
Summary Quiet domesticity. Curry. Kitten.
This apartment sits in a corner and that is perhaps why it seems a touch larger than the average Mutant Town apartment of its ilk. Some of that extra space appears to have gone to making a kitchen that is larger than the norm for the area and which might, indeed, be almost functional to cook in. It's possible, also, that some of the feeling of (slightly) greater airiness comes from the fact the place is very bare, as if it is occupied by people who do not particularly care about decor, or, for that matter, furniture.

Otherwise than the size, it is an unremarkable apartment. The walls are painted a dreary shade of grey-yellow, there are two bedrooms of roughly equal size, and a narrow bathroom. A L-shaped common area around the kitchen serves as living room/dining room. The distinction between the two would probably be clearer if the occupants believed in furniture.

At certain times of day, light spills through the windows and illuminates the whole apartment. It just makes it all the more obvious how shabby and bare it is.

It is a winter evening. The weather is cold and flurrying.

Having worked the lunch shift at teh greek place, Sumit is back in the flat by mid-afternoon and working on ways to entertain himself. Which, in this instance, is more cooking. WIth the aid of the cat (for certain values of aid). It's readilly apparent though that not all has gone to plan, for the oven dish is sat on the cooling rack with contents that smell somewhat unmistakenly of burnt carbon. Not looking entirely impressed with the situation he's working on the washing up, and stopping the cat from scavenging. THis may be why the cat has some soap suds in her fur.

Rohan arrives with a whiff of outside air, and a large package under his arm. The kitten bounces over to greet him, because kittens are made of springs. Rohan leans down to pet her, squints, and looks to Sumit. "Have you been trying to bathe the cat?"

Sumit glances over to the door as it opens, and gives Rohan a brief nod as the other man enters. An eyebrow is raised at the question then he shakes his head. "Nah, she was trying to get at teh curry, so I had to keep lifting her down." Pausing in the washing up and drying his hands off he turns to lean against the side. "You had any trouble with the overn of late by the way? I think it's running hot."

"It did burn a steak and kidney pie I cooked while you were gone," says Rohan easily, settling on the floor with his package and the cat. He tries to flick the soap suds out of Holly's fur. He adds, without waiting for the questions, "Sometimes I feel like other food, all right? I apparently can only live so long on curry."

Sumit frowns faintly at Rohan's answer, then at the oven, before apparently accepting the answer and moving on. "Well, you are only /half/ Indian," he retorts with a slowly spreading grin, "I suppose it's unfair of me to hold you to the highest of standards." Moving away from the kitchen area he then asks, "anything of interest happen while I was gone? We ha a few adventures of our own, but I'm guesing you've heard about them by now?"

"Yes," says Rohan, setting to work opening his package. "I heard. Moody popped in fill me in." He eyes his roommate, and adds, "You know. When you're not comming me with 'hey gorgeous.'"

Sumit eyes the parcel with mild curiosity then grins again. "You saying you're not gorgeous? You don't think I moved in with you purely for your sprakling whit do you?" he teases gently. Then, more seriously, "she tell you everything? About the trouble we got into?"

"It is true that I am very decorative," says Rohan, with one hand on his chest. "Why, I used to get offers to model all the time. You know--model. Or." Waggle of his brows. "'Model.'" The package contains, of all things, a pair of riding boots, which he considers critically, before replying quietly, "Yeah, she did."

Sumit recoils in mock disgust at that final 'model' then quips back, "whatever pays the rest gorgeous, just keep it down if I'm in okay?" A nod is given as his question is answered and then plonks himself down on a seat. "It's just as cold all over this continent," he notes almost sadly, "had been hoping to find some warmth somewhere, but alas not. Also, diner food is terrible, unless you just like eating grease for five days."

"What, the romantic American highway with all its exotic highways not so romantic after all?" Rohan raises an eyebrow. "I was going to ask," he adds, fingering the leather of one of the boots. "Your Greek place still hiring? The Chinese place's been a bit of a nightmare since--" His mouth twists. "Since I got myself concussed and couldn't work for a few days. It's apparently one of the places--and there's a bunch of them in New York--where they run on taking advantage of us illegal immigrants and they get a bit nasty when crossed."

"Told you to stay clear fo the Chinks," Sumit replies, although he leaves the 'told you so' at that. "To be honest I don't know, but I'll ask. Might only be waitering until there's a kitchen spot but I'll do what I can to put a good word in." Then he tilts his head faintly towards Rohan and asks, "you got yourself concussed? That the fight at 18th street? I heard it was a corker."

Emotions flicker across Rohan's face--there's pain there, and ruefulness, and also a touch of embarrassment. "Yeah," he said. "That time I spent lying around the apartment without my Eyes in. All better now, but apparently the boss holds a grudge." He holds up one of his boots. "I'm moonlighting as a groom, but not enough money there for full time."

Sumit nods his silent understanding, not pushing the point further now it's been cleared up. "You thought about finding a garage to fix bikes?" he asks, speculating rather than putting forth immediately serious ideas, "or if Amborse isn't hiring then there might be bar tending at the Pony?"

"The Pony," echoes Rohan in the glummest tones, his face reflecting his lack of enthusiasm. He sighs. "Well, there's always other restaurants, too. I'm not sure I'm that good at fixing bikes that aren't mine. I'll take a look around."

"I'll ask," Sumit replies, "worst case I can make sure your name is top of the list next time he's looking, but I'll try and get something now." A pause and a faint grin, "that is, if you think you can cope to work with me, as well as share this place." That said he pushes himself to his feet and moves back towards the kitchen area, "anyway, since the cutty is charred, what do you want for dinner?"

"Thanks, mate," says Rohan. "it helps." His mouth twists. "Although my job annoyance is nothing compared to being faced with Revelation." His voice is a bit rueful. "Check the freezer. I think there's probably at least three kinds of curry in there, if we can wait for it to defrost."

"Only three," Sumit calls back, "we're slipping. Shame there's no decent place round here to get fresh shark, that'd be a nice change for the fourth." Crouching down to examine the depths of the freezer he pulls out two tubs and sets them on the side. "Right, I think ones that madrass from a couple of weeks back, not sure on teh other, but I guess we'll find out soon enough. I'll put the rice on later."

"There's a fish market the Chinese restaurant used to send me to at hell no o'clock," says Rohan thoughtfully. "I don't think they had shark, but could ask next time." He nods, picking up the kitten to pet her, and settles in to wait for dinner.

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