2046-02-21 Impromptu

From X-Factor

Date Posted 2016/02/23
Location Lounge - X-Factor Solutions
Participants Sumit, Harper, Huruma, Alexandra, Mikhail, Donny, Kade
Summary An influx of people hit the X-Factor Lounge.
The lounge is the one place in X-Factor that shows some signs of personality, and as such, it's far more comfortable than either the sterile neatness of the front entrance or the sleek tech of the conference room.

One wall has been painted kelly green, a color which sets off the less-exciting black of the refrigerator, cabinets, and microwave that make up the tiny kitchenette area. Another wall has already earned some graffiti. It's become common for new employees to leave a signature of sorts, scrawled somewhere on the wall in varied-colored marker. They range from literal signatures to symbols and pictures depicting mutations or call signs or some other mysterious image. They appear to be getting more elaborate as time goes on.

One wall has been kept clear for a holoprojector that can be configured for use with any number of technologies, though its most common use is as a television. A pair of couches long-since worn down into narcoleptic comfort flank it, and a single wingchair sits opposite the coffee table set between. Behind the comfortable cluster, a small round table can seat four, and next to it a staircase leads up into the offices.

The holoprojector now turns on with a whistle (intentional or unintentional.) It also gets UK channels.

(Set by Vega on Sat, Feb 20.)

Mikhail has an apartment now, all to himself. In theory, this should mean that he has no need to take over the X-Factor lounge. On the other hand, his apartment is small and lonely, and his television is nowhere near the quality of the lounge's holoprojector. Which is what puts Mikhail on a couch, with an entire large pizza (half-eaten) on the coffee table next to him, and an action movie blaring entirely too loud. It's hard to miss.

Sumit has been working extra shifts at the greek restaurant to make up for those lost due to the recent road trip to Colarado, and having just finished one of said shifts he's stopped off on the way home to use the gym at X-Factor. It might not be the greatest of facilities, but at least it's local, and free. The noise from te lounge attracts his attention though and he sticks his head in there instead, giving Mikhail a quick nod as he notices the youngster. "Been on long?" he asks as he eyes the screen, wincing slightly as some poor extra holds their gun entirely wrong, although he doesn't wait for an answer beofre ditiching his bag in the corner and making to slouch on the other settee.

"Ohmygod is that still hot?" Lexie has peeked her head around the doorway and is eyeing that pizza with considerable interest. "Maybe we should order more. In case that's not hot. And I want to eat more than half a pizza."

Mikhail startles at Sumit's voice, and he straightens, twisting around to look over at the entering man. "Da," he says after half a beat. "It is-- halfway, I think? I am not sure." He gives Sumit an apologetic smile that lingers exactly as long as it takes for Lexie to enter, at which point his entire expression lights up. Super subtle. He swings his legs to the floor, sitting rather than stretching out, and waves a hand at her in invitation. Not at Sumit, mind. Just at Lexie. "It is still hot," he agrees. "But I can order more. What would you like?" After a brief beat, his gaze lifts to Sumit. Oh yeah. Maybe he should ask him, too.

As Huruma makes her way closer to the X-Factor building, it is hard to mistake the slight gaggle of emotions, or the sound of gunfire from speakers. It's the latter that has her more curious, however. When she slips in the front door from the overcast winter air, she carries it along on her coat as she moves inside further. Her dark voice comes just when the firefight on the movie crawls slow. "What is all of that noise? I can hear it from the street."

Into the lounge comes Harper, a trilby hat in hand which he hangs from a hook on the wall, wether the hook was intended for a hat or not is of little consequence to the man. He might be a familiar face, tending bar about Mutant Town, and elsewhere over the past few years, but a more recent addition to the X-Force agency. He casts a glance to the pizza, then to the movie being played, and finally across the assorted people scattered about the lounge.

Alexandra smiles sunnily as Mikhail straightens up to make room for her. And offers her pizza. She strides inside and flops down on the sofa next to him, albeit with a bit of space between them. "Aaaahm. I dunno, the works? I'll eat literally anything if you put it on a pizza." She looks over at Huruma and then Harper. "I know you!" she declares, like someone who has seen his face but not known his name.

Sumit waves a hand at Mikhail to indicate that he doens't want pizza, noting cheerfully, "I ate at work, thanks though." Truth be told he's on a 'real food' binge at the monet, to make up for the rest stop and motel food of the past week, however tempting that pizza does smell. Lifting his eyes to the door as Huruma arrives he gives her a smile and a cheery, "hey Creeps," before giving Harper a nod. He has no name to put to it, but yes, the face is familiar. Giving up half of his so recently claimed terretory on the settee he then turns back to Mikhail, "is this the one with the submarine at the start, or am I thinking os the sequal?"

"Hello, Sumit." Huruma feels the presence in her wake, turning her head to look down over her shoulder at Harper as he sidles into the lounge. She raises a brow at Lexie, and something faintly discerning sits in her own gaze when she turns it back to Harper. He is familiar, yes-- it could be that she is trying to place him, full lips pursing.

"Sorry," Mikhail answers Huruma, ducking his head a little as his cheeks warm. He swiftly makes an adjustment on his Eyes, edging the volume down as his gaze sweeps past the entering crowd. There's no familiarity in /his/ eyes for Harper, but then, he's relatively new to Mutant Town himself. For a beat he loses track of people and questions, and ends up simply asking, loudly, "Who wants pizza?"

Harper brings a hand up to run through the hair that would be his mohawk, if it were up, "I'm sure I don't exactly blend in around these parts." He says with a smile towards Alexandra, "Name's Harper, Miles Harper." He introduces to Alex, and anyone else who might be listening. He makes his way over towards one of the cabinets, pulling out a puke green plate with white marbling on it. The pinnacle of ugliness in the 70's, and only made worse with modernization, cheap pressed plastics, and age. He makes his way over towards the cluster of couches, and moving to take a seat wherever he might find one.

"Are you kidding? It's not like a mohawk is even close the weirdest thing you see in Mutant Town," Lexie says with a grin. Recognition hits her in a sudden flash. "Hey! You bartend at the Pony!" She's even pointing at Harper for emphasis like an obnoxious person.

"Im fine thanks," Sumit notes to Mikhail, before shifting up a little to give Harper room to sit. "Weirdest thing I've ever seen in Mutant Town? Oooo, tough one, although Rohan fist thing in the morning has to come close. Him, or those twins on the otherside of Tompson Street; you ever see what they were up to at Halloween?"

Mikhail lapses quiet, which is not unusual for him in the face of many people and many voices. He edges the movie down further still, and watches Miles gather a plate with a hint of trepidation. He casts a glance at his pizza. He casts a glance at the gathered. He casts another glance at his pizza. And then he says, "Maybe I should get three." I mean they'll each basically eat a whole pizza right? Sumit will probably change his mind at any moment and start in on Mikhail's pizza and then where would he be? Hungry. Clearly.

Harper nods his head, "Guilty as charged. Were you the one drunk, dancing on the table last saturday?" he asks in response to Lexie's accusation, leaning forward to pluck one of the pieces of pizza, which he deposits on his plate. "And most don't take as much care in their appearance as I do around here, is all I meant." He says, producing a hankie from his pocket, of course he's got one. It's even monogrammed.

Huruma's noise complaint filed and seen to, she narrows her eyes for a moment at the projection, then the projector as she sheds her coat to hang it up. Her clothes are plain, slacks, low shoes, a low-cut black shirt. Her lips are a faded shade of burgundy when she purses them again, eyelids hooded over her eyes at Harper. Ah. That's it. "I will pass, I am here to piggyback the internet connection." For whatever reasons.

"P -- ossibly?" Lexie squints a bit in thought. What /was/ she doing last Saturday? She laughs out loud in a TOTALLY COMPLIMENTARY FASHION at Harper's last comment. And then she stops. "Oh, you're serious."

"Uhhhhh...hello?" remarks a quiet voice from the door, a twinge of Californian to it. Donny casts a few glances around, the wiry guy looking completely bewildered. His hands slip into his pockets and he clears his throat, waiting to see if anyone notices the new arrival.

Sumit had been splittinghis attention between the volience onscreen, and Lexie's slowly dawning realisations, but as there's another unfamiliar voice at the door he cranes his neck round again to glance at Donny. "Evening," he offers simply, then tilts his head towards Mikhail, "let him know if you're wanting food, he's just puting an order in."

"Or four," Mikhail says as Donny steps inside. His gaze skips around the unfamiliar faces, and there's a hint of overwhelmed in his expression, which is possibly why he slips toward the door, adding, "I'll be right back." Quiet for the call and all.

"HELLO X-FACTOR!" Kade's voice also carries a Southern California accent - insofar as that's a recognizable accent - but his entrance is a lot louder than Donny's. He's made a nuisance of himself here enough times to feel comfortable yelling. He's coming in not far behind Donny, as it happens, and he grins when he sees the fellow. "Hey! I remember you! Guy from the Pony! Glad you dropped by."

Harper glances over at the arriving Donny, just briefly before nodding his head towards Lexie, "I think it was you. And it's quite important to keep yourself presentable." He says with a slight nod at her before taking a bite from his pizza, wiping his fingers off with his hankie as he settles back onto the couch. The arrival of Kade however catches his attention though, and he turns his attention back towards the door again, giving a slight nod towards the man in particular.

Another one. Huruma turns her head as she ventures over to investigate the status of the electric kettle. The downward sweep of her neckline at the back shows a small tension along her muscles there, when Kade sweeps in crowing and becoming of a troublemaker. "So a bartender and a patron from the Pony, is it?" She turns her head to survey Donny, eyes alighting down on his features and frame.

"Oh my God, you are annoying," Lexie informs Kade with the sort of sighing greeting that can only come from the roommate of the girl you're dating. Her gaze skips back over him and to Donny, whose face is pretty much /entirely/ unfamiliar. "Yo."

With the numbers climbing yet higher, Sumit decides that actually, he'd rather get some quality quiet time in and hauls himself up off the settee to make way for someone else. "I'm going to go hit the gym," he notes, reahing for where he dumped his bag as he arrived, "catch you guys later."

"Oh, hi!" Donny responds to Kade with a smile, continuing, "Good to see you, again. ...Kade, right?" He tilts his head in thought, before deciding that that is in fact his name, offering a nod. He looks around and says, "So...this is the place where work is, right?"

"Kade is correct," replies Kade himself. "It was Donny Donahue, right? Does anybody call you Double-Don? That seems unavoidable." He sounds like he's trying it out. "Yeah. I was just popping in before I headed back to Brooklyn to check the job list for next week. Mikhail gets a warm, "Hey," and Sumit and Huruma are waved at. Albeit Sumit on his way out. Lexie's comment earns her a big, toothy smile. "I don't think annoying means what you think it means, Miss Lexie Brady. I just know how to make an entrance." He seems to be winding himself up to go on - annoyingly - when he spots Harper's nod. And his smile widens into a more genuine beam. "Miles Harper! The man, the myth, the legend!" He apparently knows this guy.

"As long as nobody takes to calling him 'Double-D'." Huruma says flatly, features neutral as she waits for the kettle to boil, hands perched on the counter and posture relaxed, weight shifting from one hip to the other.

"Annoying means /exactly/ what I think it means. I am, in fact, an expert at annoying." Lexie blinks at Kade's particularly effusive greeting of Harper before her attention snaps back over to Donny. "Oh my God. Is your name really Donny Donahue? Why did your parents do that?"

Donny offers a grin at his various new nicknames and offers, "I think that Donny will be fine, but hey, call me what you like." He smiles warmly to them all and says, "I think I'm gonna go look around, if that's cool." Before receiving an answer, Donny's disappeared to wander.

Harper sets his pizza plate down on the table and moves to stand up himself, approaching Kade and offering out a hand, "Kade Caruthers." He says with a slight smile coming to his lips, "How are you? It's been too long. We were eating pizza and watching some movie, I'm not sure what I admit.." He says with a little chuckle. "You're doing work here as well, are you?"

Kade is in effusive form in general tonight. It seems to mean he's in good spirits, or at least that's what Huruma would get from him, in addition to his general emotional read. He goes over to investigate the pizza, winking at Harper. "Yeah. It's good for extra pocket money, and I need all of that I can get in this city."

Huruma sets her palms along the plastic of the kettle as it bubbles inside, the residual heat warming her long fingers. So sick of winter. She watches Donny as he heads further in to have a look around, keeping her senses trained on his path through the place, just in case he may get up to something. You never know. Her pale eyes rest on Miles, however, watchful and staring.

"Let's call him Disappearing Donny," Lexie decides when said Donny wanders out. Her gaze slides back across the room, lingering on Huruma briefly with her kettle before making their way back to Kade and Harper. "You guys buddies, then?"

"Yeah, it can get pricey, though the pizza is quite good, even the cheap stuff." Harper says to the Kade, moving back over towards the couch and his slice. "Yeah, we worked together for a while. Boring stuff." He says to Lexie, "Back before I was mixing drinks and the like." He takes another bite of his pizza as he lifts it up from his plate, a little glance given back towards Haruma, perhaps having noticed the attention she's cast at him.

Kade chuckles at Harper's answer, nodding an affirmative. "Yeah. Boring stuff. Back in the day. We're still in the same trade, kind of. I work the bar a couple nights a week at the Potato Club, uptown. By day I got a security gig at the Queens Center Mall." Mall cop. He tries not to sound too meh about that, with only moderate success. His eyes flit sideways to try and follow Donny's path. Shrugging. "Disappearing Donny still has the alliteration thing going. So it works."

Huruma glances at Lexie when she looks her way, naturally, eyes keen on meeting there before they move back to Miles. She knows he knows that her attention is on him, catlike from across the room. The kettle boiling and clicking off is what pulls her eyes from him, and she sets to pouring it over her tea. Don't worry, Harper, it's not just you.

"Oh, so you were in--" Lexie starts to say before she stops herself. She looks at Kade innocently. "Am I not supposed to say? I can play dumb. I mean, it's hard, because I'm so smart, but I can always try." Her smile curves.

"Yeah, Janitorial services." Harper says, offering a polite smile to Huruma as he settles into a relaxed posture on the couch. "You wouldn't imagine the sort of messes we had to clean up." He says with a soft laugh. "The Potato Club, nice place. Maybe I'll come by and visit it before long. Been a while since I headed uptown. And Queens Center? Yeah, I can see why you'd be looking for extra work through the agency here."

"Maybe we went to bartender school together, Lexie. You don't know!" Kade's being far too insufferable to think he's actually hiding anything from Alexandra. He's probably just being insufferable because he thinks it's funny. And/or to annoy her. He gnaws on some pizza, taking a couple pieces that are apparently meant to serve as dinner. He eats them standing up, half-watching the holo-projector. His eyes flit in that direction Donny went again, then to Huruma. "Is that dude still in the building?"

"One day I will burn your uniform tie." (That potato is just terrible.) Huruma asides at Kade, her eyes slightly narrowed when she looks away from her steeping tea. His question to her is simple, but she cants her head in a small gesture. "Yes. For now. What, did you think he crawled out of the windows?"

Alexandra rolls her eyes expansively to match the level of Kade's insufferability. "Yeah, I'm pretty sure I got how you know each other," she drawls. She gives Harper a knowing look. She /knows/.

Harper gives one of those looks back to Alexandra, one of the most laid back looks from someone surrounded by Insufferability, he just gives a lazy smile back at Alexandra. "He was still an old man back when I knew him too." He adds with a little shrug, "And I did go to bartender school, you almost have to in this town. Being able to juggle drinks and bottles and stuff doesn't hurt either." he finishes off his piece of pizza afterward, wiping his hands clean with his hankie.

"Hey! I was a moderatley-seasoned man then, and I'm a moderately-seasoned man now." Kade defends himself from these accusations of oldness. Though he does add to Harper, about Lexie, "She's good people." Which he seems to mean, despite his gleeful attempts to irritate her. To Huruma, he also flashes a smile just this side of insufferable. Playing with an invisible tie, that is not currently around his neck. But he can still mime. As for Donny, he shrugs. "It doesn't seem out of the realm of possibility."

Huruma snorts quietly at 'old man' and KAde's mention of moderately seasoned, giving him a second squint at his miming a bow tie. "I am sick of hearing young people referring to themselves as old. I refuse to be." She puts a crazy large amount of sugar in the hot tea, the smell wafting around the room to mix with pepperoni.

Alexandra spreads her fingers at Kade's compliment like it goes without saying. "You are, indeed, old," she informs him. "I'm sure you'll get over it, though." She smiles faintly at Huruma. "If it makes you feel any better, I have a brother older than you."

"If you need a tie, I can loan you one of mine Kade." Harper says with a soft laugh as he rises up from his seat on the couch. "So, Good people." He says, a hint of amusement offered from the man now, "What's your name, I don't think we were properly introduced were we?" He asks, crossing over towards where the stove where Huruma is making her tea, and he gestures at the pot of water, "Mind if I have some of that as well?"

Kade picks the pepperoni off his pizza, but the rest of it is devoured. "Seasoned!" he retorts again, to Lexie's 'old'. He nods firmly to Huruma. "See there? We're in our prime. I am sensing many good years ahead of me." To Harper, he chuckles. "I have no shortage of ties. They just don't always seem Mutant Town appropriate." He's wearing a casual jeans-sweatshirt-jacket ensemble at the moment. It's a little rumpled, like it's yesterday's clothing repurposed for today, and he looks like he neglected shaving this morning.

"If he is not at least fifteen years my senior, I would still not say old." The dark woman tips her head back, the length of her neck long with the low cut of her shirt. Huruma doesn't turn old, she just ...absorbs more time-space energy. Clearly. "Help yourself." She slinks to the right along the counter as Harper nears, effectively shifting out of his way with a fluid step. "Huruma." She offers in introduction, regardless of where his question was aimed.

"Lexie Brady," she introduces. "You probably worked with my brother and sister-in-law. You know, in your boring stuff." Lexie squints at Huruma consideringly. "He might be close."

"The Brady Bunch?" Harper asks with a quirk of a smile at Lexie, he too starts to brew some tea, putting the bag in the coup, pouring the water in, "And you shouldn't let where you are, determine how well you dress, if you ask me." he adds to Kade, there's no judgement in his voice though, not really. He adds a little sugar but otherwise keeps the tea just the tea. "Nice to meet you as well, Huruma."

Kade considers the tea, but forgoes it, just finishing off his pizza. "I didn't have full choice of my closet today, for wardrobe choices." Not that he sounds like he's complaining. "Tonight, however, I am taking the train to Brooklyn. So I better get on my way, before I miss the next one. Good to see you here, Harper. Maybe we'll work on some boring stuff together again soon."

Huruma's look at Lexie turns puzzled. "That is a much older brother." She decides upon, lips pursing when she lifts her mug to blow a breath over it. To Harper, she gives a mannered nod. "Goodnight, Kade."

"Oh my God that's so funny no one's ever made that joke before," Lexie deadpans. She turns her gaze back to Huruma with a serene, innocent smile. "Yeah," she agrees.

Harper grins faintly at Lexie, "Well, it's the first you've heard it from me." He says to the woman, glancing over at Huruma a little as she makes the age comment, hmning slightly and nodding towards Kade, "Yeah, have a good one, don't want to have to take a cab or anything. I'll see you around, Kade." he says to the man, offering a little salute to him.

Huruma lets out a small laugh for Lexie's deadpan, smooth and short. "So, tell me... does this mean we can needle you into drink discounts?" She turns a humored look to Harper.

Alexandra rolls her eyes again, this time with a toss of her hair. It's a very practiced gesture. "He owes me at least two drinks for that joke," she says in dry reply to Huruma's question.

"Some tea, then?" Harper offers to Lexie, "That should cover the first drink, at least." he says with a slight laugh, "We'll see about your second. And discounts are up to the ownership, of course." he gives the two a shrug of his shoulders, taking his tea cup up and starting over to the small round table, sitting down at one of the chairs.

"Well, that plan is out." Huruma's laugh takes a deeper turn, coming from her chest as she ventures across the room to the Lounge doorway. "I am going to find out if our roaming guest has any questions. I suspect he may be interested in the workroom walls..." She tells this to Lexie as she saunters up against the doorway, tea in one hand as she pivots around to depart upstairs. "It was a pleasure, mister Harper."

"Ugh, no, I said /drinks/," Lexie says all insistent-like, as if tea is not, in fact, a drink.

"It was a pleasure meeting you, Huruma." Harper replies to the aformention named woman, nodding his head her way then chuckling faintly at Lexie, gesturing her over, "I can take you out for a couple drinks, if you would like." He says to the woman, "What is your drink of choice? I'm guessing Tequila."

Alexandra opens her mouth to protest, and then snaps it shut with a glare. "Okay, it /is/ tequila, but just because you can guess that doesn't mean anything. No trying to turn my rightfully earned drinks into a date."

"Oh, you thnk I'm trying to take you on a Date?" Harper asks Alexandra, brow quirking a bit, "I thought I just invited you out for drinks, you were the one who took it to the D territory." He says, pulling his teabag from the mug, and sipping at his tea. "I'm not dressed for a date either, I don't think."

Alexandra offers Harper a supremely skeptical look that, let's be real, is kind of vain in its skepticism. "You literally haven't stopped talking about your clothes since you showed up," she points out.

Donny wanders back into the room after taking an incredibly long time doing a whole lot of nothing. He's missing his jacket however.

There was the super nice old guy outside who looked really cold, so I gave him my jacket," he explains to nobody in particular.

It's very possible that he was just scammed, but that doesn't seem to be bothering him in the least.

"Hmmn, we talked about Kade's clothes a bit. And the janitorial work as well." Harper adds, "And your brother, I can probably think of a few more things not involving my clothes." he shrugs his shoulders lightly, his attention shifting towards Donny as he comes back in, "That was awfully kind of you, though you'd best be ceertain your kindness isn't taken advantage of too much."

Alexandra just huffs dismissively as Harper uses facts to interfere with her hyperbole. She looks back to Donny with something of a pitying expression. "Dude, it's February," she says with a laugh.

Donny offers a shrug to the two of them as he makes his way further into the room, now down to just a pair of jeans, his boots and a long-sleeve henley to his name, "Yeah, but it's just a jacket. There's plenty more jackets around, y'know?" He moves to take a seat on an open chair, tugging the wrinkles out of his shirt.

"Of course it is, and if he really needed it that was quite generous." Harper says with a nod to Donny, chuckling just a bit, "There is hot water on the stove, if you're looking for tea. And the tall woman was just looking for you I think, just left before you came in. Or perhaps avoiding you." He says with a thoughtful look coming to his face.

"I mean, I guess if you have a collection at home," Lexie says, humor lingering. "You must be new in town." It widens a bit at the allusion to Huruma. "She doesn't really avoid people," she says breezily. "People avoid her. Sometimes, anyways."

"Well, I am a super scary guy, after all. Just look at me," Donny offers with a playful smirk. He scratches at something that's stuck to his jeans and peels it off, offering, "Heh, random sticker." A look to Lexie and his eyebrows raise, shaking his head as he purses his lips a little bit, "No, not really any home. Everything I got, you're lookin' at it." He gestures to himself. "But, y'know, stuff just kinda gets in the way, I guess. People are always just so worried about stuff, y'know?"

"She's new to me, yeah." Harper says to Lexie, "What's her deal then, she some sort of madwoman, evil scary mutant, something like that?" he asks with a wry grin creeping to his lips, his attention shifting back towards Donny and he lifts a brow a bit at the odd guy, giving a look back towards Lexie.

Alexandra props her chin in her hands, elbows on her knees. "She can be scary when she wants to be," she says, humor lingering in the curve of her smile. "A couple of the folks around call her Creeps. She's an empath."

"She didn't seem to evil. Just...pretty tall," Donny muses on the subject of Huruma. "Nothing overly scary about being /tall/. Just makes it a little easier to read roadsigns."

"Ahh, the sort of mutant even mutants worry about, mentalists." Harper says with a slight nod of his head. "The fear mongering, and theories don't help that I suppose." He says with a shrug of his shoulders. "You're an odd one, aren't you?" he asks, "From the midwest, fresh to the big city, something along those lines maybe?"

"She /is/ tall," Lexie says with another laugh. "Also she was a merc for years and has this whole bearing that tends to intimidate people. But she's cool."

"Not even close," Donny remarks to Harper. "From Burbank, California. Moved here when I was seventeen, went to Xavier's School for a year, then just kinda spun my wheels for about 10 years or so." His hands clasps together between his legs and he continues, "Then get fed up with that, sold all of my stuff and moved to India. And now I'm back."

"Yeah, I know the sort. From my days buffing floors." Harper says with a little look towards Lexie and a slight smile, "It's fine, she seemed alright to me." Harper says with a nod back to Donny, "Some Yoghi thing then yeah? That's what they call it right? Well, that does explain some things I suppose. You might want to think about at least getting a spot to sleep though, The City isn't so friendly as it used to be once."

Alexandra snorts at Harper's look, then flits her gaze off to something in the middle distance in a familiar look that suggests she's looking at something in her Eye. "Oh. Gotta run, boys." She stands in a stretch of lean limbs. "Don't worry, I'm sure I'll see you around."

"You could call it that, yeah," Donny responds to Harper with a smile and a shrug. "And yeah, I got a card from this guy about a place called Open Arms, I think. I'll probably end up crashing there until I can find a job. Better than sleeping in an alleyway like last night." His eyes move to Alexandra and he offers her a wave and a smile, "Nice meeting you. Be well."

Harper nods his head, "Far better." he says to Donny, "You should check it out.. and yeah, it's good meeting you, take care, Lexie." He says with a nod to Alexandra. "I perhaps should be on my way soon as well, I think. If you run into any problems, I work nights at the Pony." He says to Donny.

Alexandra wiggles her fingers in a final wave, and then she's off in a flurry.

"Nights at the pony," Donny says, in an attempt to remember it. "Alright, cool. Well, I should probably see about finding that place, then." He smiles to Harper, "Thanks for the ear, man. And you be well, too, yeah?" He tugs his sleeves up a bit and waves, moving to head towards the door that Alexandra slipped through.

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