2046-02-16 Why Do You Always Ruin Everything?

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Why Do You Always Ruin Everything?
Date Posted 2016/02/23
Location The Sloppy Pony - Mutant Town
Participants Kade, Sierra
Summary Kade and Sierra have a nice moment. Blink and you miss it.
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Kade has been paying Sierra back for fixing the Russian/heat-inflicted damage to the Pony in installments. Which, combined with how vaguely pained he looks whenever he hands her money, makes it probable he actually didn't just borrow it from his parents. He knocks on the bar door on this Tuesday afternoon, early enough in the day that the place isn't yet open for even depressing day-drinking.

Ha. Too early for depressing day-drinking? Puh-lease. Sierra is in a great mood for once, not at all hungover - because she's working on her next, apparently. There's music coming from somewhere (old pop hits from the early 20's) and she answers the door with a glass in her hand, still shaking her ass. "Hey, come in!"

"Hello, Sunshine." Kade takes in the glass with a judgey look. And Sierra's ass with...just a look. Because he can't /not/ look, when she's shaking it like that. He sighs - perhaps more at himself than her - and strolls in. His head idly bobs in time with the music. It's the stuff he used to groove to, back in the day.

"Mhm!" Sunshine's completely ignoring that judginess. She's well used to it by now. She'll just continue to shimmy, because dancing is fun! "How was your weeeekend?" Sierra croons, a little too cat-with-the-cream for it to be an innocent enquiry. Is that a glitter walk she's attempting to perform? Oh dear.

"Weekend was good," Kade says, all casually. "Worked Saturday and Sunday, but just in the nights. The club was busy. Made good tips." He side-eyes the glitter walk, especially the combination of it and that tone in her voice. He is wary. He's also on a mission, though, which he wants to get over as soon as possible, digging into his jacket pocket and producing an envelope. "This should be the last of it, if I recall the contractor's bill correctly." The envelope contains several hundred dollars, which does indeed bring what he's paid to her about two thousand in total.

Sierra gyrates a little more, leaving the glitter walk behind for now. But it was fabulous. She's swinging her hips and she sashays up to collect her money, snatching at it with her free hand and gnashing her teeth playfully. Perhaps she's more than one tequila in. "Thank //you//! So you didn't get to take your valentine out for dinner, then?"

Kade's eyebrows shoot up. Both at the sashaying (he can't /not/ look) and the reference to his Valentine. He lets out a short "Heh," setting the envelope on the bar. "I take it you've been talking to our offspring. Who spent a lot of time during our last conversation insisting she wasn't a narc." Not that Nina has ever been shy about narc'ing on one of her /parents/ to the other. He sighs. "We did a little thing after I got off. A gentleman doesn't kiss and tell, though."

Sierra lets out a loud, ridiculous, half-cut sort of laugh, throwing her head back wildly. "Well, number one, I have never known our baby girl not to tattle like her life depended on it. And number two, you are //not// a gentleman, Kade. Bahaha. Nice try." Her amusement has interrupted her dance moves, which have slowed to a lousy two-step. Bo-ring.

Kade rolls his eyes at Sierra. Particularly her crack about his non-gentlemanly nature. Not that he can argue, really. Not with her. "Anyway, yeah. I'm doing a thing." He is vague about what that 'thing' is, though there's a general air of good spirits about him. Even if he's trying not to be too smiley. "Her name's Ciel Kane. She's a PI around these parts. You might see her around." Spying on shady people.

Sierra's laughter continues, and she holds her hand up to signal him to stop before she dies of mirth. "Did you just call her 'a thing'? You're doing a thing? Oh, my God." Hand over heart, she pauses for a long sip of tequila. It's been a few minutes between sips, after all. "You are the worst."

"I did not...! That is not what I...!" Kade finally just blows out a frustrated huff and says, "I hate you." He sighs, heavily, and sits down on a bar stool. "Can I have a beer, please?"

"That's exactly what you said!" Sierra's still laughing as she makes her way off the dancefloor (the whole four paces) towards the bar. "You said, 'I'm doing a thing. Her name is Sill Kane.'" It's really kind of funny, Kade. Just admit it. For someone who owns the bar, Sierra looks momentarily lost as she searches for 'beer', but eventually comes up with goods, cracking the top off a glass bottle of some local brew and planting it down jovially. "If you're lucky, I won't tell her you said it."

"I meant she and I are a thing that I'm doing..." That isn't really better, Kade. He sighs, and takes his beer. Sipping it and making a vaguely disgruntled noise at her. "Whatever. I do not care what you tell people." Given some of the stories she has about him, that's probably not true. After another few sips, because he can't help himself, he asks, "Are you seeing anybody?"

"You need to just stop, you're making it worse. Just chill." Sierra sets about refilling her own glass, still chuckling to herself. "Ai, no," she responds very firmly about her own love life, unscrewing the lid off a bottle of tequila. "I got no time for that. But I'm happy for you, and your thing. Haha! Just don't knock her up, you know?"

"My God." Kade's sighed words are long-suffering. Though he does add a low, "Thanks. It's a new thing, so we'll see where it goes." Kade has had many two or three month pseudo-relationships that flamed out quickly, so his confidence in himself might not be high in this area. Not that he'd ever admit such a thing aloud to Sierra. He moves on to another subject. "Is that going to be enough to cover everything involved in putting the window back together?" He gestures over his shoulder, to the window that is no longer covered by boards.

"I'm serious, women don't appreciate it," Sierra deadpans, turning her back briefly to put the bottle of tequila back on whatever shelf it belongs. "Hm? Ya. It should be, I think? You didn't get the money from your parents, right?"

"I did not get the money from my parents, Sierra," Kade says, a little tiredly. It's probably true. Outright lies are rare from him, though he can obfuscate and elide facts with ease. "I sold off some stuff I'd been keeping in storage down in DC. And some other odds and ends. There wasn't any point in keeping shit like my patio set anymore. Or my old over-priced suits." He sounds wistful about his furniture and suits all the same, though.

It's not an unreasonable question, ok. At least, Sierra doesn't think so. She flashes annoyance at the level of tired in Kade's response, soothing herself with a sip of her drink. The her eyes bug wide in disbelief. "You sold your //suits//?"

"I sold a couple suits. It's not like I cleaned out my closet." Still, Kade loves his suits. It's more notable than he's trying to play it off as. "The tailoring on the more expensive ones wasn't right anymore, anyway. And besides, most places I go now, I look ridiculous in a designer Jackson Zhou." His favorite men's wear designer. "...especially ridiculous in that navy blue one, with the temperature-controlled lining, and silver thread highlights around the cuffs..." He takes a moment to mourn his beloved suit, gone to one of Brooklyn's finer second-hand stores.

Sierra gasps dramatically, hiding her gaping mouth behind her hand. "You did not. You did not!! The blue one?! Dios... oh, no. Nonono." She's shaking her head, and her hand now, and then gesturing at the window. "For a fucking window? Really? You idiot."

"Are you seriously...!?" Kade's voice gets a notch higher-pitched, when she calls him an idiot. "You are insulting me for paying a debt. Is this what's happening right now?" He gestures his hands dramatically. "I can't drain my savings for every little thing, Sierra, and there's some stuff I needed to let go of, anyway. Can you just say 'Thanks' and move on, please? It was my mess." His Russian-induced amplified mess. "I cleaned it up. We good now?"

"Now I get to look through the window every time and feel guilty about your favourite suit, asshole," Sierra groans. Yes. She is still insulting him about paying this debt. "Thanks," she adds, more than a little sarcastically, following it up with a large sigh. "Why do you always ruin everything?"

"/I/ ruin everything!?" Kade's voice creeps up another octave. "Says you, Queen Ruiner!" He huffs, and hops off his stool. "Whatever. We're settled up. I am leaving. Enjoy your afternoon tequila."

"I learned from the best!" Sierra sweeps a hand toward the KING OF RUINING as he hops off his stool. "Good. Get out so I can you stupid suit-selling son of a whore!"

"DO NOT CALL MY MOTHER A WHORE!" Kade pivots, to flip Sierra double middle-fingers, before spinning out the door.

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