2046-02-15 Don't Comm and Drive

From X-Factor

Don't Comm and Drive
Date Posted 2016/02/15
Location Comm Network
Participants Sumit, Moody
Summary Driving in the Midwest is boring?
Plot Road Trip
{From Sumit to Moody} The sea captain's tender young bride/Fell into the bay at low tide,/You could tell by her squeals,/That some of the eels/Had discovered a dark place to hide.

{From Moody to Sumit} Ooh, now I'm getting limericks? Lucky me! I suppose that is fair, though.

{From Sumit to Moody} Your country is very flat. There is not so much in the way of scenery to look at :(

{From Moody to Sumit} That bit's pretty dreadful, yeah. But if you keep going long enough, you get to some pretty spectacular stuff. Beautiful forests. Purple mountains majesty. Disneyland. Or so I hear.

{From Sumit to Moody} We're aiming for Colorado I think, someone said there'd be mountains

{From Moody to Sumit} Take pictures for me? It's not the same, but it'd be nice. Goofy selfies make everything better.

{From Sumit to Moody} (send pic of his driving the van, flat nothingness can be seen out the window to his side)

{From Moody to Sumit} Yeesh, you weren't kidding. I hope the tunes are at least passable?

{From Sumit to Moody} Best of Bollywood 2045. Not sure how well it goes down if you don't speak Hindi, but I'm enjoying them!

{From Moody to Sumit} Hey, driver picks the music. That's a road trip rule. It's not that much more interesting here, to be honest. Cold. I spent most of the afternoon singing for my supper, then I managed to drop half the coins I collected down a storm drain. :(

{From Sumit to Moody} If you wind up short then there's curry on the freezer at ine

{From Moody to Sumit} You don't have to keep feeding me. :) I won't perish from consumption. There're always options. Some are just less convenient or easy, that's all. I'm a born hustler, sugar. I've been on my own long enough to make do.

{From Sumit to Moody} I know, but I enjoy cooking, so the more you eat, the more I get to do it

{From Moody to Sumit} Okay. As long as we aren't developing some complicated curry-and-sex-based barter system, it's cool by me. :P

{From Sumit to Moody} working out who needs to take their clothes off based on the quality of flirting is enough brain work as it is...

{From Moody to Sumit} How about we just remove clothing as the inclination strikes us and stop worrying about keeping score? :)

{From Moody to Sumit} Also please, god, don't crash the car 'cause you're texting me. Jeremy'd never forgive me.

{From Sumit to Moody} (pic of how the road ahead is straight and flat for the miles and mails ahead)

{From Moody to Sumit} You could hit a cow! Or something. They move.

{From Sumit to Moody} then we could have frsh steak... couldn't say that at home, they're holy, hitting one would be very bad news

{From Moody to Sumit} I'd feel bad. Me being bored and lonely would be a lousy reason for a poor cow to die.

{From Sumit to Moody} how about a rich cow?

{From Moody to Sumit} You could hit a rich cow. Then you could sue its family to pay damages, because I'm pretty sure it'd wreck the car and maybe kill you all. Except for the big Russian guy.

{From Sumit to Moody} I'm good with the not dying bit thanks

{From Moody to Sumit} I'd prefer that too. You're too fun to die so young due to the bad commute choices of a wealthy cow.

{From Moody to Sumit} Honestly I'd prefer it if you didn't die at all for like, a while. At least a month. I'm sort of having fun. Shh.

{From Sumit to Moody} I'll try my best

{From Moody to Sumit} ty

{From Sumit to Moody} just for you you understand

{From Moody to Sumit} I am worth it. I give great shoulder rubs.

{From Sumit to Moody} Gods, don't say things like that, now I want one and I think y best bet might be Boomer

{From Moody to Sumit} He does give good shoulder rubs, actually

{From Sumit to Moody} I think Richard would kill me, or try to at least

{From Moody to Sumit} Fft, just make a shoulder rub daisy chain. J rubs yours, you rub someone else's, all in a circle.

{From Sumit to Moody} I hope where ever we end up tonight has somewhere to swim, I fancy just sitting on the bottom of a pool for an hour or so

{From Moody to Sumit} Mmmm, that sounds nice.

{From Moody to Sumit} You could send me pictures of that. :P

{From Sumit to Moody} so long as it isn't too chlorinated it's great, and I can do yes, just remind me if I forget

{From Moody to Sumit} Will do. Now pay attention to the road. Talk to you later, handsome.

{From Sumit to Moody} (another pic of teh empty expanse ahead that is the road)

{From Moody to Sumit} Don't make me tell on you to J

{From Sumit to Moody} fine, fine, talk to you later

{From Moody to Sumit} (image of lipstick kiss on mirror)

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