2046-02-10 Roomie Planning

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Roomie Planning
Date Posted 2016/02/11
Location Alexandra and Ciel's Apartment - Avenue B Apartments
Participants Ciel, Alexandra
Summary Lexie forgets to be mad finally. She and Ciel plan things.
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This two-bedroom apartment on the seventh floor of the Avenue B Apartments would be a bit more desirable if not for the fact that the fickle building elevator often turns it into a seventh-floor walk-up. The apartment actually opens to the moderately professional environment of ABC Investigations, which the living room is dedicated to with a large desk, a couple chairs, and various other items. The overstuffed sofa on one side is the homiest piece in the room.

The kitchen is a bit cramped, sacrificing space to the living room, but has all the necessities of fridge, oven, stove, and a very few cupboards. Two doors off the living room lead to the two bedrooms, both on the smaller side but serviceable enough. A third leads to a bathroom a little overstuffed with hygiene and beauty supplies.

A scribbled sign on the apartment door announces it as home to ABC Investigations.

It is a winter evening. The weather is cold and clear.

Ciel has not /completely/ avoided Lexie. I mean, she's stopped back in for clean clothes or the occasional meal, and there was that whole bowling thing. Plus Kade slept over last night. But tonight finally finds Ciel actually in their apartment for a length of time, alone. She's sitting on their couch, crosslegged and wrapped in a blanket, with a bowl of stir fry in one hand and chopsticks in the other.

For once it's /Lexie/ who's actually absent the apartment for quite a while -- almost the entire day, really. She looks windswept and pink-cheeked when she shoves the heavy door back open and steps inside, stomping a bit to get her blood flowing. She's bundled up in coat, scarf, hat -- the whole deal. Her gaze sweeps quickly over to Ciel on the sofa and she smiles, weary but crooked. "Yo."

Ciel is the tiniest bit relieved to see that smile on Lexie's face, weary or no. It shows in her answering smile, which is wider and more energetic as she says, "Hey. Hungry? There's leftovers?" She lifts her bowl in indication, wiggling a bit of chicken pinched between chopsticks.

"I am pretty much stuffed to the brim with baked goods," Lexie says, almost but not quite groaning at the thought of eating more. "And margaritas. It's kind of an uneasy combo." She shuffles into the living room proper and starts unwinding her various bundles.

"Your mom?" Ciel asks with a measure of surprise and assumption. She eyes Lexie's bundles as she pops the chicken into her mouth. "Is one of those an entire carton of cupcakes or something?"

Alexandra snorts as she tugs her scarf loose from her neck. "You want dessert?" she wonders/guesses. "I missed my dad's birthday because of the blizzard, so I figured I should go down there. Of course, dad spent most of my visit holed up in the garage."

"Wouldn't say no," Ciel answers, stretching into a grin before she scoops up another bite. "I mean, it's not like you can eat them all, right?" She watches Lexie, poking her chopsticks into her stir fry without guidance. She's silent for a beat on the subject of her dad, and her expression goes a little awkward.

"Dude, if you want blondies, you /definitely/ shouldn't challenge me," Lexie says with another snort. "Because I /could/. If I put my mind to it." She sets down the bag on the counter and shrugs out of her coat, either not noticing or ignoring Ciel's awkwardness on the subject of her father.

"She made blondies?" Ciel perks, stirring up out of her seat at that and crossing swiftly into the kitchen, bowl in hand and blanket trailing behind her like a cape. "I feel like your trips home are way more profitable than mine."

"Well. Maybe you should teach Jean-Paul to bake," Lexie suggests, lips curving into a smirk at the idea. The tupperware is laying flat at the bottom of the bag, full of delicious baked goodness.

Ciel snorts aloud at that, abandoning her dinner in favor of digging into Lexie's bag. "I want you to think about that statement," she says. "I want you to imagine the things that would come out of his oven. Whole grain flavorless breads as dense as a brick. Homemade granola bars that taste like flax seed."

"Ew." Lexie's nose wrinkles just imagining it. "/Ew/. I mean, it'd be good for you, but at /what cost/?"

"Jean-Paul Beaubier should not be allowed near an oven," Ciel declares, triumphant as she tugs the tupperware free.

"I guess you'll just have to stay in good with me, then," Lexie says in a heavy sigh. "Or make friends with my mom. Everyone likes my mom, though."

"Your mom's great," Ciel says. She shoots Lexie a quiet smile, perhaps just a tiny bit jealous around the corners, but it's an old jealousy, worn down by lots and lots of time. She eyes the abundance of sweets, then looks up again. "How attached are you to these blondies?"

"I mean, I don't want them /now/," Lexie says, voice going careful and wary as she considers. "But I also don't want them all disappearing on me right in time for next urge for sweets." She crosses her arms and looks sternly at her roommate.

"But if /one or two/ maybe made their way to, say, someone who works too late and would probably totally love a sweet when he got home..." Ciel says, giving Lexie an exagerated smile.

"Aw, that's so sweet, but you don't have to gift me my own blondies," Lexie says, lips parting on a grin.

"So that's a yes?" Ciel says, twisting away with the tupperware to dig into a cupboard for a smaller tupperware, clearly planning to snag a few.

"I can't believe you're stealing my blondies for your ~boyfriend~." The tildes are /totally/ audible.

"What, like you're not going to give Maxim some?" Ciel retorts, tucking two-- well, maybe three-- blondies away. She busies herself with the task as she adds rather mumble-mumble, "I mean he's not really my /boyfriend/."

"Oh my God are you seriously trying that." Lexie stares at Ciel dead on. "He is /totally/ your boyfriend."

"We're--" Ciel snaps the tupperware lid on, firm, then goes after a blondie for herself. "I mean. /Dating/ isn't necessarily-- just--" She fumbles, stumbling off, and then covers it by filling her mouth with blondie.

"You're right," Lexie says, solemn and reasonable. "Dating /doesn't/ necessarily mean he's your boyfriend." After a beat, she says, "But in this case, he is."

"I feel like there is usually a conversation on the subject," Ciel says around a bite. "Ug, this is good." She glances at Lexie, then at the blondies, then makes the responsible decision to not try to steal a fifth from under her nose. She instead adjusts the drape of her blanket and retrieves her abandoned stir fry.

"Yes, sometimes there's a conversation to formalize what's already super obvious to everyone else," Lexie says with a teasingly expansive roll of her eyes.

"Don't roll your eyes at me," Ciel threatens, jabbing her chopsticks in Lexie's direction. "You totally had a discussion with Maxim!" She pauses, pinching a bit of broccoli, and then checks, "Right?"

"I did," Lexie confirms. "But before that I totally had you and pretty much everyone else already calling him my boyfriend." QED.

Ciel waves her chopsticks at Lexie, wrinkling her nose in answer before she takes a bite. "Look," she says, swallowing. "I'm not saying /I/ don't-- but I don't know what /he/ thinks. Is all."

"Mm." Lexie narrows her gaze on her roommate, suspicious. "I dunno, his looks are a little /telling/."

Ciel's gaze jerks up, her eyes wide and hopeful as she blatantly fishes, "His looks?"

Alexandra spreads her hands as her eyes widen innocently. "Well, I wouldn't want to assume anything," she says. "I guess you'll just have to have the talk."

"Ug," Ciel says, sweeping past Lexie with a dramatic flip of her blanket to retreat back to her couch. "You're the /worst/."

Alexandra cackles out loud, like maybe that was her last little bit of revenge left. "I know," she says. "I'm awful. I'm the worst roommates in the history of roommates. /But/ I pay my rent and I bring home baked goods."

"Which I'm stealing!" Ciel points out, which maybe isn't the best tactic ever. She flops into the couch, peering across the apartment at Lexie. "Are you and Maxim doing anything Sunday?"

"Sunday?" Lexie looks somewhere being thoughtful and blank. "I dunno. That's a little far in advance to plan."

"Lexie," Ciel says, deadpan.

Alexandra blinks. "What?"

Ciel lifts her brows and says, "Valentine's Day?"

"What! It's not--" Lexie stops. She clearly remembers the date and briefly counts. "Oh. I guess it is."

"Uh huh," Ciel says, mumbling a little around a bite. She swallows before prodding, "So I guess that's a no?"

Acceptance seems to come quickly to Lexie on this point, leaving her shrugging. "I mean, clearly it's not that important if I didn't even notice. I doubt they have Valentine's Day in Russia, either."

"Yeah," Ciel says, leaning back against the couch. "Maybe not."

Alexandra stops, staring at her roommate with sudden sympathy. "Oh, honey," she says. "Are you, like -- stressing about you and Kade on Valentine's Day?"

"/Stressing/ is a little bit of an exaggeration," Ciel mumbles, but her chopsticks go stab stab at her stir fry.

Lexie's expression softens as she watches her roommate stab at her stir fry. "Hey, it's no big," she says in a gentler voice. "I mean, it's just another day, right?" She pauses. "Or do you -- /want/ it to be big?"

"Oh, hell if I know," Ciel says, glancing up to give Lexie a wry smile. "I mean. I'm not exactly feeling-- /insecure/. Or anything. But we haven't really /talked/ about doing anything, and I don't know if I should like. Be getting him a present? Or-- ug." She flops backward a little, waving a hand. "It feels like there's this whole /expectation/, and probably I should just comm him and ask, right?"

"Probably," Lexie says, winding over to the sofa to flop down on the other end. "But it's not like -- super crazy to not be sure or anything."

"It'd be /nice/ to get him something," Ciel says, turning to glance at Lexie as she settles. "In theory. In a world were I know what I'd get. Can I just send him flowers at work?"

"You could," Lexie says, tipping her head. "/Or/ you could send him pictures of you in some hot lingerie. That seems like a more appropriate present to receive at work." She nods solemnly.

"Oh my god," Ciel says, and then breaks into a cackle. "Lexie. /Lexie/. I told him I was giving up sex for Lent!"

"What." Lexie stares at her. She stares some more. And then she says, "/What/."

"The look!" Ciel wheezes. "On his /face/." She waves a hand in front of her face, slowing her laughter to breath. "Oh, fuck. I wish I hadn't told him I was messing with him now."

"Oh. Oh /shit/." Lexie blows out a breath of laughter. "Fuck, I thought you were /serious/."

"So did he!" Ciel says. Her laughter fades to a grin, which then fades to something smaller and downright giddy. "He said it was cool if I was, though."

"Uh, well, he better," Lexie says, like this should be a given. She is less free with her points-giving. "Anyways, if you're worried about the whole ~Valentine's Day~ thing, you should totally go sexy with it instead of romantic."

"Lent is six weeks, Lexie," Ciel points out, all patient, because Lexie clearly does not understand the /significance/ of this. She twists her chopsticks thoughtfully, then taps them against her bowl. "I can do sexy."

"I know how long Lent is!" Lexie says, frowning. "My dad's Catholic. Kind of."

"Do you have fishnets?" Ciel wonders around a bite.

"/Do/ I." Lexie actually looks insulted Ciel needed to ask. "Ciel. Come on."

"Okay, okay," Ciel says, rolling her eyes, but there's a grin with it as she finally finishes up her stir fry and pushes up again. "Can I /borrow/ your fishnets?" She glances at Lexie on her way to the kitchen, contemplating. They aren't exactly the same size, and there's three inches between them, but that's not always a problem. "Do you have other stuff I can borrow?" This isn't weird, is it Lexie?

"Wait, do you not own lingerie?" Lexie looks baffled. "You can totally borrow my fishnets, but eventually this stuff is a little too one-user-only for comfortable lending, if you know what I mean."

"Do you know how long it's been since I've slept with someone regularly enough to want lingerie?" Ciel answers, dry in the face of Lexie's baffle. She wrinkles her nose and flaps a hand and says, "Fine, /fine/. I will go find something-- tomorrow."

"You have to sleep with someone regularly for lingerie?" Lexie asks, blinking.

"Lexie," Ciel says, exasperated.

Alexandra sniffs. "Just sayin'. Don't be such a Beaubier."

"Don't be such a-- a--" Ciel's retort falls short as she considers her options. Harrison is clearly not the lingerie one in the family, but 'Sikorski' means Tom more than it means Sam. She finally finishes "/Ug/, you're the worst," and then swiftly follows by asking, "Help me pick out something?"

Alexandra lips part on a widening, delighted grin as Ciel can't even figure out the right retort. She lifts her chin, preening a bit at the request, but she does say, "Of course. We'll pick out like the fucking /hottest/ thing."

On this matter, Lexie can surely, /surely/ be trusted. Ciel abandons any hint of irritation to give Lexie a huge smile, and she sweeps toward her to wrap her roommate in a hug that smothers them both in fleece blanket. "You're the best, Lex," she tells her.

Lexie's cackle turns more to a giggle as she finds herself smothered in blankets and hugs. "The sluttiest, I mean," she says, laughing, but she loops her arms around Ciel under the blanket and squeezes her back.

"That too," Ciel answers, flipping her blanket to leave Lexie in a fleece-covered pile as she wriggles free and darts toward the kitchen to steal another blondie.

It's not an objectionable position to be left in. Lexie hugs the blanket tighter around herself and snuggles into the sofa. Perfection.

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