2046-02-09 I'll Be Dog Gone and Found

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I'll Be Dog Gone And Found
Date Posted 2016/02/09
Location Gantry Plaza State Park - Queens
Participants Huruma, Kade
Summary Huruma and Kade comb the park in Queens for missing valuables, of the canine variety.
Prompt [Random Scene] Kade & Huruma @ Gantry Plaza State Park. Kade's word is: message; Huruma's word is: search. Huruma sets.
Gantry Plaza State Park's gotten ragged around the edges with time and use (and misuse). Some of the benches may be missing some slats, others may have been scrawled on, painted on, or generally dirtied, but the view of Manhattan is still spectacular, especially at night. So much neon across the water, so much glitz. Bright enough and close enough to infect your dreams. The old piers are also still here, increasingly ramshackle reminders of a maritime age.

It is a winter evening. The weather is freezing and fair.

It's still in the daytime when XFS gets a request of an odd, but doable sort; someone's lost a dog. Mind you, it is a valuable purebred with a long, tangled name, and the owner is offering enough offhand that it gets marked 'someone go find this dog!'. And so whoever is free seems to get the prize. Right now, that means Huruma is stalking around Gantry Plaza in her long black coat with a baggie of deli meat in one hand and a leash hooped around the other. She told Kade where she'd be looking, though she has not seen him yet. Perhaps he is still en route.

Kade's days off are random things, sometimes coming in the middle of the week and non-consecutively. So he was available to take this bit of spot work from XFS. He arrives after Huruma, but not too long, and finds her in the park after a bit of scouting. "Hey," he calls, striding over to meet her. "I got your message. And I brought...when you said meat, you actually meant...this, right?" He holds up a baggie, probably also quickly grabbed from a corner deli, and filled with cheap cuts.

"Not unless this is a dog that only eats raw prime rib." Huruma's confirmation is deadpan. Yes, that kind. She looks him over once before turning an eye behind her. "I've looked along the main boardwalk-- nobody has seen her there."

Kade is dressed in jeans and a black coat with a sweatshirt underneath. And beaten athletic shoes, which the snow and occasional bit of slush won't abuse too much. "I hope I got something enticing. I'm a vegetarian, so I don't make investments in meat often." He takes a piece out of his bag, idly waggling it, like it will instantly attract the dog. It does not, but the day is young. "What was her name again?

"Anything that smells fatty and pink will do. It is a dog, not a princess." Huruma smirks at the thought, looking to KAde when he pulls a slice out. "Some absurdly long thing-- they use 'Ginger' to call her. Are you any good at whistling?"

Kade lifts two fingeres to his lips and blows in reply. The whistle is high-pitched and loud, and will probably serve. "Here, Ginger! Here pretty girl!" he calls, adding another whistle after it for good measure. He takes a long look around the park, after he's done making noise. "Maybe we should check around the benches first? Might be a little warmer, give some shelter."

Huruma actually edges half a step to the side for the loud whistle, a surprised little laugh coming out as she does so. "I'd say you are, then. I think maybe-- A little less harsh. She flashes a smile and looks out over the sidewalk. "Maybe. I admit I do not know much about the breed. What size was she?"

"That was more stadium volume, wasn't it?" Kade moderates to shorter "Twee-twee!" pitches of whistling. The laugh from Hurum gets a grin, and he starts down one of the walking paths. Which will eventually take them on a decent tour of the park. "One of those little hot-dog shaped things, from the picture the owner sent to the office mailbox. Dachshund." He holds up his hands roughly 'dachshund' length apart. "You ever had a dog?" Suddenly and randomly curious, as he often is.

Huruma does a few short whistles with her lips, not as shrill but still good for calling a dog. "Ah. Those." Huruma's gaze narrows on his size sample, and it furthers into a squint when he questions her. She hesitates, eyes flicking past KAde's face for a few moments, skimming an old memory. It fades the sharpness of her gaze. "No. I have never."

Kade does some squinting of his own, frowning. "Yeah. A bigger dog would be easier to find. But, nobody said these jobs were easy." He drops a bit of meat under a bench. The spot is dog-less at the moment, but perhaps he's trying to bait their quarry. As he looks up, he watches Huruma's face, noting the slight change in her eyes. Not that he looks too long. "We always did, when I was growing up. My familiy, that is. My mom loves them. She's got one now. Big dog. Part German shepherd and part...a dozen other things. I've only met her once." His mood turns from warm nostalgia to one that's toned a touch bittersweet, even if his tone is still light. "Went home to Cali a few years ago and the dog treated me like an intruder. Took her days to stop following me around sniffing."

Huruma scans the ground as Kade sets some bait, and rather than wait she steps off of the path to make an excursion into the brush of the gardening to see if she might scare something up. "I have met many dogs, and that does not sound strange. It was her home-- and while your family accepted you, it always will take time for an animal to become the same." She speaks past her shoulder to Kade, before making a circle back to peer down into some of the naked, wintry bushes. "I've never been in a position to have a pet, but I am familiar."

Kade nods, continuing down the walking path, albeit at a slower pace. "I know. I wasn't part of her pack. When I was growing up, our dogs acted the same way whenever my sister or I brought a friend over. I just wasn't around enough to become part of her crew." He finds another bench, and leaves another little slice of beef. "I tried keeping a pup of my own back when I was in DC - golden retriever - but I wasn't home enough to spend the kind of time with him you need with dogs. My ex got him when we split, so he could stay with my kid. She couldn't keep him in her apartment when she moved to Queens, though. I guess she found a good home for him."

Huruma does a little whistling and draws out a large slice of salami to catch the breeze. She even makes //kissy noises// because why not? Maybe it will work? "Ginger~" Her voice croons.

"That sounds a shame, to get rid of a companion." Huruma glances back up and rejoins Kade on the walkway. "Gentle dogs are probably easier to home, yes?"

"Yeah," Kade admits. There's still a trace of sadness about him, as he reflects on the loss of that dog. "He was a sweetheart, though, so I'm sure he had a good life. I've been wondering if my apartment now would be an OK home for a pup. I feel like I'd need a yard, but maybe a little one..."

As he reflects, the sound of yippy barking interrupts his thoughts. Coming from the direction of a frozen-over pond. Maybe the kissy-noises /did/ work.

"There is enough concrete to walk a thousand miles and enough park to roam, isn't there?" Huruma questions, head tilting. For a moment her eyes are somewhat critical, until her ears perk at the sound of barking. Ah. Rather than wait for KAde to snap out of his puppy reveries, Huruma follows the sound of the animal and makes another kiss-kiss-Ginger~ call.

"Yeah. There is at that." Kade reflects on this. There's an almost boyish enthusiasm in him for the idea. Puppy! "I'm more settled than I've been for a long time. Maybe. Hell, you might want to think about it. Dogs are /great/ protection when you live by yourself. And they're awesome to come home to. You'll never meet any person who's happier to see you at the end of the day." He follows, a little behind Huruma, toward the sound of yipping. And it's not too long before they see a little weiner dog. Half running toward the kissy noises, but also occasionally running off in random directions to harass pigeons.

Huruma pauses when he describes what it's like to have a dog, looking up when he finishes and keeping her expression as neutral as can be. Her eyes tell another story, briefly glancing away at the last comment Kade makes. Rather than try to answer, she closes her mouth before responding, instead turning back to spot the small dog bounding about. The salami gets wagged in the air, delicious and pink. "Here girl, come! Go around her other side, could you?" Huruma asks of Kade.

Kade tries to follow the shift in Huruma's eyes, and perhaps come up with something resembling a proper response to it. There are little dogs to chase, though. He nods, circling around wide so if the creature bolts in that direction, he can cover it. "I think I've got her owner's number somewhere..." he says, blinking as he tries to call it up on his Eyes.

Ginger seems torn between running away from the strangers, and the promise of FOOD. This overwhelms her brain for a moment and she runs in circles, yipping at Huruma. It's not threatening yipping. Unsure yipping, perhaps? Definitely 'Feed me!' yipping.

"My God, you are so stupid..." The tall woman murmurs. "Here--" Huruma bends over to shake the meat out at Ginger's circles. "Here it is, come come." Kissy-kissy. This is so below her, isn't it? Maybe a little. It's certainly an interesting picture.

Ginger is a /very/ dumb dog, but she does know how to come. The smell of salami eventually overwhelms her and she skips over to Huruma, sniffing like she's trying to inhale every particle of air in the park. Huruma earns a tenative yip, but it's not enough to keep her from jutting her nose forward. Gimme!

Kade, for his part, seems to have had some luck calling someone. As he's now talking to the air in a way that suggests there's a person on the other side of his Ears. "Yeah...yeah, I think we found her. Light brown, right? I'll send you a pic." His Eyes blink, as he snaps one of Huruma and the tiny dog.

"Aw, there you are. It's good, yes?" Huruma's tone seems to hit a sadder note as she releases the meat to the pup, and that gray behind her gaze returns as she slips out another piece to try and draw the dog close enough to hook the leash on. The metal shines in her peripheral vision. It's just the clip, that is all.

Kade winces, as the owner confirms - probably with loud screeching, judging by his expression - that this is her dog. "Great. We'll bring her back to you real soon. Remember X-Factor for all your misplaced pet needs." Maybe Jeremy needs to give them an actual marketing slogan. He tries to keep in position a little away from Huruma, to intercept the little dog if she bolts.

Ginger does not bolt, though. She catches the meat, barking happily and spinning in circles that - eventually - bring her close enough that Huruma can grab her if she's quick about it. She's small and quick, but not overly cagey. New friend! New friend with meats!

Huruma wasn't going to chase her if she did bolt-- so that's probably a good thing. She reaches out to bring Ginger into her grasp with a scoop of her arm. The leash is ready to clip on from there, as Huruma stands up with her wee prize. Puppy eyes are met with a steady look. "I hope that you had fun while it lasted."

Ginger barks, a bit affronted, when Huruma picks her up. She struggles a little, but she also sniffs around for more food. Is there more food? Please, please, please?

Kade takes another pictures of this. For posterity. The image of the tall woman with the wee dog makes him smile. "I brought my car, if you think you can keep ahold of her on the drive back to Mutant Town."

"Calm down, You little beast." Huruma doesn't have to wrestle much-- she's way bigger. She gives Ginger a nibble of meat for staying still in her arm, allowing the gobbling a tiny smile. "Of course I can. Tell me, why would someone want a dog shaped like this? What purpose does this possibly serve? She is like-- a rocketing sausage."

Kade can't help it now. He does laugh, falling into step beside Huruma as they head out of the park. "Some dogs were bred to chase after rats, even though cats are better for it. Maybe that's one of those. Like, she can bend around corners and stuff?" He shrugs. He does not know. "Big dogs are a little more practical. For, like, guarding and stuff. Though she's loud, might scare a few intruders away."

"A dog that is meant to be in holes." Huruma snorts through her nose, stuffing the baggie into her pocket and lifting her hand to idly scratch Ginger behind her ears as they walk. "He says you are loud. I say you are pitchy."

Yip! Yip! Yip! Ginger seems to take Huruma's comment as some sort of encouragement to bark more, though she does quiet down at the scratching. Wheedling her nose around to try and lick Huruma's hand. Kade chuckles again as he opens the passenger door of his black hybrid SUV for the pair of them. "It's the middle of the day, so traffic shouldn't be that bad. Or, as 'not bad' as it gets in this city. Should have our girl home before the work day's over."

Huruma slides right into the open car door, cupping dog in one arm and leaning in to tuck her legs up as if she practices this very thing. There is almost a guarantee her entrances are just as pointedly dashing. "Good. I have to work elsewhere after supper. The Vault does not police itself thank goodness."

Kade closes the door behind Huruma and her hot dog. In a moment, he's slotted himself into the driver's side, started up the car, and is driving them off, back toward Mutant Town. And a paycheck, if probably not a large one. Ginger is not, after all, a large animal.

She's just incredibly cute.

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