2046-02-09 Fat Tuesday

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Fat Tuesday
Date Posted 2016/02/09
Location The Vault
Participants Ciel, Huruma, Irene, Kade, Moody, Rohan, Sumit, Tiffany, Vega
Summary Masks, drinking, and dancing with some lessons in piracy and history.
Once a small, secretive club for those in the know, The Vault has exploded in popularity and has since expanded to include three full stories of throbbing beats and alcohol-fueled dancing. The main entrance is still a small door found at the bottom of a set of stairs leading downward from the sidewalk, but it's now marked with a neon red sign stretching all three stories. The line often snakes up the stairs and down the sidewalk.

The three floors offer a variety of music styles, but the decor remains the same throughout. Rusted metal, concrete floors, giant doors with giant bolts, wide metal stairs, and exposed beams overhead give the entire place an abandoned industrial feel. The tables are tall and small, made for standing rather than sitting, and the bar on each floor is a curve of rusted corrugated metal topped with shining steel. The third floor is half the size of the others, with an opening surrounding by a balcony that offers an excellent view of the second floor's dance floor.

The focus of each floor is the wide expanse dedicated to dancing, where strobe lights and lasers flash in time to the music through a thick haze of smoke. The floors are almost always filled with a crush of people, and when they are not, holograms step in to fill the holes. A stage set at the front of each hosts either DJ or band, according to the night, and the pound of music makes it difficult to hold a conversation from more than several inches apart.

It is a winter evening. The weather is cool and overcast.

Mardi Gras this year falls directly after the first day of the Chinese New Year, which means that the Lower East Side is particularly festive. Outside, red lanterns are strung up in front of many businesses, and a few fireworks are still lingering despite the cold weather. Inside, it's hot and crowded. The Vault is already a press of bodies on the dance floor and at the bar and around the tall tables that offer a place to stand and work on a drink. The exposed beams overhead have been laced with purple, green, and gold lights, and the strobing lights on the dance floor match the color scheme. Drink specials are themed to the night - Hurricanes, French 75s, Creole cocktails, and anything they can make green and purple. The music is a mix of New Orleans-inspired jazz and blues and thumping beats more suited for the dance floor.

A few party-goers have donned full-out costumes (encourage by a deeper discount at the bar), but more have simply strung shiny beads around their necks and added masks of varying degrees of fanciness. In the dark, it makes it a little harder to tell who's who, which is, of course, part of the fun.

Having only found out about the mask element at the last minute, Sumit's is a simple 'highwayman' style bit of black cloth tied round his head with holes to see out of. He'd been briefed on the costume part though, so as he leaves his outdoor coat in the cloakroom and aims for the bar dressed in what appears to be a rather realistic, late 18th century british soldier's red tunic. Given the mass of bodies inside it's too warm to have it done up, which reveals a plain white drawstring shirt underneath. Not yet spotting anyone of the XFS crowd he makes his first priority a drink.

"I /never/ miss an opportunity for costumes," Moody is explaining at the bar to whomever happens to be close enough to listen, her tri-corner hat tilted jauntily and a few strands of gaudy beads dangling into her bodice-enhanced cleavage. She has a very large drink that is pink and orange and very fruity, probably a Hurricane, but seems to have only had a little bit of it so far given the level of liquid still in it and the way she's staying totally upright on her (cheap) pirate-y boots. Her mask is an inexpensive black thing, though she's sparkled it up a bit with some home-applied touches. "Especially ones which let me playfully talk people into buying me rum."

Kade isn't in full costume, but he's found a peacock feather-style mask (probably with fake feathers) and paired it with a blue feather boa (feathers also probably fake). He strolls into the Vault bobbing his head to the music, soaking up the energy. "So what's the actual, like, significance of Mardi Gras, anyway?" he asks the masked lady on his arm. Who is probably Ciel. "It's a Catholic thing, right? I never really learned much about what's behind the whole thing outside beads and boobs, I am shamed to say." But not that shamed, clearly.

Rohan appears have gotten the vaguely 18th century memo re: costume. That, or that's what his habit of hanging around in thrift shops looking for a new leather jacket has turned up. He's wearing a ruffled shift, a mask as simple as his flatmates, and what very much looks like knee breeches with boots. And a costumed rapier on his hip. Maybe a theatrical company was selling out. He slips through the crowd and treads, heavily, on Sumit's heel. It's probably on purpose. Maybe it's a coincidence.

"It's a Catholic thing like--" Ciel breaks off, frowning as she fails to find an adequate simile. She enters with her arm tucked through Kade's and her gaze quick in its sweep around the place. She has no boa, but she does have a half mask patterned purple, green, and gold motley, with a spray of cream feathers over her left brow where the once silver-blue streak in her hair has half grown out. Her hair is piled high on her head tonight, a mass of dark curls that leaves her neck bare and long. Her skirt is tight and short and black, her shirt loose and silky and matching purple, with a neckline that rides high in front and dips halfway down her back behind, which means it's constantly threatening to slip off one shoulder. She waves a hand at Kade and finishes, "/Real/ Catholics don't do this sort of thing." Or so her mother always said. "We don't sin so that we may find more grace, et cetera et cetera." She glances up at him, grinning. "But for the rest of us, it's an excuse to eat and drink til we can't anymore, before we clean up our act for Lent."

Sumit almost makes it to the bar before Rohan introduces himself so elegantly. Turning his head sharply as the pain flares in his ankle he states with an annoyed sounding, "oi, watch out," before he recognises his flatmate and his expression softens somewhat. "Hey Ainsworth, want me to grab you a drink, save us both queuing?" Turning back to the bar he spots an opening that's conveniently near Moody and starts to edge that way once more in the hope the Englishman will follow him. "Did you feed the cat by the way? I didn't as thought you had, but she was howling at me like she'd never been fed ever."

Abandoned by the sister and brother-in-law that she came with, Tiffany stands on her own. Both of her small hands wrap around a cheap, nearly empty can of Tecate. Over her face, she's pulled on a little mask that covers the span her brow and the bridge of her nose. The mask is simple, with red sequins and two dainty devil horns. In lieu of a costume, Tiff wears a flirty vintage halter-dress with a cute petal bust. The dress is in red, as are the heels she's stolen from someone else's closet. Taking the last sip from her beer, the Devil brings a finger to nervously dab at her lipstick and meanders closer to the bar to replace it -- only to spot Moody, the only person she recognizes! "Hey," Tiff steps into view and offers a contained smile, waving her empty beer as maybe an awkward greeting.

"You owe me a round," Rohan tells Sumit with a quick flash of a grin. "Great coat, by the way. Looks damned near authentic," he says, inspecting as closely as he can in the dim lighting, and with the enthusiasm only an undercover history nerd can muster. "And, yes," he says, following Sumit with a stride of long legs, "she's been fed. She's just in the stage where she is fine-tuning her powers over humans."

It takes Moody a second -- y'know, costumes, masks -- but she swivels and beams brightly at Tiffany once she figures out who the other woman is, waving at her in invitation to sidle up to the bar next to her. She makes room by squishing over a little further, giving the guy standing behind her an apologetic smile that probably does less to earn her forgiveness than the little butt shimmy she does in the process. "Hey, Tiffany! Happy Mardi Gras!"

Kade chuckles low at Ciel's reply. "I am guessing I won't be partying with any /real/ Catholics, then. Cool. Lent, huh? What are you giving up?" His arm loops companionably around her, fingers tapping the bare part of her back. He manages to navigate his way vaguely bar-wards, and into the drink queue. Between the noise and the music, he doesn't notice the other XFSers right away. Save for Moody, who gets an enthusiastic wave. that seems to include Tiffany, just because she's in the general vicinity. "Hey hey party people!"

"Yeah yeah," replies Sumit, waving a hand dismissively at Rohan's mention of a round, but he does still move to get one in. Letting his flatmate pick the spot at the bar, so they can be as near to the Ciel/Kade pairing as the guy is comfortable with he grins as he notices the attention his jacket is getting. "Odd you should say that, you remember me mentioning I got caught up in a time jump when Moody got amped? This is what I swiped to fit in while we were lying low in 1775. She seems to like it, so I figured I'd wear it tonight. Good an excuse as any right?"

"Sex," Ciel says, stoneface as she draws up next to the group of familiar faces with a hand lifted to adjust the set of her mask. "Evening! Hey, looking /nice/!" Which exactly of the three costumed folks she's referring to isn't quite clear, but she grins at Moody and Sumit in turn before her smile sobers just a touch as her gaze moves to Rohan.

Moody tips her goofily large hat at Ciel before saying cheerfully, "Hey, Kade -- good to see you! Have you met Tiffany yet? She and I went to Xavier's together, and she signed on with XFS recently." She spots Sumit and Rohan and gives them a bright wave. Sumit might even get a bit of bodice jiggle, but hey, it's physics. Those things are ridiculous, even for someone as modestly endowed as she is. "Tiffany, this is Kade and Ciel. He does fire, she flies and does portal things. Oh and she's a PI, too. It's really cool."

"Yeah, totally. Happy Mardi Gras! Nice outfit," Tiffany offers, albeit with less enthusiasm because it's Tiffany and she's gotta be /cool/. Slipping into the spot Moody's so graciously offered her, the lady in the devil costume glances around at the others with a hesitant little smile. She sets her empty can out closer towards the bartender's side of things in the hopes of getting a new one. As she's introduced, she turns away from the task at hand, "Hey, it's uh, nice to meet you guys." She gestures with a finger to get the names right, "Kade? And Ciel?"

"I'm right jealous of that," Rohan tells Sumit. "I'd love see some history. Even if it has to be American," he adds, dryly. It's probably loud enough in here no one will overhear him clearly enough to jump him. He raises a hand in greeting to Moody.

Kade gives Ciel a "Ha-ha" at her reply about what she's giving up for Lent. "That was a funny joke, right there." He sounds a touch unsure whether it /is/ a joke, though. He peers at her, trying to get a sense of whether or not he's being trolled, but in the masks that's harder than normal. Rohan gets a "Yo" that's distinctly awkward, when the Englishman is spotted. There are less awkward things to concentrate on, though. Like Moody and Sumit'd costumes. "You all going Colonial? That is outstanding." As for Tiffany, he shakes his head. Extending a hand to the woman he has not met, for shaking purposes. "Kade Caruthers, in full. Yo. I do heat generation. And resistance, but when you can /start/ fires that's pretty much all anyone focuses on. What's your thing, if it's not a horrid faux pas to ask?"

Huruma's been given part of the evening free, and so when she arrives at the Vault it is in through the back to where she might sneak her way onto the floor instead. Typically easy to spot in her head above most, today is no different; Huruma sinks into view past the edge of the dance floor towards the others, her costume a subtle but striking thing. Her face is painted at the top half, in an outline of her skull, white against brown; the rest is a black suit and shining shoes; the blazer is open, coattails free, showing a thin mesh of black under purple suspenders. The black gloves and top hat top it all off. "Hat club." Is her low-voiced greeting, one hand alighting on Moody's large accessory, friendly.

Moody twists when a hand comes down on her hat, about ready to New York someone for getting handsy, but when she sees Huruma her eyes go wide and utterly delighted, "Oh my GOD you look AMAZING. I love it!" Her pirate costume likely looks a bit 'I bought this at the thrift store after Halloween with couch money' in comparison, but. It works for the free rum. Ciel ignores poor Kade's frustration to instead grin at Tiffany, lifting her free hand in an easy wave. "Ciel, yeah," she confirms. "Xavier's alum, huh? I hear most of them are a little wild after they finally get out from under the professor's thumb." The curve of her smile suggests a tease on the matter.

Sumit positively beams over at Moody as he spots her, taking his eyes off teh barman to offer her a wave and missing his chance to order as a result. He doesn't seem annoyed though, and just waits a minute or two longer before he's finally able to push a beer towards Rohan. "There was some famous guy there, some bigwig of the time apparently. She recognised him, anyway. Not that we saw a huge amount mind, found an upstairs room in an inn to hide in mostly. Compared notes about how successfully our two countries were fighting your lot at the time." He flashes another grin at that, then, with his own pint in hand, he turns to edge closer to the rest of them. "Gaandu," he nods briefly to Kade, then Ciel gets a smile, before he angles his way past the guy behind Moody, ignoring every single one of his protests. "SO, whats the plan, drink, dance, and be merry?"

Tiffany shakes Kade's hand, even if the strength of her handshake is somewhat lacking. "No, I'm used to that one," she reassures him dryly, "My power is actually running in high heels. Without breaking them. And without any pain." Something in her tone might imply uhm, humor. She smiles, turning that smile to Ciel and nodding in agreement, "Oh, yeah. You go wild. It's like going to school in the hotel from the Shining. This is actually my normal outfit." Speaking of which. "Do you guys want to do shots? Or?"

"Some of us were wild even underneath his thumb, which is a bit kinky and gross to say out loud if you'd ever actually met the man," Moody observes, and when Sumit comes over behind her she leans back a little to get the whole picture, her Hurricane sloshing a bit in her hand. "Heeeeey." Yeah, there's a lascivious gleam in her smile there, and she runs her free hand lightly across the lapel of the bright red officer's coat. "Yeah, there's no way that you don't look way better in this than whatever leftennant you stole it from." (It's lieutenant, but she pronounces it ala English in a horrible person way.) But then Tiffany says the magic word and she drags her attention away from him long enough to pronounce firmly, "Definitely shots."

"Can I just point out half my ancestors were on your side?" Rohan replies to Sumit, taking the beer from him. "My mum's lot didn't even get to England until...well, it wasn't _that_ long ago!" He fails on personal history apparently. He follows Sumit in edging near Moody. Fewer wolves there. He does mutter, "Anything vaguely 18th century is American Colonial, apparently. Good to know." His mouth twists, and he adds to his roommate's back, "I didn't finish my history degree, after all."

A sequined green and purple striped tiger mask sparkles on Vega's features, the colours barely managing to not clash with the bubble gum shades of her hair, as she meanders her way into the crowd from the bar. She prefers her holidays mixed. Not unlike her outfit, which mixes her standard boots with a pair of black, leather pants, and a mesh top turned Mandarin - it's a mix of black mesh and carefully placed embroidered elements that give it the impression of armor. It exposes the scarring along her arms which is barely visible under the lights. One of which is is linked through that of a taller, matching tiger with a purple face with green stripes, while her left hands holds a very tall and very green drink. "Why do you think they call it a zombie?" She asks Irene.

Kade doesn't pump Tiffany's hand too hard, though his own shake is firm enough. "Well, I am in awe of your super-human abilities, then. I can barely manage a high boot. I'm an Xavier's refugee myself, though I suspect it was before your time. I graduated way backin the dark ages of Twenty Five. Famous guy?" He is intrigued, but this from Sumit. "Was it Ben Franklin? That guy was supposedly a blast, in an Eighteenth Century kind of way." He considers drinks. "I think I can do a Creole cocktail. I'm not drinking too much tonight, alas. Work looms in the morning. But I can party semi-hearty."

"Ug, work," Ciel says, wrinkling her nose at Kade beneath her mask before she leans in to agree with Moody and Tiffany, "Shots, definitely. And dancing."

Moody pokes past Sumit's shoulder to say to Rohan helpfully, "It was about four weeks before the official start of hostilities in the Americas in 1775 when we landed, so technically, yes, it's Colonial, given the origin. Though Georgian would also likely do, if you were looking for specifics. If we'd stolen it in China, it'd be Qing Era. Time is super weird." She looks around. "Jaeger! We should do jaeger shots!" To Kade, she sighs dreamily, "It was Alexander Hamilton and it was fantastic except for the part where I was so tongue-tied I barely managed my own name. His eyes were dreamy."

The reaction that Huruma gets from Moody seems to set her expression pleased, lips curling in a smile under the white outline on her face. She sets a hand along her waist, lifting a hand and tipping the edge of her hat to Moody, a laugh in her throat. "I do try. I trust I'm successful? This is my first Mardi Gras." Without waiting for an answer, however, she moves along with a slink to the bar and lets Moody to her explaining just how dreamy a dead fellow was. No shots, it seems, but there's something peppery for her instead.

"Georgian," Rohan tells Moody with a sideway smile. "I'll take that. I've seen a lot of the world. I get a tiny bit annoyed at assumptions about what's at the centre of it sometime. Like I am officially expressing my annoyance at being labelling by my nationality." He salutes Huruma with his beer. "Hey, Creeps. Not bad."

"Well, I suppose you could," Sumit replies to Rohan in a mock serious tone, "if you really had to, but it would spoil the fun." Taking a sip of his beer he raises an eyebrow at Tiffany as shots are mentioned, then, flicking his eyes across to Kade he shakes his head, "Hampton or something?" Then Moody chips in with the accurate details so he lets her explain, which handily, leaves him free to enjoy the attention sh's giving him, even if it's mostly aimed at his jacket. "You weren't that bad," he offers in an attempt to console, and hey, you made an impression."

"Pretty sure it's because it leaves you brain dead," Irene replies dryly to Vega, eyeing the very tall and green drink somewhat skeptically. Possibly she is already imagining having to peel Vega off the floor. Much of the expression, though, is lost behind the tiger mask which complements Vega's own, not quite matching (it's a sequined purple mask with green stripes instead of the other way around. Her dress isn't exactly club wear (it's neither bright enough or small enough), but it's certainly appropriate for a party and dancing: A black dress cut sharply with a slash of purple across it and lining the inside of the knee-length skirt, which has a fairly high slit in it. Heels glitter with gold sparkle almost as much as the mask does. The outfit probably does as much as the mask does to obscure her identity, aside from the company she keeps.

"Jaeger?" Tiffany pouts behind her devil mask, crinkling up her nose, "Can we /compromise/?" Turning to glance back at the ground, she pushes onto her knees in the bar stool to lean partially over the bar. She's a girl, at a bar, dressed as Satan. C'mon, bartender! "I want whiskey. If you want jaeger-"

It's more likely Irene will have to peel Vega off of the ceiling. Every now and then her steps glide and then resettle, smoothly and evenly. Irene's drink is eyed with a dubious look. "Maybe. But we are still getting you a more fun drink the next round," she decides. "We did a shot, but I know you." Her bubble gum haired accompaniment definitely does not help with any attempts at an alter ego. Lifting her gaze, she scans the crowd with interest and squints at one group in particular. "Caruthers?" Maybe. "Peacock?"

"Whiskey!" Ciel puts in swiftly for her vote before she nudges her elbow into Kade's side, like, come on, just /one/? She lifts her gaze to sweep up the length of Huruma, and the arch of her brows is largely hidden by her mask, but the rush of her surprise is bright and clear for a moment even in the press of bodies. She covers it by lifting her voice to wonder, "Why are we complaining about Western-centric history again? I think I missed something."

"Alexander Hamilton!?" Kade exclaims with delight. "The ten dollar Founding Father! Holy shit! That's even better! Did he have a pretty sister on each arm? Or maybe that cat John Laurens? All respect to that dude, of course." This is how Kade pictures his historical figures. He side-eyes Ciel, then considers. "Maybe one shot. I guess I need to enjoy whatever pleasure I get tonight, before several weeks of repentance." At the sound of his name, he pivots on his heel. To beam at Vega. "The feathers are faux, alas, but I like the color. Madams Zhang and Atwell. Glad to see you all out tonight."

"Thank you." Huruma salutes Rohan back after a moment, when she gets her own drink in hand. It's nothing complex, but she still seems to ease off of the idea of jaegerbombs and or shots. Let everyone else get wasted, she's good. "Not bad yourself. Simple is better. Less sequins to pick out of unruly places."

"I am not paying for the bottle it would take to get more fun," Irene replies to Vega, but allows, "A fun drink next time, though, promise." Beers are not the most festive of drinks, not even if you stick a citrus wedge on it. Her friend veers them both in the direction of someone she recognizes and someone they both know. "Caruthers," she greets and takes a drink of her beer. "Seems appropriate." The peacock getup. "You're recovering well then?"

"You know, it was super weird that he was white," Moody says to Kade, grinning, "But no, he was just with some guys talking politics. Or talking /at/ them. And making eyes at the bar maid. It was cool. We got yanked out of there pretty quick after, so we didn't get to see much." She leans an elbow on the bar and finishes her Hurricane, saying to Tiffany, "Whiskey works -- not my favorite, but I'm about done with rum. It's amazing how much you get offered in a pirate outfit."

"Isn't that historically accurate?" Vega quips, catching the bit about Alexander Hamilton with a bird on each arm. She flashes her friend a broad grin and taps a boot on the ground. "I might have a little something on me and have you covered regardless," she suggests with a smile that goes from cheerful to wicked. Her dark eyes flit to Kade's feathers with delight. "Probably better for the birds that way. You know unplucked and all." She takes a drink of her zombie with a satisfied look.

Rohan glances to Ciel for a moment, guarded, and only says, light, "Yeah. You probably did." He looks back to the others, flashes a brlliant grin, and says, "I think I might be too old for shots. I'm happy to stand here and watch everyone get drunk, though." His grin may or may not bely his assertions about age.

"Rum and pirates," Sumit replies with a grin as he leans forward a little, "how original. Tell me though, what should I be drinking if we go by costume? Gin perhaps," he turns to Rohan, "or was that more for the ladies. Brandy I suppose." Nodding to Kade he adds "that's the chap, although severely lacking in sister, or a cat, unless you count the semi-feral tom that I assume was the inn's ratter." Vega and Irene get nods of welcome as they approach, but it's to Huruma that he speaks, "evening, dressed for the occasion as well I see. Did we ever get yu into a sari? I forget."

"I should have been a pirate," Tiff shakes her head, sighing in grave disappointment at her life choices. When the bartender drifts too close, she locks on: "Hey can we get-" she just starts pointing at the people around them, whether or not they opted out. What did you expect? She's the Devil! "That many shots? I don't know? Well? What's your well whiskey? That. Thank you! Oh! I'm on a tab with my sister. It's under Jacque Newetner." "Oh! And another?" She shakes her empty tecate can. "Did anyone else need to order anything?"

"Huh." Kade also seems taken aback by the idea of Hamilton being white, when Moody says it. "I mean, I /know/ he was. That was a very Male and Pale crowd back in the day. But it's still weird to think about. I think I prefer the stage version. Anyway! Whisky! I am not throwing away my shot!" He holds up a little glass, as if to toast. Or prove to Ciel that he's drinking. While doing that, he stands on one foot. For Vega and Irene's benefit. "Just fine, ladies. The car only hit me a little bit, after all." It's possible that assertion sounds more ludicrous every time he says it.

Ciel subsides for a moment, drawing quiet at Rohan's answer as she meets his gaze, then watches him turn a grin on the others. Her smile is a little forced when she turns to acknowledge the former Mutant Affairs contingent with a, "Hey! How's it going?" Oh, are there shots? There are shots! She barely pauses between scooping one up and throwing it back, though she does grin at Kade after for the heft of his.

"Yes. But I hesitate to say that //you// got me into it." Huruma answers Sumit, pale eyes levelling out on him while she hangs back with Rohan. He has the right idea this time, she believes. Her senses ease when she takes in the moods of those nearest her, mouth a twisted little smirk as she watches.

"Here's to being in the room where it happens -- and musical theater nerds," Moody lifts a shot to Kade, laughing, and tosses it back. She shivers afterward, coughing once, "God, I forget how that stuff hits. I am so much more into umbrella drinks." She shifts to make a bit more room in their pod, which coincidentally lets her sidle next to Sumit so she can surreptitiously pet the coat -- er, his arm. Really.

"What, /more/?" Irene looks to Vega in some surprise. (There may have been a little pre-gaming involved in tonight. ) Sumit gets a nod of greeting in return, but she doesn't know much of anything about American History outside of what is currently being taught in the third grade, so she doesn't comment on any of that. "I'm still not sure you can only get a /little bit/ hit by a car," she tells Kade, but there is an unspoken 'whatever' at the end of her sentence. Fine, sure. Only a little bit hit. "Ah, hey. Busy week." It's going.

For all his words, Rohan does pick up a shot, and shake it slightly. He eyes it. It does not eye him back. "Nehru, you really need to let that coat dance with Moody," he notes, with a grin, and a nudge of his elbow against Sumit's ribs. "Or else _I'll_ volunteer."

Laughing outright at Kade's Hamilton quote, dark eyes bright, Vega salutes the taking of shots with a lift of her glass. "Just you wait," she briefly harmonizes, her smile lingering. It extends toward Ciel as she glances towards them with a nod. "Hey. The drinks are great and the music is good so not too badly..." Lifting her brows she glances towards Irene. "And yes, more." Reaching down, she unzips the leg of her pants from just above her boot and slides something out with a metallic click. A narrow,clear contained falls into her hand (likely vodka) and is given a shake in Irene's direction.

Sumit flashes a smile at Huruma's reply and lifts his glass in silent salute for a moment before the arrival of the shots draws his attention and he takes one. It's not really his drink, and the slightly contorted look on his face shows that, but he doesn't seem to mind too much. Letting Moody have one arm he uses the other to pick up the remains of his pint and is about to rink from it when Rohan's subtle hint is delivered. Looking down to Moody he tilts his head in silent askance, then downs the remains of the beer and offers her a hand towards the dance floor.

Kade notes the interplay between Ciel and Rohan enough to shift a glance between them. Then he takes his shot. His mood is mostly festive, albeit with a knotty undercurrent at that precise moment, but it doesn't override the general party atmosphere. He's an extrovert by nature, and his spirits are buoyed in settings like this. "Woo!" He knocks back his shot. He only clears his throat a couple of times after downing it. He can still /take/ them at his age, though how they settle likely changed. To Irene, "You decided to take up working for Wallace's crew? There's always random work to be done." Finally noting Huruma, he adds over his shoulder, "Damn fine job yesterday, by the by!"

"I'm a pirate -- I'll steal a dance with you later," Moody threatens Rohan, winking, before taking Sumit's hand and taking the coat (and him) out onto the dance floor to cut a rug. Talking over the music isn't easy, but she does manage to say earnestly, "I'm not just using you for your clothes! But I do really like them!"

Irene tries to face-palm as Vega very casually pulls a flask from her leg. The mask makes it a little hard to do it properly. "I think you have to wait until I'm done with my beer," she says responsibly. Those are not two things that should be mixed. She drinks some more of that beer, looking at Kade for a moment over the rim of it. "Mm, well, I have the paperwork."

Huruma's eye is naturally drawn further over to the suspicious activity from Vega, her eyes following the course of the woman's hand and the resulting prize. That's a fascinating trick, there. She is studying the masked Vega and Irene when Kade interrupts her thoughts, bringing her to look back at him while sipping at her cocktail. She snorts lightly into it when it lowers. Really? "Don't mention it."

Throwing back a shot, Tiffany manages not to grimace by chasing it quickly with a swig of beer. Queen of Poor Decisions that she is, she follows it by taking one of the leftover, unclaimed ones as well. An outsider to the XFS crowd, or at the very least /too/ new, she's happy enough not to be standing all on her own on the other side of the bar. Holding her beer close, she watches Moody and Sumit go off in amusement, "Yup. Should've been a pirate."

Sumit might not win any dance competitions, but he can keep track of the beat, and doesn't seem to be overly endangering Moody's toes, so he'll take that as a victory. Leaning in closer so he can hear her words he grins a little then retorts, "let me guess, my clothes -and- my food?" Then, since it really wouldn't do to make Moody do all the work he adds, "you dance well, that something else they taught at Xavier's?"

"You're so well behaved," Vega teases Irene lightly, the light catching the green sequins of her mask as she tilts her head. The purple stripes gleaming against her pink locks, which fall down her shoulder. Her emotions skew towards cheerful and calm with just a baseline hint of wariness that seems habitual to any skimming Huruma may do.She tracks the movements of the group by habit. The bottle is offered generally and congenially towards the group before she moves to put it away.

"I'm sure we can find someone willing to dance with the devil," Ciel tells Tiffany, twisting her shot glass between her fingers before she leans forward to slide it to the bar. She glances over at Kade, then back to Tiffany. "What's your taste run to?"

"Careful," Rohan calls after Moody. "I'm a highwayman!" So _that's_ what his costume is. "I'll steal you back!" He snorts at Moody's explanation about the clothes, salutes the pair with his shot, and despite his earlier resolution, tosses it back. He sets the glass down, his beer still in hand, and cocks a hip against the bar, looking a little more relaxed now. Even if it's a determined relaxed. "Pretty sure a devil can shift for herself, too," he tells Tiffany, with a flash of a smile.

Kade leans a little against Ciel, his fingers tapping on the bare bit of her back again. "I thought I was spoken for, for the first turn at least." He waggles his eyebrows at her, tugging down his mask a notch just so he can work them. It's probably a request to dance. He's not terribly subtle. A firm nod, to Huruma. Damn right really. To Irene, "It won't get you rich, but it's good to supplement. I for one would be glad to know somebody like you could be around to watch my back, if it was called for."

"This is something we taught ourselves at Xavier's when Mr. Summers wasn't paying attention. The man's smart as hell but I would not call his moves good," Moody tosses her head back when she laughs and nearly loses her hat. A quick grab saves it at the last minute, and she laughs again, "Oops. Anyway, you get a bunch of mutant teenagers together in a boarding school with like, nothing within walking distance -- you get up to things. Nothing too serious, but still."

"I'm supposed to be a good influence," Irene deadpans in response to Vega's teasing. She laughs, quietly, before answer Kade, "I'd be a very boring rich person, anyway." Sadly, this isn't even a joke, it's just true. "Thanks, though. I hope if that is called for there will be less flying, flaming cars, though."

"They have a real paper, paperwork?" Vega wonders with a lift of her brows, glancing at Irene like 'you didn't mention that bit.' "She's the best to have at your back." Her voice is all certainty as she says so, flashing Kade an even smile. "At least there wasn't flying and on fire men. That guy was annoying enough on the ground, I didn't want to have to go after him." She takes a draught of her drink. Ciel's grin breaks to laughter, quiet and breathy as she leans into the tap of Kade's fingers. "I dunno," she says, "I think I could spare you if her taste runs to ridiculously hot guys in feather boas." She lifts a hand to flick at the end of Kade's, then pushes up to close the short difference in their heights for a quick kiss. She rocks back, hand twisting in his boa for leverage as she leans around him a bit to agree firmly with Irene, "Especially fewer flying, flaming cars headed in our direction."

"I suspect you get a bunch of teenagers, gifted or mundane, and they'll get up to things," Sumit replies with a faintly knowing smile, before the music changes to a slightly slower number and he has to concentrate or a moment not to unbalance himself in adjusting to the new beat. "I don't think I'd ever been to a club before I got to Mumbai," he confesses over the thump of teh music, "bonfires and booze all night on the beach was more our thing."

Tiffany laughs. The alcohol has softened her sharp edges somewhat. At Ciel and Rohan, she curls shyly inward somewhat. "I'm sure the devil could -if she wanted to-," She agrees with dry amusement, taking another big gulp of her beer.

"Yes, real paper paperwork," Irene tells Vega with a tone that suggests heavily that 'yes she /did/ tell you that'. "Personally, I thought it was nice." But then she likes actually, physical things she can hold and don't vanish if the electricity goes out. She nods in Ciel's direction, but adds, "I'd be alright with less thrown and/or flaming cars in general--the property damage on that is terrible."

"I've only just meet said devil," Rohan says dryly. "I'd like to credit her with /some/ taste." He tilts his head back to take a long swallow of his beer. "Well, if the devil desires," he tosses at Tiffany with a faint grin, "crook a finger. Otherwise, I'm going to see if I can be boarded by pirates."

"I'm sure the devil can find many suitors with her black magic ways," Kade says. Kind of to Tiffany, though his eyes never leave Ciel. So he's in good position when she rises up to kiss him. He holds that for a beat, slow and warm. Then he gestures a couple fingers at her, then toward the dnace floor. "Come on. Let's boogie. They're finally playing something I can dance to without feeling like I need to swing." To Vega, he nods. "Just a standard contract. Wallace is old school. It's pretty simple to get hooked up. They take all kinds."

Ciel grins at Tiffany in a half-hearted apology as she lifts a hand in a wave as she follows Kade off to the dance floor. "Okay, okay," she tells him, twisting around to face him with her head tilted back to meet his gaze and her hands lifted to rest against his shoulders. "I'm totally boogieable. If boogieing is what you're into."

"I'd love to do that," Moody says wistfully, "Play Goa, maybe? The shows there are legendary. Oh, well." She shifts effortlessly to the beat, keeping perfect time. She's not the world's greatest dancer, by any stretch of the imagination, but she's got great timing.

There is an edge to Vega's grin that says she might be pulling Irene's tiger tail just for the fun of it. "Yes. Let's call a end on that," she agrees of the flying cars to Kade, Irene, and Ciel. The couple is nodded off with a wave of her drink and her flask is stored back away in her leg. Looking towards Rohan, she snorts briefly and sputters whatever thought she had into her drink. /Vega/. "You could just go grab someone," is suggested to Tiffany.

Tiffany mirrors Rohan's grin, peering at him skeptically him from behind her mask, "Mm." With a little more light laughter at him, she crooks his finger in his direction and stands in what is likely preparation to go dance. Only pausing to adjust one of her heels, Tiffany smiles to Vega, "Errr. I'm not all about grabbing people."

"I am into boogie-ifying on occasion," Kade says with a laugh, putting a hand on Ciel's waist and leading her into the crowd of bodies. It's not too long before he's found the rhythm of the current song playing and is moving in step to it. He moves kind of teasingly, closing the distance between Ciel, then skipping back a step, then back in, then out. "You having fun?" he asks. Lightly, but there's an underlying note to the question. What with her ex nearby and all. The implication is never really far from the surface, when he is.

At Vega's sputter, Rohan gives her an absolutely wicked grin, the effect only marred by how his mask obscures his lifted eyebrows. He puts a hand over his head, and bows to Tiffany. "I am summoned, Lady Devil."

"Goa?" Sumit replies with an amused grin, "it's okay I suppose, too many tourists though. Not real India any more, but nice if you like sun and sand, but expect to pay several times as much for everything as you might elsewhere." Not that he sounds critical mind, he's just passing on information. He notes the others moving towards them then, having been dancing for a while now, leans in once more and asks, "do you want the coat for a bit? I think I need to get a breath of air, it's stuffy in here."

"I don't think she meant grab like assaulting them," Irene tells Tiffany, and then pats Vega's back briefly as she sputters.

Ciel has never been particularly great at follow someone else's lead, and let's face it, she's a little distracted tonight. She has a few missteps when Kade goes in as she goes in or he moves that and she moves this. Her smile is a little stiff beneath the cover of her mask, but she doesn't seem to realize it until Kade asks. Her smile fades a little, settling smaller, but clearly more genuine in answer. "Mostly," she says. "I could definitely use one of those fruity drinks when we get winded."

"How about we get out of here and you can take it off somewhere I can really appreciate it?" Moody grins up at Sumit and leans in to say, "I was going to give you a line about shivering my timbers, but honestly, it's so terrible I just can't make myself do it." She glances over at Rohan and sees him going out to dance, giving a quick thumbs up of approval that's probably /totally/ welcome. "I bet English can get home on his own within a reasonable margin of error."

A little bent over her glass, the tips of her ears as pink as her hair, Vega presses a hand against her mouth. Rohan gets a finger pointed at him as she shakes her head. Uh-huh. Irene gets a smile. "Thanks. Zombie saren't meant for breathing."

Kade settles his arms around Ciel's waist, stopping the teasing back and forth and just swaying with her. It's in good time to the music, at least. "We can get out of here if you want. It is a touch on the crowded side. Besides." Pause, and lighter, "I'm apparently not getting any for like the long is Lent, anyway?"

Tiffany giggles, flashing a slightly more easy smile to Irene and Vega from over her shoulder as she leads the way towards the dance floor, "That's just where my mind goes, I guess." She preemptively starts moving along with the beat of the music, running her free hand along the red fabric of her dress.

"He doesn't like being called that," Sumit replies shaking his head slowly, "apparently it offends him to be defined by a geographical spot or somesuch." Then, with that out of the way, smiles conspiratorially. "Sounds like a fine plan, although if I'm taking my clothes off that means it's good flirting right? If you're not wanting to catch more of the party though then yeah, lets go make our own fun."

Ciel's arms lift automatically to twist around Kade's neck, sending the neck of her shirt lopsided in a slip off one shoulder. For a moment she barely moves, shifting from side to side like a middle schooler at her first dance. Her laugh is quiet, barely audible above the din of the crowd and the music. "Six weeks," she says. "Think you can handle it?"

Rohan's grin only brightens under finger pointing. He laughs, deep and rich, and reaches for Tiffany's hand, giving her an impish little twirl as he leads her to the floor. "The thing about dancing," he tells her, "is that your mind should stop going anywhere. You should stop thinking." "He wasn't awfully fond of 'Ficus', either. I'll have to keep trying," Moody loops her arm around Sumit's, "And yes, good flirting. Though really, just showing up in the coat got you in. I'm not ashamed to admit that I'm easy -- when it's someone I like, anyway. D'you want to walk or shall I take us back the quick way?" So convenient, hanging out with a teleporter.

"/Liquids/ aren't meant to be breathed," Irene points out to Vega, then amends after a moment. "Unless you're a fish." She works her way through the beer in her hands steadily. "Well, try not to assault anyone, unless they have it coming," she advises Tiffany with a smile before she's gone.

"I see no particular reason to delay," Sumit replies after a moment's thought, "unless you'd prefer to take the air of course. EItherway though, can we go via the cloakroom? I left my coat." "I cannot tell if you're trolling me or not," Kade says with a warm laugh. He feels no need to try anything fancy, shifting with Ciel, one hand coming up from her waist to rest on her bare shoulder. "I have, sadly, gone six weeks without sex before a time or two in my life. Keeps my golf grip strong, if you know what I mean."

"Bye guys!" Moody calls vaguely toward the bar and the dance floor respectively and without ceremony drags Sumit toward the cloakroom. "Party responsibly!"

"Nope. Haven't managed that yet," Vega manages after a moment, voice a little hoarse for the effort. Watching the crowd through the edges of her mask, she continues to drink a bit more of her zombie. The buzz humming in her ears and the amplifiers rumbling through her mind. "I'm glad you came out," she tells Irene with a smile.

"Damn, Caruthers," Ciel answers, dry as she tips her head back to meet his gaze. "You really know how to keep it classy /and/ sexy/." She's silent for a moment, her fingers curling against the nape of his neck, and then she takes pity on him and admits, "I'm trolling you. I haven't done Lent in years."

Not particularly hung up on any thoughts really, Tiffany is confident and comfortable in her own skin on the dancefloor. She's not about to bust out anything crazy, though. "Uhuh," Rohan's little spout of wisdom does elicit eye-roll from her, but she has the decency to turn her face away from the man to do it -- likely briefly facing the other couple before turning back to face him.

Rohan only laughs again, softly. He's loose on the dance floor, no doubt thanks to the shot earlier, and although he's hardly a fancy dancer, he has a good sense of rhythm. "Of course," he notes, still with a lingering wicked grin, "that depends on where your mind's going."

"I make the classiest jerk-off jokes you'll find, Miss Kane," Kade says, raising both hands to do a a not-exactly classy fist-clasp gesture. Before returning them to her waist and shoulder. At her admission, he laughs. With more relief than he probably means to show. "Oh, thank God!" Abashed, he adds, "Sorry. That was probably sacrilegious. Like, if you /wanted/ to, I wouldn't freak out. I support you in your spiritual needs! But, you know, if you aren't into it, that's also cool."

Ciel's laugh is louder this time, and she leans back a little in the brace of his arms to arch her brows at him behind her mask. Despite that, the quick flash of her smile is undeniably pleased. "So if I'd told you it was for real, you'dve been okay with that?" she checks. "Six weeks is a long time."

"I noticed," Irene asides dryly as Vega speaks a little hoarsely from choking briefly on her drink. "I'm not sure you can be trusted with that drink." But it's not like she's going to take it away from Vega, either, smiling with quiet amusement. She drinks some more of her much milder drink. "Two nights in a row," she comments and then just simply agrees, "Yeah." "Not around innuendo that thick, no." Vega's agreement comes with a crooked grin, her fingers curling just a little defensively around her drink. "Please do not make me down this. I am pretty sure you would have to carry me home." It's kind of a threat, Irene. If only kind of. "Well, I haven't gotten you covered in glitter yet tonight at least."

That laugh makes Kade beam, blue eyes bright behind his mask. He gives Ciel a little spin, though after that brief attempt at real dancing he's back to junior high-level swaying. Which he seems to be enjoying just fine, just now. "I need to improve my golf game pretty badly," he replies with a chuckle. More seriously, "It wouldn't have exactly made my week. I kind of like you and me, in a physical sense. If you know what I mean." He is not subtle. "But, I mean, if it was important to you, I'd have done it. Six weeks isn't even two months. I am strong!"

Ciel twists out into the spin, then comes crashing back into Kade with a little more momentum than is strictly necessary, largely so that she can snuggle up a little closer. "It's not even two months," she agrees, her voice brightly happy before she stops her swaying entirely to tug him down for a kiss so thorough that the mismatch fit of their masks becomes a problem, and hers knocks significantly askew.

Tiffany does laugh genuinely when Rohan manages to bring his train of thought full-circle. The Devil loves when you quote The Devil back to her. As for where her thoughts could be going, she doesn't do too much more talking, slow-wiggling closer along to the beat. She lifts both hands to run her fingers through her hair and in contrast to the middle-school dancing, she turns her back to Rohan to dance against him. It shouldn't be too hard to figure out what Tiff's all about. First impressions!

Kade kisses Ciel back with such enthusiasm that his peacock mask gets knocked clean off. He treads on the poor thing as his feet shift to bring him closer to her. He'll notice, at some point, but doesn't just now.

Ciel drags a hand up to tap at Kade's temple after a long moment, and she grins as she says, "Casualty. You're only barely Mardi Gras suitable now." She twists her hand in the end of his boa, using it as a loose tether as she drifts far enough away to actually dance rather than sway. Or make out on the dance floor.

Rohan keeps his attention very focussed on his partner. Very intently. She is so close, after all. "Careful there, She-Devil," he laughs in Tiffany's ear, breath warm on her skin. "You're going to give me Ideas. That might not be a good thing." His hands rest lightly on her hips.

"I would greatly appreciate it if I didn't have to carry you home." Because that certainly isn't going to go the other way around. Irene side-eyes Vega as best she can in a tiger mask, decidedly wary. "I don't like the way 'yet' was included in that sentence. Do you have more of that with you right now?"

That's fair. Tipping her head to the side in a fall of pink hair, Vega doesn't even bother to smile innocently. "I might have a few small ones in the other leg. I figured they might be fun."

"Oh." Kade finally notices, a moment after he breaks from Ciel, that his mask has fallen. He sighs. "Well. I must be a shame sight, indeed. However will you put up with me?" He waggles his feather boa, before just letting Ciel play with it and doing some actual dancing. He has decent footwork and knows the steps, when he's making an effort. "Mind if I crash at your place tonight? The train back to Brooklyn does not exactly entice me."

"Are you making me brave Lexie again?" Ciel wonders, but she doesn't sound too awful put out about it. She catches at the other end of his boa, looping him in so she can stretch up and plant a kiss to the tip of his nose and add, "I think I can manage that. Especially if you buy me one of those fruity drinks."

"/Tiff/," comes a shrill voice from somewhere off of the dance-floor. Tiffany's older sister appears to materialize, extending a hand out into the crowd to pull her away from Rohan, "I just closed us out. WE'RE LEAVING. /Did you have NINE shots?/" None too pleased, Jacque eyes Rohan suspiciously.

"What?" Tiffany can only laugh at the accusation, "I'd be dead." She isn't so far gone, but drunk as she is, she is easily dragged away by her sibling. A little shaky in her heels, she leans on the other woman for support. Peeking over her shoulder, Tiffany gives Rohan a mischievous smirk as she's led off into the crowd.

"She's not really going to murder you!" Kade says to Ciel. Trying to project confidence. Pause. "I mean, she's not, right?" He chuckles, to make it clear that was a joke. "I think I could manage to pay for a fruity drink. Maybe I'll get another whisky before I go." Pause. "On ice. Maybe in a mixed drink." Because he's an old man.

Ciel laughs, shaking her head to his question, or maybe his suggestion, or maybe just Kade in general. Either way, she tugs him off the dancefloor by his feathered leash, and they disappear back toward the bar for a refill and refresh before losing the rest of the night to dancing and other things.

Rohan flashes his most angelic smile at Tiffany's sister. He practically projects a shimmering halo, before turning around and heading back to the bar, stopping briefly, to peer at Ciel and Kade and--laugh. Hard. He then disappears into the crowd, with a shrug and a chuckle.

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