2046-01-28 Post-Russian Check-Ins

From X-Factor

Post-Russian Check-Ins
Date Posted 2016/01/31
Location Kade's Apartment - Montague Apartments - Brooklyn
Participants Vega, Kade
Summary Vega comms Kade to make sure he's alive after the dust-up at the Bowery.
Plot Ruskie Business
{From Vega to Kade} /You have recieved a message from 'Vega Zhang'. Accept: Y/N?'

{From Vega to Kade} Hey. I heard about what happened from Atwell. Are you alright?

{From Kade to Vega} Detective Zhang? Hey.

{From Kade to Vega} I'm OK. Amp wiped me out for a day or so but I'm recovered now. Leg's a little messed up, but not A LOT messed up. I'll live.

{From Vega to Kade} Not for much longer. Hey.

{From Vega to Kade} Shit. That Amp was nasty.

{From Vega to Kade} She said something about you getting hit by a car? I'm glad to hear it is healing up alright.

{From Kade to Vega} I was only a little hit by the car

{From Kade to Vega} Not a lot hit by the car. Totally fine!

{From Vega to Kade} I don't believe there is a

{From Vega to Kade} Only a little hit by a car.

{From Kade to Vega} Bone's not broken, so that's as little as it gets

{From Kade to Vega} How're you? Any trouble with Mutant Affairs off that whole mess?

{From Vega to Kade} That's fair. And good. Muscle heals more cleanly a lot of the time.

{From Vega to Kade} A little barbequed and a bit shot. Not bad, all in all.

{From Vega to Kade} You all shouldn't be expecting any fallout from that. I, well, it's about what I expected. The Russians will be away for a goodly long time.

{From Kade to Vega} Thank God for that, at least

{From Kade to Vega} I hope you've still got a job. Thompson said they canned Atwell, along with her. Total bullshit

{From Vega to Kade} Well, they apparently aren't too keen on mutants in Mutant affairs... which is going to look like an awful discrimination case in a couple years if I am hopeful.

{From Vega to Kade} I am honestly just waiting for my formal firing at this point.

{From Vega to Kade} But, thanks.

{From Kade to Vega} Why would they fire you? Is it a crime to even have mutant friends now?

{From Vega to Kade} It is against policy to impede a formal investigation. It's fair.

{From Kade to Vega} Sounds like bullshit to me

{From Kade to Vega} Sorry, in any case. You and Atwell both seemed pretty good at your jobs when you were handling that thing with my car.

{From Vega to Kade} The department is under too much heat right now. It's bullshit, but. I knew what I was getting into.

{From Vega to Kade} Thanks.

{From Vega to Kade} I really appreciate you and Ulganov working on this. From what I heard, it sounds like you guys really mitigated damage out there.

{From Kade to Vega} I hope so. It was probably dumb to get within a block of that amplifier, so I hope we managed to do some good.

{From Kade to Vega} How'd things go inside the mission? Atwell didn't have time to give me the play-by-play

{From Vega to Kade} They are going to be away for a long time. So yes. Very good.

{From Vega to Kade} Much better than it could have.

{From Vega to Kade} The two inside were neutralized not long after the nullifier went down so injuries were at a minimum. No deaths. The hall got a bit barbequed though. Their cohorts were caught on their way out.

{From Kade to Vega} Ha, a fire that wasn't even my fault

{From Kade to Vega} Sorry, not funny. Glad nobody was hurt too bad

{From Vega to Kade} I definitely wouldn't be calling to check up on you if you'd been the one who set me on fire...

{From Vega to Kade} Eh. You're fine.

{From Vega to Kade} How'd the outside go down? I only got the bare points.

{From Kade to Vega} We took the nullifer down pretty quick, but he wasn't the problem. Amp showed up with some other mutant who could fuck with our senses. Terror and shit

{From Kade to Vega} Between being mutationally freaked out and amplified, things got kind of hairy. We pulled it out OK, though. Max got the amplifier away from me before I did any serious damage

{From Vega to Kade} Shit. Possible empath. Hopefully they'll get sloppy and caught on their own. That Amp is bad, bad news.

{From Vega to Kade} Ulganov alright? I don't... have any way to contact him, so pass along my regards if you hear from him.

{From Vega to Kade} Sounds like that also could have been worse than it was.

{From Kade to Vega} Better than me. The amplifier messed with him some but I don't think it did him any hardcore damage. That guy is TOUGH

{From Vega to Kade} No kidding. Always good to have someone like that on our side.

{From Kade to Vega} Speaking of, I know Atwell's already heard the pitch, but when you see her, tell her that I hope she checks out XFS for spot work

{From Kade to Vega} People who will have your back when shit's going down aren't easy to find, and she seemed solid on that score (also tell her thanks for the carry)

{From Vega to Kade} She's more than solid. She's the best person I have ever met to have at your back.

{From Vega to Kade} I'll pass it along.

{From Kade to Vega} Thanks. And thanks for the call. I appreciate the thought. Hope you land as soft as you can with the NYPD

{From Vega to Kade} Sure thing. Stay well out there.

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