2046-01-24 The Bowery

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2046-01-24 The Bowery
Date Posted 2016/01/24
Location The Bowery
Participants Irene, Kade, Vega, Kaylee, Maxim
NPCs Andrei, Anton, Igor, Eva, Vitaly, Anjhelika
Summary The confrontation with the Russians comes to a head as the NYPD raid the Bowery. Ex-Cops and X-Factor get together to provide backup as the raid goes South.
Plot Ruskie Business
Scene GM Tat
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It is twilight when New York's finest, of the Mutant Affairs division, close in on what was once a fine bastion of charity and good will. The evidence marking the Bowery Mission as Obtshak's latest enterprise - and identifying the girls now working there as not entirely legal and not entirely /willing/ - has been handed over to the NYPD, a warrant has been obtained, and all that is left is to make the appropriate arrests. Should be a piece of cake, right?

Intel - both from the NYPD and from X-Factor for those paying attention - has indicated that the dark-haired woman in her 40s thought to be running the operation is on site, along with the power couple, Igor and Anton. It seems likely that Anjhelika is around, too, as she's often seen going in and out. It's hard to say if the others are inside or elsewhere, though, save for one; those mutants within a radius covering a block or two can feel that numbing bottoming out that say Vitaly is somewhere in the vicinity.

The NYPD has apparently decided not to be subtle. They go in the front, they go in the back, armored up with what people claim is 'mutant resistant armor' (ha!) and guns drawn. Inside, frightened girls, many of them foreign with few English skills, scream.

Kaylee, all too aware of the NYPD's lack of subtlety -- as, no doubt, is everyone else in the neighborhood at this point -- just shakes her head, from the momentary safety of her far-more-subtle (or at least, less blatantly reckless) position with the others. She's got a stinger at her side, (mentally labeled "in case of Vitaly"), but her hand rests on one of her saber hilts at her belt. "I'm willing to bet not a damn one of the officers they sent in speaks Russian. Any takers?"

Kade is hanging with Maxim, within sprinting distance of the Bowery Mission, though out of the way of any police raiding parties. Maybe everything will go entirely according to plan and he can just chill here for the duration, after all. Or maybe not. "Check-check," he says, into his comm, the line to both Irene and Kaylee open. "This is Caruthers. We're in position, at three o-clock from the mission." He comms so seriously. Does he sound pumped? He sounds a little pumped. He has a Stinger at his belt, though at the moment he's just idly flexing his knuckles, as if priming something more mutational.

Maxim has chosen his ensemble for this particular incident with some care -- black cashmere turtleneck beneath his wool pea coat, a dark gray knit cap pulled down over his light hair, and boots that are good for running /and/ kicking people when they're down. The lines of the coat hide the holster with his Stinger in it. He keeps himself slouched, down around the corner of an adjacent building that is within movement range but not in line of sight, hoping that by keeping a low profile, he and Kade don't draw any unnecessary attention to themselves before it's time to do so. "Terror sounds similar in most languages. I am surprised they do not use gas." In contrast to Kade, he is quiet and focused and largely still.

With the city and their very headquarters under attack in recent months, there are a number in the NYPD who very strong support making an example of the Obtshak and their latest enterprise. Vega isn't excluded from that feeling, that want for vengeance, her hands flexing nervously against her legs as they suit up for the raid. In addition to a small set of repair tools that are stored in a compartment in her left leg, she has extra rounds, a stinger, and several flash grenades on her person. She's given some shit for being over eager from the other officers, audible over the comms. That background conversation a quiet distraction. "It's time," she murmurs over the line to Kaylee and Irene, drawing her weapon as they head in. They can hear a little of those screams crackling in their ears. "NYPD," she yells. Maybe unnecessarily. She is with the backdoor team. Her position stated briefly in answer to someone else.

Waiting is often the hardest part of any mission, even more so if you're used to being one of the people going into the building instead of loitering down the street, just outside of whatever area has been cleared of regular citizens on the street for safety. Irene has spent most of this time hanging out in her truck with the windows rolled down, if only because that's more subtle than standing around on the sidewalk. Dressed in navy pants with a flak vest under a black jacket, a stinger in holster on one hip and a pistol on the other...she is about as official looking as she can be without actually impersonating a police officer (admittedly one of the lesser crimes of the day). She sighs deeply to herself before talking over the comms to say, "Relax, Caruthers." Here to be your buzz-kill today. "Someone probably does," she answers Kaylee, eventually. What even is this situation. "Probably don't want to hurt the girls."

Indeed, waiting sucks. Kaylee, Maxim, Irene, and Kade are locked out of the action, save for those who get to listen in on Vega's opened channel. It's boring. The natural light outside dims. Street lights glow. Passersby pass by. Inside the action is only slightly more interesting. Vega moves through the lower rooms with a team that encounters no resistance, only frightened girls, many of them clearly in their teens. One officer stops, hanging behind the force to speak quietly with the girls in the lobby.

"Clear through here," Vega reports briefly, her dark eyes sliding over the girls with an expression that is too hard that moment to convey much sympathy. Her mind and attention is focused on the task at hand. Her gaze scanning the area, it's perimeter, as well as up towards the ceilings for any danger.

Kade's clothing consists of a dark hoodie, zipped over his vest, jeans and beaten old running shoes. And a backpack slung over his shoulders. "You need a code name," he says, suddenly and randomly, to Maxim while they wait. "For radio calls. How do you feel about Beanstalk? Because you're giant, you see." He frowns, unsatisfied with it. "Or maybe Kahlua. Like in a White Russian." The banter belays a tight focus that never wavers from the mission.

"Kong." This is Kaylee's contribution to the discussion about Maxim's potential codenames, even as she shifts restlessly in position. Maybe things will go smoothly -- maybe the NYPD will shut everything down, and backup will be utterly unnecessary -- but long experience suggests that something's going to go wrong, and probably fairly soon. She can't help but feel that growing tension, that awareness that Something Will Probably Go wrong, and soon.

"Atlas," Maxim rumbles quietly. It sounds like an oxymoron, but mostly it's just so deeply pitched that somewhere in the river a whale just looked up in surprise. He waits patiently, like a man used to standing around for hours without betraying nerves or anxiety. "I am not monkey."

There is no elevator, so working working their way through the building is a slow task that involves moving floor by floor, room by room. A few officers linger to secure the exits (one at the front, one at the back). Which is maybe why a man suddenly appears at a third story window about twenty minutes into the process. He looks out for a moment, then opens the window and inches out, clearly moving to make for the rooftop to the much lower building beside the Bowery. He looks familiar. He looks like-- well. That's clearly Vitaly.

Inside, Vega and the other cops find room after room equipped with a bed, a dresser, a sink, and not much else. Several of them are occupied by very young girls and men of all ages in differing degrees of flagrante delicto. It is disturbing, but thus far, it is also remarkably routine. Perhaps Vega was worried over nothing.

It is routine and disturbing. There is something exceptionally satisfying about breaking up the engagements of the men with the young girls as they move through the building. Kaylee and Irene are privy to the occasional growled order breaking up the tryst, some of which by Vega. The men will likely be detained and charged, caught in the act as they were. With each floor, she hopes that her worries will prove false, a little tension easing as their reports note a higher floor cleared.

"Like the Greek dude who holds up the world? That's damn sweet. Atlas." Kade tries the name on Maxim, and finds it to his liking. "I used to go by Ember, back in the day. But that was a lifetime or two ago, so I'm open to change." His voice is low, barely above a whisper that's only for Max and the comms, and his muscles tense as he waits. Whatever his outward attempt at calm and cool. Like he's priming himself to spring on the signal, whatever it'll be.

Leaning against the steering wheel and looking out of a window, Irene listens to what she can hear over the open comms. It's going smoothly, which would normally be comforting, except that it's a little /too/ easy. She leans forward, then, squinting at the building. "Anyone else see that?" She asks over the comms. Then she passes on what she sees to Vega inside. "You've got a suspect attempting to escape out a third story window. Looks like he's trying to get to building next door."

"Atlas /is/ a better one," Kaylee agrees, though a little absently; her attention remains on the building, sharply focused on anything visible from the outside. If the worst that happens is one suspect trying to climb out a window and get away before he's arrested, it'll be a glorious triumph for both optimism and luck. If only she could convince herself to relax properly.

"Da, that is the one. The Titan." Maxim leans around the corner of the building at Irene's statement, looking up, scanning for the man she reported. The angle isn't great for him, but he spots movement and touches Kade's shoulder to point him at it.

Uttering a muffled curse, likely to the mild confusion of her team, Vega strides towards the window to stick her head outside to look and see can see the suspect in question, provided she is on the right side of the building.

Kade's eyes swivel, to follow Maxim's signal more than the comm chatter. After a beat, he nods shortly. He sees it. "We need to move?" he asks Irene over the line.

He's not just attempting - he's succeeding. Vega's on the correct side of the building, but still a story down, which means that she can see Vitaly overhead edging along the thin ledge, but getting a good angle would be difficult. Especially because he's moving with fairly impressive speed for what he's doing. He looks frightened. Probably just because of the height, right? He finds his footing on the opposite roof, and as soon as he does, he takes off at a run. The next buildings are lower still, and he bounds down onto their roof at a flat sprint.

And in the Bowery, all hell breaks loose. The sound of gunfire spits out from a room two down from the one Vega occupies. The screams gain a new level of terror.

"Suspect on the move on the third floor. He's gone out the window," Vega reports briefly, hanging half out the window as she watches him. She leans on the edge a moment, like she is about to move out after him. There is only a moment of hesitation. Then all hell breaks loose and the pop crack of gunfire is more than audible on the comms. "Shit," she curses in Chinese. "Runner gone onto adjacent building. We've got shooters on the second floor." Her voice is cold, words coming at a brisk clip as she gets into position to return fire. "Report your positions." That is clearly for the officers on her team.

"If you can get down to the end of the block to cut off his exit so the poli-" Irene begins over the comms to Kade and then cuts off abruptly as gunfire and screaming is heard over the police comms and probably echoes onto the street as well. Shit. "Caruthers, Ulyanov-" Look, she said it right this time. Small victories. "Get down to the end of the block and stop him from escaping." She goes from suggestions to orders quickly. "Thompson, get ready to enter the building." What the hell just happened inside?

"I'm ready when you are, Atwell." Kaylee's already up and moving, the hilt of her saber off her belt. God willing, their former co-workers will be slightly less likely -- /slightly/ -- to shoot the two former MA detectives than they would random strange mutants.

"On it," Maxim grunts and starts running. He does not skip cardio days, and only checks once to make sure that Kade is keeping up with him as he sprints to try and cut Vitaly off.

Kade is a decent sprinter, and keeps pace with Maxim without too much trouble. "Let's do this, Atlas." Hand reaching for his Stinger as he runs.

Over the radio, Vega's colleagues report their position along with a string of curses. A second later, one of them adds "Officer down! At least two armed hostiles!" There's a small lounge on the second floor that seems to be the site of the violence, and when Vega enters the hall, she'll see two officers in cover on either side of the door and a third being pulled back into the safety of a side room while the others exchange gunfire.

Vitaly is moving with speed, covering rooftops at a run until he comes to a dead end atop a deli at the street corner. He looks down with a moment's hesitation, then drops down to his belly to dangle over the edge and then eventually drop to his feet on the sidewalk. There is a moment - a brief moment - when he staggers, unsteady. It is at this moment that Maxim and Kade reach the corner.

Weapon in position, Vega cautiously shifts down the hallway to cover her team. She'll fire when she's in position to do so and can get a better look at the situation.

<FS3> Kade rolls Alertness: Good Success. (1 1 4 7 5 6 2 5 7 2)

The situation for Vega's team is not awesome. The room inside provides better cover than the door does, what with a variety of couches, chairs, and tables that have been turned on their sides. Gunfire sprays the walls, making it difficult for the MA officers to get off a decent shot.

As Maxim barrels into Vitaly, Kade catches sight of two familiar figures approaching from the opposite direction. One of them is a terrifyingly familiar face - Vitaly's brother, Andrei. The amplifier. The other is only familiar. Anjhelika, the phermonist who apparently is not on duty at the Bowery just now and who shall henceforth be known as 'Anj', stands with her gun raised even as Andrei draws his as well. They don't aim at Kade; they aim at the Vitaly/Maxim mess.

Mouth thinning, Vega gets into position and unhooks a flash grenade from her belt. "This isn't work. Going to try a flash grenade. Take cover. Fire in the hole in 3, 2, 1," she warns the rest of her team so they can be prepared before she lobs it into the fray.

Maxim does some kind of grapple on Vitaly, Brazilian jiu jitsu, it looks like -- quick, and gets the other man's hands secured. "I have Vitaly," Maxim says into the comms, apparently not aware of the other Russians aiming at him. He is busy, after all.

    <COMBAT> EXPLOSION! Far From Anton - Light Stun wound to Head.
    <COMBAT> EXPLOSION! Very Far From Igor - Light Stun wound to Head.
    <COMBAT> Maxim subdues Vitaly!
    <COMBAT> Andrei attacks Vitaly with Stinger and MISSES!
    <COMBAT> Anjhelika attacks Maxim with Pistol and MISSES!

"Zhang, what is going on in there?" Irene asks over the comms, because there is a lot of noise and everything, but she can't see through walls. She does finally hop out of her truck, because whatever else is happening, waiting time is over. "Everyone keep me informed," she reminds over general comms, in case people are out of sight or far away.

Maxim does some kind of grapple on Vitaly, Brazilian jiu jitsu, it looks like -- quick, and gets the other man's hands secured. "I have Vitaly," Maxim says into the comms, apparently not aware of the other Russians aiming at him. He is busy, after all. When the guns start going off, he does the expedient -- he hauls Vitaly up and rolls over so the man's gripped body acts like a shield for his own.

"Max. Amplifier and a bad Russian buddy of his. Off your nine o'clock," Kade tersely relays to Maxim, as the Russian man grapples with the nullifier. He wastes no time in turning his Stinger at Andrei, trying to channel the fear the man instills in him into something productive. Like, shooting amplifiers.

Inside the lounge, Anton and Igor - because that's who's in there firing bullets - duck behind a table just in time to miss the worst of the flash grenade, but they can't escape it completely. Anton is clearly dazed for a moment, buying the police officers at the door several long seconds to do with as they wish. Igor's stun doesn't last quite as long, and he raises his gun to fix it on Vega through the doorway.

Anj growls and barks off something in Russian as her shot goes wide and Maxim jerks Vitaly up in front of him. Vitaly screams, jerking against Maxim's hold with a note of real terror in his voice, and Andrei glances briefly at Anj, yelling "/Nyet/!" even as she fires again. And then he aims his Stinger at Vitaly again, and fires. Neither one of them pay Kade any attention at all.

"MOVE," Vega barks to her team so that they can take possession of those valuable seconds. Irene and Kaylee may also take that as an order rather than a suggestion. "Second floor, two armed assailants. Anton and Igor." It's a quick and somewhat harried explanation over the comms as she moves in position, automatically fixing her weapon on Igor to return fire.

The moment Vega notes that it's Anton and Igor, Kaylee curses under her breath. "Right. We're on our way, Zhang." With a glance towards Irene, Kaylee glances through the door just long enough to see if she's got a clear pathway towards the stairs up or if she's likely to need to push through, and then heads in.

"That's us," Irene says to Kaylee, just in case she missed that. She wastes no time once she's got a direction, running towards the Bowery building at almost full-speed (so Kaylee can keep up). She technically follows the rules of engagement, running up to corners and checking to make sure it's clear before moving on, but she doesn't take as much time as she probably should, working her way up to the second floor.

    <COMBAT> Igor attacks Vega with Rifle - Moderate wound to Right Hand.
    <COMBAT> Andrei attacks Vitaly with Stinger - Critical Stun wound to Right Arm.
    <COMBAT> Maxim continues to subdue Vitaly.
    <COMBAT> Vega attacks Igor with Pistol - Moderate wound to Chest.
    <COMBAT> Vitaly attempts to escape from Maxim but fails!
    <COMBAT> Kade attacks Andrei with Stinger but MISSES!
    <COMBAT> Anjhelika attacks Vitaly with Pistol - Moderate wound to Right Hand.
    <COMBAT> Vitaly has been **KO'd**!

The bottom floor is largely secure and emptied. The officers who'd stayed behind to cover the exits have headed upstairs, only to find themselves caught in that long hallway filled with flying bullets. There are more officers than bad guys, at least on the second floor, but there's no good way /into/ that room. When Kaylee and Irene finally make their way up the (cleared) stairs, they find the same. Those officers crowding the hall know them both, and they receive a few incredulous glances, a few dirty looks. And then from down the hall, someone shouts, "Can't you fucking /do/ something?"

But they can't. Not with Vitaly still within range.

There is a brief glimmer of triumph in Vega's expression as her shot clips Igor in the chest. It lasts only a before the return fire registers, heavily grazing her hand as she tries to jerk out of the way. A spatter of blood erupts from the back of it, along with a bitter, "Fuck!" And some complimentary adjectives in Chinese. She doesn't hesitate to return the gesture, this time shooting a Anton. Because why not share the love?

Andrei nearly sags with relief when his Stinger connects and he watches his brother slump unconscious in Maxim's arms. Anjhelika turns a nasty smile on him and shrugs, saying, "{Looks like you're finally lucky again,}" and then pheromones begin to rise, amplified, directed, and Maxim and Kade feel the nasty bite of absolute terror nestling in the wild part of their brain. It goes beyond nerves or adrenaline or fear. This is a drowning horror, an all-consuming panic.

Which is maybe appropriate, because Anjhelika is not the only one experiencing the benefits of Andrei's amplification. She's just the most practiced at it. Maxim suddenly finds himself strong - too strong. Stronger than he ought to be. So strong that every movement becomes difficult to control, and reactions are greater than expected. And Kade. Well. Kade begins to /burn/, heat building inside him in an uncontrolled torrent.

And in the Bowery Mission, Andrei's laughter crackles through the lounge as wings of fire spread, hot and wide, and he sweeps burning air out into the hall. Igor has fallen back against the wall, bleeding from his chest, but he, too, is laughing as his strength and natural armor flood back.

Kaylee and Irene - and Vega, if she's willing - can certainly do something /now/. But then, so can those they face.

"Nope," Kaylee calls back helpfully towards the inquisitive officer, waving her stinger. (And oh, how she misses her service sidearm right about now.) "They have a nullifier nearby, who..." And then she feels her power coming back, right at about the same time that Andrei's wings spread. "...apparently isn't part of the picture any longer!" Stinger forgotten, Kaylee simply creates a ball of plasma /inside/ the room, striking at Igor with it in hopes she can take him down a notch before his defenses are too high.

Kade's Stinger shot goes a little wide of Andrei. "Fuck," he bites off. He relays tersely over the comm, to Irene and Kaylee, "Nullifier's down. We've got the amplifier on us, and a buddy of his, off the alley down the block." He looks down at the Stinger in his hand. There's a flicker of movement. To aim it back at himself. But not yet. Instead, he /dives/ at the amplifier.

Panic. Horror. Pheremone-instigated or not, it elicits in humans (typically) a fight-or-flight reaction. Combined with the surge in his strength which makes his normally careful movements decidedly less-so, Maxim staggers away from Andrei and Anj -- only he doesn't exactly flee, per se, so much as step between two parked cars and start shoving them with his full strength at the source of his fear. The other Russians. He doesn't even realize that he's roaring as he does it -- memories, of a red-soaked room the last time he went berserk, well. They've got a hold on him.

Uh. Hi guys. Would you believe we were just in the area? Irene grimaces briefly, coming up the stairs and basically finding a crowd of cops in the hallway. "What are you all /doing/?" Oh my god, Irene, you are not police anymore you can't just- "Shit." There's laughter and fire and plasma and things just got very real. If there isn't a good way into the room, she'll take a bad one, just straight up trying to get a line of sight on what is going on, hand going to her stinger.

The panic /is/ all-consuming, between the pheromones and what the amplifier naturally imbudes in Kade. The fight response takes over for the moment, rather than flight, but it's verging on out of control.

    <FS3> Opposed Roll -- Maxim=Reaction+Reaction-5 Vs Andrei=6
    <	Maxim: Embarassing Failure (3)          Andrei: Failure (1 4 4 3 5 3)
    <		Net Result: Andrei wins - Marginal Victory

    <COMBAT> Kaylee attacks Igor with Kaylee's Plasma - Moderate wound to Chest.
    <COMBAT> Kade attacks Andrei with Kade's Flamethrowing - Moderate wound to Abdomen.
    <COMBAT> Maxim attacks Andrei with Maxim's Strength - Critical wound to Chest.
    <COMBAT> Anton attacks Vega with Kade's Flamethrowing - Moderate wound to Left Arm.
    <COMBAT> Vega attacks Anton with Pistol - Moderate wound to Chest.
    <COMBAT> Igor attacks Vega with Rifle and MISSES!
    <COMBAT> Andrei has been **KO'd**!
    <COMBAT> Anton has been **KO'd**!
    <COMBAT> Igor has been **KO'd**!
    <COMBAT> Vega has been **KO'd**!

<COMBAT> Vega spends a luck point to keep fighting!

Kaylee tries to get a good view into the room, perhaps hoping to pull Igor's rifle away telekinetically. Unfortunately, there's kind of a lot of previous co-workers in the way -- no doubt including her former partner -- so it takes a few before she can get a view into the room properly and see that at least /these/ two are downed. "Right. So..." She glances over at the assembled cops. "...need any help with sweeping the rest of the building?" You know, since 'flaming wings' and 'metal skin' and all that.

First, the streets: while Anj feeds terror into the hearts of Maxim and Kade, she leaves Andrei to his own defenses. Andrei's defenses, however, are less than stellar, largely because he's ducking to Vitaly's side as Maxim leaves him. He looks up just in time to see a car hurtling toward him, and he hunches instinctively, crouching over his brother, and then several things happen in quick succession. First, Kade, hot and boiling over with a power that threatens to burn him from the inside out, collides with him, throwing him across the sidewalk. Second, Maxim's car, which would have gone wild if Andrei had stayed still, instead rolls over to catch his leg beneath it. And Kade's leg. The plus side is that Andrei is now pinned, unmoving, bleeding, burnt, and clearly out of the fight. The down side is that he is still emitting that amplification, and Kade's trapped next to him, with a leg he can't currently move (broken? bruised? hard to say just now). And Anjhelika? She's added some 'my territory' and 'back off' pheromones, speaking to them at the deepest, most instinctual level even as she eyes Maxim and then decides to abandon him and her comrades. She takes off for the Bowery at a run, but only after a good minute or two of phermonal impulses.

Second, the Bowery. The heat of Kaylee's plasma is more than even Igor's reinforced skin can take, and he flies backwards, crumpling against the wall. He's not bleeding anymore, but that's mostly because the plasma heat has scorched his veins closed in adhoc cauterization. He's not doing much else, either. Igor is clearly down for the count. Anton, though. Anton takes a bullet to the chest, and he staggers backwards, bleeding freely. He laughs unsteadily, one hand clasped to his chest, and falls down hard on one knee. He has no strength to sweep his wings forward, no presence of mind to aim, but they remain brightly, wildly unfurled, and as he falls, they brush the walls. Flames leap free. And in the hall, Vega takes the brunt of that initial sweep of heat, but her fellow officers get caught as well, and even those down the hall - Irene and Kaylee - find themselves briefly scalded, as if they've peered into a too-hot oven. It's more distraction than real injury, but it costs them several important seconds. In those seconds, footsteps pound down the stairs.

Kade lets out a howl of pain and terror. Both in equal measure, what with his leg being crunched by a car. Leaving him trapped next to an amplifier. He tries to cobble together what little focus he has left to throw his Stinger toward Maxim. Whether he thinks it needs to be used on the amplifier, or himself, is unclear. Maybe both.

Maxim takes giant, heaving breaths, the pheromones messing with his head. He shakes it rapidly, trying to shake the fear and the back off impulses -- but Anjhelika is fleeing, so that's good, and he doesn't pursue her. He rips his coat as he fumbles to try and pull out his Stinger -- and crushes it with his amplified strength. The car is burning, everything is screwed up, and the best he sort of manages is to grab hold of the car near Kade and lift it to let the other man out.

Amid the chaos, Vega's hands are steady as she takes aim, blood still dripping from the right one onto the floor. Dark and focused she watches as her shot catches Anton in the chest, just aware enough to dodge as Igor lifts his rifle a final time before being taken by the heat of Kaylee's plasma. Her duck and roll isn't quick enough. Not nearly. The blaze from Anton's wings catching her left side as she does, the brunt of it taken by her arm. She doesn't stop, but remembers the drop and roll part of grade school with a low scream on her lips. White knuckled, she holds onto her gun as she kneels amid the flames. "Ffff-" Gritting her teeth, she rises shakily, arms clenched against her chest.

And of those in the hallway, Irene is probably the first to move after that wave of heat. She responds to it by squinting, in surprise instead of pain, and then works her way down the hall towards her slightly-crispier-former partner, come hell or high water. Officers better either get out of the way or they are getting pushed out of it. "Someone either get that fire out or start getting everyone out of the building! And call the fire department!" Oh my god, Irene, you are /not in charge/. "Thompson, stairs!" She kneels down by Vega and looks her over, doing what she can for first aid.

Except Vega actually hits Anton. Stupid A names.

Beneath the car, Andrei is pale and shaking. The car itself? Hot. /Hot/ hot. Maxim can feel it even through his extra powerful armor, though it's not quite enough to scald him. And Kade's good, where heat is concerned. But Andrei? Andrei's skin is starting to redden and blister where it's close to the metal, and he /screams/. Kade's power boils out and over, uncontrollable, forcing its way toward escape.

Stupid A names. Vega is a little too in shock from the blaze of heat to yell at the gathered officers, so Irene's rapid fire orders set her mind back on track as her ex-partner kneels down next to her. "What she said!" She adds, a little belatedly, hands curled protectively around her gun. "We still have floors above us and - ffffff..." Breaking off as Irene peels her jacket away from her crispy arm, with no protection for the heat, her words die on her tongue as pain momentarily takes over. Medigel is good though. "Hi," she whispers, glancing at Irene for a moment with a wan smile.

The stairs? Yeah, that's someone else. That's a thin, blonde-haired woman and a brunette in her 40s. They run swiftly, not looking back, and as Kaylee enters the stairwell, banging the door open, she suddenly finds herself simply unable to move. She's a Xavier's grad - she probably recognizes the touch of a telepath in her mind. Eva is not Charles Xavier, though, and her work is crude and forceful, a simple command - stay - that lasts until she's out of range. Which gives them long enough to hit the street and keep running. They have a free exit - most of the cops are currently either incapacitated or trying to regain their footing after that blast of heat swept down the hallway.

Kade desperately tries to scramble free of the car, if he's able to get enough wiggle room, what with Maxim's efforts. To get away. To drag himself anywhere. He's not even focused on where. Just /away/ from the amplifier, whose screams of burning pain are currently echoing in his ears. Kade has heard screams like that before. Fire always prompts a certain tone of terror.

"I will help," Maxim gasps, the heat stinging, and he reaches to take hold of Andrei -- as carefully as he can manage, which probably means he's breaking bones, but he does what he can to keep them from being /important/ bones like spines and skulls. "I get him away -- hold on!" And he tries to carry Andrei away from the car, away from Kade, away from all of the rest of them -- get him out of range.

Once outside the building, Eva and her dark-haired companion turn /away/ from the direction of Maxim and Andrei and Kade. It's a free and open run toward freedom from here, provided no one ambushes them from an unexpected direction.

Sorry, Vega. Irene is effective in treating your wounds, but she's not exactly gentle and she lacks bedside manner. "Can't believe you fucking-The one time I'm not-" And other such things are grumbled tersely as she works. "Hi." The information over the comms makes her frown. "Fuck," she says and then Kaylee comes back up the stairs. Well, if there's a fire extinguisher around she can at least try to put Anton and the room out before the building goes up in flames.

Kade just lays on the ground for a long moment, exhausted from the expenditure of power. Being an spontaneous combustion machine takes a lot out of a person. The flames from the burning things around him don't bother him, but the smoke does eventually prompt him to drag himself away. He tries to stand, but that prompts another bark of pain. Whether his leg is broken or not, it's not really up to having weight put on it just now. He finds a place a little away from burning mailboxes to fall into a sitting position on the ground again.

Kaylee does indeed look around for a fire extinguisher once back up on the second floor, and--should one be found--attempts to put out the room of fire before Andrei and Igor burn up (or, more practically, the fire spreads too far). Sadly, her control over plasma does NOT extend to normal fire, so hopefully one of the cops has radioed the fire department just in case.

Maxim carries Andrei to a police vehicle a ways off from the madness, or at least away from his people, he can find and sets the man down, sitting next to him with a hand resting on the guy's shoulder in case he gets any wild ideas to run. Into his comms, he says tiredly, "Andrei and I are out of range. I will keep him down until police have him. Citizens arrest, da?" He settles in to wait, tired.

"Fuck," Vega repeats, shifting in Irene's grip like she is going to get back on her feet and /run/ after the telepath regardless of the fact that she is being treated. There's not a lot of hope in breaking her ex-partner's hold though. She settles after a moment, dark eyes narrowing at Kaylee as she re-enters the room. "Secure the building. Group one secure the girls and the remainder for questioning." Holstering her sidearm, she switches her comm frequency to connect with their HQ. "We have suspects on the run from the Bowery. Two women, one a suspected telepath. All units should approach with extreme caution, repeat extreme caution. They should be considered armed and dangerous."

Kade breathes into the comms, to Kaylee and Maxim and Irene and whoever else is listening, "Could somebody give me a lift to the clinic, when you all have a moment? My leg's a little fucked at the moment."

There's totally a fire extinguisher! Several, in fact - one in the lounge, one on each floor's stairwell landing. And the building is brick, which means the flames find it hard to find purchase on anything substantial. Those still on their feet make short work of the flames, both wings and otherwise, but the room is thick with smoke and will clearly need some work to restore. Vega's call is enough to get reinforcements on the move, and they corner Eva and her companion on their way out of Mutant Town. They are smart enough to Stinger Eva before drawing too close. It's not a neat wrap, perhaps, but it's a wrap, with the job done and clearly fewer fatalities and injuries than might have happened without Vega's strategic backup.

For which she will certainly answer to her superiors. Later.

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