2045-11-23 An Evening at the Sloppy Pony

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An Evening at the Sloppy Pony
Date Posted 2015/11/23
Location Sloppy Pony - Mutant Town - New York City
Participants Sumit, Aimee, Rohan, Kevin
Summary Aimee ventures into Mutant town and stumbles upon the Sloppy Pony to get out of the rain. Sumit is already there and they meet. Rohan arrives after, with a package for Sumit. Then Kevin crashes in from the wet.
There used to be glass in the heavy old frame of the door, but now several boards serve to keep the vermin out -- or, do they? You made it in.

An old hitching post greets patrons along the wall by the door, right next to a broken old jukebox that's just for show. The room itself is narrow and long, with mismatched chairs crowded around a couple (literally, two) small tables and a few crates dispersed elsewhere to sit on, but mostly it's all dancefloor, baby. The bar itself must be original, because despite it's dilapidated condition it's actually fairly well-kitted. There's a couple beers on tap, even. A sink, with shoddy plumbing, but it's a sink, coupled with a fridge whose light is always flickering, but keeps bottles icy cold. Thanks to the kid behind the bar, the collection of poisons to pick from is growing, too.

There's a dartboard at the back, with darts available from the bar staff upon request, and tacks to pin up your choice of photograph to toss at. Right next to it is the door leading upstairs to the proprietor's office/living quarters, pockmarcked by stray dart-holes. The peeling paint and mold seeping through the ceiling are barely even noticeable in the dim light from the hanging, singular string bulbs around the place. Less so after a drink or three, so bottoms up!

It is a fall evening. The weather is cool and raining.

It's thats indistinct time between late afternoon and early evening that means most of the city is snarled up in commuter traffic as people head home from work. It's not quite such an issue in mutant town though, meaning that the local dive is already doing a moderate trade. The tables are taken, but there's still plenty of standing room at the bar and that infact is where Sumit is stood, leasurely sipping a bottle of IPA with the attitude of someone who has no where better to be.

Aimee steps on in. Dressed a little casually perhaps, and maybe not of legal age, she comes on in regardless. Looking around, stepping in carefully, she bites her lip and sizes up the place. Wondering if she should leave instead.

The Pony isn't the kind of joint that judges people as they walk through the door, most people don't even break from their conversations infact. The barman notices, and as such so does Sumit as the pair had been catching up, and casually asks her what she's having.

Aimee steps up to the two, biting her lip as she does. On the spot. She comes up beside Sumit, looking at the guy as she hums. She then looks to the barman and nods "Um like.. How about what he's having?"

"One beer coming up," the barman replies to Aimee, and the bottle is placed infront of her forthwith. As for Sumit, he seems faintly amused by the exchange and eyes the oyungster for a moment before asking, "first time in a lace like this I take it?"

Aimee smiles and takes the bottle, gripping it. She looks at it a little unsure, lifting it to her nose to sniff. Hesitantly, she wraps her lips around the tip, and takes a mouthful. The girl swallows, and then giggles up at Sumit. "Um. yeah." she smiles, blushing slightly.

Sumit gives a slow nod as his suspisions are confirmed beofre he notes carefully, "just don't down it all at once then." Taking another drink of his own he adds, "how is it out there? Still pissing it down?"

Aimee giggles again. She glances toward the door, and then nods back up at the guy as she takes the bottle to her mouth again. She' s taking a much smaller sip this time, as she adjusts to the taste. Then with a swallow, putting the bottle back down, comes her fu ll answer. "Oh god yeah that's kinda why I came in, to like get out of it."

Rohan blows in. He pushes his way through the door without bothering with such things as handles and doorknobs, shouldering it open and sauntering through, bringing a gust of wind and rain with him. Rain speckles his shoulders; he carries his motorbike helmet in one hand and a small package in the other. Upon seeing his flatmate, he calls out, "Hey, Nehru. Catch!" and tosses said package at Sumit. For the record, the package contains two samosas. Whether or not they survive the trip is up to Sumit.

"Typical," Sumit replies, shaking his head slowly, "could be worse mind, could be worse." That doesn't mean he doesn't look faintly unimpressed at the world outside before turnign back to his beer. He is infact, just lifting it up to drink from when Rohan barges in and lobs the bag at him. Diving to his left he takes the catch down low, and has to go with his own momentum and roll out of it. The samosas survive, but he does lose a fair deal of the beer. "What the fuck Ainsworth?" he asks, unsure if he should be pissed off, greatful, or merely bemused.

Aimee takes a moment to tug at her dress a bit, getting it slightly more comfortable, with the wet weather and all. She managed to keep under an umbrella but when it's raining enough you always get misted anyway. But now she's holding her beer, looking at it, when suddenly a package is flying. She watches and gasps when he has to catch it. "God I hope there was nthing like breakable in there." Then looking at Sumit in surprise and concern, she adds "I'm Aimee by the way."

"Next time," says Rohan, with a gesture of one hand toward Sumit, "put your beer down first. Beer is far too precious to be wasted." Never mind that he was the one throwing. He stalks up to the bar, flings himself on a convenient stool, and taps on the bar in a way that appears to be code for 'bring me a beer.' "Found this little hole in a wall, and liked those. Wanted an opinion from authentically Indian tastebuds."

Sumit eyes Rohan as he steps back to the bar, setting his now empty bottle down and indicating that he'd like a replacement. "There isn't" he reassures Aimee as he looks in, taking a look sniff as he does so. A brief nod is give to the introduction before he replies with one of his own, "as you probably just heard, I'm Nehru, and that dickhead is Ainsworth." That done with his takes a samosas out of the bag and eyes it a moment before devouring. Looking thoughtful as he chews he eventually replies, "not bad, I think they overcooked it a little, but it's better than many I've had here."

Aimee sighs, and giggles. "Well Hi Nehru, glad your... uh food didn't get all crumbled up." Then looking over to Ainsworth, she gives him a little wave, before she takes another sip of beer. Getting used to the taste, she starts drinking it a little faster again, taking a bigger mouthful. "So what are they?"

"I am scoping out your competition for you," Rohan informs Sumit. "For when you decide do-gooding isn't your thing and you open a curry house." The bartender sets a bottle before him. "Samosas," he explains to Aimee.

"An indian pasrty based snack," Sumit explains, incase Aimee hasn't heard the name before, then just passes her the bag to try the other if she wants to find out. As his replacement beer arrives he grabs a few napkins to try and dry his front a little, then nods to Rohan, "do-gooding is helping pay the rent. That and the shifts int hat greek place. You shoudl try and get a job there too, distance yourself from the chinks."

Aimee lets out an 'Ohh' quietly when she gets the claification on what it is. No she'd never heard of them before. "Well like thanks," she nods at the offer, leaning over to snag one samosa, eyeing it in curiosity. She's standing at the bar near Sumit, not far from Rohan, a beer bottle in one hand. "Cool."

When it rains it pours. Sometimes life sucks and takes it literally. That's why Kevin's here, white dress shirt clinging to his body and his glasses soaked. Regardless he puts a smile on and heads to the bar, "Excuse me, can I get an old fashioned and a rag to clean my glasses with?" Once his glasses are dried off and he has his drink he looks around, spotting Sumit and crew. Naturally he heads over and offers a salute, "Howdy neighbors. How's it going?" Of course Aimee catches his eye and he offers her a white-toothed smile. "And I don't know you. I'm Kevin."

"Deep-fried and warm," offers Rohan lightly re: samosas. "And thus embraced by many peoples." He lifts his beer bottle, breaking into a wide grin. He shrugs at Sumit. "Well, I've only just gotten the hang of soy sauce. I'm not sure I can make the leap to tzatziki. Besides, hoping to eventually not have to do restaurant work." He waggles the beer bottle at Kevin.

"Lovely weather isn't it," Sumit says to Kevin, noting his state, "how's that audition for the part of a drowned rat going?" Lifting his new bottle of beer for a drink he adds fo Aimee's benefit, "they taste better warm by the way, so go ahead, eat it while it's fresh." Rohan just gets a slow shake of the head though, he's not entirely comfortable with his roommate's employers, but such is life sometimes.

Aimee blinks and giggles at Kevin's arrive. "Oh god sorry I shoudln't laugh. I mean, if I didn't like have an umbrella I'd be just as like, stuck. I'm Aimee." she says to him, the girl already with a bit of a blush from the alcohol, and having been put on the spot a little bit ago. Sucking on her bottle another moment, she puts it down and finally tries the simosa. "Yeah never had one of these before," she says between bites, humming and pondering if she likes it.

"It was a success. They liked my performance so much I actually got the lead, King of the Rats." Kevin announces to Sumit. Rohan on the other hand gets a slight nod. "You need any help with the cookin' feel free to hit me up. Long as you don't mind walkin' to the sixth floor. Or cats." Aimee gets a grin. "It's fine. I wasn't expecting rain. So instead of goin' out to the karaoke bar I'm here. Besides, the views better anyway." He says as he gives the girl a once-over. Subtle Kevin. Really subtle.

Rohan arches an eyebrow, and explains to Kevin, "I'm working at a Chinese kitchen at the moment. Mostly chopping veg." He takes a swallow of his beer. "My flatmate keeps trying to lure me over to the Greek islands. Where it might be warmer, in between rescuing cats from trees and our other worthwhile endeavours."

"You can get them at pretty much any curry place," Sumit notes to Aimee, "but there are a load in this city that aren't really worth bothering with sadly." Or maybe he's just too picky, who can say. Kevin gets a grin at his King Rat comment and he mimes doffing an invisible cap, "please to see you slumming it with the common folk then Your Maj," he notes before Rohan gets an eye. "It's closer to home," he notes, "and the owner may be a little wierd, but then who isn't these days. Just let me know though, I can put a word in."

Aimee grins at Sumit. "Well thank you again Nehru." Having finished the treat, and deemed it not bad, she looks for a napkin to clean off her hand on, grabbing it and holding it against her hip to rub her fingertips. Since she's not putting the beer down. In fact she's finishing it. Which makes her have to cover her mouth for a quiet little burp, before she smiles at Kevin. "Oh cool is that like for a play?"

"I worked at a local Chinese buffet for a minute. So got a little experience. Not as much experience with Greek food though, aside from desert. And the few lamb dishes I took to heart." Kevin says, shrugging slightly. Sumit gets a grin in return, "How can I know my people if I spend all my time in the sewers? Besides, they'll have to catch me first. And I have my glasses this time, so I don't have to worry about slipping up because of my depth perception." He actually laughs when Aimee asks that. "No, I'm just soaked to the bone. Look like a drowned rat."

"And I could go from stinking like soy sauce to stinking like souvlaki?" Rohan banters with his flatmate "I did already have to throw out one shirt because it reeked of _fish_ sauce, and try as I could, I couldn't get it out. Have to admit, mate, that's just not an attractive smell. And my granddad used to make me shovel sheep shit, so I know all about unattractive smells."

Sumit tips his bottle faintly towards Kevin in answer to Aimee's query, to indicate that the other man speaks the truth of it. Most of his attention goes to Rohan though. "Oh, don't worry, I'm fully aware that you're an expert on unattractive smells" he retorts, "I've been in the same room when you've taken your boots off." The mention of fish sauce reminds him of something though and he adds, "talking of fich, I agreed to do Boomer a fish curry for his get together, so I'm going to need the kitchen for a couple of hours beforehand."

Aimee makes a face. "God working with fish would totally suck. So I feel bad if you had to. Like ugh." The girl then whirls around momentarily to order herself a second beer, and when it arrives she sucks down another sip before giggling. "Oh here I was all excited since New York has like Broadway and plays and stuff. I'm just going to school here, I just moved here from California."

"I wouldn't be opposed to doing musicals. Usually over at the Brass Monkey doing karaoke. Love watching Sondheim musicals." Kevin says with a nod. "I've been meaning to start school. Just haven't decided on a career choice yet. Well, one somebody that's registered can pursue."

"You lie," Rohan tells Sumit with a tilt of his bottle. "Besides, I was going to make a lamb korma. I will fight you for the kitchen. With spoons." He tilts back his head to take a long pull at the bottle, and then adds, with a flash of a grin, "Or we could politely schedule our kitchen time. Like an adults."

"Nothing wrong with fish," Sumit remarks dryly, "lots of fine people make their living from fish." Kevin's comment about being a registered mutant provokes no real response, but then he expects most people in here carry that particular gene. Another gulp of his beer and he eyes Rohan suspiciously, "adults? Us? Okay, you can have it now, I'll have it the day of the do. How does that sound?"

Aimee shakes her head. "Totally nothing wrong with working in fish, like. I'd just totally hate the smell." she explains with a weak smile. Then having some more beer, her sipping is interrupted by the talk of registration. She looks at Kevin, and bites her lip, shaking her head. "God that's so unfair," she says softly.

"Talkin' about Thanksgiving?" Kevin asks. "I was plannin' on frying a turkey and making a some sweet potato gnocchi. Would make more but I'll leave that to people who decide to show up." Aimee's response gets a shrug. "What can ya do? I still do my thing, sometimes I just have ta plan around it."

"I am enjoying a beer right now," objects Rohan. "And I wouldn't want the lamb to go off. I'll have it the night before. And because I am a lovely human being, I will even make the naan."

"You get used to it," Sumit replies, having himself grown up in a fishing village, "like anything really I guess." Making a great show of considering Rohan's offer for a good ten seconds or so he eventually reach over to chink bottles, "deal. I'll knock up some more baklava in the morning as well, then I reckon we should have a reasonable amount to share."

Aimee snickers at their deal making, but shakes her head a little more at Kevin again. She takes a few steps his way, bringing her beer with her. "You still shoudln't be kept from like, doing what you want to do." she insists.

"It's nothing we can help. Why people like my uncle are runnin' for office." Kevin takes a sip of his brown liquor drink. "But if you want to discuss politics, I find that the best way ta do that is after smoking." His gaze slides over towards the exit for a moment. "If you feel like smoking a bowl my place isn't far from here." Slick as butter. On sandpaper.

Rohan clinks his bottle against Sumit's. "Deal," he agrees. A moment later, he huffs a brief, amused laugh at Kevin's remark, and drains the rest of his bottle, setting it down on the bar with a faint thud. "I think maybe I best get out of here and leave you kids to it," he adds, swinging his legs back over his stool.

Sumit eyes Aimee for a moment as Kevin makes his move, trying to decide if he reckons she's sober enough to be going back to stranger's flats. It seems she passes though, for after a moment he looks away and back to Rohan. "I might join you old man, I'm on evening shift tongiht and there's a couple of things I should get sorted before heading out."

Aimee perks up at Kevin's words. Once again just as she's putting the bottle to her mouth for a drink. "Oh your uncle is running for office? Um.. what office?" Then setting her bottle down again, her hand drops to her purse to unzip it, fiddling inside a moment to pull out sufficient cash to pay for her drinks. Then 50% on top of that. As she pays she goes on asking "So he's really like... fighting for equality and stuff? But yeah we should go if we're gonna talk about serious stuff." The political talk totally consumed her attention, though she does try to be polite about it.

"Georgia's governor. And yeah, considering he's a mutant too." Kevin pushes to his feet. "You guys take care. And stay away from fire!" That last bit is aimed at Sumit with a slight grin.

"Old man," says Rohan with a sigh. He raises a hand to the others, hoists his helmet and heads toward the door.

"You know it," Sumit replies as he moves to follow Rohan out, leaving Aimee and Kevin to their politics. Well, almost, Kevin gets a friendly middle finger as he metnions fire, but the grin on his face indicates there's no malice behind it.

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