2045-10-27 Pumpkins in the Park

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2045-10-27 Pumpkins in the Park
Date Posted 2015/10/27
Location Central Park - North
Participants Karina, Kevin, Rohan
Summary Meetings and accidents.
Like a white dove among crows or a diamond among common rocks, Central Park is a welcome refuge from the otherwise nature-lacking urban jungle of New York...a city that, while still becoming, will never be clean or new again. But here, beauty is to be found amid the plethora of trees and open green space, coalescing with cobbled walkways, dirt paths, and the occasional sudden children's carousel or some such whimsical attribute. A few taverns and cafes line the edges of the park, including the famous Tavern on the Green, and the chance vendor may set up base here during the long summer months. Several rocky protrusions appear to have been purposely placed amid the meadows of Northern Central Park, in lieu of benches.

It is a fall night. The weather is warm and clear.

The park has been set up for (pre)Halloween festivities today. It is a lively place at present, complete with face-painting, candy, food and drink stands, and live music. For the most part, it's pretty PG-13, but there is some beer on offer, and the occasional costume not meant for trick-treating. A line of pumpkins is steadily growing at the edge of the water, waiting for the flotilla launch, while a small crowd of minor politicians and celebrities compete to look the most community-minded.

Kevin doesn't often miss events that offer drinks and music. But he hasn't shown up dressed up or with his face painted. He's dressed in a pair of old boots, equally old faded jeans, and a black t-shirt tucked into his pants. He has a beer in one hand and appears to be ending a call. He nods politely to a few people that make eye contact and even stops to shake the hand of one of the politicians running for either reelection or to replace whoever is currently in, he doesn't keep up with local politics enough to know which is which.

There is a woman at the water's edge placing a pumpkin down that can't be anything other than professionally carved, precise and perfect in its depiction of Central Park itself in the gourd. The woman herself, just like the pumpkin, drips with that subtle, keen edge of money; her soft wool sweater in pristine cream is tailored and skims loosely over her curves in a fashionable way, hanging to the tops of her thighs where below is perfectly fitted black leather jeans and red stilettos. When she straightens from the pumpkin, it is with a bright, flushed smile that a photographer manages to capture as her date, a b-list celebrity that is the focus of the picture, reaches to help her up. "Dorogoy, I am going to get a drink. Do you want anything?" she asks so warmly, waiting for the answer before she moves away in the crowd, vaguely in the direction of one of the stands.

Rohan is neither a politician nor a minor celebrity. He is here, nonetheless, beer in hand, clad not in costume, but in his usual jeans and leather ensemble, a scarlet scarf around his neck. At some point, however, he has yielded to a face painter, and has a small tiger of the Hobbes-like variety painted on his cheek. He has paused to shake a politician's hand and assure her she has his vote. It's the third politician he's said that to. He's dodged all questions about his residency.

Kevin lets out a low whistle when he catches sight of the woman at the water's edge. He doesn't seem to notice the celebrity date, or really care. He's likely passed a handful already that haven't even gotten a second glance because all his favorite actors are dead. A moment is spent pondering whether he should attempt to speak with her or not, as well as drinking his beer.

There's a grace in the way Karina navigates the crowd, easing through it rather than having to work at it. Yet, still, her eyes catch on the grown man with the tiger on his cheek, a brow curving upwards as she stares for a moment. It's in that moment that the normally graceful woman bumps cleanly into Kevin, making his decision for her before she finally catches herself and focuses back on her immediate surroundings and the younger man. She offers him a light, simple, "I'm sorry," in softly accented tones.

Rohan gives Karina a rakish grin in response. It is, in fact, exactly the type of grin one needs to carry off a tiger on the cheek of a grown man. If you take my word for it. He does, however, see the bump coming, and calls out, "Watch out there, mate!"

Karina managed to catch Kevin off guard when he follows her gaze over to Rohan. Him calling out saves her sweater, but not her jeans. Or his jeans. "Shit, I'm sorry." he drawls out, clearly flustered. "I should have seen that coming." He flashes a roguish smile. "I'd offer to make up for it, but the fact that paparazzi are hovering around your date, whoever the hell they are, means I'm a touch outclassed." Rohan gets a slight wave, "Thanks for the warning! Would have felt terrible if I ruined clothes that cost more than me."

For all that Rohan called the warning, for all that Kevin calls out to Rohan, Karina doesn't look again, but her awareness of his presence may just be in the curve of her shoulder, in the slight angle of her body as she faces Kevin. "If only you knew," is murmured under her breath, just an exhale of tones, before her flawless smile pulls at her lips again. "No, milaya, it was my fault. I was not looking where I was going," she counters. "Let me buy you another," with a flick of fingers to his empty one, "and we'll call ourselves even."

Rohan shoves his hands into his pocket, and saunters up behind Karina, tiger on his cheek and all. "Shame to spill beer everywhere on a day like this," he points out. "You'll get terribly cold in the wind by the time the pumpkins are out."

"Be easier to handle if it was just myself, a quick run'll sort me out." Kevin says with a slight nod towards Rohan before shaking his head at Karina. "If I hadn't of been looking at the tiger on his cheek I'd have been able to move out of the way. You know what they say, if you can dodge a bullet you can dodge a model." The bottle is discarded in a nearby trash can. "Far as I'm concerned I'll just owe you one if you buy me a drink. But I'm sure I'll have another opportunity to pay you back. Doubt I'll forget your face." Which isn't a /no/ to her buying him a drink.

A look is slid over the curve of her shoulder, Karina's bright ice blue eyes catching on Rohan just briefly before she turns back to Kevin. There'd probably be some amusement for his statement except-- "And can you? Dodge a bullet?" is questioned with the hint of interest.

"Alas," Rohan says with a sigh, hitching his shoulders in a theatrical shrug. "You have uncovered the strategy behind my tiger. It is intended to distract my enemies and make them trip over themselves. And apparently also random passers-by and the occasional model."

"Haven't tried yet. Long as they aren't too close I'm sure I could." Kevin lifts his right shoulder in a slight shrug. "It's a good strategy." He allows with a grin. Though his attention shifts slightly as something pops up on his eye. "My cat just opened a video chat." he informs the pair before speaking to the cat. "Mr. Bigglesworth, you know not to walk across the counter. Just because I'm not home doesn't mean the rules have changed."

Karina doesn't pursue that conversation, but her gaze slides to Rohan as soon as Kevin spills that information, lingering on the older man in a study that belies any stereotypes of ditzy models. And as Kevin talks to his cat, she murmurs to Rohan, "~Forget he said that. He is not a mutant.~" Only after does she level a look on Kevin in a significant way. Or at least, tries to communicate something through the intensity in blue eyes and the angle of her brows.

Rohan's dark brows shoot upward. He shifts his weight from one foot to another, one hip cocked, and murmurs behind Karina, a voice a bare murmur, "Oh. Don't think there's any reason to be thinking that, love." He smiles benignly over Karina's shoulder.

"Sorry about that." Kevin says with a bright smile. "What were we talking about?" He asks, clearly spacing for a moment thanks to the feline interruption. "I think I was about to buy you guys a drink?"

Karina's gentle, perfected and perfect smile returns Kevin's, but she only answers while watching Rohan, "I am afraid I will have to take you up on the offer another time. Just the two of us." There is a soft suggestiveness in her words, and there's a shamelessness about using it when she finally glances back to the younger man. "I'm sure we can find something to talk about." Her fingers slide the cuff of her sweater up to reveal an older model of communication watch, but it shares enough technology to find the signal of Kevin's and send him a number with the flick of her fingers in another gesture.

Rohan 's eyebrows are eloquent, still quirked. He flashes a brilliant grin, and murmurs, "Drink buying's so much cheaper when there's only two of you, isn't it?" He glances to Karina's face, and then away to the water, where the pumpkin flotilla is being launched, the flicker of jack o'lantern eyes showing in the dying light.

The number is saved and Kevin returns his contact information. "Always a wealth of things to talk about." He agrees with a slight nod. "Take care." His gaze falls to the pumpkins now, hands finding his back pockets. "Absolutely lovely." he doesn't make it clear if he's talking about the light show or Karina.

"And I have someone waiting on me," replies Karina with a regrettable smile, before she turns away with the toss of red-dark curls over her shoulder. Then she makes her way back through the crowd, empty-handed, to find her date again.

Rohan raises his eyebrows further. "That one's trouble, mate," he advises Kevin, with a world-weary air. "Trust me on this."

"I know." Kevin says with a simple nod to Rohan. "But I've been getting into trouble since I was little. Never hurts to see just how deep the rabbit hole goes. Even if I'm just a courier that lives in Mutant Town."

"True enough. But you have to adventure once in a while. If you die, you died doing something interesting. If you live, you get stories to tell." Kevin apparently hasn't been in any life changing trouble yet. "If I'm wrong, I'm wrong."

"Never been one to say no to adventure," says Rohan, glancing back over the water. "But at the same time, if you're dead, you're dead."

"I can run pretty fast." Kevin says with a grin. "I need to get back to Mr. Bigglesworth before he burns the apartment building down." He lifts his hand in a wave. "Take care."

Rohan only nods, and raises his beer in farewell.

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