2045-05-20 Scuttlebutt

From X-Factor

Date Posted 2016/05/21
Location Comm Network
Participants Ciel, Rohan
Summary Ciel updates Rohan on New York's latest.
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{Ciel} Hey, you busy.

{Rohan} Only being licked to death by Dalmatians.

{Ciel} That sounds interesting.

{Ciel} How's today?

{Rohan} Not bad. Still not great, but Tom's been helping me get some sleep and that helps a lot.

{Ciel} Good, glad to hear it.

{Ciel} Anyway. I don't know if you've been following the news down here, but there's been some--

{Ciel} Luka's been arrested.

{Ciel} There was some tangle between Mikhail and some Friends, and at the end of it

{Rohan} Wait, WHAT?

{Ciel} Mikhail didn't make it, and they've arrested Luka on murder charges.

{Rohan} WTF?

{Ciel} Kade says he killed him. They thought he was healing him, but he didn't.

{Rohan} What

{Ciel} That's about the reaction.

{Ciel} Sorry to spring this on you. I just

{Ciel} Didn't want you to read it on the news or something.

{Rohan} *There is a very long silence*

{Rohan} I don't know what to say.

{Ciel} I know.

{Ciel} I'm sorry.

{Rohan} When I went to apply at Open Hands, he told me I could tell him anything about my past, even the stuff I didn't want to write down. He let me read his application. He led me to think that--we could be better than our pasts.

{Ciel} Shit. What did it say?

{Rohan} He didn't have the happiest life either. Nothing to make me think he'd murder kids. But--he struggled with his power. it took me dark places before.

{Ciel} Kade said it looked like he was feeding off of him.

{Ciel} That there was dark light.

{Rohan} Yeah, he--it's hard to remember exactly how he explained it on what I read. He senses the energy of the injured and dying and he can either heal or--feed off it. And it's addictive.

{Ciel} /Fuck/.

{Rohan} He tried so hard not to fall into it again. He's a good guy. Is a good guy. He did so much and meant so well--and fuck, if he can't make it, what is the hope for the rest of us?

{Rohan} You don't suppose...with the injuries that happened when we were storming Open Hands after Echo...

{Ciel} Rohan, if you fucking make this about you, I'm going to lose it.

{Ciel} I don't know how addictive it was or wasn't, but at the end of the day, he murdered a kid Kade was trying very hard to save from himself.

{Ciel} And I just thought you should have a heads-up.

{Rohan} No, it's not about me. But he was somebody I admired. He gave /hope/ to kids who didn't have any. And I

{Ciel} And you're not him and your hope doesn't rely on him and--

{Ciel} Fuck. I'm going to go.

{Ciel} Good night, Rohan. Have Tom knock you out again tonight.

{Rohan} I need to go to Open Hands. See if they need me. It's just Jacque now, I think

{Rohan} I'll come home tomorrow.

{Rohan} Good night.

{Ciel} Night.

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