2045-01-04 Ex

From X-Factor

Date Posted 2016/01/04
Location Comm Network
Participants Ciel, Kade
Summary Ciel drops Kade a line. Totally not a booty call.
{From Ciel to Kade} So I told the English jack-off ex. So that's at least done.

{From Kade to Ciel} Hey, baby.

{From Kade to Ciel} Oh. Damn. How'd that go?

{From Ciel to Kade} Hey :)

{From Ciel to Kade} You can probably imagine. He said he thought you'd had a bro talk.

{From Ciel to Kade} Which I'm not asking about by the way.

{From Kade to Ciel} What?

{From Kade to Ciel} When did this supposedly occur?

{From Ciel to Kade} Months ago. According to him.

{From Kade to Ciel} Maybe? Sometimes I'm bro-y without realizing it.

{From Kade to Ciel} It is my blessing, it is my curse.

{From Ciel to Kade} The topic of this particular bro talk was that there was nothing between us and he had nothing to fear from you.

{From Kade to Ciel} Fear from me lol.

{From Kade to Ciel} Sorry. Lol is insensitive.

{From Ciel to Kade} No no, it's about right.

{From Kade to Ciel} Maybe it was when I was high and told him we worked for the government.

{From Ciel to Kade} I felt like for a while we were sort of even keel. But tonight made it really clear that he thinks he just had to like. I don't know. Find the perfect words. And I just had to give him a chance.

{From Ciel to Kade} I don't know.

{From Ciel to Kade} Anyway. We don't actually have to talk about him. I just wanted you to know that he knows.

{From Kade to Ciel} Well, thanks for the heads up. This will probably be weird, but whatever. We're all kind of adults.

{From Kade to Ciel} Speaking of adults, if you want to fly on over to my place tonight, I would not object.

{From Ciel to Kade} Yeah. But not very mature adults.

{From Ciel to Kade} Yeah?

{From Ciel to Kade} Cause I'm sitting on top of the Bank of America building and it's kind of freezing.

{From Kade to Ciel} I'm very warm.

{From Kade to Ciel} If you know what I mean.

{From Ciel to Kade} Shit, you are.

{From Ciel to Kade} I mean, I can make some seriously bad jokes right now about your level of hotness.

{From Ciel to Kade} But I gotta admit, I'm kind of looking forward to the literal kind.

{From Kade to Ciel} You remember my apartment number, right? Maybe I'll light a torch for you on the balcony.

{From Ciel to Kade} Balcony would be a lot easier. I'll pop right through your window.

{From Ciel to Kade} Hurry. I'm already on my way.

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